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//Wolfsbane actually has an omega verse :3\

Wolfsbane whined as she clung to Shadow, grinding her hips against his as her face was tucked into the crook of his neck. Whether this was the effect of some slipped aphrodisiacs or her own natural heat was anyone’s  guess. Her only qualm was that she needed to be fucked and Shadow was being unreasonably stubborn. “Please, I need something!”  She finally cried out, holding herself tightly against him. “Fuck me or give me a toy to use, i’m begging you!”


what I’m thinking about currently
  • Jonghyun lazing in his boxers on a Saturday afternoon 
  • Jonghyun flexing his beautiful tan arms and that lovely contrast against his cloud white sheets
  • Jonghyun sleepily whining for 5 more minutes as he snuggles his face deeper into his pillow
  • Jonghyun smiling sleepily to himself as he says good morning to Roo
  • Jonghyun’s silver messy morning hair
  • Jonghyun yawning cutely and ruffling his hair in his gorgeous hands

I love how there’s starting to become more positivity than negativity in the Matpat tag now.



GENRE: Fluff

PAIRING: Reader/Youngjae


PLOT: imagine a super cuddly needy Youngjae who sneaks into your room to cuddle and kiss the light out of you because he missed you on tour.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: ahsjdhdkdhd this is so fluffy my heart hurts.

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“Okay oppa I’ll see you tomorrow.” you cooed softly, tucking your blanket under your chin.

His soft breathing crackled through the phone as he clutched his own blanket in a tight fist, his reluctance to end the call going unnoticed by your withering consciousness. “Are you really tired jagi?” he tried gently, hinting at you.

You giggled, “Come on Jae, it’s only a couple more hours!”

He whined and buried his face into his pillow. In the background you heard a door opening before Jaebum’s raspy voice sounded, suggesting his dongsaeng get some sleep. Youngjae whined once more before huffing loudly, a loud puff coming through the receiver indicating he’d dropped his phone onto the bed.

“Fine,” he moaned, “goodnight jagiya.” your heart squeezed at how upset he sounded. 6 months of texting, skype calls, and no physical contact whatsoever was finally coming to an end and Youngjae just couldn’t wait to have his fingers intertwined with your small ones, nose breathing in your jasmine scented shampoo as he traces the features he had made sure to memorise the night before he left for tour.

“I love you, Choi Youngjae. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” you whispered, a small smile draping across your lips.

“I love you too, my sunshine. I’ll see you.”

That night Youngjae just couldn’t bring himself to fall asleep knowing you were not only in the same country as each other but also only a couple blocks away. No matter how hard he tried, his brain wouldn’t turn off and instead buzzed with thoughts of—what else—you. Your voice, your lips, your eyes, your touch. The way you smiled, the way you laughed, the way you felt in his arms. There was only one way he was falling asleep tonight and he decided then that he would do whatever it took to put his mind at peace.

So there he was at 2AM in the morning, stuffing his feet into a random pair of sneakers, before sneaking out the front door and onto the lamp-lit streets of Seoul. How would you react when he arrived? Would you be mad he left the dorms on his own? Of course he knew what kind of risk he was taking. He was sure to get lots of shit from the other members in the morning when they find his bed unmade but empty. What was manager-hyung going to say? Yet no matter how many reasons he could come up with to just turn around and run back up to the dorms to avoid being punished, he couldn’t find it in himself to turn his feet around and instead felt himself pushing harder to move faster so he could just be in your arms now.

You were sound asleep when he let himself in 20 minutes later. The sight of you sleeping so soundly in one of his oversized sweaters sent his heart into a frenzy and he wanted nothing more than to just pull your sleeping figure into his lap; but he refrained. Instead, he stripped himself of his jeans and crawled into the space beside you, burying his face into the crook of your neck.

“Youngjae?” you murmured, the smell of his aftershave an immediate giveaway. He hummed into your neck—arms snaked around your waist—as you instinctively wound yours around his neck, hugging him tightly. “Are you okay?”

“I missed you.” he whispered in response, basking in everything that he’s grown to associate with you. Jasmine, warmth, and tight embraces; that was everything that represented you to him and he was so so in love. You grinned into his neck, raking your fingers through his hair as you whispered how much you had missed him too.

“I’m guessing no one knows you went out.” you chuckled, cool lips feathering lightly over Youngjae’s skin sending shocks through to his fingertips. He hesitated but nodded, unable to lie to you. Though you feared the backlash in the morning, you merely pushed away from him gently, smiling when he refused to let you go. “I want to see your face, silly.” you whispered gently, finally pulling away enough to see the handsome face you’d been missing these past few months.

Eyes closed and soft breathing, Youngjae looked breathtaking under the moonlight from your window, his features illuminated and glowing—and for a second you wonder what in the hell he was doing in bed with someone like you. Then he opened his eyes and suddenly all thoughts were out the window as he stared at you like you were the only diamond in the rough; his silver lining on a cloudy day; his blessing in this purgatory we called life.

“I love you.” he confessed, his eyes shining with adoration and his heart thumping in his chest. “I love you more than life,” he continued, his grip on your waist tightening, “and I missed you so, so much.”

“I love you too.” you murmured, your eyes mirroring his own as you lent forward to press a deep kiss against his soft lips; a kiss he eagerly returned in hopes of finally making up for all the time spent apart.

Like Han & Leia - Quicksilver x Reader

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This feels good to finally finish! I’ve had this idea in my head for so long tbh

warnings: slight swearing, references to random media, and I don’t have a beta reader so…


Ah halloween. A time of treats and tricks. Kids everywhere were dressing up and going out to get high off their asses on every type of candy imaginable only to crash horribly in the morning. Of course, the same could be said about you and the rest of the X-dorks.

“For the last time, Peter, I’m not going as Wonder Woman just so you have an excuse to be The Flash,” you huffed at your boyfriend.

“Well I’m not going to be from some chick flick!” Peter whined with a cute pout on his face.

“For the last time, Pietro Maximoff, Grease is not a chick-flick! I’ll have you know it’s a classic!”

Peter put his hands up in a gesture of mock surrender. “Well the party is in three hours, so let’s make a quick decision,” he reasoned, pulling back the edge of his jacket sleeve to look at his watch.

You let out a sigh of frustration, “Okay uh…Fred and Wilma Flintstone.”

“Ugh pass!”

“The Princess Bride?”

“Scott and Jean already thought of that one.”

“Rocky Horror Picture Show…Never mind I realized it wouldn’t work as soon as I said it.”

“Ya think, (Y/n)?”


“Not enough people for that one, Princess.”

“Wait,” you turned to face the silver speedster, “What did you say?”

“We don’t have enough people to be Ghostbusters?”

“No, no after that!”

“Uh… I called you princess?”

“Pete, you’re a genius!” you exclaimed, planting a kiss on his confused lips before running off to begin sewing.


Jubilee skipped over to you in her Rainbow Bright costume with Jean, Kurt, and Scott following behind. “There you are, (Y/n)! We’ve been looking all over for you and Peter. Where you been?” She asked, eyeing your costumes excitedly.

You grinned, adjusting your twin buns, “Let’s just say we had to force this idea to come to us!” you giggled as Scott groaned.

Peter rolled his eyes with a laugh and kissed you lightly on the cheek, “Han and Leia. Great idea, Princess.”

Easy Pt 6

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Bodyguard Chanyeol vs. Assassin Sehun
Who do you fall for? Read to find out!

Chanyeol yanked Y/N away from Sehun. Marching back towards that piece of shit car, away from that piece of shit tool bag…Chanyeol felt his face going completely red. Just a faint whine from Y/N brought him back to his senses. He looked back at her and gasped when he peered at her wrist he was tightly holding. Black and blue fingermarks lined her whole wrist. “Aish, Y/N..I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” he asked quickly letting go of her wrist. She slowly nodded and rubbed her eyes. Chanyeol lifted her chin so he could see her eyes. He pulled her into a soft hug when he saw tears threatening to let loose.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” he smiled down at her gently. He should’ve known better, Y/N was always sensitive when it came to him. He pulled away from her and wiped her damp eyes with his sleeves. “Such a baby.” he laughed poking her cheeks.
“….Am not!” she said swatting his hand away. 


Sehun stood in the parking garage, unable to move from the spot he was currently in. He wiped a hand along his lower lip, to find it covered it blood. “That son of a bitch..” he muttered to himself. Sehun could feel his blood boiling just at the thought of Y/N leaving with Chanyeol. The fact she chose him just made Sehun mad. And the fact he couldn’t understand why he felt this way just made him angrier.

After a few more moments of pondering the whole situation, he began walking to his car. As he stuck the key in the lock on the door, he heard a click. Stepping slightly back he twisted the key the rest of the way and the car exploded and sent him flying across the garage. He held his ears, trying to get the ringing in them to stop. He knew that was going to happen…He got up and wobbled back to the ground.

He saw someone rushing towards him, but he couldn’t hear anything over the ringing in his ears.

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“Chanyeol..Did you hear that?” Y/N asked after hearing an abrupt explosion deeper in the parking garage. Before he could answer, she darted off in the direction they came in search for Sehun. As she reached the spot they had left Sehun, panic took over her body. Seeing an exploded car scattered everywhere throughout the garage level, surrounding car alarms screaming, and Sehun in a ball on the floor covering his ears and groaning in pain.

She ran to his side and crouched beside him. “Oppa! Oppa!!!!” she called shaking him. His eyes were everywhere but on her..She felt Chanyeol run up behind her and he pulled her back, looking down at Sehun.
“We should go, it could be dangerous.” Chanyeol said. Y/N looked up at him. She’d never seen Chanyeol act so coldly towards someone who was hurt. Usually he’d be panicking with her, but his words and eyes were frigid.
“Chanyeol we can’t leave him here…He’s my friend.” Y/N said wriggling out of his arms and back over to Sehun.

“Oppa? Can you here me? Sehunnie oppa…” she smiled pulling out her phone. “What are you doing?” Chanyeol asked.
“Calling the police and the ambulance obviously.” Y/N giggled.
Suddenly, Chanyeol kicked her phone out of her hand and dragged both of them behind a nearby car.
“My phone!” Y/N said trying to crawl back to get it. Chanyeol firmly wrapped his arms and legs around her, covering her mouth with a large hand.
“Mmmmppff!” Y/N whined. She continued to try to wriggle until she saw a man walking around the parking garage..He was armed with a handgun and checking behind all the cars.

Y/N froze looking up at Chanyeol. He looked down at her and gave her a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry” he mouthed down to her. She nodded and pressed herself into his chest, feeling surprisingly safe with him.


Chanyeol felt Y/N’s heart racing, he watched as Sehun was slowly gaining consciousness. He could hear footsteps coming closer, and he quickly released Y/N and lunged at the armed man, knocking the gun out of his hand. He could see Y/N’s terrified stare in the corner of his eye. The man was skilled in martial arts, hitting Chanyeol repeatably in his stitches, making Chanyeol fall in pain.

The man looked in Y/N’s direction and started walking towards her. “Wait! WAIT!” she screamed as he got closer. Chanyeol started helplessly crawling towards her, still trying to protect her. He had to, he couldn’t lose her..Not now, not ever. He was almost in tears knowing he wouldn’t be able to save her alone when he saw Sehun suddenly stand and send a fist to the man’s face.

Chanyeol froze completely shocked Sehun actually protected her too. The man looked up at Sehun with his dark circled eyes, looking just as confused as Chanyeol. He nodded and darted off, leaving shocked Chanyeol, Sehun, and Y/N behind.

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Sehun walked towards Chanyeol and offered him his hand. “What the hell was that?” Chanyeol asked.
“Just take my hand…Damn.” Sehun said. Unsure, Chanyeol took his hand and Sehun pulled him up, supporting him so he could walk. “Y/N go to this address. Its my home.” Sehun said writing down a scribbly address. “Lock the doors, lock the windows, don’t call or text anyone. I’ll meet you there, and explain everything.” he continued. “No..Come with me.” Chanyeol said with pleading eyes.

Y/N looked between them finding it hard to listen to one over the other. “I’ll go to Chanyeol’s. He can decide to tell you where it is or not…Please come soon.” she said a little shakily. Chanyeol smiled and Sehun nodded watching her disappear into the night.
“You have guys on her right?” Sehun asked Chanyeol.
“Why do you care?” Chanyeol glared.
“Same reason as you do.” Sehun sighed.
Chanyeol stared at Sehun and laughed.
“You suddenly want to protect after you almost got her killed? Yeah right. What do you want?” he asked.
“Exactly. I realized I can’t do it…I can’t turn her in. I can’t kill her, I can’t lose her..I just…need her. Like you.” Sehun answered.
“Don’t worry…She’ll always choose you…Eventually, I’ll have to tell her the truth and so will you. Everyone hates the assassin, we’re always the bad guys.”

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Chanyeol felt his heart drop. Sehun was right, she’d always choose Chanyeol over him. And he was happy, but at the same time…He felt guilty.
“What’s going to happen to you?” Chanyeol asked.
“For protecting Y/N and stopping someone from killing you, so you’d finally be out of the damn way? Probably on the spot execution.” Sehun said.
“Yah! Don’t say that…” Chanyeol said.
“I’m serious…” Sehun looked at Chanyeol sadly.
They continued walking to the hospital in silence. Upon entering the doors, Chanyeol was rushed to emergency surgery so the bleeding would stop.

Sehun paced the surgery doors back and forth waiting for Chanyeol’s surgery to be over. If Sehun couldn’t survive then damn it Chanyeol would. Y/N needed him…


PART 7 COMING SOON! So…Will Sehun survive? Will Chanyeol intervine??

For the incredible, wonderful, beautiful @topbananapuff. Happy birthday! Enjoy your cheerleading gays!

Birthday Wishes

Sleeping in was the best thing about Saturdays. There were no classes, there was no work - the only thing on Haru’s plate on Saturdays was individual cheerleading practice with Kazu in the afternoon. Haru smiled in his sleep, dreaming of backflips and arms in a perfect high V. It was nice to have something to look forward to.

However, it seemed that sleeping in was out of the question this Saturday.

Harsh sunlight warmed Haru’s face, making him whine and throw an arm over his face to defend his eyes. Who had opened his curtains? What monster was denying him the right to sleep on his only free day?

“Happy birthday, Haruki!”

Oh no. Unease settled in the pit of Haru’s gut as he sat up, rubbing his eyes. When he finally looked up, three smiling faces met him. His dad was holding two tickets. His sister had a shirt in her hands. His mom’s hands held a camera. Haru’s chin trembled; why did it have to be today? He didn’t want to do this today. Couldn’t they have just skipped his birthday this year? And every year after?

“Oh, come on, Haru, don’t be a crybaby! It’s your twentieth birthday!” Haruko exclaimed.

“I’m not a crybaby.” Haru mumbled.

“Then let’s go! The match starts at nine!” Mr. Bando boomed.

Strong hands grabbed him and pulled him out of bed. In the blink of an eye, Haru was shoved into the bathroom to shower. A moment later the door opened again and clothes were tossed at him. Haru frowned. So much for a peaceful Saturday


“Alright! Are you ready to see some great judo?” Mr. Bando asked.

No answer came. He looked to Haru, who was hunched over, face painfully red. Mr. Bando laughed; Haruko had definitely picked a very attention seeking shirt for her brother. The thing was bright yellow with ‘BIRTHDAY BOY’ written across the front in black block letters. He would have been a bit embarrassed too.

“Son, it’s just a shirt. You’ll be okay. Man up!” Mr. Bando said, slapping Haru on the back.

Haru winced at the contact, straightening up reflexively. This was a nightmare - he could feel the stares. People were judging him. They were laughing at him. He was so goddamn uncomfortable and his dad didn’t seem to care.

Finally, the duo arrived at the dojo where the competition was being held. Relief rushed through Haru; he could just sit up in the stands where no one could see him. Though, he was fairly certain his dumb shirt could be seen from space. Mr. Bando suddenly grabbed Haru’s wrist and began dragging him towards something.

“You wanna meet the competitors?” Mr. Bando asked.

It wasn’t really a question.

Haru was dragged towards the locker room against his will and ushered inside. He nearly puked at the smell. The Bando dojo was nothing compared to this; it smelled like full on body odor in the locker room.

“Bando-sensei! You made it!” A man exclaimed, rushing over to shake Mr. Bando’s hand.

“I wouldn’t miss your first pro competition! You were one of my best students, Arata.” Mr. Bando said.

“And is this Haruki? Man, you’re still tiny, birthday boy!”

Haru tensed, his face flush. “Hello, Arata-san.”

“Still shy, too. Don’t worry; you meet a pretty girl and all that goes out the window! You’ve still got hope!”

Haru began to quake with anxiety. He hated it when people said things like that. It only reminded him of all the ways he wasn’t as he was supposed to be. He wasn’t loud enough, strong enough, or straight enough. He wasn’t even good enough to actually spend his birthday with his dad. All Mr. Bando had wanted was to come see Arata. Mrs. Bando had probably told him to take Haru as a birthday present.

“Well, should we give Haruki an old fashioned judo birthday present?” Arata said with a smirk.

“Haru would love that! Give it to him good, boys!” Mr. Bando laughed.

Suddenly, Haru was hoisted up by two other competitors. He kicked and struggled as he was carried away. What the hell was going on? The two guys holding him carried him to the center of the arena before tossing him on the mat. Haru groaned.

Without a minute to recover, Haru was pulled to his feet by Arata and promptly flipped over, his back hitting the mat again. And again. And again. Each competitor took a turn flipping him. By the end, Haru felt sick, dizzy and aching from impact. He could hear his dad laughing with the other guys.

“Happy birthday, Haruki!” The competitors shouted.

Haru resisted the urge to cry. This didn’t feel very happy.


The judo match, as Mr. Bando so kindly left out, lasted until seven in the evening. Haru was bored out of his mind most of the day, watching match after match with the same moves. He was humiliated publicly by one of the judo teams, which made the whole event harder to stomach. Worst of all, Haru had missed practice with Kazu. Nothing sounded better right now than doing a few backhand springs or round offs.

The walk home was surprisingly silent. Mr. Bando didn’t say a word about the tournament and Haru was tight lipped, his eyes glued to the ground. Deep down, Haru knew his dad had been trying. He had wanted to give Haru when he thought was a nice day. However, it had been quite possibly the worst birthday Haru had ever had. It had been nothing but pain, embarrassment, and nervousness.

“Dad, I think I’ll just go to bed. Thank you for today.” Haru said politely.

“Nonsense! Come with me to the dojo.” Mr. Bando said.

Before Haru could protest, Mr. Bando began guiding him towards the dojo’s doors. Haru sighed. He wasn’t getting out of this one. He followed his dad inside and awkwardly stood with a hand graping his arm. The lights flickered on.

That’s when the day went from bad to worse.


The yelling made Haru jump out of his skin, stumbling backwards and falling flat on his ass. The must have been at least a hundred people surrounding him; his family, dojo members, friends from the cheerleading team. In the middle of it all was a shock of blue hair. Kazu.

Kazu ran over and stuck out a hand to help Haru up. The brunette couldn’t make eye contact as he accepted the aid. If he did, he would cry. He would sob and whimper and scream about everything that had happened. Kazu just smiled and dusted Haru off.

“Happy birthday, Haru.” Kazu said quietly.

“Th-Thanks.” Haru stammered.


The party went on forever. There was music and dancing and food, but Haru couldn’t bring himself to participate. He was miserable.

The entire day, no one had cared about what Haru had wanted. His own family hadn’t even asked. It was the same every year; Haru had to endure something he didn’t enjoy because he didn’t know how to say he hated it. Then he would see his family so happy and he didn’t care about what he was feeling anymore. He just wanted them to be happy.

However, the party was too much. The noise and the closeness and the attention ate away at Haru until he had to excuse himself. He fled to the roof and laid out on one of the mats to watch the night sky in peace.

“I thought you’d be up here.” Kazu said, coming to sit by Haru.

“It’s quieter.” Haru said.

“That it is. The sky is super clear tonight; was that your birthday wish?”

Haru shook his head. “I should wished for that instead.”

“Instead of what?”

“Instead of wishing that everyone would just forget my birthday this year.”

Kazu stared at the sky for a moment. He knew Haru hated his birthday, but to waste a wish on it being forgotten? That seemed so depressing. Gently, Kazu placed a hand over Haru’s ingnoring the brunette’s startled noise. With his free hand, Kazu pointed at a sparkle against the black night.

“Look, it’s the first star. You can still make a better wish.” Kazu said.

Kazu chuckled as Haru squeezed his eyes shut. When they opened, they seemed less sad than before. Kazu pondered for a moment if he should do something to make those brown eyes look truly happy. After heavy consideration, Kazu bent down and pressed a swift kiss to Haru’s lips. Both boys blushed.

“I’m sorry, Haru. I’ve just wanted to do that for awhile.” Kazu said.

“Don’t apologize for making my wish come true, Kazu.” Haru said, his voice shaking.

Kazu smiled. “Okay. I won’t. I’ll make it come true again.”

Kazu leaned in for a better kiss, smiling as Haru’s hands came up to cup his face. Haru grinned.

Maybe birthdays weren’t all bad.

Monsta x when you wont wake up in the morning
  • Shownu~
  • He wakes up to you curled up to his side under his arm. He smiles at how peaceful you looked. He knew you had to be up soon though so he nudged your shoulder a bit. "Hey, babe you gotta get up" he said softly only to get a grumble in response. He sighed and remembered how late you two were up last night working out. Trying again he sits up making you grab for the blanket to cuddle with "c'mon time to get up" he picked you up bridle style in his arms. You whined and wrapped your arms around his neck and bearing your face into it.
  • "I don't wanna" you say into his neck. He chuckled at you and began to walk to the kitchen. Setting you down on the counter he began cooking breakfast. Letting you wake up before you ate and got ready for the day.
  • Hyungwon~
  • Hyungwon was woken by your alarm going off from the bedside table. He couldn't ignore it any longer and looked over to you who seemed to be sleeping perfectly fine. "What? How is she not waking up by this?" Whispering to himself he sighed "ya! Y/n, wake up. Your alarm is going off!" He yelled at you making you wake up and look over at a tired and irritated seeming Hyungwon.
  • You got up and grabbed your phone turning the alarm off. "Shit why do i have to be to work so early" you whined laying back down.
  • "Oh no get up!" Hyungwon yelled and pulled up to sit up with him "go to work."
  • "But babe I can sleep a bit more" you gave him your puppy dog eyes
  • "I don't wanna hear that alarm again so your getting up." He looked at you with tired eyes.
  • You sighed "fine. But only because your sleepy face is so cute" you giggles and out of bed to get ready. Hyungwon. Falling back to sleep the minute you left.
  • Wonho~
  • three hours. that's about as much sleep as you got last night. wonho and you were up all night watching movies on Netflix. so when your alarm went off waking you up, you weren't really feeling it. so you ignored your alarm letting it ring and ring and ring, that was until wonho was woken up. sighing loud enough to wake up your entire apartment building he grabbed your phone turning the alarm off. "ya! your phone is going off, don't ignore it!"
  • you looked at your boyfriend with half lidded eyes. "but im so tired, i didn't sleep enough" you whined moving closer to him and closing your eyes. "just a few more minutes?"
  • wonho looked at how tired you were and gave up. laying back down and wrapping you in his arms. "fine. only for a little bit, then you are getting up."
  • you sighed in contentment and fell back asleep
  • Minhyuk~
  • Minhyuk woke up bright and early for the date you two had to day at the aquarium. he looked down at your sleeping face and almost dint want to wake you up but he wanted to go to the aquarium more, so he tried to wake you up gently by nudging you a bit "babe, time to get up~" he cooed but to avail, you wouldn't budge. frowning he got out of bed and left the room. when he came back he had a cold can of pop and an evil smile on his face he began to walk towards you "y/n if you don't get up ill have too make you!" he yelled before pressing the can to your neck.
  • "Minhyuk!" you sat up moving his bad and the cold can away."okay fine, I'm up I'm up!" you got out of bed rubbing your tired eye.
  • "my baby is so cute." Minhyuk giggles and kisses your forehead. "now get ready" he said walking out of the room and into the bathroom, leaving you there to fully wake up.
  • Kihyun~
  • "babe, wake up I'm lonely." Kihyun said from the door frame trying to get your attention at about 8 in the morning but you didn't seem like you were going to come to life anytime soon on your own so he decided to try and wake you up. but only got a grumble in response from. " y/n come watch tv with me on the couch, we can have a lazy day." He trying even harder but it still didn't seem to work.
  • an idea popped into his head. He walked over to your side of the bed and picked you in his arms with your blanket still wrapped around your body. my whines and wiggles a around but gave up when you felt him walking. "Kihyun what are you doing?"
  • he chuckled and set you on the couch and sat down next to you. "if you wont wake up at least come sleep out here with me"
  • "fine" you curled up into his side laying your head onto his shoulder for comfort as he put his arm around your shoulder. you closed your eyes and fell back asleep in his arms.
  • Jooheon~
  • You had fallen asleep a few hours ago while playing a game with him, but Jooheon was so bored playing alone that he just wanted you to wake to play with him, so he got up and sat next to you on the bed. "babe, hey babe" he shook you lightly "wake up and come play with me, I'm bored." but you just swatted his hand away in a tired haze mumbling something no person could understand. Jooheon frowned down at you. "baaaabe" He shook you even more making your eyes shoot open.
  • "Jooheeooonn" you mumbled
  • "y/n" he whined back. " pleaaasee?" he talked in his cute aegyo voice.
  • you looked up at him and sighed sitting up. "fine, but we are taking a nap later" he nodded with a big smile. Jumping off the bed he got the other controller ready for you.
  • Changkyun~
  • Changkyun woke up to both of your alarms going off. he turned his off and noticed how you weren't getting up so he turned yours off for you. looking over at you he saw that it didn't even faze you. He decided to wake you up gently by kissing your cheek "hey we have to get up." you opened your eyes and looked at him not saying anything "babe?"
  • you closed your eyes "cant we just stay in bed?"
  • "no" he chuckled "now come on, get up" he pulled the blankets off of you leaving you freezing.
  • "its cold!" you sat up and looked at your boyfriend with a frown. "Changkyun, give me the blanket back."
  • "hhhhmm nope, now lets go we both have stuff to do" he got up and leaving the room with the blanket.
  • "okay okay" you got up and followed after.
  • ~~so im a new blog :) so any requests would help~~
  • -lawli

wanderlustwinterland  asked:

♥ Sam + Simon// ♥ Older!Roseline + Aster// ♥ Erida + Cyprus(she denies it, but she loves the little asshole~) ♥ Lucas + Dakota ;3


Simon blushes and thumps his foot as he leans to peck Sam’s head.

Aster simply leans against her, sort of whining since he’s in heat (again with her). Nuzzling his face into her hair a little, pouting slightly. Very much not having a great day but at least he’s ignoring himself (which is technically bad for him) to be affectionate to her.

Cyprus chuckles and hugs her close, even if she were to protest he nuzzles her a little.

Dakota flushes, and fidgets with his hands. Trying to avoid eye contact as he bites his lip nervously, so very not used to any of this.


Rain patters down outside. Lance is smiling. He’s grinning, and he’s pressing kisses to Keith’s face. Keith laughs, whining a “sttooop” through his laughter, wrapping his arms around lance. “It’s raining” Lance announced, for the 5th, maybe 6th time, and Keith sighed. “You really missed the rain didn’t you?” Lance mellowed down. “Yeah..” He said, leaning on Keith’s shoulder. The rain was loud on the tin roof of the shack. But they were dry underneath, watching the rain come down. “Lance? Lance? Paging the blue paladin” Keith asked, after a minute of lance just silently staring. “What?” Lance asked, being welcomed back into reality. He leaned forward and kissed the boy, smiling against his lips. “The rain makes me happy” lance said, shifting his position so he was laying with his head on Keith’s lap. “You make me happy” Keith said softly, smiling down at lance, who had his eyes closed.

dude like forreal. i’m really so sO happy that sungjong changed his hair color (like im literally…. wtf. he looks good in anything im crying) but i just feel like he’s going to be even more whitewashed like there’s legit this one photo from when his hair was red (does anyone remember that glorious era. his red hair era. amazing, i put one of the airport photos with him in that hair and a perfect outfit as my lockscreen FOR MONTHS it was insane bc he looked so good but that’s not the point) the point is there was one photo where i distinctly remember he had red hair okay, and the photo was so badly whitewashed, i almost cried when i saw it like legit. it looked so bad and i was like dude…. and he was SMILING AND HE LOOKED SO CUTE BUT THE WHOLE EDITING THING WAS SO BADLY DONE MY SOUL ALMOST LEFT MY BODY. and now that he has blond hair i feel like they’re going to whitewash him so… so badly and im just like .-.

Trenchcoats and Bumblebees

Title: Trenchcoats and Bumblebees

Author: crazy-walls

Word Count: 1766

Warnings: None

Author’s note: A very dear friend of mine showed me a bumblebee toy she bought as a present and I couldn’t help but write a fic about Baby Cas getting said toy. Thanks for the inspiration, Kelly ♥

Summary: A witch’s curse turns Cas into a nine month old baby and almost drives Sam and Dean to desperation. Eventually they decide to get him a toy in hopes to get him busy until they can figure out a cure.


Dean growled and buried his face in the pillow but the whining that had just woken him only grew louder. “Dee!”

“Sam, ‘s your turn,” he grumbled into the fabric before pulling the blanket over his head.

“He’s calling for you, not me.” Sam sounded just as exhausted as Dean.

“Don’t care. Your turn.”

Rustling, the squeaking of a mattress, then Dean heard footsteps and Sam’s quiet talking. When the whimpering still didn’t stop, Dean peeked at his brother from under the covers and caught a glimpse of big, blue eyes immediately catching his. “Deeee!” The baby in Sam’s arms started struggling against the Winchester’s hold.

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THANK YOU for the dirty talking daddy kink !!! could I get some begging for the road? preferably with some length again? if you don't mind babe! - 🏅

youre wlcome baby! josh hates begging because he gets so embarassed about it, “daddy please dont make me beg… ive been a good boy for you.. i dont gotta beg right..?” and tyler laughs, “whores gotta beg no matter how good they behave. and youre far from good. i caught you touchin yourself yesterday and the day before without my permission. and you know thats daddys biggest rule so dont give me that ‘im a good boy’ bullshit” and josh huffs, looking away with a red face and whining, mumbling pleads under his breath. tyler jerks his hair, “i cant hear you, slut. speak up. you know i hate when you mumble” josh looks up at him as he whimpers “im sorry daddy ill be good from now on please touch me im so close to cumming it hurts so bad! i promise ill be good, please!!” hes giving all his might into begging that hes lost all his breath and he hangs from the chains, panting as he looks up at tyler, making him smirk, “now thats a good boy.” and josh turns all read as he cums

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K but patrick getting fucked by a fem and hes whining and moaning high and loud everytime she thrusts into him and shes fucking him so hard and poor lil tricky can't keep up and hes whining for his mommy to 'slow down mommy!!' and she just presses his face into the mattress and fucks him even faster and trick is nothing but loud moans and he starts shaking and he mumbles that he's gonna come and when he does she gives him spankings for not having more stamina💕

fuckin fem doms are my shit dude ty anon


Genji had more or less ‘ninja’d his way into Reaper’s quarters, wasting no time giving a soft grumble. The poor man was still tired from the previous days mission and all he wished was proper time with his partner. 

When he had found him sitting on his bed, Genji promptly hopped onto the bed and burying his unmasked face into his lap. 


He whined as his arms looped around Reaper’s waist.

Who’s Better?

Summary: Your little brother has a baseball game and there you meet his friends older brother (same age as you). You two get into a little argument about whose better. The next day he goes to drop off his brother at your house and something happens between you two.

Y/N= Your Name, Y/B/N= Your Brothers Name, H/N= His Name, H/B/N= His Brothers Name, H/M/N= His Moms Name

“Wooh! Go Y/B/N!” you and your mom cheered as your little brother swung the bat and hit the ball. He was the best on the team, well, him and his friend H/B/N. The two of you went down to congratulate him when the game was over, they had won.

“You were so good sweetie!” your mom said pulling him into a tight hug and giving him kisses all over his face.

“Mom.” your brother whined. “Your embarrassing me.” he said as she finally stopped.

“You were awesome bud!” you congratulated him while ruffling his hair.

“I’m gonna go chat with H/M/N okay? Then we’ll go for ice cream.” said your mom walking back towards the stands.

“Come on Y/N I want you to meet my friend H/B/N.” said your little brother, but before you could answer he was already pulling you. Your brother had made a new friend when he joined the team a month ago, but you had never met him.

“This is my sister I was telling you about H/B/N.” he said as the both of you stopped in front of a boy about your brothers age and a boy about your age. He had messy brown hair and a gorgeous pair of blue eyes. Wow you thought.

Why didn’t H/B/N mention anything about a cute older sister?

“This is my friend H/B/N.” he introduced him to you.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” you introduced yourself to the two of them.

“I’m H/N.” the older brother said.

“Come on lets go play!” your brother said to his friend and they were of running to the middle of the field. Great, now I’m alone with a cute guy. What do i do?

What do i say?

“Um, so Y/B/N is really good.” he said.

“Yeah, well he loves baseball. H/B/N is really good too.”

“Yeah he is really good.” he said in a bragging voice.

“What?” you asked defensively.


“Well you said ‘Yeah he is really good’ in a bragging voice.” He laughed at your imitation of his voice.

“Well he is really good, he’s the best on the team.” he argued in defense.

“My brother is also the best on the team.” you argued raising your voice just a little.

“Yeah, he’s also the best on the team, but H/B/N is just a little better.”

“I can’t believe you. Y/B/N! Come on we gotta go.” you said as you got your brother and left. I can’t believe the nerve that guy’s got! He’s so arrogant- but those eyes- no, what am i thinking?

What’s wrong with her?! Well obviously not her gorgeous brown hair or- what am i thinking?

                                                Time Skip- 2 Days Later

Your POV

Ding dong I heard the doorbell ring. I went downstairs to answer the door, I wasn’t expecting anyone and mom wasn’t home. When i opened it i couldn’t believe who it was, H/N.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked stubbornly.

Language, I got a kid here with me.” he said as his brother walked out from behind him.

“Is that H/B/N?” you heard your brothers voice from behind you. “Come on H/B/N, I just got a new video game.” he said and the two of them went up to his room. You were just about to close the door when H/N stopped you.

“What are you doing?”

“Look, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry.” he said and I could see that he truly was sorry in his eyes.

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” I smirked which earned me a smile from him.

“I’m sorry for being an idiot.”

And?” I teased.

“For being a jerk.”

And?” I teased even more which made me smile making him laugh.

So, she’s got a sense of humor?

“I know you’re just here to drop off your brother, but do you wanna come in?” I asked.

“Sure.” he replied and we both went up to my room. We talked and laughed on my bed for about an hour, watching a movie. He’s funny and cute and nice what isn’t he?

God, she is driving me crazy. The way she smiles and her laugh and the way she tucks that lose strand of hair behind her ear.

I felt his eyes on me every now and then through out the movie. “You know, I know you’re staring at me.” I said smiling and looking at him.

“I’m sorry.” he apologized with a nervous smile.

“Sorry for w-” but before i could finish his lips were on mine. I broke the kiss before saying, “Don’t be.” and I kissed him again this time kissing harder. He moved so he was on top of me, his body between my legs, never parting the kiss. One of his hands was supporting himself on the bed and the other was gripping my hip while my hands were running through his hair. He kissed the corner of my mouth then began leaving open-mouthed kisses down my neck leaving little red marks. Every spot he touched burned and then he kissed my sweet spot making a soft moan slip out of my mouth.

I heard a knock on the door making the both of us jump up. Thank god it was locked. “Y/N!” I heard my brother call as I got up from my bed and walked over to the door to open it.

“What is it?” I asked as I opened the door just enough so the two of them couldn’t see H/N.

“H/B/N’s mom called, she said he has to go home early. Can you drive him?” he asked. I looked back into my room and looked at H/N questioningly, but my brother obviously noticed this and pushed the door open.

“What is H/N still doing here?”

“Um, you see Y/N told me she had this movie and that movie happened to be my favorite movie, so you know, I just had to watch it.” he lied and I just couldn’t help but to smile at the lie he picked.

“So, um thank you for letting me watch the movie Y/N and lets go H/B/N.” he said slipping something into my hand and then he was gone.

I looked at the slip of paper and saw that he had written his number down.

So here’s another one I hope you all enjoyed it.

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I need help like serious help lol. Like, I've never EVER in my life been into younger guys but something about Chan Lee gets me every time. I'm imagining him whining "noona, please" I'm my head with his little pouty face and puppy eyes uggghhhh. It doesn't even have to be in a sexual way, just him saying that about anything would kill me. We could be at McDonalds and he's using "noona please" on me to get him a damn ice cream cone idek but I'm hurtinggggggg

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