whining about shit no one cares about

like nobody cares about this it’s literally just a paragraph of me whining but like ive never been able to fathom how every web journalism site blows up with articles about “getting your hands on the latest iphone” every time they release a new one like… i have never ever regarded iphone unveiling events as anything other than like another video of cool shit i’ll never be able to even attempt to afford and somehow there’s always massive crowds of people who flat out pay full price for it the second it drops. that’s incomprehensible to me how can there be so many people out there with that much money

I was grumpy as all fucking hell last night (I got four hours of sleep night before and there some issues at home I have to mediate), but I had to work so I sucked it up and had a good enough time speaking with my coworkers. But then I was cleaning bathrooms and someone peed on the floor and one woman didn’t wipe her own pee off the seat (I was in the bathroom with a closed sign on the door when she came in and did it). But this lady complained to me about the soap. We have to use the soap that’s of a certain brand otherwise we get fined. It doesn’t smell good or anything, and she was complaining how it stuck to her hands for hours after she got home. Like, look lady, I just watched you eat a half a rotisserie chicken while sitting in our store and hung around for an hour and a half, I don’t give a single shit what you think about the soap. Someone left two one inch locks of hair in the bathroom, I care about that (because just, what the fuck, dude?) What I don’t care about is you whining to me about soap that we have to use. I was 👌 this close to smacking her and screaming. I’ve got some major issues at home rn, and I have NO PATIENCE for assholes like you.
I also saw one of my favorite regulars last night! She is in a motorized wheelchair and I was on lunch so I helped her put together her salad. :> She’s so nice and polite. She apologized for taking time from my lunch but I told her I don’t mind helping out nice people while I’m on lunch, it’s only if they’re mean that I mind.

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>"this discourse isnt important" >"you cant just blow it off as discourse" can this dude make up his mind about whether he actually cares or not?

I’m gonna make one (1) serious post about this then I’m going to sleep:

This guy has absolutely no clue what he’s saying honestly. He clearly wants to be angry at people over trivial shit so tries to pretend his whining is actually some moral crusade, all while condemning people who do exactly the same thing they do.

I think it all comes down to insecurity. Obviously, we’re all somewhat insecure and that’s ok but boyo takes it to another level by insisting anyone who doesn’t remotely agree with him hates his guts and is probably an aphobe, where in reality people don’t like him because he’s just up his own ass 24/7.

The dude’s whole “i argue with people online yeah I’m a Good Person™” shtick is tiring and pathetic. (even his title shows it “World’s No. 1 Anti-terf” - like well done dude you took one of the most common sense and easy political affiliations and based your boring personality around it you’re so brave and special).

The only reason they virtue-signal like that is because they don’t want to come to terms with the fact that their blog is essentially a giant waste of time. He’s let dumb discourse get the best of him and they pretend to not be bothered when people disagree with him but will post it about 7 essay-length times in the space of 9 seconds to really show you he doesn’t care. Honestly who has time for that?

It’s kinda sad that someone as immature and unhinged as him tries to be the face of the ace community (a community already stereotyped as whiny little kids), because that community could do so much better. This is all ignoring the easy shit like how he’s one of those “lol cishets amirite :^)” kids (speaking of i reckon him and papillus would get on really well, they both act the same)

Anyway, the dude’s a joke.

Have I Made You Uncomfortable? (Bucky x Reader) Part 7

Summary: It’s no secret that Y/N and Bucky don’t get along. Everyone knows it, they know it, and everything is very clear. That is, until a certain encounter in the library starts a small ripple in the otherwise fairly still surface.

Chapter List


Part Seven

You peeked around the door and had to force yourself not to let out the gasp that instantly threatened to spill from your lips. Bucky was lying in a heap on the floor, and he wasn’t moving. The man dragged him up by the arm and flung him across the room, letting out a wheezy laugh as Bucky’s body slumped together again.

You didn’t hesitate to aim your gun at the man and shoot three bullets into his back. You entered the room and shut the door as the man fell to his knees. He coughed, and blood sprayed all over the floor in front of him. You jogged forward until you were standing a few metres away from him and shot a bullet through his head, hearing a satisfying ‘thud’ as he collapsed. You immediately ran over to Bucky, quickly checking his pulse.

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Bakugou angst

Self-harm warning. (I cope with shit by writing so that’s basically what this is.)

You were having a stressful day again. It just felt like everything was falling down, and your anxiety didn’t make it any easier to deal with. You were laying on the floor of your room. You didn’t have your sleeves down since you knew Bakugou wasn’t coming to see you for several hours. You had time, lots of it, so you decided to do the only thing that you knew would ease your anxiety. You decided to cut. You made a few small cuts to your left wrist. There was almost no blood at all but the momentary pain helped to ease your anxiety. You had been so focused on the thin scarlet streaks on your wrist, you hadn’t even noticed the front door opening and closing.

Bakugou had gotten out of his intership early today and decided to come straight to your place. He just opened the front door, which wasn’t locked and stomped to your room. He found you laying there, on the floor holding your hands above your head and looking at them. Then he looked at you wrist. There was a little blood on it, and a shit ton of scars.

“(Name) what the fuck are you doing?” he growled.

“Ka–Katsuki, when did you come here?”, you panicked.

You sat up and backed against the bed’s headboard. You pulled your sleeves down, but you knew he had already seen your forearms. Shit, shit, shit. It wasn’t supposed to go like this.

He grabbed your left wrist and pinned it against the headboard. Then he used his other hand to pull your sleeve down.

“What the fuck is this?”, he growled.

He was angry, you could see that, anyone could.

“Scars and cuts if my eyes aren’t fooling me.” you hissed at him.

Getting angry was your only defence against him, you knew that, but you also knew your angry front wouldn’t hold for long.

“Yeah, and why the fuck did you do them?”

“Why do you care? Isn’t the only thing you care about coming a hero?” you spat at him.

You knew what you said wasn’t true, but that’s how it felt sometimes. He was training so much and you felt like he had left you standing on the sidelines.

“Fuck you, you know I care about you, so stop with the bullshit.”

He gripped your wrist even tighter and you whined a little. He was looking straight to your (e/c) eyes with his red ones. He looked angry, really angry. You stayed quiet.

“And this”- he shaked your wrist- “you better stop with this shit.”

“Give me one good reason.” you said

“Cause I fucking say so, and you know this is idiotic so you better fucking stop.” he growled.

“Fine, but you know, it’s not so easy to stop. I’ve been going on and off with this for a long time already.”

“Yeah, but now I fucking know, so I’ll fucking help you. So stop with this shit.”

“Well, you could start helping me by releasing my damn arm.” you grinned.

“Nah, don’t fucking think so.”, he grinned back.

Oh boy, what had you gotten yourself into.

hi i just want everyone on this shit website to acknowledge that a good romance story is about emotional payoff, and in order for there to be good emotional payoff at the end of the romance arc, the characters have to struggle to be together, and a large part of that struggle is necessarily going to be character driven, and so there won’t be any emotional payoff if both characters are perfect snowflakes and the entire thing is a 100k slowburn fluff, bc in real romance writing, you need conflict, and a lot of it, because the emotional payoff only comes after the characters struggle to be together, and the stakes need to be very high, and so please just see yourselves out if you want to whine about “petty drama” in romance or characters being “assholes” for “no reason” to one another or how “romantic drama” is a “stupid plot point”  or how this story is not “feminist” enough etc, because what you’re really saying is that you don’t understand why the genre works the way it does and you don’t understand why readers might want emotional payoff in a story, and you are too narrow minded to see how this emotional payoff is being created, and you don’t care about understanding these things, so instead you’re just going to shit on the only genre that is almost exclusively made for women and by women and about women. 

Those people don’t actually care about Niall, Zayn, and Liam. It’s all for sympathy. If they went on and on whining about “Louis is the underdog and is being treated unfairly!” no one would listen so they add Niall, Zayn, and Liam to their list of shit to bitch amd moan about so Li, Z, and N stans will listen as well. The thing is if Louis had the same popularity and the opportunities that Harry is getting they probably would have forgotten how to spell Niall.

wanting to write fanfiction but feeling like “lol whats the point no one cares” but you know you shouldn’t actually endorse thoughts like that. it’s dumb. you should write for yourself and not sit in this state of self-loathing and desperately whining to yourself about how pointless doing shit is if no one else will enjoy it. and you know thinking this is unhealthy and unhelpful so you try and yell at yourself to shut up and just be happy with what you do, but your whiny self-hating attention whore brain wont shut the fuck up so you just lay there arguing with yourself in your mind while simultaneously making no progress bc you know this is gunna just keep happening bc you apparently hate not putting yourself in an emotional and mental state of distress using thoughts alone

Never again (depressed!reader x Raphael)

Just thinking about your secret relationship with Raphael made you stress. He had explained why he was not ready to tell his brothers that you two were a couple. Reason was simple. Well, to you at least. He was too proud. He didn’t want his brothers to see his soft side. His caring, loving side. Something you missed every day. He didn’t want to show anyone that a girl could make him feel this way and that made you question yourself. Were you good enough, were you too worried or just not ready?

Raphael and you had got into another word fight. Yelling and slamming stuff around was not so new to you anymore while fighting. You had asked him about your relationship. Where it was heading, what he wanted and was he ready.

“You always start this same conversation when we’re in a disagreement! You’re obsessed with showing me around as your pet, as your boyfriend, so you can show everyone how you claimed me!”

That really hurt you. You were not a shallow person! What made him even think like that?

“I don’t want to own you! I was just asking! I don’t want to play around anymore! It’s not easy to me either!” You yelled.

It was quiet in the lair if you weren’t fighting. Mikey, Donnie and Leo were out and Splinter was just somewhere.

“You don’t want to own me? You want to split up?” He snarled almost mockingly. “Fine! I never cared anyways! Why did we even get together? You’re so insecure and whining about how news this is to you, to feel this way against some one! You’re always questioning your sexuality shit and that are you even ready! Hell, why do I need to know what’s about to happen to us when you have no answer to it either?!”

It wasn’t like that. Of course it wasn’t. It wasn’t that easy. It was hard to you to feel this way. Always getting a precious person in your life and then be insulted and abandoned. Scared. Scared you were. More than ever. Seeing in front of your eyes that Raphael was slipping away from your grasp made your heart ache. Like someone had their fingers on your heart and they were choking it.

“You know, once you leave, there ain’t no coming back. Not like I would even need you!” Raph turned his back on you.

It was the first time you ever felt that much love. It was bigger feeling than you had ever felt against anyone before. It was killing you. And the thought of him saying things like this…

“You can drown in your pitiful life with your ‘miss who didn’t know how to love’ status! You’re heartless, you know that? You’re selfish and stupid! You were never good enough for me!” He turned his face back at you, grinning evilly. “The reason, actually, why I never told anyone of us was that you’re weak, ugly, stupid and embarrassing!”

You stepped one step away. Holding your breath your brains tried to find words to fight back but your soul just couldn’t catch it. It was like all of your happy or even caring sides had left your body. Leaving nothing more than just an empty shell, an embarrassed girl behind, in front of a bully. Seeing it all again. The bullies in your school, your first crush/first love breaking you. Just like now.

The hardest thing was, that how you ever even fell in love with a being like Raph. So egoistic he was, never ready to care. And now he was hurting you. More than nothing else.

“If you don’t ever check on a mirror you never find the reason why you are not ready.” You said steadily and head high. Trying to leave peacefully and quietly.

“I don’t ever want to see you again, bitch! You should check the mirror too! Maybe you see that ugly, embarrassing girl that I never wanted to admit to be my girlfriend!”

Just him watching you leave made his heart break. He felt you. He wanted you. He wanted to chain you up and never let you ever leave again when his brains registers that it was the last time to see you again. Never coming back. He was the one to explain it to his brothers, to Splinter, to April. He felt so bad now. Why did he say that… Maybe he was scared… Maybe he wasn’t ready or he was just confused.

His red bandana started to get wet from the corners around his eyes. He understood that he cared. And he was as broken as you were. But he wasn’t ready to admit it. He didn’t even know it until now. He had to apologise! He wasn’t ready to let you slip past his fingers! He would tell everyone that you were his girl, his baby girl and his only.

When you got home you started crying. Why had he said so? He was like a devil! Ruining your life. Making it miserable.

So long trying to keep it in. The need. The hope. The shame. The blade.

Wanting this more than ever before, every emotion every need getting stronger and stronger. Like wanting to give up.

When you had swelled in your helplessness you took a razor to your hands. A shining, sharp blades calling for you. To feel that ah so melancholy sadness and the pain and to see the blood. To show yourself you were not okay. You needed something concrete and something to make sense with your soul and body. To make them whole again. It was like your soul was ripping itself away from your body.

The first cut was light, so you could see how sharp it was. You kept cutting and about after fifth cut you started to see some blood.

After another cut you kept going until you had long, deep and ugly open wounds on your arm. So big that it would be hard to try to hide them.

“(Y/n)?” You turned to look. It was Raphael! He was standing on your balcony, horrid look on his face. “Oh no…”

A new, humiliating feeling rushing in every little part of your body and soul making you panic. Embarrassed. Yo didn’t want anyone to see you while doing this or even anyone seeing your cuts bleed. It was only for your eyes. A one girl show.

“(Y/n) what have you done?”

You looked down on your arm, your bed, your hand dripping blood on your blanket.

“I’m cleaning” you said calmly. You were a bit off from the blood loss. “Nothing I haven’t tried before.”

“You’ve done this before?!” Raphael gasped.

You nodded and blinked slowly, starting to drift off.

“Why are you here? I’m not good enough for you. You shouldn’t be here.” You mumbled, about to cut again.

“(Y/n) no! Put that thing on the floor, okay? Just for a second. Okay?” Raph started sneaking closer but you were getting so sleepy that you didn’t notice. “I’m so sorry what I said! I just… Just please don’t hurt yourself! I can’t live without you!”

“I would keep living, just for you? No… I can’t. I don’t want to be bullied or left alone again…” You mumbled, raising the razor close to your arm.

“(Y/n)!! NO!!” Raph was in a second next to you and threw the blade away from you. He locked you in his strong embrace, like he was never again letting go.

“I’ll call Donnie, (y/n). Everything will be alright, okay? He’ll stitch you up and you’ll be like a new girl! Just please! Hang on just for a couple seconds! Don’t leave me…”

“You left…” You mumbled, tired. “I don’t own you nothing” you said stubbornly.

“Yes you do! You own me everything! And I own you! You can’t go before we’re even!”

“(Y/n)? Hey! Baby? WAKE UP!! PLEASE!!” He sobbed between deep, hyperventilating breaths. “Donnie… Hurry…” He cried, burying his head into your hair.

lately someone has been whining about their personal drama in the fight rising discord and usually that’s just annoying but damn


they keep bringing it up at every single chance they get. like fucking. i’ve seen the word snake more times than i can count

no one fucking cares about how you got dumped or some shit stop trying to fucking gain sympathy points by constantly bringing it up it’s beyond annoying

keep it in vent it’s not drama worthy and we’re not your fucking army

deal with it like a fucking adult

This Hell That Holds Me (Drink You Away Part 2)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Theme Song: Camouflage by Selena Gomez

Word Count: 2,864

Warnings: language, angst, flashbacks, fluff, implied sexy times, arguing

Summary: Reader deals with the aftermath of Dean not calling.

A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to get this out! Huge thank you to @winchesterwhisper for some inspiration on where to go with this. Sorry for any errors!

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Part 1

It had been four weeks since your phone call with Dean, and one week since he last tried to call you. After the initial late night, drunken phone call, he never called the next morning. He did however call a 2 weeks later, but you didn’t answer. You had even received a few calls from Sam and you felt terrible every time you clicked decline. There was a time when Sam was your best friend. You missed him dearly and wished there was some way to keep that friendship even with your relationship with the elder Winchester having ended. Those two boys were a package deal and you had to stay as far away from them as possible, per Dean’s original request. You were sure Cas would’ve paid you a visit, had he been able to, but with the branding he had placed on your ribs years back, you were sure it was proving to be difficult for the angel.  

You would be lying if you said that the next day didn’t hurt like a bitch. You had woken up and checked your phone immediately, your heart sank when you looked at the clock, realizing it was mid-afternoon and still no call. You glanced at your phone throughout the day, waiting for that guitar riff ringtone to blare through your hotel room, but it never came. Dean truly hadn’t meant what he said that night, and damn did it twist the knife even deeper. As much as you tried to convince yourself that you knew he wouldn’t call, you couldn’t deny that there was a small part of you that was hoping maybe, just maybe, this once Dean would be a man of his word. But no, even if Dean had meant everything he said, there was no way he would’ve called you, he probably woke up in the morning and remembered why he told you to leave in the first place. You hated yourself for even entertaining the thought of him calling you that next day, because all it did was hurt even more, just like you knew it would when you first picked up that phone. It was like a fire poker, red, hot and burning in your chest. It was unbearable, but you didn’t have a choice. You just had to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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Stay (Derek Luh)

Request: Can u make one where yn and derek broke up and yn gets a call from pierre that he is in the hospital bc he’s overdosed or whatever and yn hurries to the hospital and you can imagine the rest :) love your imagines btw

(A/N: THREE POSTS IN ONE DAY WTF??? Anywaaaaaayyyyy… I hope you like it 😏😏 it so sad 😭)

I opened the door to the bedroom and sat at the foot of the bed and rubbed my hands over my face. Where is our relationship going? What happened to us?

Lately, Derek has been acting strange. He’s been distant and a bit more harsh than usual. I’ll ask him a simple question and he snaps back harshly with a one worded answer. He ignored the hell out of me, every time I try to make conversation. And he acts like he doesn’t want me to touch him. This entire argument we were having right now, was all because he didn’t want me to touch him. I walked up to him in the kitchen and wrapped my arms around his waist and he turned around and shoved me off of him. I yelled and asked him what the hell had gotten into him, he just claimed that I scared him, and he didn’t want to be touched. I stormed off and now here I am, in my room looking like an idiot for being with someone who doesn’t even want me to touch them. “Y/N open the door! I’m sorry” I stormed over to the bedroom door and swung it open. “No, you’re not sorry. You’ve been acting like an asshole for weeks now. Of course I’m gonna get fed up with your shit, if somethings bothering you, you can always talk to me. But instead you treated me like shit for no reason.“ I snap at him.

“Well maybe my problem is you! You’ve been so damn clingy and I’m tired of it! I just want space, and when I try to get some, you get even worse! You come over to me, touching all over me and asking what’s wrong! It’s getting annoying and I needed space.” He snaps back. I’m completely taken aback. He has a lot of fucking nerve, I’m being clingy? I’ve never been clingy, we’ve actually had arguments in the past that I wasn’t “into the relationship enough” and that I “didn’t care enough” he’s always whined about stupid shit like that and now I’m the clingy one? “How the hell am I clingy if you’ve always been so damn upset over me ‘not caring about our relationship enough’? You’re so damn ridiculous and I’m not gonna sit here and let you treat me like I don’t matter and my feelings don’t matter. If you need space, you can leave.” I calmly state. His expression softens as he walks toward me, reaching for me and I back up. "Baby, please no, I didn’t mean that.” “But that’s what you said, and if we’re both not happy. What are we hanging on to? It just best if you leave.” He slowly nods. “I’ll come get my stuff later.” He informs. I nod and he turns to walk out. When I hear the door downstairs slam, I let out a breath that I didn’t even realize I was holding in. (Derek’s POV) I walk to my car and look back at the house where I lost my first and only love. I had to let her go, to hang on to her was just selfish. I was being an asshole and she wasn’t just gonna fall for that “baby I’m sorry, it’ll never happen again” bullshit. She’s too smart for that and she resects herself way more than that. I back out and immediately head towards my old apartment in Sacramento. I open up the door and slam it shut, enter the building and make my way up to my house before collapsing into the couch. I need something to calm my nerves. I get up and go to the bathroom to take a quick piss. I finish up and go to wash my hands and I notice a bottle of pills visible through the small opened crack of the mirror. Could I? Should I? I need relief and comfort but, is this really the path i want to go back to? Well two would help my relief and that won’t hurt anything right? Oh well, fuck it, who cares. I grab the bottle of Valium and a beer from the fridge. I grab two of the sedatives and take a sip of my beer to down it. Twenty minutes and three beers later, I’m feeling unbelievably drowsy and nauseous. Next thing you know, every thing turns black. (Y/N’s POV) It’s been an hour since Derek has left and I’m absolutely miserable. I’m in the middle of wallowing when I get a phone call from Pierre. Why him of all people? We barely talk. I answer it immediately, as it must be an emergency. “Hello?” I answer in confusion, just to hear Pierre’s heavy breathing on the other end. “Y/N, come down to shady grove hospital, it’s Derek, he’s over dosed.” He speaks frantically into the phone. “What?! I’m on my way!” I rush off of the phone and down stairs and out of the house. After a ten minute drive, I quickly jump out of he parked car and run into the hospital as fast as I can. “Hi, what room is Derek Luh in?” I ask the receptionist. “He’s in room 204. Down the hall and to your right.” She pointed as she explained and I nodded. I thanked her as I ran down the hall. I arrive at the door to see Pierre and Nate pacing back and forth outside of the room. “What’s going on?” I ask breathless. “He took a dose of valiums and drank beer on top of it and he ended up over dosing, they just helped him get it back up. Now he’s resting and they want us to stay out here. He’s gonna be okay mama.” Nate consoles me as I tear up. Once he’s halfway through the explanation, I burst into tears and burry my head into his chest. “It’s all my fault Nate, if I hadn’t kicked him out, he would’ve never done that and he would be in danger right now.” I sob. “Shh, it’s okay mama, really. He’s gotten most of the drugs out of his system.” He rubs my back. A doctor walks up and clears her throat. “We can only have one in the room at a time, who goes first?” The doctor asks. The boys look at me and I raise my hand slightly. She nods and smiles as she opens up the door. I slowly walk into the room to see a sleeping derek. “I’m so sorry that i was being selfish, I’m so sorry that I was being clingy, I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Please just, please don’t do this ever again.” I whisper as tears slide down my face. He opens his eyes and smiles. “I won’t baby, I promise. I love you.” He smiles lazily “I love you too, please stay.” I beg him. “Whatever you say. If you want me to, then I’ll stay.” He offers. “That’s all I can think about right now. Please just, stay.”
My History Teacher (Part 1)

All current parts here |

Summary: It’s your last year in high school, and you’re failing your prerequisite History class, until your (extremely hot) substitute teacher decides to help you out. 

Characters: student!reader x teacher!Sam, OC best friend
Author: melancauliflowers
Warnings: swearing, budding student/teacher romance
Word count: 556

Note: hey guys, i’m kinda back from my writing hiatus! yaaay! this is like a prologue, part 2 will be up shortly! No smut or kissing in this one (apologies!).


“I’m barely passing this class as it is,” you whined to your best friend, “it just isn’t my thing. I don’t care about shit that happened 100 years ago.”
“Maybe the new teacher can help you. Mrs Doyle was a total flunk on the school’s behalf,” he replied, tapping his pen on the desk.
“Jack, this is our last semester in this Hellhole and if I’m gonna give a crap about anything, it’s not History.”
“Excuse me, class,” you heard from the front of the classroom, “could I please have your attention? I’m Mr Winchester, I’ll be your sub for the next few weeks.”

Your eyes followed the deep voice, where you saw a tall — very tall — lean, brunette man. Your jaw almost dropped at the sight of him, and a silence washed over the students. God, your teacher was hot.

He jumped into the early 20th century of America, talking about Prohibition in the 1920s or something. You weren’t too sure, really. Halfway through the lesson, he removed his suit jacket and you quickly became distracted by his muscles rippling under the thin white shirt, rolled at the sleeves. You gazed at him, mindlessly mulling over his broad shoulders, clean-shaven jawline, curved nose, hazel eyes…

…Which were looking right back at you.

“Excuse me, Miss?” He snapped you out of your daze.
“Yes,” you responded, clearing your throat.
“Why do you think after the USA’s post-war success, that they fell into the Great Economic Depression of 1929?” You stared at him blankly. Fuck.
“Honestly, I have no idea,” you said more boldly than you’d intended. He sighed and clenched his jaw.
“See me after class,” he demanded softly. Your breath caught in your throat at the thought. Why does he make you so nervous? He’s your teacher, for God’s sake. Calm down.

When the bell rang, you hung back while everyone else filed out of the room, leaving you alone with Mr Winchester.
“It’s [Y/N], right?” He stood and walked towards you, perching on the desk beside you that Jack had sat at.
“Yeah,” you took a breather, trying to relax.
“I get that it’s your last year, and you’re probably only taking this class because you need it for college, correct?”
You nodded your head and smiled coyly, “That’s correct.”
“Well, I hope you know that for this class to be of any use for college, you have to pass it.” He gave you an empathetic smile, “Which, at this point in time, you are not.”
“I’m aware,” your teeth nervously raked over your lip, biting it gently. Mr Winchester noticed this immediately, his eyes dropping to your mouth as you let your lip spring free. He swallowed hard, forcing his focus back to your eyes. Did that actually distract him?

“I’d be happy to offer you some after school classes,” he resumed to conversation casually. Ew, extra classes. And for History of all subjects? What a horrible idea.
“That would be awesome,” you beamed brightly.
“Great, we’ll start tomorrow,” he seemed genuinely pleased.

You collected all your books and made your way to the door, pausing and turning around. Mr Winchester was already looking at you.
“Bye, Mr Winchester.”
“See you later, [Y/N].”

You had a good feeling about this.

Part 2 |

GOT7′s reaction to you doing light exercise before bed.

Authors note: The request for this got eaten, and we thought it was for GOT7 so if it wasn’t please forgive us, lol.

BamBam: He is honestly such a little shit that the second he found out that this was one of your nightly routines, it would become his goal to try everything in his power to distract you every night.

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Jackson: He would actually like that this was something you did before bed and would, more often than not, join you.

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Jinyoung: He wouldn’t really think much about it. He would just let you do your thing and wait patiently for you to be finished and come snuggle with him.

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JB: He wouldn’t really care that you did it, but on nights when he was especially needy, he would whine about how he has to settle for cuddling pillows because you’re taking too long.

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Mark: He would be a little surprised by it at first, not because he thought it was weird but because he just didn’t expect it of you. He would begin using that time every night to ramble to you about his day.

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Youngjae: He is another one who wouldn’t really think much of it and would use the time that you’re exercising to do his own nightly routines.

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Yugyeom: At first he would find it just a little strange, but after a couple times he wouldn’t think anything of it anymore and would probably just sit there and watch you because he thinks you look cute doing it.

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What would GOM+Kagami+Hanamiya do if their girlfriend started using a perfume/body spray that she says she loves because it reminds her of them but they honestly hate the way it smells?

i cant stop cackling idk

KUROKO: He’d compliment the smell because he doesn’t want to upset her bless the sweetheart. Unintentionally, he ends up making faces whenever he smells it.

KAGAMI: He tries to let her down gently, explaining that the smell is actually quite horrible with an attempt of choosing his words carefully. She probably ends up crying because he’s Kagami how do you think he lets girls down gently he doesn’t that’s how.

KISE: He’s constantly showing her other perfumes, hoping that she’d let go of using the crappy one. He’d get really emotional if she denies all of them and probably whine about how “___cchi doesn’t care about what Kise thinks”.

MIDORIMA: Let’s be real here he ends up throwing that shit away when she’s not looking. “Shintarou, have you seen my-” “No, no I haven’t.”

AOMINE: Probably throws a fit, bluntly explaining how the perfume actually smells like ass and he’s honestly quite offended it reminds you of him.

MURASAKIBARA: “Mura do you like my new perfume?” “It smells gross, __chin stop wearing it.”

AKASHI: He ends up wasting his time trying to understand how in the world that god awful smell reminds you of him. He gets butthurt like Aomine and questions her about it. “Do I smell bad to you?”

HANAMIYA: He stops her the second she sprays it on herself. “Hey this is new-!” “I don’t care.” “But, this reminds me of yo-” “Don’t ever insult me like that again.”

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Trashimoto's just searching for things to copy from DBZ. This chapter's highlight was basically Majin SHIN instead of Majin Buu lmfao

I said it since 700 that Kishimoto was trying to rip off DBZ. This chapter just once again confirms it. Sorry but I’m going to go off on my rant about this chap now.

My face during this whole chapter was this:

Like, Sasuke’s acting OOC even for Gaiden. It’s like the characters aren’t even in line with the way they’ve been acting even up to this point. Sasuke goes from not giving a single shit about Sakura and not even reacting to her being kidnapped, barely showing concern even to his daughter above just saving her life, to being concerned over Sakura’s “injury” and smiling at Sarada attacking the Shins? Even for Gaiden he’s OOC. I understand he looks like he’s just tending Sakura’s wound but he’s acting uncharacteristically gentle with her and he’s still not saying anything about the whole “darling” comments. He was never this way with her in the original manga and he hasn’t even been this way with her in Gaiden up until this point (granted it’s not like they’ve spent much time together but even compared to chapter 5 this is odd). And Sarada went a complete 180 too from the rest of Gaiden. It feels weird. Maybe it’s the lightning fast pace of Gaiden but it feels too fast for the characters to start acting this way. This really needed to have been built up more and there really should’ve been some explanation and heart-to-heart before this for it to make sense. SS fans are going to go on about how this has been coming and they’ve seen it coming, but from a writing perspective it really hasn’t been done well.

I get the impression that Kishi is really trying to copy the Vegeta/Bulma dynamic and he’s just failing really hard at it. It’s like, sure Vegeta was a standoff-ish asshole, but he and Bulma had a dynamic that worked despite their flaws and Vegeta not really being that close to Bulma initially. This dynamic being forced on SS feels exactly that, forced. It’s not flowing naturally and as a result it feels OOC, especially on Sasuke’s end. They can refer to each other as “husband” and “wife” all day long but without the genuine and consistent expression of love and caring it feels like a farce. It’s been obvious that SS is supposed to be endgame but holy shit is this the sloppiest execution of a pairing since…the last execution of a pairing in this manga.

And then this “villain”. Like, what the fuck was even the point of Shin? To spout of the gene bullshit? And then the Shin Jr. crap? The ginormous bloated Shin clone? This is comical. Not only is obviously trying to copy off the Buu stuff from DBZ with Kid Buu taking on Majin Buu yadda yadda yadda but it’s not even doing it well and I can’t take Shin or the Shinions seriously. They’re no threat. Even Sarada, someone who hasn’t been able to really hold her own up until now and isn’t even a genin, is able to beat the shit out of these things when Naruto and Sasuke struggled against one earlier. It’s embarassing for everyone involved. The Shins serve no purpose other than to push the message this side story is trying to shove down our throats about what it means to be a parent, which in the end makes no sense because we’re supposed to believe that it’s the people that love and care for the child that are the real parents when Sasuke has been absent for Sarada’s whole life. We’re supposed to give Sasuke a pass now and accept Sakura as the mother when the message clearly rejects Sasuke as being a true parent to Sarada due to his lack of involvement in her life up until this point.

Again, trying to force a DBZ-like dynamic (Vegeta/Bulma/Trunks) into a manga where its own message contradicts itself. It doesn’t work. It isn’t working.

This entire thing feels pointless. The whole Karin/Sakura mom thing, while being the focus for over half of Gaiden, is ultimately going to be pointless. It never mattered who was the mother, what mattered was what Sarada’s actions regarding the revelation was going to be. I’ve said from the beginning it doesn’t matter who gave birth to her. The entire point of Sarada’s quest was for her to find out the truth. Now she might know the truth and the characters are actively brushing it off in favor of fighting a villain no one cares about and it’s implied that Sarada’s going to just shrug this all off like a bad day. There’s no weight to anything that’s going on. It doesn’t even have the appropriate tension a soap opera should have, and that’s still the most accurate way to describe Gaiden, a soap opera.

I really want to like Sarada and I want to give a shit about something in this, but I just can’t and every chapter makes it harder and harder to care. Sarada is becoming bland and compliant, Chouchou is still whining about her daddy issues, Naruto is a bland politician kissing Sasuke’s ass like there’s no tomorrow, Sakura’s useful only when Naruto and Sasuke aren’t around, Sasuke’s OOC, and the Shins are pointless. There’s nothing of substance in anything that’s going on. I gave more shits about the Kaguya fight, and I honestly thought I couldn’t care less than how little I cared about that fight.

At least there’s only one or two more chapters and the Burrito movie left, then this can all just end. The Burrito movie looks like it’s going to butcher the rest of the characters Gaiden didn’t get to. Great.

And to anyone who argues Sarada is Sakura’s biological daughter just because she can use super punches, please go back and revisit why Sakura can do them. Sakura can perform such attacks because she has good chakra control, like Tsunade. What is Sarada using? A Sharingan….that allows her to have good chakra control. Why is this rocket science?

Nobody cares. 

That’s it tumblr, nobody in the real world cares. 

In the real world, outside of the internet and tumblr are people who are going about their day to day lives. They have jobs, loved ones, families, friends, a social life, bills and taxes to pay, dreams and aspirations, and activities. 

Out there, no one gives a shit if your OTP is canon or if this fanfiction was well written. No one cares about how oppressed you are because some guy glanced at your chest for a minute. No one cares about your whining about patriarchies and oppression and identities. If you go up to an aquantiance and say “I’m this-gender that-sexual this-race non-binary blah blah blah” they’re gonna look at you like you’re crazy. And when you’re writing out your resume, people hiring aren’t gonna give a shit about your political beliefs.

That’s the world we live in. You are privileged, no matter what race, gender, sex, disability, disorder, you have. You have the internet and the freedom of the internet to spout any nonsense and create any persona you want. You want to be a kawaii pastel-grune transman dangan ronpa-homestuck cosplayer? OK! People on tumblr and cosplay forums and con-goers will be into you.

Everyone needs to go outside and get away from tumblr for a while. Or just the internet. Like go camping or go on a cruise or vacation. Or a walk or a hike or whatever or go to the city or a small town. Just experience life and other people. 

You’re going to meet shitty people in your life. But you’ll meet good people too. Even shitty people can change and maybe become your friend or something more. Enough with the judging and labels and oppression, we have only one life to live and our youth is fleeting

Stop taking everything personally and think to yourself the next time you get mad about something inane, “Does anyone actually care about this? Does this really affect my life in anyway?”

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And it just seems like you don't really care about your fans and like you're just in YouTube for the fame. Which even if that's true, you need to work harder. Joey I love you but come on, the only reason you posted weekly was bc SDK and now that that's group vids you barely post. But you're starting the Joey and Ean show which is cool but we don't rlly care about Ean - were hear for you. I'm gonna support you no matter what I just thought I'd let you know that's how I've been feeling.

Yoooo your wild! If i was doing youtube for the fame I would post some wack challenge video or stupid popular vlog that everyone has else has already done every week, i dont find pleasure in that. I wouldnt be going back to school either, not gonna get fame from my computer science degree! I want to make content that im proud of which is why youll probably never see another vlog on my main channel again, I dont think im a good vlogger. Ive been doing a lot on my second channel cuz its easy and I still wanna connect with you guys but on my main channel if I dont think its a great video im not just gonna post it to post it, that makes no sense to me. I live 30 minutes away from anyone who can help me film, and I have to work off their schedules as well. Its just me here ya know? I like doing man on the street videos, most of the time I have to go to manhattan to film, that costs 30 bucks for travel alone, im super poor, my family is so far below the poverty line its a joke. I normally dont respond to shit like this but wow i really pride myself on not being in it for the fame. I turn down so many brand deals EVEN THOUGH I HAVE RENT, CAR PAYMENTS AND COLLEGE because I think they ruin the video, if I do one its cuz im desperate…See now you got me whining about my life and shit, im honestly happy im not upset about how things are like life is dope, you should just know that I do care, a lot, thats all