Theory on Rose Quartz’s Name

So the lovely whinecraft and I were talking about gemstone irradiation and ‘dead quartz’, and they educated me on something interesting.

When quartz is irradiated for a long time it turns to…


Remember Jasper calling Amethyst an ‘overcooked runt’? This means that Amethyst’s original gem or stone, what she was created from, was quartz. Kindergarten was a Quartz mining operation, and we already knew new gems were created from it.

Perhaps Amethyst, being a runt, was a Quartz forgotten or abandoned in Kindergarten and through extensive irradiation, that’s how she became, well, Amethyst. Amethyst’s were not the target gems to be created there.

According to popular theory, Rose Quartz is actually a Rose Diamond, and she adopted the name Rose Quartz when she rebelled against her Diamond Authority brethren. I think perhaps something around Amethyst, perhaps discovering her abandoned or even rescuing her, may have been the trigger that made Rose change her name to Rose Quartz as a symbol of unity with manufactured gems and their mistreatment at the Diamond Authority’s hands.

Amethyst’s existence was a mistake as she was overcooked. Pearl is defective (according to Jasper), and fusion is looked down upon, which is quite literally what Garnet is. Perhaps most if not all the gems Rose Quartz had in her army were fed up with their place in Homeworld’s, um, world and her name change was a symbol of how she didn’t want to be seen standing above them, but rather with them.


Some art I’ve collected over the past few months of Eyllis!

1 & 2 by Carmen Torres

3 by Whinecraft

4 by AvannTeth

5 by PuddingPack

6 by Pinkcookiedoedoodles

7 by Rurukatt

8 by Yshaarj

9 by Brocursion

I have so many other amazing artwork done by more amazing artists! I’m sorry I couldn’t fit you all in this post, but you’re all in my imgur album here.