Thoughts on Strange Magic

Thoughts on Strange Magic

I love Strange Magic so much! It’s so different - a jukebox musical heavily laden with singing and fairy fantasy calendar visuals. The commitment to this artistic vision is breathtaking, and risk taking. There’s just nothing else like it.

I mean, if you actually saw some of the scant promotion for Strange Magic, you might have noticed the fantasy calendar visuals. But nothing could prepare you for the amount of singing in the film because it’s so far outside what you could reasonably expect. Apparently the film makers even considered making it sung through entirely.

(I’m kind of hoping that unnamed Lin-Manuel Miranda Walt Disney Animation Studio feature will do this, but of course with original music/lyrics rather than jukebox remixes.)

The risk of trying something way out there is that people might reject it. That’s pretty much what has happened with Strange Magic and I think that’s a shame. But if you give the movie a chance, it’s a really trippy fairy fantasy that has the whimsical dreamy feeling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and grounds it in compelling characters with solid motivations.

The use of singing produces, at times, a weird surreal effect because it’s sometimes unclear whether the characters are really singing, or if it’s oblivious “musical” singing. Since these characters are fairies rather than humans, it’s entirely plausible for them to actually go around actually singing all the time. But then it’s weird when the Bog King says “At least you’re not singing”, and then a minute later he’s joining in the song he seemed to initially to shun. This confusing ambiguity accentuates the fuzzy transition between sword fighting and dancing together.

The duet/duel itself is something different. It reflects feelings that are similar to things like Esmeralda’s fight with Phoebus, or Megamind’s banter with Metroman (or, I’ll grudgingly admit, Roxanne…Metromind forever!). But in the form of a singing duet? I really can’t think of any precedent.

Later, it gets sublimely surreal when the movie eases into the titular duet of “Strange Magic”. The movie seems to transition into true “musical” singing, where singing is exposing Marianne and Bog’s inner thoughts rather than them actually singing. But it’s ambiguous, in a way that accentuates the surreal change of pacing and visual attitude (it literally shows the previously scary things of the dark forest in a new light).

This second duet is leisurely and dreamy, evoking the ethereal flight of Lois Lane and Superman. Oh, did I mention that there is a lot of singing in Strange Magic? Well, there is. And that’s how we’re able to enjoy three very different feeling romancing duets between the protags.

The third one is at the end, capping the movie off with an unabashedly trippy introduction of a kaleidescope effect. Because of course! I mean, why not just go all out, and go out with a bang?

Fundamentally though, Strange Magic is a movie about a love potion. Crazy hijinks ensue, but by the end of the night everyone lives happily ever after. But George Lucas fills in the big factor that was missing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream - characters that we actually care about. There’s no shortcut to that, so the bulk of the movie builds up the characters and their relationships so we love them and love seeing them bounce off each other. (Even the villain, who we love to see get put in his place.)

Each character has a core motivation that makes it easy to root for (or against) them. Marianne loves her sister Dawn. Dawn is boy crazy. Dawn’s best friend Sunny is hopelessly in love her. Roland wants an army, and is only interested in marrying Marianne so he can get that. Bog hates love and the chaos it causes. Bog’s mother wants him to fall in love. And so on.

Strange Magic is not a movie where tension is driven by a real sense of danger. You know everything’s going to work out in the end. The tension is driven by magic and love - or really, the magic of love. So, building up the characters and showing by their actions what they care about, we get a real connection with them and feel for them. There’s particularly an interesting disconnect between what Bog says about himself and the proof of his every action and instinctive expression. He sings that he’s “evil”, but his actions betray someone who is instinctively caring even to strangers he finds annoying.

The movie has been billed as a “Beauty and the Beast” story where the beast doesn’t change. But honestly, that’s more just a hook and a recurring vibe. Still, it’s fun seeing how Strange Magic deviates from Beauty and the Beast:

1) Learning to love: Strange Magic doesn’t confuse things by making either protag need to learn to love. They’re both had their heart broken, but they’re both basically doing okay single. Ironically, the fact that they both hate love at this point in their lives is one of the things that draws them together.

2) Transformation: There is a transformation, actually, but it takes place well before the protags even meet. Marianne starts off pretty much the sort of princess who is really not Bog’s type. She only unwittingly transforms herself into the sort of person that would catch Bog’s heart after her fiance breaks her heart. This transformation takes place over some time, since she trains herself into a strong sword fighter against a virtual knight to vent her frustrations.

Speaking of that virtual knight, it’s a fun callback to Sleeping Beauty. In Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose dances with a virtual prince that’s made up of her woodland creature friends. Then, she dances with her Phillip while singing a duet. In Strange Love, Marianne learns how to sword fight dueling with a virtual knight made up of her tiny fairy spirit friends. Later, she’ll sword fight with Bog in a fight that becomes more like a dance, singing what becomes a duet.

3) Imprisonment: The “beast” does imprison Marianne’s sister Dawn, but Marianne doesn’t offer to take her place. The real prison is a result of the love potion, not the physical cell Dawn’s held in. Bog and Marianne try to free Dawn together.

4) Beauty: Neither protag is physically hideous nor is either transformed to become “beautiful”. This helps to not confuse the message about how it is to fall in love with someone’s mind or spirit rather than one’s appearances. Bog mistakenly deduced that he was too hideous to love, but that turned out to be a misinterpretation. And while Marianne isn’t physically his ideal type, neither does he consider her ugly.

Ultimately, there are so many deviations for Beauty and the Beast that it’s really more of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with some Beauty and the Beast ideas sprinkled in, than a BatB story.

So how does it compare to A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Well, I feel that A Midsummer Night’s Dream lacks characters that we really care about. Puck’s silly love dusting and magic produces silly pairings for comedic shock value, but little else because I don’t think we’re given much reason to care about what happens to the characters.

In contrast, Strange Magic concentrates almost entirely upon just one usage of the love potion. By devoting so much attention to this one usage, and making it clear how much chaos and stress is produced just from that one love dusting alone, the movie successfully amplifies the impact of the ridiculous love dusting chaos produced by the Imp.

So, the story spends a lot of time building up the relationship of Marianne and her sister Dawn. It takes time to really show us how much they care for each other. It’s essential to the story because it makes it natural for Marianne and Bog to go from fighting to loving. It seems Marianne really did enjoy their fight, but her higher priority is clearly her sister. It’s only as it becomes clear Marianne and Bog are on the same side when it comes to curing her sister that it becomes more than just a spark of natural chemistry.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is framed within a lover’s tiff between a husband and wife, but we don’t have any emotional reason to care about them. The lover’s tiff in Strange Magic takes place near the end, after we have grown to care about the characters and their relationship. As they note in Spinal Tap, such a fine line between stupid and clever.

Oh, and one final random thought - I really appreciate how the central romance in Strange Magic is between two characters who aren’t experiencing their first love. They both have enough life experience feeling the crushing pain of heartbreak that they treat Dawn with tender care, at least. The result is that both characters are jaded and have made mistakes, like Megara from Hercules. But neither is broken out of a funk by the adorkable naivete of a manic pixie dream girl/guy. Rather, they just happen to feel a lot in common because of where they’ve been and where they are in their lives

I really appreciate that defiance of trope, and it’s another thing that makes Strange Magic so different.

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So I saw that you liked La La Land, and I watched it. And I didn't like it. The ending made me feel empty. And I didn't like Emma's voice when I first heard her sing. But I keep going back and listening to the music. And I keep rewatching. So maybe I do like it? I'm confused. So I was wondering what you liked the most about it.

It took me a few days to form my opinion on La La Land after my first time watching it, too. And the exact same thing happened to me: I kept listening to the music. I had the soundtrack on repeat for an entire week. And as I listened, I thought about it more and more, and everything sort of fell into place.

This movie is incredibly well put together. The day before it came out on DVD I was still noticing little details about it! Here’s a list of some things I picked up on.

  • The name of the movie, of course. Most of us know that “la la land” refers to a mental state where everything is whimsical and dreamy. But “la la” is also used for singing. LA is the abbreviation for Los Angeles. And Los Angeles is a city where people go to chase impossible dreams. That’s just the name, friend.
  • Mia and Sebastian’s Theme. Usually when we hear it in the movie, it’s the complete version, melody and bass. It’s beautiful, yeah? Sounds like falling in love. You know when we don’t hear it that way? At the end, right after the What If scenario. There we hear only the melody, and it sounds melancholy af without the bass. That is a musical cue to the audience that Sebastian is not okay.
  • We also hear it in the moments where Mia and Sebastian realize that they are supposed to be with one another. Did Mia really hear it over the restaurant speakers? Or was she listening to her own heart?
  • We can tell the relationship meant more to Sebastian than it did to Mia because throughout the movie, we see Mia with three total guys, while we only see Sebastian with Mia.
  • The scene where Mia is on the phone with her mother and Sebastian is getting dressed. We can tell from Mia’s one-sided conversation that her mother is kind of judgmental about Sebastian, and he hears that. Then he looks up and sees the stain on the ceiling. The scene was, what, a minute long? And it did away with so much unnecessary expository dialogue? Everyone who watches that scene knows exactly what’s going on and what it’s going to lead to: Seb taking up his friend’s offer to join the band.
  • More context for Seb catching more feelings than Mia: After the dance number on the hilltop, after she’s driven away and he’s walking back to his car, he drags his foot along the ground. One last dance step. Because she’s still on his mind.
  • And let’s not forget that he walked her all the way up there, claimed his car was just around the corner, and it was PARKED ALL THE WAY BACK IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. *pauses to whimper loudly*

Some more basic reasons:

  • It’s a cute and simple love story.
  • Mia thinking the next rejection will kill her is so gosh darn relatable to someone trying to make it in the arts
  • It wasn’t afraid to be brutal (no one showed up to her show! damn!!)
  • Pretty colors
  • The comedic moments, like when Mia forces Seb to play “I Ran” at the party and dances and lip syncs to it as her way of giving him the ultimate finger

I know the ending gets a lot of people but yo… that’s life, man. Sometimes someone walks in and changes your whole world, and then they walk out like nothing happened.

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“Star Catcher” - Books are stars you hold in your hands. All men have stars. For some, stars are guides. For kids, they are dreams. For scholars, they are problems. For others, they are no more than little lights in the sky. What’s your favorite star?
M: Landon T.

By Gabe Tomoiaga

READ THIS BEFORE YOU READ THAT ……. Some of you aren’t going to like this story.  While Hiddleswift is very integral to this story, it IS NOT a Hiddleswift story. So, if you only want to read TnT, then you probably don’t want to read this.  Also, I can’t guarantee chapters/parts of this story to come out quickly.  My work schedule is intense right now and I have tons of stuff going on with Lexi finishing up Pre-K, having dental surgery coming up and planning for Disney (less than 40 days now!).  I’m going to be MIA a lot (I already am).  So basically, read the story and follow it if you want but please keep what I just said in mind.  And before you ask, I am not done writing Hiddleswift.  I’m just branching out a little.  


Unexpected – Teaser/Prologue

You grow up watching fairytales.  Whimsical stories that inevitably ingrain an image in our mind of “the one.”  That perfect love.  That perfect partner.  The one who sets your heart afire, who makes you whole.  It’s always there, always peeking out of the back of your mind, even when you think it’s not.  Even when you tell yourself that fairytales aren’t real.  That childhood expectation is always there.  Always.  Then, also inevitably and sometimes subconsciously, you set out trying to find that one.  You kiss a few frogs along the way.  You kiss a few you erroneously (and sometimes stupidly) think are the one.  And then, likely when you least expect it, they waltz into your life.  The “one” has arrived.  And you’re happy and sad (c’mon, you know there are always obstacles before the happy ending) but you know in your heart that they are the one. What happens though when life gives you another gift.  A curve ball. An event that takes everything you know about fairytales and how love is “supposed” to go and flips it upside down. An obstacle that is put into your path that maybe isn’t really an obstacle.  What happens, when life gives you another “one.”  

And so, the new fairytale begins … .

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Kamigami no Asobi

And I’m back! With all the holidays we’ve been having I haven’t had much of a chance to get to posting but I’m back now and ready to rock!

So this is the show that’s been occupying my time recently and I specifically chose it because nothing beats a good reverse harem now and then. I think the last one I wrote about was probably BroCon, so I figure it couldn’t hurt to put up a post about this bunch of super good-looking guys going after/befriending that one girl. I have to hand it to these people that make these reverse harem animes because I’m not sure about the rest of you (and I’m sure I must have said this before) but female leads can so easily become the most annoying characters you have ever come across if their character is portrayed in this weak/wishy-washy way. I know a lot of people will probably think I’m crazy when I say this, but as big of a hit as “Kimi ni Todoke” was, the female lead, Sawako, almost drove me around the bend by the end of the 2nd season. Don’t get me wrong though - I did quite like that show and it had some awesome funny moments, but that’s a post for another time.. Anyway, my point here is that most of the reverse harem animes I’ve watched have female leads that are sweet, honest, kind, caring and genuine, maintaining this personality throughout and I think this is ideal for this kind of show.

Now.. Enough about the girls, I say.. Let’s get to what this anime is about (besides insanely hot guys).. So, in this anime, Zeus (the major god of all gods) decides that some of the gods (Greek, Japanese and Norse) are not up to scratch and that they’ve lost touch with humanity. To this end, he decides that these gods need to be taught a lesson… literally (although it still baffles me how he manages to control gods from other mythologies when he himself is Greek - but let’s not dwell too much on it for now). He creates a school for these gods in order for them to learn about humans and what it is to be human but strips them of their powers until they are able to successfully graduate from the school - if they don’t graduate, they will remain trapped in that “garden” (a.k.a alternative dimension) for all eternity. 

A bit harsh, but Zeus is a bit of an extremist that way. Now, it’s no use having a school about humans without having at least one human there. Enter Yui Kusanagi - a Japanese high school girl who, on the last day of school, is whisked away to this alternative dimension in order to be the “human” that these gods will learn from.. The show, in time-honoured, reverse-harem tradition, then revolves around our girl, Yui, getting to know each of these gods whilst adjusting to her new life here. Each of the gods, in turn, share a bit of themselves, their pasts, likes, dislikes etc. with her and deepen the bonds between them. But of course, this all helps with their assignment of getting to know about what it is to be human. Convenient right? There is a bit of a plot twist near the end, but I’m not about to give that away.. You’ll just have to watch these hot guys for yourself to find out - what a shame.. Hahaha! Yeah right! You know you’re going to love every minute as much as I did..

As is my style, a rundown of the characters is in order here - you know, ‘cos we need to know about the different mythologies right? ;) So without further adieu (and don’t worry - I’m always thorough, so I’ll be covering all our characters of interest here)…

Yui Kusanagi (Human)

Our main girl who gets whisked away to this strange island and is tasked with the job of teaching these gods about humanity. Hand-picked by Zeus for the task, she is initially pretty overwhelmed but decides to make the best of it and tries to get everyone to graduate so that everyone can go back to the places they came from and go back to their normal lives. She’s quite open, honest, caring, somewhat outspoken and will go to bat and defend the boys when she feels strongly. She’s determined and will not be dissuaded from reaching each of the gods and trying to get them to open up a bit. This obviously comes from a place of genuine care and is not just because she wants to graduate asap. She’s also rather talented in kendo and swordplay and is quite an active person. The people tasked to help her with her job is Thoth Caduceus (the most intimidating teacher ever!) and her dorm companion is a doll named Melissa that she vents to from time to time. Although she tries to keep it strictly friends, the guys can’t help but like her - some of them going to some pretty big extremes for her.

Apollon Agana Belea (Greek god of the sun)

Just like his name, he is bright, light and cheerful and always has a smile on his face (unless he’s facing off with his father Zeus). He has a rather innocent personality and is also open and honest with everyone, which is why he quickly gets the popularity vote and his chosen to be the student council president. It’s this openness and honesty that allows him to be quite straightforward with Yui about his feelings toward her from the start, but he never means any harm by it and is quite respectful with her and protective of his “fairy”. Yui and Apollon have similar personalities in this regard, which is why they get along quite well as friends. His lack of experience with humans shows the most though because he is always misinterpreting human customs, usually with a pretty hilarious result! Just wait until you see Santa! Lol! If you like your guys happy and carefree, then Apollon would definitely be ideal for you!


Tsukito Totsuka (Japanese god of the moon)

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the personalities of the gods reflect their particular gift, which is why it’s understandable that Tsukito has this whimsical, dreamy, almost mysterious kind of aura around him - kind of like when you look at the moon and wonder what’s up there… A quiet type, Tsukito follows things by the book to a fault, referring to the things he does as “missions” and seeming to take no real pleasure from his experiences. He’s the one that has the hardest time trying to understand what it is to be human because he has done nothing but stare at the moon for his entire life and has never had reason to do anything else. He finds it difficult to connect but does try his best to fulfill the missions asked of him. Even when he spends the day with Yui, he never makes a pass at her and just goes about things in this super-logical way. That said, he’s not cold per se, he’s just a bit off-beat. If you like a bit of challenge then Tsukito would probably be best for you and I get the feeling that if you were the one person lucky enough to reach him, that you’d never have to worry about anyone taking him from you…


Balder Hringhorni (Norse god of light)

Converse to Tsukito, you would most definitely have to worry about competition in the form of men, women, animals, plants, nature…everything!! Balder is a particularly blessed god where all of creation loves him and nothing can ever harm him (except himself - he has a tendency to fall over a lot - rather cute really).. He is the most popular of all the gods with the students and is often treated like a celebrity, with his long, flowing hair and gentle smile. Even though this is the case, he’s actually rather lonely because of this “fake love”, preferring to spend his time with those that see him for who he is, especially Loki. Although he has a very sweet, charming, supportive personality, he also has a much darker side to him that is rarely seen. He has a jealous streak a mile wide (something you see from the get-go if you’re watching closely) and can be rather possessive -  something we see when it comes to Yui in particular. If you like your guys sweet, considerate with a bit of a possessive/jealous/dangerous streak then Balder is the type I think you’d like..




Hades Aidoneus (Greek god of the underworld)

Being in charge of the underworld one can expect this particular god to come with a lot of hang-ups, his main being that everyone should stay away from him because he is cursed with misfortune and will bring misery to everyone around him. Although these exclamations of “stay away!” are rather amusing at first, eventually you realise that this holds more sadness than anything else. Because he is cursed with a grudge that the dead hold against him, he really does bring misfortune, so he isolates himself and makes himself seem unapproachable and almost scary so that those around him can be happy without having his misery ruin their lives. Hades is actually the uncle of both Apollon and Dionysus, and is the brother of Zeus, so he sometimes takes on a little bit of a protective role among the rest of the gods. Although he’s rather stoic and sullen, he does have a gentler side and has a particular love of strawberries, rice cakes and astronomy. Almost a tsundere type (although he does it for a really good reason), if you like your guys a bit solemn and are just aching to be the ray of sunshine in his life, then Hades is where it’s at.






Takeru Totsuka (Japanese god of the sea)

Although he is a god that is associated with water, Takeru has a rather fiery personality and is usually at odds with Yui initially and has little interest in playing nice, getting along and attending classes with the others, preferring to remain close to his brother Tsukito. It takes him a bit of time to warm up (not unlike the sea I guess) but once you have his respect, you reap all the benefits of having someone like him around. He has a rather hard edge and doesn’t express himself in the nicest of ways but he means well and will always protect those that are important to him - to the point of breaking shackles in order to do so. Like Yui, he also has a love for swordplay/kendo and is always maintaining his fitness - something that they bond over, in addition to the 2 of them being of Japanese origin. Takeru really does have some tsundere in him because although he has a brash personality and can be intimidating in that regard, he can let his guard down from time to time, just long enough to see his true feelings. If you like fit, active, outspoken and typically lively guys who reserve their softer side just for a select few to see, then Takeru would be the best choice.


Loki Laevatein (Norse god of fire)

Just going on the reputation Loki has, one immediately knows that this guys is all about mischief! If the word “asobi” in the title applies to anyone, it has to be Loki. Always playing pranks and getting up to no good, he never gives up and opportunity to stir the pot while trying to claim the glory for himself, e.g. the lovers rings and the Cinderella ad-lib play come to mind.. Like Takeru, he takes forever to come around to tolerating (let alone liking) Yui and at some point you start to wonder if you’ve stepped into a boys love anime. He is best friends with Balder and usually tries to get between Balder and Yui, which raises the question as to exactly how close he wants to be to Balder (however this shouldn’t really be too surprising given that gods have actually fallen in love with men in the stories, e.g. Apollo fell in love with Hyacinthus). But I digress.. Although Loki seems totally suspicious sometimes, he has good reason for what he does and can be serious when he needs to be. A self-proclaimed “liar”, it can take some time and patience to tolerate his antics, but once you get past it you realise that he actually very genuine with a strong sense of loyalty to his friends - usually taking on heavy burdens and hiding/distracting from it under the guise of a joke/prank/smile. Loki is a handful at times but if you can see past it to the real him and the way he values his partnerships above all else, then you may quite like him.





Thor Megingjard (Norse god of thunder)

Completing the Norse trio, Thor keeps a watch over both Balder and Loki and has done so ever since the three were small, realising that Balder and Loki share a certain bond. He has a bit of a stiff manner about him (monotone voice, expressionless face) that comes across as a bit uninviting. But he doesn’t mean anything bad by it - that’s just the way he is. Rather matter of fact, logical, dependable and straightforward he is like a balancing force for the three gods with his calm personality and is usually found hanging around with Loki in the “going home club”. Want to know what I’m talking about? Watch the show! If you like that no-nonsense type who will be a voice of reason and offer you support, then pick Thor…

Dionysus Thyrsos (Greek god of wine and merry-making)

Just like his description suggests, Dionysus approaches life with a positive, carefree attitude and just wants to enjoy his time - making merry, as it were. He doesn’t stress about much and can be a bit oblivious at times, e.g. proclaiming to have a blank notebook (right before exams are set to take place) with a smile on his face.. He’s laid-back (borderline lazy when it comes to doing things he’s not really interested in) but actually rather industrious with a very green thumb - growing flowers and fruits (especially grapes) and making juice from these - although sometimes I get the feeling that’s he actually making wine. As Apollo’s brother and Hades nephew, he rounds out the Greek gods, lending his support to them and others when they need it. If you’re looking for someone uncomplicated, that enjoys life to the full and grabs opportunities for fun/happiness wherever it may be, then I think you’d have a lot of good times with Dionysus.



Thoth Caduceus (Egyptian god of knowledge)

The most intimidating teacher you will ever come across, Thoth (although he’s rather good-looking with that tan skin, light hair and the monocle) is entrusted with educating the other gods about humanity and is the person appointed to help Yui with her task. All good and well in theory but he’s actually rather difficult to approach and isn’t really very helpful, usually complaining that this isn’t his problem and he’s not really concerned. And may the gods help you if you show no interest in his classes, slack off or play games. He’s like that evil lecturer you had in undergrad that will just as quickly walk out of the classroom if you don’t pay attention. However, when he requires something to be done, he has no problem letting Yui know and has this habit of always getting Yui up against a wall and slamming a hand next to her head (you know the pose). Even when he shows a “softer” side, he does it in the harshest manner. He has that scary, sexy appeal so if you think you can handle it and you’d like to be disciplined and kept after school (yes - I totally went there), then Thoth could probably put you in your place.





Zeus Keraunos (Greek god of sky and thunder)

The father of both Apollon and Dionysus and brother to Hades, Zeus comes across as a bit of an ass in this show. A completely over-inflated sense of self (to be so arrogant as to imprison gods from not only his origin but from other nationalities), he believes that this is the only way to achieve the goal of getting the gods to understand humanity. That arrogance can be his downfall though, as Hades so elegantly proves at one point. Serving as the main “antagonist” here, the rest of our main characters band together to try and overcome the challenges Zeus sets before them (including changing seasons at a moments notice) to try and graduate and escape the shackles he’s placed on them (to restrain their powers) and to escape from the garden he has created. However, like any father, even though the methods may be questionable, there is always a reason for his actions. If you’re looking for that powerful, dominating, older-guy type then Zeus is your ideal match.


Anubis Ma'at (Egyptian god of the dead)

Funnily enough, even though Kaji Yuuki gets credited for voicing this role, he doesn’t actually say that much! Lol! That aside, Anubis is actually rather more adorable than hot - always getting into some kind of mischief whenever he’s away from Thoth-sama’s side. The most notable being his “role” in the Cinderella incident! Anubis doesn’t interact with the others much (unless he’s being chased down by Dionysus) and is usually seen wandering around in the background of off by himself in the garden somewhere - probably while Thoth tends to his classes. Being of the same descent, it’s obvious that Thoth and Anubis share a bond and in one of the most adorable ending scenes, Thoth agrees to play with Anubis, much to his delight.. If you’re looking for the ultimate “quiet type” (he won’t say much else but “balu-balu”) and perhaps want to look after someone, then I think Anubis would be a good fit for you!


Melissa (Doll)

Oh Melissa.. Even though this doll has a quintessentially english name, this doll is actually a “guy” for all intents and purposes. He serves as Yui’s companion and confidant since she’s all alone in another dorm come evening time. A gift from Zeus (and one of his creations), Melissa tries to offer Yui advice whenever she needs it (and sometimes even when she doesn’t) and has quite a laidback approach to most of the situations that trouble her, fully trusting that things will work out in the end and that she shouldn’t agonize over things so much. Sometimes his advice is helpful, other times it can be a bit off the mark but he means well and if usually just trying to look out for her in the only way he can - being a doll and what not. He has a bit of a “rough around the edges”/“street smart” kind of way of speaking and although Melissa might not be ideal in terms of wanting to find a hot date, he would probably make a nice partner considering his laidback vibe and his “don’t stress” approach to life.


The one thing that has to be said for this reverse harem is that, unlike others I’ve watched, this one seems to have a thing about showing skin! I have never seen so many near-naked anime characters in my life! What is up with that? Not that it’s a bad thing by any means, but my eyes almost fell out of my head when they decided they would go swimming at the beach! Yikes! Not to mention that even the ending theme song has these guys in some super suggestive half-naked poses.. Yeesh.. Talk about turning up the heat on the sex appeal there.. Commence eye candy parade!




Admittedly, I did some checking and it turns out that this show is made by the same people that made Brothers Conflict, i.e. Brain’s Base, which automatically means that you’re in excellent hands. Some of the voice actors used here have also appeared in BroCon (such as Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hosoya Yoshimasa and Kaji Yuuki) and then we have some of my/our other regular favourites. That kind of line up is a no-brainer in my mind and there is always additional content that you can enjoy too - like the opening and ending themes which are sung by our main 6 characters, as well as bonus cds!

Although this show has the normal “girl surrounded by hot dudes” theme, unlike BroCon where pretty much every dude has his eye on the main girl as a suitable companion, in this reverse-harem most of the guys look to Yui as a friend first which kind of reflects that fact that they are indeed gods. However, mythology is much more flexible and it wasn’t unheard of for gods to fall in love with humans and interact with them. To this end, even though all of them see Yui as a friend, there are those with some other intentions toward her - some choosing to keep it under wraps and other being pretty open about it. Watching this show also has the side effect of wanting to make you go look up a bit about the various mythologies and like I said at the beginning - it’s totally educational too, which means you should never feel guilty for watching it! Lol!


Kamigami has a bit of comedy and romance and explores the theme of friendship more than anything else. Besides the hot dudes, the storylines were fun and sometimes a little deep which gave it a nice balance. The “goal” of having this school, i.e. graduating, serves as the thread that ties the stories together and allows each of the characters and the storyline to develop as the show goes along and there is also a nice surprise twist at the end too! Intrigued by that last bit? Well then, I suggest that you take a ride on a Pegasus, head on over to the garden and join the boys (and girl) to see what games the gods are getting up to in Kamigami no Asobi!


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Scenario where both teams get a huge crush on someone whos really artsy? Awsome blog btw!

Ooo… Artsy. Righty, I’m gonna go with artsy in the sense that they enjoy doing/viewing art, such as paintings, drawings, illustrations, etc. Hope you meant it in that sense, darling anon!! ♥ Can I also say that this prompted memories of when the art club tried to get Haru to join them… Oh dear.


Haruka was a bit of an artist himself - he had drawn Iwatobi-chan, after all. That was actually how he had met them; they had come to congratulate him on Iwatobi-chan being used as the school’s swim club mascot, and how they thought the drawing was pretty cool. When they had said that to him, he was a little wary, at first, as the art club’s initial response had been to try and recruit him, and he wanted no part of that. When they had made it clear that that wasn’t their intention, Haruka, for whatever reason, decided to talk to them more, and found out that they were actually a rather pleasant person to be around. They were incredibly good at what they did, and, although it sounds silly, Haruka really fell for them when he saw their paintings of the ocean…

Makoto appreciated art, and always had done. He was no artist himself, but when he saw their art, the unique style that they had fascinated him. He started talking to them a little more, only to find that they were a really nice person - they even offered to draw him, and he shyly accepted. When he saw the final result, he was amazed - it was almost photographic, and he could swear that his eyes were happier than he’d ever actually seen them. Them managing to capture him so perfectly was what made him fall in love, in the end.

It was actually when Nagisa learnt that their art skills transferred to food that he became pretty interested in them. Of course, he loved their paintings and drawings, and appreciated how talented they were, but we all know what Nagisa’s number one interest is: food. The adorable, decorative cakes that they made for him one day got him falling head over heels in love, and Rei calling him a love-sick idiot. (Quite literally, he ate too many of the cakes at once and became sick… All worth it though - they tasted just as good as they looked!)

Rei loves all things beautiful in life. So when he saw the art club’s latest pride and joy, he simply had to know who had painted it - it was exquisite, a piece of art so beautiful that even he had trouble comprehending it’s utterly refined aesthetic. Of course, when he found out that the delightful piece of artwork came from someone just as beautiful as the piece itself, he very nearly fainted with joy. He was too shy to ask them out immediately, but he made sure to become acquainted with them at the very least… He wouldn’t be able to hold himself back for long, though - the crush he had developed on this person was far too strong to resist taking action.


Rin didn’t usually go for arty types - he often found them too whimsical, dreamy… Even though this was a stereotype, and he knew it. But when he saw them sketching one day, early in the morning when he was out for a jog, and they greeted him with a beaming smile, he wondered if perhaps the stereotype wasn’t so true. He saw them the next day, and again, they greeted him with that amazing smile, and his day was brightened a little more, once again. He wondered if perhaps having this person around a little more permanently would make his life as bright as their smile.

Sousuke developed his crush at a much younger age than some of the others - he’d known them for years, and they had pretty much always been into art, whether it was making small charms and cards for his birthdays, or the typical crayon-and-chalk nursery drawings that they made for him. They’d improved massively over the years of course, and when they accompanied him to one of his competitions back in the early days of high school, he was surprised for them to greet him afterwards with not only a congratulations for him, but also a piece of paper; they had drawn him mid-swim, poised, and way ahead of all the other competitors, from their own view point. The attention they had paid to his form was incredible… Sousuke was smitten, and, although he wouldn’t admit it, he loved how good the drawing made him look.

Nitori had always had a penchant for cute things - when he found out that the art club was having a fete where they were selling all sorts of charms and pictures, he was extremely excited. After failing to convince Rin to accompany him, Nitori attended the fete alone, and, upon seeing his crush attending one of the stalls, almost ran straight back in the direction he came. Gathering up his courage, he managed to stay where he was, and it only occurred to him that he might have looked a little strange, stood there staring at them, when they caught his eye and gave him a strange look, beckoning him over. When he had calmed himself down, he headed over, and his crush presented him with the most adorable charm he had ever seen - they had made it themselves, and it presented two ducklings, a grey one and a yellow one, arms around each other as a little heart floated above them. He nearly fainted.

Momotarou’s art hadn’t improved much since his early school days, and so him being good friends with someone who was as talented as they were tended to be a little bit of a dampener on his mood. When they presented him with small pieces that they’d done for him, he felt ecstatic - he would often be all over them for the rest of the day, and he sometimes wondered when they would finally get the hint… It even went as far as him drawing something for them; they felt so honoured that they decided to frame it and put it alongside all of their artwork, and Momo swore that he had never felt so happy before.


Inspiration #54

Impressive digital art by a French self-taught artist Cyril Rolando, who uses only Photoshop CS2 and a Wacom tablet in his work. According to Cyril, he was initially inspired by Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki. I like his works because of their dreamy, dramatic, mysterious mood. Cyril has an easily recognizable style of drawing, even though he is not craving for authenticity.

More marvelous works by Cyril on his Tumblr: http://cyrilrolando.tumblr.com/

My case for Edward Snowden being an INTP

I saw the new movie about him a few days ago and couldn’t stop thinking about why he did what he did and what an NT thing it was to do. Since I have my little soap box here I’m adding my two cents on his type. I think he’s a fascinating person and this is what I do when I find someone fascinating.

Here’s my case for why I think he’s INTP:

  1. Most likely intuitive. When asked about why he decided to give up his life to leak NSA secrets he said that he did it to save the internet and make a better world for everyone. There are many instances where he shows an almost overly abstract way of thinking and is extremely idealistic.
  2. He’s a thinker. His reasons for doing things are all very practical and he uses precise language. This is all very indicative of the NT temperament.
  3. He uses Ne, not Ni. Instead of planning for what would actually happen and having set plans, he just anticipated everything that could have gone wrong and went with the flow. I believe an NTJ would have either co-operated with the system and tried to take it down from the inside or at least had a more defined escape plan.
  4. He seems introverted. I don’t think he’s ENTP or ENTJ. He could be but I think INTP or INTJ is more likely. The way he presents his ideas shows evidence of planning things in his head instead of bouncing it off of other people. Weak argument I know. Sorry.
  5. This is my gut feeling but he seems to be more comfortable interacting with people one-on-one than talking to an audience. His social orientation seems more introverted. idk he just seems introverted ok?
  6. He has that whimsical, innocent, day-dreamy air about him that INxPs are known for. INTJs generally seem more intense and focused while ENTPs often seem more confident, are more talkative, and have better social skills. Like someone on the forums said: “he seems too cute to be any kind of J”.
  7. He took every variable into account (including the emotional impact on his loved ones and co-workers) before making his decision, except the emotional impact on himself which he seemed to have discounted as a minor inconvenience. This is evidence for inferior Fe. I think an INTJ would have been more aware of and prepared for the fall-out (they’ve got that tertiary Fi, lucky bastards).
  8. He works in a field that INTPs tend to like and be good at. He seems to enjoy talking about the complex technical aspects of what he does and gets really excited about technology (all the possibilities).
  9. Going against the flow despite social pressure and rebelling against the accepted standard in favor of their own unconventional ideas is how a lot famous INTPs get famous.
  10. The whole quest for objective truth thing and being uncomfortable with lies.
  11. Dropped out of school. INTPs tend to do that. INTJs do too but less often and they get much better grades.
  12. Troll mentality. Like doing something at least partially just to mess with people to see what happens. Very NTP.

TL;DR: I am most certain that he is intuitive, very sure he is thinking and my gut says introvert. His decision making and motives indicate Ne and the way he interacts with people doesn’t seem to have any traces of Te. He also does pretty perceivery things and acts like an INTP.

My ranking for what type he might be in order of likelyhood is: INTP, INTJ, ENTP. I personally am pretty sure he’s INTP. Tell me if you’re not convinced.

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Can you help me find a word? Something that means 'to obtain freedom', with a sort of whimsical, dreamy tone; rather than a darker, 'forsaking' tone. A word with a more positive outlook, but still about breaking out and leaving? Do you know such a word? Sorry if my description is a tad rough, I have difficulty with English.

The closest word I can think of (aside from emancipate - thank you complexvariables)…



to free from a state of dependence, servitude, or obligation; to release from slavery.

Etymology: from Old French afranchiss-, lengthened stem of afranchir, from a- (from Latin ad, “to, at”) + franc, “free, genuine, sincere”.

[Lydia Kuekes]

Yet Another Random INFP Thing

Being that we are type that is so whimsical and dreamy, sometimes it’s possible to fall in love with things whether it be people or even having a soft spot for certain things, like in my case stuffed animals haha There’s some stuffed animals that I see that are just adorable I don’t know if its the sometimes childlike wonder of an INFP or just me loving cute things but some stuffed animals just catch my attention. I’m in my twenties but I still like them. I have no idea why but will that stop me from loving them? Probably not :)
Can you relate?