i did some digging on WRA.org and found the very first commission I ever took back in 2010 (left), and the very same character commissioned this year (right).

It’s really jarring to think abt everything ive done in just 6 years and I can’t thank a lot of you enough for being there with me through it.  

I struggle a lot with my worth as an artist and where I feel I am with my work, but its little things like this that remind me how much I’ve grown.

Whinecraft -> Omoshiro-i

im breaking away from the alias i made up when i was 17 

i originally joined tumblr to blog about world of warcraft and at some point evolved into an art blog where i chronolized my time as a freelance artist.

im 25 now and a lot of things about myself and my life have changed. Id like my penname to share this evolution as well.

The art will always continue. The face is still the same. Only the name has changed.

thank you again for always supporting me


I woke up from a nap and my whinecraft Rexxar shirt was here! I am happier than my sleepy face reveals.
I did the shirt in the darker jewel tone green, but my house lights washed out some of the intensity of the color. It’s a great background for this image!
Now I can go to Blizzcon and show off my favorite character of the Orc race.
Wonderful art, Dani, I love it!!

Until I can figure out an affordable way to ship bigger prints, I’ll only be selling my larger prints in person at conventions. :S

Shipping tubes + int shipping costs + etc always bite me in the ass and I don’t really make a profit from selling my bigger prints from home.

I could raise the cost of them to bridge the gap but they don’t even sell well enough at their current price as it is hahaha. 

Someday I’ll figure something out, or get to the point where my art will sell better maybe. But for the time being, smaller stuff like this is more affordable and cost effective for both parties.