whining and whining and whining

okay but why are sore throats the actual worst? I have tried ibuprofen, tylenol, salt water gargles, hot water with lemon, hot green tea with honey, hot green tea with ginger, seriously I am running out of natural remedies and my throat still hurts so much that I can barely swallow and all I’ve eaten today has been ice cream

also lemon cough drops taste exactly the way lemon-scented furniture polish smells and that is strangely impressive

frank: You know those, uh… those people? The ones I put down, the people I killed? I want you to know that I’d do it all again. This is a circus, all right? It’s a charade, it’s an act. It’s bullshit about how crazy I am. I ain’t crazy! I’m not crazy. Okay? I know what I did. I know who I am. And I do not need your help. I’m smack-dab in the middle of my right goddamn mind, and any scumbag, any… any lowlife, any maggot piece of shit that I put down, I did it… because I liked it! Hell, I loved it! I’m sittin’ here, I’m… I’m just itching. I’m itching to do it again. And you think… What, you think you’re gonna send me to a nuthouse? Some doctor, they’re gonna get me to stop from doing what I want to do? Well, that ain’t happening! Not on my watch! You people, you call me the Punisher, ain’t that right? The big bad Punisher. Well, here I am! You want it, you got it! I am the Punisher! I’m right here! You want it, I’ll give it to you. And anybody who came here today to hear me whine, to hear me beg? Well, you can kiss my ass! Do you hear me? I’m guilty. Come on, please, Judge! I’m guilty, you hear me? I’m guilty! I’m guilty!



Hela wouldn’t be the rightful Queen because she’s the oldest, if they’re supposed to be pre-christening/right after the christening of Norway (Scandinavia, same shit). It wasn’t until riiiight around 1300-hundreds that the first born was the true heir of the throne, and that was because the Church demanded it be so.

So what I’m saying is that the three siblings would’ve PROBABLY have to either share their throne or fight for it (as they do). Because then, any blood-child had the right to the throne.

I’m literally so fucking mad about Mon-el’s character in Supergirl and here’s why.

He could’ve very much been the space puppy character that all the Karamel stans see him as. And the fact that he isn’t, and instead he’s a love interest bothers me so much, in the sense that that entire romantic arc was unnecessary.

For the entire running of Suergirl’s show, every male that has been a part of it has been a love interest to Kara (with the exception of J’onn who is her father figure and Clark who is her cousin.) James, Winn, Adam and Mon-El (and Mxy ) have all had some sort of romantic tie to Kara’s character.

It would have been incredibly refreshing to have had a guy who has zero romantic interest in Kara. Mon-El has the same, dorky-ness as Winn does, with the confidence of James, and even though yes, he was the asshole prince of Daxam, on earth he was trying to be a better person, however that did tie in with his interest in Kara as a romantic partner. 

If his want to be a better person came from himself and not for trying to impress someone else, that would’ve made for great character development and added to his own story.

Mon-El had so much potential to be a well loved character on the show. He could’ve been like Kara’s little brother, taking the place that Clark should’ve had, had they arrived on earth at the same time. Kara could have been to Mon-El what Alex was to her. 

Instead of tying Mon-El to Kara as a romantic partner, they could have had him as her heroic partner. Mon-El is goofy and kind and isn’t sure how earth customs work, but he was trying, and when he wasn’t being an asshole and trying to get into Kara’s pants I actually liked him. 

The entire second season very much revolved around him and his character, leading up to Kara and Mon-El getting together, and that storyline not only took time away from other characters, it sidelined the main character of the story itself.

They could have made the second season a much better one by maybe having a small Mon-El arc with him finding his was as a superhero, and then continuing with Kara and her character. 

So when i say i hate Mon-El. I hate what the writers did to his character. They reduced him to a love interest and made Kara’s character all about their relationship together when there was so much more. 

Warning: slightly ill-considered vaguely drunken exposition ahead:

So, at the age of 44 I have become used to being ignored a lot. Seriously, it’s like I don’t exist in certain circles. Which is annoying, though when negotiating the wider world, there are advantages to being invisible.  On the one hand, you have idiot women expressing utter disbelief that you could possibly be only 44 since you have grey hair, while they are 47 and have black hair.  Thanks girl. On the other hand, who wants to be catcalled? So getting older has its advantages and disadvantages.  

On a rather larger scale, it’s probably better to be 44 now, than 24. On the one hand, I totally failed to take advantage of the longest bull-run in real estate history (she says without even bothering to Google anything to see if that’s a complete fiction), and only bought my first property at the age of 43. Yeah I know, you all have it much worse and I shouldn’t be complaining about it. Still, woe is me. My boomer parents totally benefited from this - they bought their first house on a student nurse’s salary for fuck’s sake. But I could have got on that ladder in the trough of 1997 too and I didn’t. And then stuff just kept on going up, and up, and up, as I waited for it to top out. Joke’s on me. And, I realise, more so on anyone younger than me. 

Still, this post was actually supposed to be about me counting my blessings. So here’s the important bit. Selling my soul to the corporate devil for a decade, and having the education and opportunity to do so, has meant that I could still buy my relatively spacious one-bed apartment in the middle of a big city. These days I don’t earn anything like that money, and never will again, and I really ought to re-educate my brain to remember than in my spending habits. Relative ‘wealth’ is apparently a hard concept for me, and would be harder still if I lived near any of my old ‘rich’ friends. But I do earn a relatively decent wage for the work I do, in a pretty stress-free and bullshit-free environment. And for that I am truly thankful.  (Honestly, when I started this post it was meant to be a positive thing, but somehow I ended up whining my way through it all, ffs)

the rest of the KHUX playerbase is screaming at Square for giving us everything we’ve asked for and I’m just here waiting for rollover to pull for those piggies 👀

chibi oops i mean bust commission for @gabriel-fucking-agreste, for her fic running out of oxygen. this was supposed to be a chibi commission but i swapped to a bust cos i couldn’t get this image outta my head lol. as if his life falling apart isn’t enough, now he’s stuck babysitting 2 extra kwamis who hate each other, on top of the needy cat one with the bottomless stomach :’D