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i’m not doing a good job updating this blog huh? i guess for starters prom was..interesting. a fun albeit interesting night. ..haha.. lots of drunk kissing… not from me. but it was a good tonic for my assignment-addled brain. things have settled around the dorm. still the noise-infested hellhole i left it as but it’s become somewhat tolerable. i think jungkook’s dating someone too, so that’s good for him. as for tae.. ah, i’m planning a lot more meetups from now on to catch up.

Awkward father figure Tony not knowing what to do with sick Peter? ANON, you are speaking my damn language! 

“Kid, you’re smart. Just figure it out. I can’t keep spelling everything out for you.” 

Peter watches with narrow eyes as Tony slides the map across the large conference table toward him before pushing out of his chair and whipping his phone out in one, smooth movement. 

“What if I can’t find the right route?” Peter asks, voice rasping slightly as he traces his index fingers along a back street on the map. “What if I lead us straight onto Main Street?” 

“It’s trial and error, kid,” Tony says as he takes a seat at the head of the conference table, giving Peter space. “We aren’t going out right now. We are just planning.” 

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you guys how fucking cool is this laser engraved card!!!! i can’t wait to whip this out next time i have to pay for something like “hey yeah nbd but i’m actually kind of a big deal???” this Square Cash #CASHCARD connects to the Cash App and lets you spend the money in your account wherever you are. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY you can draw, doodle or sign whatever you want on the screen in the app and then THEY LASER ENGRAVE IT FOR YOU AND MAIL IT TO YOU FOR FREE and you will feel extremely cool and important. #partner

Driplierst Oneshot

What if Google just seriously upgraded Ego Inc. 

Just kidding it ended up being Driplierst. 

What if Bim was totally in the Driplierst shipping boat.


Bim woke to his bed rumbling. Trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes, he sat up. The bed stopped shaking and a hologram appeared. Bim threw on his glasses and peered at the green hologram. “Darkiplier has scheduled a meeting in one hour.”  Bim sighed. Lifting his hand he pressed the details button. “Called by Wilford Warfstache. Approved by Darkiplier. Subject: A SUPER GREAT SURPRISE!!11!!1!!!”  Bim smiled at the reporter’s caption. Will had gotten his holograms stuck in Caps Lock and even the Google’s couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Bim waved away the hologram and got out of bed. 

Bim left his leafy room in a fresh clean suit and made his way over to the kitchen. He walked in on The Host and Dr. Iplier making out. Bim whipped out his phone and took at least a dozen photos before even The Host could notice. Once Host did notice though, he shoved Dr. out of his seat and onto the floor. Dr. sat there, confused, as Host’s face blushed bright red.

 Bim walked calmly into the room, looking at his photos. He sat down next to Dr. (who had finally figured out the situation and got back into his chair). He leaned over to the doctor, who was loudly blushing and trying to act calm. “You two look so adorable together!!” 

Dr. smiled, “Awww…. thanks.” He rubbed the back of his neck. Dr. Iplier could always go to Bim is he was feeling down. 

Host, on the other hand, wasn’t dealing with the embarrassment as well. He abruptly stood up from his chair. “I’M GONNA GO MAKE BREAKFAST.” Host said with a bright red face. Dr. Iplier smiled, “Awww… you dont have to~ I can help~”

Host’s face went even redder, “N-No thanks, I g-got it honey.” Host cringed. He didn’t mean to say the nickname in front of Bim. Bim’s eyes practically lit up. Before he could say anything Dr. slapped a hand over his mouth, “Alright Sweetie!” Host walked over to the fridge and started getting out ingredients, narrating to himself in an attempt to calm himself down. Dr. Iplier sighed, lost in the adorableness of his boyfriend. Then Bim licked his hand. Dr. Iplier yelped and wrenched his hand away. 

With Dr. wiping his hand on the shoulder of his suit, Bim continued, “You guys are adorable! I have so many cool things to show you guys! I got–” Dr cut him off with a questioning look, “Cool?” Bim gave him a smiled, he had something in store, “Yeah!! I’ve got a bunch of stuff from mood boards to fanfictions–” 

He was cut off, once again, by the confused doctor, “W-Wait! Fanfiction?” Bim nodded. Dr leaned over in his chair to talk to The Host. “Host!!” The man lifted his head, looking at his boyfriend, a spatula still in hand. “Host! They™ have fanfiction!!” 

The spatula dropped to the floor. Host’s face erupted into a smile, he practically skipped over to the table. Leaving the bacon to burn, Host rushed over to Bim’s side. “No way!! The Host thought he was the only one that wrote fanfiction!!” Bim’s mouth gaped open, “You write fanfiction too?? NO WAY! I gotta show you some of my favorites!!” Bim knocked on the table twice and a holographic screen appeared. Bim eagerly went through his customized screen, pulling up characters, headcanons, moodboards, fanfictions, and a billion other things the doctor couldn’t name. 

The Host’s and Bim’s little shipping season was interupted by the building shaking.  Edgelord’s voice rang out through the building, “WILFORD WHAT THE HELL! HOW DID YOU EVEN CALL THIS MEETING! HOW DID YOU EVEN GET INTO MY ACCOUNT!” 

“Calm down~ Darkipoo~~ It’s really important~ I got this great~~ idea–” 


Wilford then ran through the room screaming at the top of his lungs. A Dark, still dressed in his sheep pajamas and still with rollers in his hair, ran after him, waving a empty black coffee mug. 

Dr. Iplier sighed, “Our favorite Emo Edgelord has awakened.” 

Mall Date

Just a cute mall date with Hyeongseop. That’s it.

You watched in mild amusement as Hyeongseop tugged an incredibly ugly orange beanie on over his hair.

“I think it’s cute,” he declared, whipping out his phone to take a selca.

“Babe, you’re not Park Jihoon,” you replied, reaching up to yank the beanie off of his head, “let’s find something that matches your outfit better.”

The two of you had decided to go on a date to the mall, and Hyeongseop had already gotten a soft pretzel, played some arcade games and tried on about 20 samples of perfume at the Bath&Body Works shop. You were exhausted.

“Look at this t-shirt!” Hyeongseop exclaimed, holding up a women’s t-shirt with a deep v-neck and lacing that travelled up it.

“Different from your usual style,” you replied with a shrug—normally, Hyeongseop dressed exclusively in sweatshirts.

“No,  I mean for you!” He replied, shoving it towards you.

“Me?” You took one look at the v-neck and put it back on the rack, “no. We’re not shopping for me today.”

“Not even for a couples outfit?” He pleaded, pouting at you. You stared at your puppy of a boyfriend, your resolve weakening second by second.

“Fine,” you sighed, letting yourself get dragged to the plain t-shirt section. Hyeongseop picked out a pair of striped t-shirts, black pants for the both of you, and a pair of cute, fluffy black beanies.

“You know, you’re actually not that bad at this whole outfit picking thing,” you mused, watching Hyeongseop struggled with the bags of clothing that he’d just bought.

“That’s what I’ve been saying,” he complained, smiling cutely at you. You just laughed, leaning over to kiss him quickly.

“Hey, can we grab a snack or something?” Hyeongseop asked you, tugging you in the direction of the frozen yogurt shop, “I’m really hungry, and frozen yogurt sounds really good right now.”

You just shook your head, letting yourself get pulled into the cold store, Hyeongseop hurrying to grab one of the cups. He filled the cup with almost every flavor and topping, taking special care to get the most of your favorite flavor and topping.

The two of you sat outside the shop, sharing the cold treat as you talked about various things.

“I’m glad we came here today,” Hyeongseop commented, mouth full of chocolate frozen yogurt. You winced at the sight of some dripping down, using a napkin to wipe the dribbles off.

“It was a nice date,” you admitted, “and you got your pretzel and frozen yogurt.” Hyeongseop smiled happily.

“(y/n), we should take a selca!” he exclaimed, pulling out his phone and opening it to the camera. You sighed but placed your spoon down, smiling into the camera. “Okay, one… two…” right before he said three, he turned towards you, planting his (incredibly sticky) lips on your cheek. Your face morphed into a look of disgust, and Hyeongseop quickly snapped the picture.

He started laughing as he examined it, zooming in on the disgusted look on your face.

“No, Hyeongseop, delete that!” You complanined, reaching over to grab the phone. He just giggled, happily setting it as his wallpaper and lockscreen right then and there.

“I think it’s cute,” he said proudly, showing his new lockscreen to you. You just smiled at your cheerful boyfriend, leaning into his side as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders, sharing the last of your frozen yogurt.

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even tho camila's a total dork, when she's confident and in control she's definitely a top. But with camren it's less about Camila being a top and more about how soft Lauren is with mila lol, just by their interactions u can tell that L is pretty whipped (Camila too, but less obvious). And I mean whipped in a good way. I don't get why ppl make being whipped out to be a bad thing, it just means you'll do anything for the person/people u love

hahahahahahahaha I agree with you 😂

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I like to think that Jor-El does random Jotaro quotes without knowing and Futaba lowkey freaks out every time. Like, think about it. The PT on a request in Mementos to stop some guy who tries to bribe them out of kicking his ass. Jor-El whips out the "You truly are the lowest scum in history, you can't pay back what you owe in money!" line then kicks his ass solo and follows with the "here's your receipt" while dropping a PT calling card and walking away. Futaba hyperventilates in the background

I’m going to allow this

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For Yondu, could you please do G, H, R and Z pretty please?

G- Getting protective over you Headcanon idea list here

  • Yondu is the kind of person that would try to act all macho and one-up whoever’s threatening you
  • He’d do the lil whistling thing and whip his arrow out at anyone who looks at you
  • Him casually rounding up the whole squad of Ravangers to go after whoever is bothering you
  • Does he get jealous? Nah. But he gets annoyed at the attention you might bring
  • Yondu would crash his ship for you, which is a big deal for him

H- Hugging you

  • He’s not much of a hugger, tbh
  • He’d do that bro kind of hug where you like pat each other on the back
  • It’s not very romantic tbh because he’s not a hugging kinda guy
  • But he will embrace you if you’re feeling really sad because he’s not a monster

R- Rescuing you

  • Imagine the most dramatic explosive crash-landing entrance you can think of. Yup, that’s Yondu alright
  • It wouldn’t be just him; he’d bring the Ravangers
  • Him talking about rescuing you months afterwards and holding it over your head lol
  • Yondu ready to cross the entire galaxy to get to you
  • He’d show up guns blazin’, ready to kill every last fool who took you

Z- Zoo date

  • Yondu would be so confused by all the Terran animals
  • “What in the fresh hell is that?!”
    “That? Oh, that’s a penguin.”
  • Favourite exhibit: the hyena exhibit because they’re ferocious and stick together in a pack, much like himself
  • Him challenging the elephants for being intimidating 
  • Yondu buying all the cute little bobble heads at the zoo gift shop for his control console

Imagine breaking into spontaneous dance rave parties between you and Mikey. Despite any odd look you might receive, the both of you dance like you’ve nothing to lose! It could happen anywhere: in the dojo, on patrol or whilst watching tv. As soon as either of you whips out a song on a tPhone or other device, you share a sly glance and then boom, dance party! Work it! You can do it! 

I think…I’m gonna whip out my sculpting tools I haven’t used in years make my own statue of Djehuty.

I’ve been browsing statues of him for the past several months and the only ones that really appeal to me are either insanely expensive, already sold, damaged, or are ancient statues I haven’t been able to find replicas of. So I’ve had this little voice in the back of my head this whole time going “Well duh, just make your own.”

Maaan let’s hope my sculpting skills haven’t gone completely to shit in the 7-ish years it’s been since I’ve done it.