I’m going to Youmacon here in Detroit MI this weekend! 

Really excited to finally break in the costume I’ve been building for the past 2 months! I’ll also be competing in the cosplay contest for the first time EVER so I’m very nervous but hoping to have a good time! 

I’ll see you there! 

For everyone else; I will be on a content hiatus until the 6th when I get back home so I thank you for your understanding! 

Have a fun and safe Halloween, everyone!

My final lineup for ACEN this weekend!

I’m really excited since this is my first time at Anime Central, AND to be back in my hometown after like 5 or 6 years. 

Looking forward to a comfy weekend with friends.

If you spot me; Absolutely come say hi! I’ll be carrying around some leftover con stickers and whatnot for friends.

See you there!


Some art I’ve collected over the past few months of Eyllis!

1 & 2 by Carmen Torres

3 by Whinecraft

4 by AvannTeth

5 by PuddingPack

6 by Pinkcookiedoedoodles

7 by Rurukatt

8 by Yshaarj

9 by Brocursion

I have so many other amazing artwork done by more amazing artists! I’m sorry I couldn’t fit you all in this post, but you’re all in my imgur album here.


Whinecraft -> Omoshiro-i

im breaking away from the alias i made up when i was 17 

i originally joined tumblr to blog about world of warcraft and at some point evolved into an art blog where i chronolized my time as a freelance artist.

im 25 now and a lot of things about myself and my life have changed. Id like my penname to share this evolution as well.

The art will always continue. The face is still the same. Only the name has changed.

thank you again for always supporting me