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You Belong With Me (Modern Clexa AU)

Clarke and Lexa have been best friends since the first day of school. Lexa knows love is weakness but she is hopelessly in love with Clarke. Clarke is oblivious, happily dating other people. 

I lay on Clarke’s bed, propped up by several pillows, pretending to be engrossed in my worn copy of Carmilla. But I was distracted, by Clarke. She had her head resting on my lap and her feet hanging over the side of the bed. She was talking on her phone, I was running my fingers through her soft, golden hair. I told myself that it was a perfectly normal thing for best friends to do, after all it was a typical Tuesday night for us. What wasn’t normal was how I had to consciously stop my gaze from falling to her lips or the bare skin of her shoulder revealed by her baggy top. Yeah definitely not normal. I cursed myself for the inappropriate thoughts that regularly plagued my mind. I had tried to deny it for years but the truth was what I felt for her was anything but friendly, somewhere along the line I had fallen completely in love with her. But to Clarke I was just her best friend. I was the girl she shared her lunch with on the first day of preschool and everyday since. She didn’t see me that way.

Chapter 1


A/N: IT’S HAPPENED! THE REVEAL. AND THE DATE. This chapter was so much fun to write, even if most of it was done between the hours of 12 and 4 am lol. 

Hopefully more explanations about magic will be coming up soon, now that the plot is on a roll! Speaking of magic, anyone have any ideas what’s up with the Mermaid’s Tail yet…. :D

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Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbour Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 5983

Rating: M

Part: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part SevenPart Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten

Natsu couldn’t stop pacing. The pasta bake was in the oven, one of the simplest but still ‘romantic’ recipes he had found while trying to make his way through -the truly fucking horrible- websites that had popped up when he Googled first date ideas. He couldn’t tell whether Lucy should be thankful he had subjected himself to that gag-inducing horror or if he should never speak of it again. Considering some of the gross sex tips he had seen on -Cosma, Kosomo, whatever- he would go for never speaking of it again. But his fear of burning yet another oven apart wasn’t what had him so on edge.

Instead he was mentally going through every single magical thing he owned, and making sure it was shoved into his spare room. His bookshelves seemed more barren to him than usual, but he had enough herbology and mechanic books to make it seem presentable, not to mention the multitude of statues and odds and ends he proudly displayed. Even if Lucy didn’t know their true value she should still know what was important to him. Natsu had a feeling she would like that. All of the bones and stranger ingredients were tucked away in the spare room, along with his work bench, scrolls, extraction setups, and spare materials. He nervously tugged at the edges of the long sleeves on his tight black shirt, trying his best to brush off the blue cat fur that clung to his top and his nicest -aka the ones with the fewest holes- pair of jeans. He was still unsure if he should wear shoes. Was it normal to wear shoes in you house? Of course not, but this was a date, and more importantly it was a date with Lucy and oh god what if he fucked it up what if the oven actually did catch fire again and-

A gentle weight settled on his head, sparkles dancing through the air as Happy’s wings dissolved. “It’ll be fine Natsu, just take a deep breath,” the cat’s high voice sighed, tone almost pitying as he tried his best to get his witch to relax. Somehow Happy did help, the comfortable weight reminding him that if Lucy hadn’t run away screaming in the last few months of being with Happy and Natsu then she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “I don’t even know why you’re nervous,” Happy continued to say, more confused than annoyed, “Lucy’s almost as weird as you. You should have seen the way she kept looking at your butt,”. The small feline began to snicker, Natsu feeling his nervous grin melt into a more confident one. He already knew the way she looked at him, but the reminders were nice.

“I know buddy, its just… What if she sees something that freaks her out? Or realizes how much more amazing she is, or…” Natsu started to ramble, yelping when sharp claws dug into his scalp. He quickly detangled Happy from his hair, holding the unimpressed cat by the armpits and watching as his tail flicked in agitation.

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Steven and Connie saying how they should hang out with Amethyst more and she’s the best.
Stevonnie demanding an apology for Amethyst.
Stevonnie promising to protect Amethyst right before Lion Battle.
All this love for Amethyst.

And she wasn’t around for any of it.

“I had been bad to sleepwalk as a kid. There were times, for some reason always in the summer, I’d make my way out of the house and end up in the yard. Folks back then, or at least country folks, didn’t see the need for a porch bulb burning all night. I’d open my eyes and there’d be nothing but darkness, like the world had slipped its leash and run away, taking everything with it except me. Then I’d hear a whip-poor-will or a jar fly, or feel the dew dampening my feet, or I’d look up and find the stars tacked to the sky where they always were, only the moon roaming.

I turned onto the main road and drove back toward town, all the while remembering what it had felt like when the world you knew had up and vanished, and you needed to find something to bring that world back, and you weren’t sure that you could.”

Ron Rash, from Above the Waterfall (Ecco, 2015)

August 14, 2015 - Eastern Whip-poor-will (Antrostomus vociferus)

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These nightjars spend their summers in the eastern United States and some of southern Canada and their winters along the southeastern coast of the United States, eastern Mexico, and much of Central America. They are nocturnal, hunting insects mostly from perches on moonlit nights and at dawn and dusk. Rather than building nests, females lay their eggs directly onto the leaf litter, or sometimes on bare ground. Following the lunar cycle, they time their egg laying so the chicks will hatch about 10 days before the full moon. The extra light from a near full moon allows them to catch more insects for the new chicks. These birds are named for their recognizable calls, which sound like “whip-poor-will” and are frequently heard during spring and summer in forests of the eastern US.

What does it say about Jasper that she’s willing to form her so called army from corrupted gem monsters, but only considers “defective” Amethyst worthy of being quickly destroyed? 

It says a lot, not much of it good.

You’re a Quartz solider just like me. But you’re not like me, are you? 

Jasper address “Rose”, asking her if she’s so desperate for troops that she’ll accept “defects” like Amethyst. Which is particularly interesting coming from someone building an army out of corrupted gems. She doesn’t even deem her worthy of keeping, but would have destroyed her, most likely to put the “embarrassment” out of her misery. Not before putting her in her place and reminding her who the superior gem was, of course. 

And then there’s these guys. It’s pretty obvious that corruption is the gem version of PTSD. As a warrior that’s been fighting for literally thousands of years, that’s probably something she’s pretty familiar with. What’s interesting is that she has enough twisted respect for them to recognize them for fellow warriors and what they’re capable of, even in their corrupted state. Consent and common decency she clearly needs some work on. 

Jaspers don’t give up. Jaspers keep going until we get what we want.

It may be no coincidence that the gem monsters Jasper captured were fellow Jaspers. It could be that like Rubies, they’re use to fighting in squads. Jasper certainly acts as though she’s familiar with commanding one. More so, she seems to identify with them. Which given the current state of things, is actually kind of creepy. But it is more information about her warped code of honor.

In conclusion:

I guess she lives in the ocean now.

Because I have no idea what to say after an exit like that.

P.S. Leave Amethyst alone, thanks.