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yoon is def whipped for hobi. he out here calling him his soul partner in public meanwhile hobi two timing him with jimin.

STOP PLEASE, ure woke af !!! like a lot of ppl hate talking about it but it’s highkey obvious hoseok had a real crush on jimin , like fr, n i can fr understand why hobi had a big crush on jimin bc their signs just correlate n also, as an aquarius, they’re attracted to “hard to get” ppl n that’s what jimin is. like he give enough (flirts back) but u don’t really HAVE him u know???? so i can fr understand whereas yoongi literally just gives his all to hoseok, is clingy, is a pisces so this is y i always say realistically, yoongi is way more in love w hoseok than hoseok is in love w yoongi sis 🙇🏽‍♀️☕️

The word protest instantly put everyone on alert, especially Franck, who was still more inclined towards civilian attitudes than everyone else in the car. “Have you told anyone that we were here?” Xavier demanded of the border guard, a faint tinge of alarm in his voice. If the guard noticed it, or had noticed long beforehand that he was not Sebastian, he was doing an admirable job of carrying on with the conceit.

“No, Monsieur. The last I heard from the Belgian guards, they were calling the protest a spillage. It’s only just happened.”

“Perhaps they weren’t meant to be at the border, then. It’s not the most accessible place to come protest in,” Xavier turned to address the correspondent, who had whipped out his tablet to look up potential details as soon as he had heard the mention of protests. “have you found anything that might be related to this at all?”

“Hang on,” David Guetta muttered, all of his smug exterior dissipated for the few minutes he spent searching; eventually he hit upon something and leaned back to scroll through the page. “… one intended to take place in Bouillon. About five kilometers away. Something about the… yeah, something about the restricted tourism to the area, they rely on that a lot. So they’re not happy.”

“This is directed to the French side?”

The correspondent shook his head. “No. It’s in response to the exact regulation that you thought would hold us back just now. There are countries that don’t like the concept of tightening their own borders, funnily enough,” he said, and put the tablet away. To his credit, the words were delivered with perfect gravitas and not a hint of snideness. “I can’t think of what else it could be, if they don’t know you’re here - I hadn’t heard a thing about it when I came down. It’s a protest by Belgians, directed to Belgium. Nothing to do with us.”

Xavier was silent for a while.
“I’d much rather it’d been intended for us,” he finally uttered, gazing out of the window with a sigh. “at least then I’d have had a rationale to do something. Invoke the martial law, maybe. But it can’t be done.”

“Please pardon me, Messieurs, for I’m yet ignorant of those things,” Franck spoke up tentatively, unable to help themselves from glancing at the correspondent and seeing that he still looked rather grave. If they wanted to speak up on something they genuinely didn’t know, now was the time to do it if they didn’t want to be mocked for it. “but why would that be the case?”

Xavier gave them a bitter smile. “Why, because the President of the new France has no sovereign powers in Belgium. Not even for the sake of border defense, if the relevant situation takes place in Belgian territory - unless they come over the border to demand something of us, they are for Belgian authorities to deal with. This is true for the real Sebastian and all the other Presidents to follow, let alone myself,” he sighed again and bit his lower lip, his mask slipping. “I can’t summon armed support, either - Sebastian is no fool, his doubles don’t have that power. I suppose eventually you had to bear witness to why I am Xavier de Rosnay and not Sebastian Akchoté.”

“So would we just need to wait?”

“It seems like it,” Gaspard took up the flow. “the dinner the President was meant to go to is an informal one, that can be rearranged; the correspondent’s homes will not stop being his, either, so you are not in trouble. (David Guetta sighed at this, rolling his eyes.) It’s just that we would rather not reveal this as the President’s entourage, or - pardon me - the President’s double’s entourage, seeing as we’d rather not rely too much on our neighbour’s graces or let on to Belgium out of all countries that France has been left empty.”


“This is not a time management problem, Franck. It’s a diplomatic one.”

Then Franck had an idea. “Permission to ask another question, Monsieur?”

“’Sebastian’. But do go ahead.”

“Is there an ATU near this area?”

Only David Guetta looked at them as if he thought them mad at this.
Xavier and Gaspard seemed remarkably calm. Well, it could have gone over worse, Franck thought, thinking nevertheless that they were merely more polite about their confusion than the correspondent was - but on this they were incorrect, because the two men were thinking, and were very quick about it to boot. “I see what you mean,” Xavier said slowly. “… reroute an emergency vehicle through the entry point so that they’d disperse?”

“If it’s an ambulance from the French side, it might be worth a try…”

“You have faith that they’ll really step aside for it?”

Franck met their eyes steadily. 

“It’s all that’s kept me going until now.”

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Ello! :D Match up my good friend?! :D I'm a Brunette with shoulder length hair and height 5 1". I love traditional art and I am almost addicted to my 3DS. I also love Flipnote Animations and nighttime. I enjoy anything that has chocolate in it or whip cream. (running out of ideas...) My favorite song is Wolf In Sheep's Clothing by Set It Off. Thank you! :D

(Again, apologies for taking a while!)

I ship you with Joey Drew! He has a sweet tooth, so there will almost be something with chocolate or whipped cream. He loves to see you enjoying a game or animating. If you bug him enough, he will share his secrets on animating. If you are ever having a bad day, he will play/sing your favourite song. It might take a while to get behind his rough exterior, but you are one of those people who is able to get past it!

I saw some posts today that were claiming that Pearl never says “sorry” and i just had to do it to em you know?? So here’s a compilation of Pearl saying sorry! 

And fun fact–I used my script I wrote to look through the transcripts and found that if you rank the characters in terms of the number of lines in which they say “sorry”, this is the breakdown:

  • 1st place: Steven
  • 2nd/3rd place: Pearl and Greg (tie)
  • 4th place: Amethyst
  • 5th/6th place: Garnet and Peridot (tie)

So next time someone says “Pearl doesn’t apologize when she does something wrong”, whip out this video and remind them that Pearl actually apologizes more than anyone else other than the titular character–she makes mistakes and learns from them, which is why she is a well developed, multifaceted, complex character.

Aroooo ~
Still playing around with quick & sketchy styles, hoping I can whip out a full painterly painting by April 1st!
haha not gonna happen I’m afraid

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Hey I love your art! I'm an artist too, but sometimes I have trouble drawing Voltron characters with the complex hair and proportions and such. Do you have any Voltron character reference sheets to share? Especially for Lance. Thanks! I might try to make some myself.

Hello there fellow sufferer! Thank you so much!!! <3

BOII I hear ya. Let me just use this moment to express my eternal hatred for everyone’s hair in Voltron. ESPECIALLY Lance’s. I freaking hate having to draw his hair mannnn. I don’t even know why it’s so hard, I just absolutely despise drawing his stupid hair gahhh ;o;

okay! So, I don’t have a character reference sheet, I just kinda… let my hand go wild whenever I have to draw hair. BUT! I thought I’d use this as an excuse to study their ridiculous hair and whip out this little… guide(?? ?) for ya!

Little note: I like to break down hair into sections. It makes it easier for me to understand the flow and direction of the hair!



(note: disregard the labelling of the sides and back section! Shiro’s hair is an enigma, I honestly don’t know how to divide his hair into sections)




AND DONE! Yeah I dunno how this would help you BUT I HOPE IT HELPS!