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The Signs When They're Sick
  • Aries: will take care of themselves, insisting that they're okay despite looking like a corpse
  • Gemini: will complain constantly but won't take any medication, also extra irritable
  • Tarus: they're literally always sick, always has tissues
  • Leo: tries to tough it out, refusing to take a day off, and ends up feeling worse because of it
  • Cancer: symptom check themselves on the internet constantly, ends up convincing themselves that they're dying
  • Virgo: uses weird remedies and tricks to treat ailments, never stays sick for too long
  • Libra: drops their cool act and is a whiny baby about every single thing wrong with them
  • Scorpio: starts hanging around enemies at the first signs of a cold in order to get them sick
  • Sagittarius: they sleep it off and sweat it out, any medicine they take is probably only the PM stuff
  • Capricorn: almost never gets sick, when they do they'll just look forward to embracing death
  • Aquarius: helpless and pathetic, needs to be taken care of like a child
  • Pieces: will complain about feeling sick but still muddle through it and get shit done

InoSakuKarin roommates for you~

Tension could only be found in the tightness on the guitar strings Karin kept behind her closet door since seventh grade. Nothing else about her living situation fed the rigidity of her mind. Not the rent, the location, and certainly not the pale blond beauty she had been working alongside for over two years now.

No, she and Ino had been friendly partners at the firm for long enough to know and respect the space of each other. After moving in with each other and living so well in the same place, Karin was almost forced to admit she got along well with Ino.

Ino’s longtime childhood best friend who had started living with them last month was a different story.

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Hello love! Have you got any favorite headcanons? 🎅🏼

EEEEE Hello my secretest of Santas!!! My god this is exciting, I need another mince pie (hahahaha that’s such a lie I’ve had at least seven today :P)
Oh headcanons. SO many, god, to pick favourites… speaking purely Wolfstar helps to narrow it down… a little… :P

Remus was definitely and without a doubt the most untidy, disorganised fucker you’ve ever met—his clothes are always everywhere (not dirty ones—they always end up in the hamper by some miracle, but he’s convinced the elves deliberately hide his clean clothes around the dorm), he does his homework on time but it’s always a mad rush the morning it’s due to actually find it again, ‘where the sodding fuck has my bloody tie gone now?’, would forget to eat anything but chocolate (which springs in an eternal river from his pockets) for days if left to his own devices. 
But he isn’t left to his own devices, because Sirius follows him around like a puppy picking up his homework and putting it in his bedside table for him, and finding and returning Remus’s socks when they show up under his pillow or in his school bag, and making sure he gets three nutritious meals a day (legit fought someone for the last eggs over breakfast one morning because Moony needs protein, fuck off). I mean, Sirius can’t organise his own shit for love nor money, but he always makes sure Remus is sorted.

We all know James and Sirius were legitimate brothers—Sirius just got like, implanted in the wrong uterus, you know? And those two bounce off each other like mad, they spark each-other’s questionable ideas and feed off each other’s energy.
But Remus makes Sirius feel… peaceful. Not passive—like they’ll go speeding through the backroads of Kent on the bike or trying to drown each other in the Black Lake or whatever, but Sirius feels this sort of deep seated, internal calm with Remus, this security that stops him feeling like he’s about to burst out of his own skin, and it means the entire world to him.

They’re both obsessive readers, which everyone knows and expects of Remus, but they’re always a bit blindsided by it from Sirius. They often presume he knows books from Remus and half the time Remus is like “Nope—he gave me that one.” They trade all the time, and they’ll spend hours sprawled out in the dorm, Sirius with his legs slung over Remus’s lap, just reading together and occasionally stopping to give the other their thoughts on things. They do things like that a lot—just sit around and talk about theoretical shit.

Remus fucking loves the bike, he thinks it’s fantastic. He’s not allowed to drive it though—he tried once, went straight into a hedge, and Sirius decided never again.

Remus also is never allowed to pierce anyone’s ears. He did Sirius’s first piercing after a week of pestering, with a cooling charm and a magically disinfected earring borrowed from Marlene. Remus went too heavy on the cooling charm, though, trying to numb the shit out of Sirius’s ear because a) Sirius is a whiny piss-baby when things hurt, and b) Remus once knocked a cup of hot tea into someone’s lap and was so distressed by this that he actually cried, so he absolutely cannot inflict pain on Sirius. Unfortunately, numbing the ear by making it cold (and this is a life hack guys—take notice) toughens the ear tissue and makes it much harder to pierce through. The earring gets stuck half way through Sirius’s ear. Remus definitely cries, so does Sirius, so does James. Marlene has to come and fix it. She does the rest of Sirius’s ear piercings for him after that.