Some art I’ve collected over the past few months of Eyllis!

1 & 2 by Carmen Torres

3 by Whinecraft

4 by AvannTeth

5 by PuddingPack

6 by Pinkcookiedoedoodles

7 by Rurukatt

8 by Yshaarj

9 by Brocursion

I have so many other amazing artwork done by more amazing artists! I’m sorry I couldn’t fit you all in this post, but you’re all in my imgur album here.


Artist showcase: Whinecraft

Bolts of lightening shoot from her face, body, and hammer. She is fierce; she is powerful; she is a goddess. Whinecraft, an illlustrator, gamer and cosplayer, drew this piece in honor of the strong female protagonist it depicts, but this was not her first attempt. Attempt number one, she admits, was sloppy and didn’t capture the mighty warrior she looked up to. So she tried again.

After a year of learning more about color and refining her style, Whinecraft created a piece with which she says she feels the most accomplished.

She’s not afraid to revisit old pieces and completely remake them. Her blog proves she does this often, littered with before and after posts of drawings reborn.

If she’s learned anything, it’s that success takes time and second tries. She started drawing in grade school, competed in high school, but never received enough validation to pursue art as a career.

Then she bought her first tablet.

“Digital art was a huge turning point for me, and I realized that I could really thrive with the medium and finally start building a career off of my passion.”

Two years later, it was time. That by no means meant she felt she had “arrived”; she daily looks to inspirational artists like Patrick Nagel, Tradd Moore, Daisuke Moriyama, Hiromu Arakawa, Russel Dauterman, and Rebecca Sugar for inspiration. When she finds a piece she likes, she breaks it down to learn a new technique or create something that gives her the same feeling.

“I like sharp details and dynamic compositions that don’t let your eye sit at one spot for too long. Like myself, my style has no grey area between stark minimalism, and a loud assault of line and color.”

Whinecraft breaks down One Punch Man’s three mediums and sees how they work separately—and together.

“ONE’s raw technical ability to set up the lines and deliver the story in panels. Murata’s illustrative skills, and great anatomical sense. And of course, the animation that Studio Madhouse could deliver was nothing short of cinematic quality.”

Follow Whinecraft’s evolving art on her blog whinecraft.tumblr.com, where she’s not whining, just drawing.

Get your copy of the One Punch Zine here

“What did you do now, Anduin?”

Dani wanted me to draw Wrathion soooo I gave it a go!

I was originally following the fan design but… I really don’t like the purple and black color scheme so I tried to make him look more like the normal red and black like his whelp. Not perfect or anything but……. I’ll probably draw him again another time.

So Whinecraft I heard you like gems. lol

Whinecraft made a pearl gemsona and kinda put the invite out there for fusions. Now my ‘sona isn’t really a Crystal Gem. But not part of homeworld either. She’s more a drifter, and not always the best attitude.
So with Whine’s being supposedly more clumsy, and looks kinda shy, thought mine might be a lil’ intimidating. XD

So here we are, Malo Kyanite and Whine Pearl. :)

Hope you like tho’ Whine! Sorry if I made her the wrong height. lol