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Going All The Way
  • Going All The Way
  • The Squires
  • Psychedelic Unknowns Volume 2

April 1966 was the date the band the Squires, delivered the phenomenal “Going All The Way.” Pressed on the Atco label, the stupendous song contained enough power and electricity to light up New York City, as it exploded through the rooftops with space age riffs, ghostly harmonies, whipping breaks and shades of psychedelic magnetism.


If she had to describe her look, she supposes it would be “undercover assassin,” but she’s not very good at it-she’s garnered quite a fanbase from those who follow the fashion blogs. She doesn’t interact with them, but savors the cooing comments on her “dreadlocks” and smirks at the discussions of her sunglasses collection (one for every day of the week and then some). There are a lot of people who ask her to take off her shades for photos, but she saves that for special targets of her ire like catcallers or assholes at the club. Just whips off the shades and makes eye contact. They say “if looks could kill”…well, hers can.  (ladymarionmacbeth)

Mermaid Skeleton tattoo by James Armstrong

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Careful, now.