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So how does Vernon handle his poor catboy when that time rolls around? :o

I think Vernon at first would be like “Jack…what’s going on, my dude?” and Jack is all flustered and breathy and he’s embarrassed when he has to admit, “I’m…I’m in heat.” 

and Vernon is like “Oh…oh.” and is like, “What do you need from me?” 

Jack whines and buries his face in his hands. He super doesn’t want to admit to Vernon that what he needs is a good hard fucking. 

I’d assume that Vernon would do some research and figure it out. He’s all pink faced and embarrassed as he imagines Jack being in the situation that he read about online. He doesn’t want to really address it, but he feels like he should let Jack know that he’s there for him. 

It turns into Jack panting shirtless on Vernon’s floor and Vernon trying to make a cup of coffee and idly be like, “If you…um whatever you need, it’s okay? Okay? I can…if you need me, dude. I’m, ah, I’m here for you?” 

Jack smiles all shakily, like, “T-Thanks, man.” 

And then Vernon thinks it’s settled since nothing happens, but Jack is still clearly in need. Then he wakes up at three am to Jack crawling in his bed and being like “V-Vernon, remember what you said? About helping me if I need it?” 

And Vernon feels Jack’s body rutting against him and he’s like “Oh.” 

Then the sex happens~ 

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Daaaaaw, you're so cute. You're turned on by Tord's voice. That's adorable. Does Tord know?

Tom: *whines and buries his face in his hands* Hush…! And I don’t know…

Secret Santa Gift EXCHANGE!

This is my secret santa gift for @pozolegirl 

I was so excited when I got my assignment and it was for someone whose work I already knew and admired! I hope you like your gift!! 

“So you were right.”

“Was I now?”

“Yes. Ladybug agreed that buying expensive jewelry for a girl you are not dating does, in fact, send mixed signals.” Chat sighed as he dropped down through the skylight and sprawled out against the bedding.

“I told you.” Marinette grinned smugly, not even bothering to look up at him from her desk.

“I can’t believe that you two are ganging up on me!” Chat whined, burying his face into her giant cat pillow.

“I can’t believe you talk about me to Ladybug.” Marinette laughed, her attention already back to whatever project she was currently working on.

“well, she doesn’t like it if I talk too much about my civilian life and you are my only other friend as Chat Noir.”

“I know but… never mind.” She shook her head softly, muttering something under her breath.

“So what sort of present do you want me to get you for Christmas?” Chat asked peering over the loft railing. She froze, her eyebrows furrowing. He grinned in anticipation.

“You already got me a present remember? The absurdly expensive piece of jewelry?” She finally looked up at him with an eyebrow raised challengingly.

“Yeah but you hated it.” He smirked.

“I did not hate it! I just thought a 295 Euro necklace was a little much for a just friends present.”

“Yes you made your feelings on that perfectly clear last time. The point is I need to get you a present that you actually appreciate getting.”

“I do appreciate it! I am literally wearing it right now!”

“That’s just cause you feel guilty. I will get you the perfect present. Just watch.”

Marinette groaned, pulling distractedly on her pigtails.

“Chat you are being ridiculous. You don’t need to get me another present.”

“What do you want?” he asked, grinning wider.

“I want you to not get me another present.”

“Try again. What do you want?”

“I’m not telling you,” she huffed.

“Fine. I have other ways of figuring things out. Just you wait Princess, I will get you the perfect Christmas present.” He stood up, giving her a jaunty salute as he pulled himself back up through the skylight.

“Chat!” She called after him.

He waited silently on her terrace, holding back the bubble of laughter in his chest. He could hear her shuffling around in the room, waiting to see if he would poke his head back in or if he had actually gone.

“Stupid cat,” she muttered finally.

Only then did he disappear into the night.

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Remus Lupin walks into the Hogwarts library carrying a pile of books. To his surprise, Sirius is sat at one of the tables, also with a pile of books.

Remus: And what are you doing here?

Sirius: What does it look like I’m doing?

Sirius: Of course I do. I just followed the sound of wailing despair…

Remus studies him for a long moment.

Remus: James destroyed the dorm.

Remus continues to watch him. Suddenly, realisation crosses his face.

Remus grins triumphantly.

Sirius whines. Remus laughs.

Sirius scrambles up from his seat, following Remus.


Remus played by @lupinaesthetic

Roles Reversed... ~Smutty September~

Prompt: Could you maybe reverse that last smut you wrote and make Joker a girl’s sex slave? I can’t seem to find something like that! -sincerely a domme who’s a little too into Mr J xD

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Word count:  957

Warnings: Sub!Joker, oral sex.

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Never Sleeping Again: Part 1

*A TRC AU (Also on AO3)

Ronan Lynch was in a terrible mood. The hot summer sun was burning his fair skin, leaving his nose, cheekbones, neck, and shoulders tender and pink. And he was sweating, his standard black muscle tee clinging to his torso as he followed Matthew through the crowds at the Saturday farmer’s market. The vendors all knew Matthew by name and they called out to him, asking him to try samples of jam, fudge, and baked goods. They did not call out to Ronan, which suited him just fine. He was only here at Matthew’s request. He had been woken up at an ungodly hour to find Matthew perched on the end of his bed, begging him to go to the market.

“Why don’t you ask Declan?” Ronan grumbled as he pulled his pillow over his face.

Ronan,” Matthew whined, “you have to come!”

“No,” Ronan said.

“But there’s um, something special there. Something you’ll like.”

This was enough to get Ronan to toss his pillow on the floor and give Matthew an appraising look.

“Something I’d like, huh? I really can’t imagine what that would be,” Ronan said. Matthew had a playful but shifty look on his face, like he was trying to not give away the punch line to a good joke. “Okay, fine, whatever,” Ronan growled as he got out of bed and pulled on some clothes. “Just don’t make waking me up this early a regular thing.”

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Louis outside the James Arthur concert in London, 3/21.

SEDUCTIVE | Vampire! Au | Jungkook X Reader | SMUT | 14

Mature content ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thanks for reading this

Originally posted by rapmonsexpensivegirl

The grip of Jungkook’s arm was almost painful on yours as he dragged you up the stairs. You struggled against him, not willing to follow.
‘Baby, come on,’ he whined, his voice straining. He turned around to face you, his eyes filled with worry and fear.
You shook your head at him. 'I’m not going to hide again,’ you informed him sternly.
His eyes flitted from your face to the door, time ticking away. 'Please, (Y/N), you don’t know what it’s like when Jimin loses his temper,’ he begged.
Again, you simply shook your head, pushing your fear aside. 'If we don’t confront him now,’ you explained, 'this is going to just keep happening. I don’t want to go around and around in circles again and again. You may have that much time, but I don’t - not yet, anyway. I’m not going to let Jimin ruin anything for me, not one thing.’
Pondering your words, Jungkook was silent. You could see how he was arguing with himself internally, but after a few moments of deliberation, Jungkook answered you. 'You’re right I suppose,’ he sighed, looking down at you.
He led you back down the stairs, stopping at the bottom. 'You’re to stay behind me, you understand?’ he questioned, and you nodded submissively, feeling guilty seeing as you knew that promise would most likely be broken.
Jungkook quickly walked over to the front door, unlocked it, and then walked back to you. He wrapped his arms around you, and pulled you to his chest. 'I love you,’ he murmured into your hair, 'more than anything.’
Pulling your head back to look at him, he had tears glistening in his eyes. So this really was a serious matter. It seemed as if Jimin was not going to play around.
'I love you, too,’ you told him, pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose. Jungkook lowered his head to yours to kiss you, but then the pair of you heard a car pull into the courtyard.
Jungkook shoved you behind him, shielding you with his body as much as he possibly could. Footsteps echoed off the marble entrance steps, and it was clear who the visitor was.
The enormous mahogany entrance door swung open, and there, basked in the moonlight, stood Park Jimin. His icy blue eyes reflect the starlight from above, his pale blonde hair almost shone in the twilight. He looked ethereal, he looked breath-taking: but you knew he was truly a mere siren.
'Hello, Jungkook-ah. Nice to see you again, (Y/N).’
'My pleasure,’ you replied through gritted teeth, indicating it was anything but.
Jimin’s eyes flitted between you and Jungkook, lingering on the way that Jungkook shielded your body with his. A smirk remained on Jimin’s face, but anger was clearly displayed in his eyes.
'What do you want, Jimin?’ Jungkook asked, his body tense.
Jimin frowned. 'What, are you not calling me, 'hyung,’ anymore? Do you not respect me anymore?’
Jungkook didn’t answer.
As Jimin’s expression transitioned into a frown, you could see his anger bubbling and boiling, rising up within him, threatening to spill over the edge. He took a step towards the two of you, his eyes on you, not Jungkook. His glare was terrifying.
Seeing Jimin approach, a low growl reverberated deep in Jungkook’s throat. His arm pushed you back further behind him, protecting you. Jimin saw the action clearly, and his preservation instinct cautioned him to not move any closer, lest Jungkook rip him to pieces.
'Why, (Y/N),’ Jimin addressed you, his words polite, his voice strained, 'What on earth are you doing with Jungkook? You remember what happens after your thirty days are up, don’t you?’
Terror consumed you at the thought of what this man could do to you, how he could crush your bones easier than lifting a finger, but you managed to conceal your fear. 'I’m well aware of what awaits me,’ you replied.
Something seemed to snap inside Jimin, and he lost hold of his civilised façade. 'Then what are you doing here, you stupid bitch?’
Before you could reply, Jungkook snarled at Jimin, practically shaking with rage. 'Don’t you dare speak to her like that,’ Jungkook growled. His fury seemed to dim as he asked, 'Why are you doing this, Jimin? Why can’t you be happy for me?’
Jimin laughed, but it was a cold, cruel sound, void of any emotion, save for anger and jealousy. 'Why can’t I be happy for you?’ Jimin yelled, gesticulating animatedly, 'Why can’t I be happy for you? I can’t be happy for you because that bitch ,’ he paused pointing at you, 'stole my place.’
Jungkook tensed up with rage at the profanity shot your way, but he did not move from in front of you. 'Your spot? What the hell are you talking about?’ he yelled back at Jimin.
'By your side!’ Jimin practically screamed. 'I have loved you from the moment I met you! Since the damn moment that I pulled you from the wreck of that fucking car crash, that night in December. Since I persuaded Namjoon to change you, to let you join the Clan, so I could be with you!
Don’t you get it?  That should be me by your side! Not her!’
Jungkook froze at Jimin’s enraged confession, and when he spoke, his voice was soft. 'Jimin, I- I never knew you felt that way.
If I had known that you felt that way about me…’ he paused, and you held your breath, fearful of what he was about to say.
'Then I would have pushed you away,’ he finished, 'because you have a cold, selfish heart. You can see how much I love (Y/N), you can see I adore her. Yet you still try to ruin my happiness, so that you can get what you want.
Well, you know what, Jimin?
Fuck you.’
Jimin did not move. He did not blink.
And then he spoke.
'Jeon Jungkook,’ he said, his voice frighteningly calm, 'If I can’t have you, then neither can she.
I hereby challenge you to the Rite.’
Jungkook’s eyes widened, and he shook his head frantically. 'No way, please don’t do this.’
Jimin smiled cruelly at Jungkook, and laughed, 'No point in begging, Jungkook-ah. You know the rules. When a vampire challenges a member of their Clan to a Rite, they cannot refuse.’
You were utterly confuddled by the ongoing discourse between the two, so you spoke up. 'The Rite?’ you questioned, your voice shaking.
Without turning to face you, Jungkook explained. 'The Rite is a fight, an ancient tradition,’ Jungkook elaborated, 'between one vampire and another. When a challenge is made, the other cannot back down.
The pair engage in physical combat until the other can no longer continue. Before the Rite, each individual sets their prize, should they win.’
Still, you didn’t understand. Prize?
Jungkook’s eyes bore into Jimin’s with a coldness you had never witnessed. 'If I win, you leave our lives,’ Jungkook told Jimin. 'Permanently.’
Jimin smirked and nodded, seeming to be confident that he would win. 'And if I win, Jungkook…
I get to kill (Y/N).
Your jaw dropped. You knew Jimin was crazy, but most certainly not to this extent.
Jungkook shook with rage, his entire body shivering with fury. But, as he had explained, he was not allowed to back down.
So it was decided.
'We need a Clan member to oversee the fight, so I’ll message Taehyung,’ Jimin said with a malicious grin.
He then pointed to the large French doors down the hall, which lead to the manor grounds, into which you had never ventured. He stared at Jungkook, his gaze unforgiving.
'You. Me. Gardens. Midnight.’
Jungkook’s hand found yours, his fingers lacing between yours.
He nodded.
And so fate was sealed.

Manners (Chris Evans x Reader)

gif credit

Summary: Chris just wants some attention. Though, he’s definitely not getting it without asking properly. Even if he is your husband. 

Word Count: 673

Warning(s): starts to get a little smutty… oops

A/N: i’m really sorry that these keep getting shorter?? for some reason i can’t seem to focus on anything much longer than this right now. hope this is still okay!!

Prompt: Hi can I have number 1, 92 with Chris Evans and they’re dating or maybe husband/wife thankyiy -castellandiangelo




“That’s starting to get annoying,” You mumbled under your breath, once again pushing your husband’s hand off of your sweater sleeve.

Chris whined, arms circling your waist, beard tickling you as he nuzzled his face against your skin. “Pay attention to me.”

“Shit,” You huffed as your character in the video game you were playing missed a jump, resulting in his death. Finally giving him some attention, you paused the game and set the controller down in his lap, reaching your fingers into his hair. “You made me die, you doof.”

You could feel the warmth of his breath as he chuckled, feel the little spark of electricity as his lips pressed to your neck. Although, really, you just wanted to finish this chapter of Uncharted 4. Though he was making that very difficult.

“Good,” He whispered, and you could hear the smugness in his voice, knowing that he was well aware of how much he was tickling you. “Pay attention to me.”

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cuddling w/ haechan

him whining when you try to push him away from you,

his face turning bright red though when you snuggle into his chest,

messing with your hair and laughing at your face when you get mad at him,

hiding his face in your hair when you hit his arm,

donghyuck suddenly humming to a random song as he starts serenade you,

laughing at his weirdness,

telling him to stop because you’re genuinely tired and just want to sleep,

pulling you closer to him again,

stroking your hair as he softly sings you to sleep,

smiling down at you when you’ve finally fallen asleep,

the room turning quiet as the both of you drift off to sleep.

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@isenfyre it’s part 2!

“Victor,” Yuuri whined, “get off already…”

“I don’t wanna,” Victor retorted, his face buried in Yuuri’s hair.

“Victor, I feel sticky and gross. I reek of vodka… and sake… Eurgh. I need a bath.” Yuuri wrinkled his nose. “Actually we both do.”

Victor huffed and swung his leg over Yuuri, effectively pinning him down on the bed. It was getting harder and harder to stay patient but Victor was still being excessively generous with his cuddles and kept nuzzling against Yuuri’s neck.

“Five more minutes,” Victor begged. “I need five more minutes like this.”

Yuuri couldn’t help the surge of fondness he felt as he raised a hand to ruffle Victor’s hair. “You’re really something else, huh, Vitya?”

Victor lazily swatted Yuuri’s hand off. “Not the hair,” he muttered.

Yuuri laughed. “Okay, okay,” he said, patting Victor on the cheek. “Five minutes. But let me sit up.”

“Mm, okay.”

He raised himself up using both his elbows and settled back against the headboard. The book he’d been reading recently caught his eye and he reached out to pick up both the book and his glasses from the table on his side of the bed. Victor hooked his arms around Yuuri’s waist and snuggled up against him as he opened the book to continue where he’d left off.

The soft morning light coming in from the windows fell across the pages and bits of dust floating in the air glittered in his peripheral vision. Beside him, Victor was snoring quietly, fast asleep yet again. He lowered the book to his lap and watched Victor sleep.

He’d never gotten enough of this, not since the day they’d first fallen asleep next to each other until now. He figured that he never would. Victor was beautiful enough when he was conscious, but when he was asleep, he looked like a fairy—a kind of breathtaking, ethereal beauty that nothing could match. Yuuri fingered his soft, silvery grey hair and ran a knuckle down his cheekbone to his lips.

He was so soft and warm and real.

Every day, every morning, Yuuri was getting more and more used to the idea that he and Victor were married, but every time he took a moment like this, every time he stopped to stare and really just… look… He kept wondering how exactly he could be so lucky.

It was incredible. Victor would’ve said he was dumb for even asking how. He would’ve sulked and stayed mad for at least half a day. They hardly ever fought, but Yuuri knew, because it didn’t matter. At the end of the day, Victor would still climb into bed with him and before they switched off the lamps and night lights, they would hug and kiss all the resentment and guilt away.

“I love you,” Yuuri said softly as he thumbed Victor’s cheek.

“Me too,” Victor cracked an eye open with a sleepy smile. “I love you lots.”

Yuuri rolled his eyes, suppressing a smile. “Five minutes ended five minutes ago,” he said. “We have practice in fifteen minutes, coach.”

Victor grunted in annoyance, burying his face in Yuuri’s stomach. “Practice is cancelled. I can’t walk.”

“Oh…” Yuuri couldn’t stop his smile this time. “I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yeah, I’m not.”

Victor looked up at him, lips pursed and cheeks red. “Sly thing, aren’t you?”

“I do my best,” Yuuri said, craning his neck to catch Victor’s lips in their first—and certainly not last—kiss of the day.

Mooncalves and nifflers

Originally posted by hardyness

Hello, Newt x reader is back! This time it’s some random morning fluff that escalates into chaos, enjoy!

”Hey, hey, hey, hey.” You laid on top of Newt’s body and poked at his nose. Repeating hey with every poke.

A small groan was heard from him and you smirked, continuing to poke him. He mumbled something and wrapped his arms around your waist. He rolled both of you over so you got stuck underneath his body.

“Neeeeewt.” You whined, wriggling around. He just snuggled his face into your neck, his hair tickling your cheek. “Neeeewt, come on get up!”

He kissed your neck and you felt your body go lax. That was a cheap trick! You pouted and huffed, closing your eyes. Newt smiled into your neck, having won five minutes of extra sleep, or so both of you thought.

Slowly but surely one of the drawers on your wardrobe pulled out and you watched as a small nose stuck up from it.

“Newt..” You said and jerked your body gently in his grip.

“What?” He mumbled and kissed your neck again. Oh that bastard…

“Your niffler is on the loose, angel.” You said and he suddenly flew out of the covers. “Oh so now you can bother with getting up?”

He didn’t reply as he ran over to the wardrobe, opening every drawer until he found the niffler, trying to pick some shiny buttons away from a pair of your pants. Newt scoffed and lifted the little creature up. He walked over to his suitcase, only to discover that it was open..

“Y/N?” Newt let out, hugging the niffler in his hands.

“What’s wrong?” You asked and sat up in the bed. You looked towards the suitcase and felt your heart stop when you saw that it was open. “Oh no…”

Newt quickly jumped into the suitcase, dressed in only a pair of pyjamas pants, no shirt. You rushed up, partly dressed as well and ran to the suitcase. You jumped down after him.

Thankfully Newt was just a little quicker than you and managed to find what was missing and put the niffler back before you were properly down the ladder. Newt came back to you, panting slightly.

“All the mooncalves are gone!” He panted and your eyes widened.

“Shit.” You mumbled and he cringed slightly at your swearing. “I bet they haven’t gotten far. Let’s go find them.”

Newt nodded and the two of you quickly climbed out of the suitcase, carefully closing it and placing a pile of books on top if it before rushing out into the house.

The two of you lived in a rather big house to accommodate all the animals if they got sick and needed space where Newt could care for them. Newt instantly rushed for the garden, figuring that they would be outside. You took off for the office and as you opened the office door you instantly found two of them. They were making those cute little noises and skipping around. You let out a breath since they weren’t hurt and hadn’t destroyed anything.

“I found them!” Newt yelled from somewhere in the house. “But two are missing!”

You could hear the adorable worry in his voice. Sometimes you wondered if he loved his creatures more than you. Not that you really minded, you know what you signed up for when starting to date Newt.

“I have the lost two!” You yelled back and clicked your tongue in that way that meant that the mooncalves. They chirped happily and followed you as you walked back into the bedroom. You removed all the books from the suitcase and opened it. Softly you lifted the mooncalves back into the suitcase and then closed it. You picked the suitcase up and walked down to the first floor.

Newts was standing in the middle of the room, surrounded with about ten mooncalves. He was gently petting them and making sure that they weren’t hurt. You cooed softly at the sight, put the suitcase on the floor and opened it. You clicked your tongue and then started to climb back down the suitcase again. When you were all the way down you helped guiding all the mooncalves back into their pen.

Soon enough they were all counted for and you climbed back up the ladder again. Newt was sat on the couch, hair messy, shirtless and panting lightly from the stress. What a pretty picture he makes… But sadly he wouldn’t be in the mood for anything right now.

“Why are you staring at me?” Newt asked and frowned over at you.

“I’m admiring art.” You said, making him blush and look away from you. You giggled and walked over to him, sitting down on the sofa and curling up with your legs in his lap.

Newt wrapped his arms around you and pressed a kiss to your forehead once his blush had gone down enough. You lifted your head from his shoulders and kissed his lips instead.

“I love you Y/N.” Newt whispered. “What would I do without you?”

Snowed In - Vernon Imagine

Originally posted by sneezes

Title: Snowed In // Holiday Collection: Christmas // Part of my 25+ Days of Seventeenmas 

Member: Vernon x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1330 

A/N: @hellslittleangel1 *pushes imagine toward you slowly then runs away* // Tis be the request from the winners // 

“Y/N!” Seungkwan yelled from his seat right next to you. After ten rounds playing an online go carting game and basically destroyed them all.

You ‘whooped’ in your seat and proceeded to stick your tongue out at the boys who were all sitting around you, watching you in jealousy.

“Who’s next?” You turn happily to them, sending a sly wink to Vernon when his friends weren’t paying attention. He, in return, stood behind you and placed a hand on your shoulder, rubbing small circles when he knew they weren’t watching either.

“Ugh, no,” Chan, the youngest member whined burying his face into a pillow, “I don’t think I can go another round against you.”

Jeonghan walked up to him and sat on the arm rest next to him, patting his back and running a hadn through his hair, “Would it make you feel better if we went to the kitchen and baked some cookies? I’m sure Mingyu will help you, right Mingyu?”

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Derek x Reader

Derek looked up at you guiltily as you looked at down at him, your arms were crossed as Derek tried to speak only to create a whine, making you giggle. You were the only person who knew about his struggle with his new wolf instincts, secretly thinking it was cute when he did something more wolf like than Derek would normally do.


“Just because you look like a wolf doesn’t mean you can behave like one.” You muttered when you saw the torn pillow by his paws.


Derek let loose a sharp bark followed by a snuffle and a sigh in response. You couldn’t help but burst into laughter as you sat on the floor next to Derek and tried to get him to look at you. When you started tickling behind his ear he whined in objection but eventually tilted his head into your hand, turning to face you and pressed his cold nose against your cheek like tiny wet kisses.

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Stars ; Doyoung

Characters: NCT U / Reader
Genre: Fluff, roadtrip, camping (do those even count idk–)
A/N: Doyoung my biass omgg ty anon for requesting NCT first~

Originally posted by taesyong

“Road trip!” Ten, Jaehyun, and Mark yelled excitedly. Taeil, who sat behind the wheel, chuckled along with Taeyong. You smiled, playing with the hands of your boyfriend. “I can’t believe Sooman-ssi let us go camping,” Taeyong mumbled, still in awe. The boys nodded in agreement.

Doyoung idly fumbled with your hands as well, not taking part in the conversation. Taeil laughed, looking at the two of you from the rearview mirror. “Okay, lovebirds, don’t keep us all up when we get there,” he mused. Both you and Doyoung jumped apart, as far as you can get in a car, faces hot. “Taeil-hyung,” Doyoung whined, covering his face in embarrassment.

Even Mark had turned red, not looking at the two of you. Groaning, you hid your face in his shoulder, making him yelp. Doyoung side-eyed the younger one, pursing his lips. As the car started, you returned to your original seat and buckled your seatbelt.

“Mark,” you chastised, “seatbelt.” Mark mocked your voice, buckling himself in. Sticking your tongue out, you went back to fidgeting with Doyoung’s hands, a habit you developed after Doyoung had asked you out. You frowned, noticing that he wasn’t doing the same with you; something he had always done.

Shaking it off as he was distracted; talking to Ten and Jaehyun, you started a conversation with Mark. “How’s Donghyuk,” you asked. Unbashedly, you had an ultimate bias who was not in fact your boyfriend. “Still a troll,” Mark mumbled, a slight pout on his lips. “You love it,” you teased, taking your hand away from Doyoung’s to poke his shoulder.

Doyoung narrowed his eyes quite obviously at Mark, who remained oblivious. He quickly took back your hand, grasping it tightly. When you looked at him with a raised brow, he merely continued his conversation. You laughed to yourself, realizing why Doyoung was acting off. How cute, you thought, resting your head on his shoulder.

Doyoung avoided eye contact with Ten and Jaehyun, cheeks red. You smiled into his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his. Slowly, you fell asleep.

“Y/N,” Doyoung mumbled, shaking your shoulder lightly. You grumbled, pushing his hand away. Laughing, he tried again, “Y/N, wake up. We’re here.” Groaning you lifted your head, glaring at the boy. “Let me sleep,” you mumbled, your words almost incoherent. Taeyong chortled, a smile gracing his features. Faking a cough into his hand, he raised his phone to take a photo.

Taeil nudged his shoulder with a raised brow. “I’m sending it to Jisung and Chenle,” he explained. “They asked for OTP photos.” 

Jaehyung stretched his arms, happily bounding out of the car. “Look, look!” He said, grabbing Ten’s sleeve. In the distance, an eagle flew across the sky. 

After much trial and error, you found yourself being carried out of the car. “This is why I told you to go to bed last night,” Doyoung laughed, shaking his head at you. You had stayed up all night the night before, too excited to sleep. “Stop judging me, you’re worse than Donghyuk and Mark,” you mumbled, jumping out of his arms.

As you stretched, you didn’t notice Taeil look away awkwardly when your shirt lifted. Doyoung did, as he narrowed his eyes at the eldest. “Let’s set up,” Taeil said, taking the tents out of the trunk.

An hour later, three tents were set up and a fire was on its way. “You know, we have lighters,” you said, watching as Doyoung and Ten struggled to light the fire. “But this way is cooler, Y/N,” Ten pointed out, as if it were common knowledge. “Sure,” you rolled your eyes. You let out a sigh, grabbing your blanket from your tent. You set off for a hill you had discovered half an hour earlier.

“Where are you going?” Doyoung asked, letting Ten struggle on his own, much to his protest. “Stargazing,” you answered simply. You glanced toward the tent, where you could hear the snores emitting from it. You waved to your boyfriend before bounding off.

You sighed again, this time in content. Spreading your blanket on the grass, you lied down You stared up at the almost dark sky. It was dark, but not dark enough for the stars to come out. Taking out your phone, you went through your playlist, choosing a song.

A smile made its way onto your face once it started playing; the soft ballad making the quiet night lively again.

You closed your eyes and let in a deep breath. You froze when you heard the rustling of leaves. You knew this was in fact a public area, but you hadn’t seen or heard anybody else since you got there and the boys didn’t know where you were.

“Why don’t you ever listen to NCT’s songs?” His voice said. You jumped, opening your eyes to glare at Doyoung. “Don’t do that,” you whispered, a hand on your heart. Doyoung laughed, sitting beside you. “I do listen to your songs,” you mumbled, closing your eyes again. “Just not in front of you.”

Doyoung pouted, laying on his side. “Why not?” You opened your eyes, turning your head to face him. “It’s embarrassing,” you mumbled, shifting so that your entire body faced him. “You’d see me fangirling/boying over you and the guys.” Doyoung smiled, interlacing your fingers. “So? It’d be cute.”

You rolled your eyes for the umpteenth time that day. “I am not cute, Doyoung, that’s you.” Doyoung flushed, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “I’m not cute.” You laughed, using your free hand to stroke his hair. It felt soft, despite being dyed.

The two of you grew quiet, the only noise being the music, “You should stay away from Mark and Donghyuk,” he mumbled into your neck. You pulled away, giving him an incredulous look. “They’re, like, five.” Doyoung snorted, “They’re actually seventeen and sixteen but–”

You rested your hand on his cheek. “I love you,” you mumbled. Doyoung turned beet red. The two of you hadn’t said ‘I love you’ to each other yet, until now. Chuckling at his expression, you repeated yourself. “I love you~.”

“Y/N,” he whined, his face hot. “I love you too, but–” You laughed, bringing him closer to yourself.

Even though you had come out to stargaze, you didn’t even glance at the sky after Doyoung came. He was just that radiant.

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Hello! If you're still doing the five sentence thing...(Dramione) "I know you still hate me Granger, but I won't give up."

“I know you still hate me, Granger, but I won’t give up.”

Pansy continued to stir her potion and glared at Draco through the light blue steam, asking, “That’s it? That’s the best you can do?”

Throwing his hands in the air, Draco spun and flopped unceremoniously onto Pansy’s bed. The room was empty, thankfully, except for the soft bubbling of the potion Pansy said was a hair conditioner or something, he hadn’t been paying attention to be honest. Parchment crinkled in his hand as he crushed his latest attempt at speech notes to reconcile enough with Gryffndor’s Princess to make living in the Head’s Dorm bearable.

“Then what should I do?” he whined, crushing her pillow over his face.

“Stop touching my things, first of all, and then just go start with I’m sorry.”

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For the First Time

I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is giving Tom a blow job for the first time?

♦Authors Note:I’m not really good at these because whenever I write this type of stuff, it all seems monotonous and repeated but I try.♦

Tom and I sat on the couch, with my legs resting on his lap as he read a magazine. I was feeling really emotional at the moment. I felt happy spending time with him yet angered that he wasn’t paying attention to me. I kept throwing little wads of paper at him from my position on the couch.

“Tom. Tomm. Tooommm. Thomas. Thomas. THOMAS.“I yelled.

“What babe.” he said, clearly annoyed. I moved over and sprawled my body over his lap.

“Notice meeeee.” I whined. He hit my face with the magazine and I pouted.

“I’m trying to reeeaadd.” he whined back. I scrunched my face up and got up to straddle his hips.

“I know something that’s better than reading.” I whispered in his ear. He swallowed and I felt him reposition himself from underneath me.

“Wha-what did you have in mind?” he asked. My hand trailed up and down his chest as I kissed his jaw line.

“Maybe I could help you with that.” I said, gripping his junk softly. A small moan escaped his lips. I smirked and lifted his shirt up, kissing his neck.

“Babe…” he moaned. I bit his neck and started to leave kisses down his collarbone to his chest. I brought myself to my knees as I played with his pant hem.

“Don’t fucking tease me.” he said through clenched teeth. I arched and eyebrow and rubbed his junk to tease him. He unbuckled his belt and I helped slide his pants off, exposing his tight boxers. I slid them off halfway and slowly pumped his shaft. He threw his head back and gripped the cushions.

“You like that?” I asked, kissing his tip. He nodded and gripped my hair in his left hand. I took him in my mouth and started to bob. He let out soft moans and I took him in deeper, quietly gagging at his size. He pulled a bit of my hair which drove me crazy as I continued to take him deeper.

My jaw started to hurt after a while so I decided to pump him again. By now, we were both sweaty and a bit out of breath.

“Fuck, I’m close.” he said, closing his eyes. I took him back into my mouth until he came, releasing quite a bit. I swallowed and came back up to sit next to him.

“Why a new thing?” he asked, pulling his boxers back up.

“Oh so I shouldn’t keep doing it?” I teased.

“Oh you should. But why?” he asked, intertwining our fingers. I played with his fingers and shrugged.

“Just felt like I should.” I said. He smiled and brought me closer, kissing my forehead.

“Well thank god for feelings.” he joked. I rolled my eyes and turned on the t.v.

and you drive me wild

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PART TWO: Mission Laurens

Around six am the following morning, a Saturday, Alexander was eagerly knocking on Lafayette’s door. When a bleary-eyed Laf answer the door, hair loose and wild from sleeping on it, he looked less than pleased.

“Alexander,” he grumbled. “Are you aware of the time?”

Alex beamed at Laf. “You know the answer to that is ‘no way!’” He barged into Laf’s room and jumped onto the bed, adding in an extra bounce for good measure.

Laf shut the door and flopped back onto his bed, burying his face in a pillow.

“Laf,” Alex whined, shaking him by the shoulder. “Laf, I found him.”

“Found who?” Laf asked, half-awake.

“The car commercial kid!”

That got Lafayette to sit up. He stared at Alex’s beaming face and blinked a few times. “Really?”

“Well, maybe! Okay, so I did some snooping, and, well, I think we should go to the dealership.”

Lafayette narrowed his eyes at Alex and groaned. “Mon ami, are you telling me that you were up all night and the grand conclusion you came to is that we should go to the dealership?”

“Well, I mean, I tried to find him other ways, but that one seemed most obvious,” he said with a shrug.

Laf dropped his face into the pillow again and collected himself before flipping over to address Alexander. “We are sixteen, mon ami. Nobody will take us seriously. And, besides, that family is, how you say, fucking loaded, and I doubt he works there.”

“It’s all I got, Laf,” Alex said, widening his eyes and blinking sadly at his brother. “You have Hercules and Adrienne and I,” he dramatically placed his hand on his chest and fell backwards onto the bed. “I have no one.”

Laf, against his better judgement, laughed at Alex’s antics. “Let’s talk about this in the morning,” he conceded.

“It is morning,” Alex pointed out. He grinned and began to bounce up and down on the bed again.

“In the human morning,” Laf contested. He grabbed Alex and tugged him close, then pulled the blanket and quilt over the two of them. “And I know you did not sleep, so now you will,” Laf said.

Alex tried to protest, but between the warmth of the blankets and Laf’s body heat, plus the fact that he hadn’t slept all night, he was snoring within five minutes.

Lafayette wanted so badly to drift off to sleep, but now Alex’s new-found mission was on his mind. He couldn’t decide if indulging his brother in this search would be good for him, or if it would only set the smaller boy up for more loss and heartbreak.  

He tried to imagine what their parents, Martha and George, would say, but he wasn’t sure they’d be keen on the two of them tracking down a complete stranger in the first place. And maybe they would be right.

Besides, while Alexander wasn’t exactly fragile, he’d already lost so much for being so young. Laf didn’t want to be overbearing, but if he could protect his brother from one more hurt? One more loss? Shouldn’t he do that? Besides, rich boys weren’t exactly known for being nice, no matter how cute they were.

This can only end badly, Lafayette decided.

He looked at Alex’s sleeping form. He always looked so peaceful when he slept. Laf felt so torn between protecting his brother and giving him what he wanted.

He eventually fell asleep, still undecided over what would be best for his dear Alexander.