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69/100: trying new things :: first time using pearlescent watercolours. This set is by Yasutomo Niji. My favourite way to break new paints in is with a swatch sheet. And these pearlescent beauties are already inspiring whimsical and dreamy pictures that need to be doodled. I can’t wait. ✨

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A writer who thinks like me: Lucy Maud Montgomery, known for the Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon books. The loquacious, whimsical, thirsty for love, dreamy little orphaned and yet cherished wood nymphs that she writes are always on the verge of transforming into warriors, until you see that you have perhaps misread what it might mean to be a warrior. Delicate, sensitive, funny, books. Death happens, romance and heartbreak happen, and are handled with grace. Books themselves, and the life of the writer are paramount in these little worlds. She pulls no punches, and she helped me to see that friendship and love and life and magic will always be woven together like a gauzy veil, and on the other side of the veil the stars await us. 

My ideal day: Milky coffee with fresh bread and butter and cherry jam. Finding black raspberries on the brambled path to a river pool. Taking a long walk around the city, talking with a friend, not caring where you go, not wanting it to end. Happening on a little secondhand toy, a kaleidoscope of flowers and a rainbow of translucent beads against the sunlight. Balmy breezes, an evening spent listening to live music on a blanket on the grass, a picnic basket with wine and little morsels, my head resting on a thigh, and a flower in my hair. Dancing in the rain, crawling into bed, and pulling a quilt sewn with dreams over my head.

My patronus: See above.

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British quartet Flyte follow up on their previous offerings from six months ago with a fresh new single named Closer Together. The new track is a song full of cool finesse. It crunches and jangles along warmly and infectiously, imbued with wry lyrics and whimsical groove. Cascades of dreamy chimes and muggy atmosphere give it a sun soaked, glowing charm, somewhat like a Bombay Bicycle Club jam laced with The Antlers’ like murkiness. Closer Together will be released July 31st via Island Records.


Lately, I have been obsessed with brides and their fiance taking their wedding photos in very different beautiful locations. I love the look of the classic wedding, however, daring brides are always my favorite. Above are two locations and gowns I think work very well and compliment each other. 

Butchart Gardens in Canada. I have never personally been there, however I have seen photos and have read about it and one day I plan on going. The garden is full of so many different colorful flowers. The garden makes for gorgeous bridal photos. I paired Canadian designer, Ines Di Santo’s gown ‘Jules’. Jules is from her newest Spring 2016 collection. Jules is an ivory ball gown with details of beading. The location is very whimsical, bright, and dreamy. An ivory gown will contrast the bride and really make her stand out.

The Andy Warhol museum  is located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have seen about 3 different weddings or wedding photos in museums and I isnstantly became obsessed. Museums make for gorgeous photos because of the blank walls with tons of accent colors. I chose ‘Maria’ by Anna Maier because this gown is definatly not a typical bridal gown, similar toa museum being used for a wedding. The gown also has a champagne lining with dark lace. The dar color will contrast the bride making her really stick out in photos. 

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Kate + Evan { Whimsical Maui wedding destination at Gannon's Wailea }

Theres not enough words to describe how in love and breathtaking this couple’s love is what fascinates me about each and every single client that contacts me is that I get the most rad kind hearted people in the world and I’m the luckiest one to be chosen to tell their story. This amazing power mom and entrepreneur base in Canada {who happens to be one of the owners of super cute chic organic baby clothes at Teepeetots&co - Miloh rocks them oh yeah!} had in mind the most intimate yet whimsical and dreamy Maui destination wedding and don’t get me start on the Vera Wang dress… Im so happy beyond words to let her vision came to live in my photographs.  

From the bride:


I am just in awe right now. I can’t even put into words how amazing these images are. You did a beautiful job and are so talented beyond words. I adore you and adore the efforts you put into capturing and editing these. Evan and I can’t thank you enough for capturing all these images for us and our family. Just breathtaking beyond words. It was so easy working with you in the coming months. Even though we had never met before hand, I felt like I knew you and you made Evan and I feel so comfortable. I can’t even express the happiness we feel right now. The wedding day went by so quickly but this is amazing for us to sit, enjoy and re live every moment captured that day. Just so amazed right now. Thank you again. I’m going to shoot you another email once I can thoroughly explain the thankfulness we feel towards you. Thank you and I hope that you and Miloh are keeping well’

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