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I fucking

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I am getting very weary of the negativity while cosplaying Homestuck. At best I’m ignored, able to move around the con as I please, or I’m shoved aside like set dressing in someone else’s movie, or at worse actually actively hassled.

The fandom has made such a mess of itself that I’m not surprised that it’s gotten bad stereotypes… But I’m also sick and tired of people either rolling their eyes, scrunching their faces, or even actively snarling at me for telling them I was working on a Homestuck costume. I had a male customer at JoAnns actually put air quotes around my words, “working” on a costume. Like what I do isn’t work.

At Katsu, a photographer took some really great shots of CC and I. I peeked at them on his camera, and was really excited to get them. When the con ended and he put up all of his shots… mine weren’t there. And neither were any other Homestucks. I’d like to hope the lighting was off, the memory card got corrupted or something, but it doesn’t really bode well.

Most of my friends who cosplayed with me have already moved on to other things, which I understand! But I am really sad. Cosplaying WITH people is sort of one of my main drives to do it.

There’s still a lot of HS costumes I want to do! I want to do my own Fancydreamer concept for one of my girls I usually do, I always love Fancytiers! And of course I want to do a Final Upd8 one, here’s hoping Huss gives us some new outfits!

But all of this HS Hate in the con and cosplay world really just sucks the wind out of my sails.

One thing I’m jealous of one direction fans is that they’re in love with guys who are a socially acceptable age to be in love with and I’m sitting here crying over someone who could be my grandpa and who knows how much more music and concerts he’ll be doing

man there’s so much talk lately about DID fakers and, like, being super strict about the definition of DID and all that. makes me anxious about us being a non-DID system. cause, like, I know that things we do reflect on DID systems as well – the general public wouldn’t see a difference – and i really don’t wanna make other folks look bad by existing or whatever.

- Ace

When will I be old enough to be accepted by society as a "mysterious recluse"?

I’m supposed to make cameos at somewhere between 1 and 3 birthday parties tonight but all I want to do is wrap myself up in a blanket-sized pizza and eat myself to oblivion in front of the TV.