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emoji review: octopus

needs more sleep, looks anxious. are you ok little friend? 3/5

a very pretty friend! very artistic! very symmetrical! 4/5

cursed 0/5

so cute! so realistic! looks like a droopy stuffed animal. wonderful, whimsical. 4/5

what has he seen? what has he done? i do not trust him but he deserves help 3/5

that is an alien. 5/5

dead eyes. screaming, puckered mouth. limp noodles. a nightmare the likes of which we will never be free from. 2/5

an angular boy! a beautiful boy! a wonderful boy! and he loves to pose for pictures! 5/5

high femme 10/10

a little anxious but reaching out to make a new friend. 4/5

this is what lives in your shower drain. this is what you must not let escape. 0/5

knows secrets which must never be spoken. has seen those that no longer exist. is the origin of the nightmare. loves to give hugs. 5/5

I Am You, You Are Me || Soulmate!Soonyoung || Oneshot

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GENRE: fluff, soulmate!au, non-famous, convenience stores, college kids

WORDS: 3413

BLURB: Are ugly sweaters a trend nowadays?

A/N: Obviously heavily inspired by Zico’s song of the same name. Have been wanting to finish this for FOREVER, and finally! It’s also my first gender-neutrel fic so please go easy on me. Hope you guys like :)

“Hyung! Could you get me some ramen from the convenience store?”

“Why can’t you get it yourself?”

Chan swivelled in his chair to face the older boy, pouting slightly. “I’m studying! And it’s cold outside. These finals are really important, you know this! What if I catch a cold out there?”

A loud sigh came from the couch where Soonyoung was laying on. “Then eat the ramen we have! Mingyu just went grocery shopping yesterday.”

“But I want my favourite…” The younger boy was petulant and Soonyoung found himself sighing again, sitting up to face his favourite dongsaeng. The kid looked exhausted – what he needed was sleep, not ramen – but one look at that pout and Soonyoung was slowly standing up, though not without a bit of groaning and feigned reluctance.

“You’re lucky I love you kid,” Soonyoung muttered, searching for a sweater and his keys. Chan’s lips quirked up into a grin. “Thanks hyung. You’re the best.”

“Yeah yeah.” Soonyoung wandered into his room and grabbed the first thing off the floor, pulling it over his head. When he walked out Chan was scrunching his nose at him.


“You’re wearing that?” the younger boy asked with disdain.

“What? It’s comfy!”

“It’s ugly.”

“It’s late. No one’s going to look at what I’m wearing.”


“Do you want your ramen or not?” Soonyoung threatened. Chan just shrugged, turning back to his work. “Do whatever you want hyung. I’m just saying you never know when you’ll bump into your soulmate and I doubt you want to be caught in that ugly sweater.”

Soonyoung just rolled his eyes and left the dorm. Instantly, a cold whip of air hit him. Ugly or not, he’d rather be warm in the thick sweater than freeze to death trying to make a good impression, soulmate be damned.

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“My religion, my spiritual belief? Just be a good person. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t take things for granted. That’s it, you know? That’s really it. You’re not gonna know what’s going on. You can find something that really kind of hits you in your personal heart, and live by those sort of rules, and live inside those walls, and if that brings you some sort of hope or peace or purpose, that’s great. My personal belief is "I don’t know what the hell is going on.” Nor will I ever know what the hell is going on. But I’ll always stare at the sky in a constant state of wonder.“

Happy 37th birthday, Aaron Paul! (August 27, 1979)

me listening to barrett era pink floyd: everything is whimsical and wonderful, I love space and fairy tales

me after listening to post-barrett pink floyd: nothing is real and everything is hopeless and i wanna die alone and i miss all my forgotten relationships that could’ve bloomed into something so much more meaningful

kagomekirigiri  asked:

I'm not asking anything specific in terms of request, just...Shiro. I love Shiro so much, I love the precious Space Dad. Please write me some fluff for Shiro his smile can make the flowers grow love and protect him.

“I see no point in this,” Shiro said, almost with a grumpy tone.

“Oh, come on. You look great!” You replied, adjusting the flower crown on his head.

When you had finished perfecting the flower crown you gave him a lopsided smile and pushed a kiss to his nose.

“You looks wonderful. Whimsical, even,” You said.

Shiro smiled at you and returned a similar kiss to your own nose.

mindandheart  asked:

Can you list more then ten adjectives you use the most and love the most? I love adjectives. It makes things more interesting and fun! By the way, I love your blog! It helped me so much! :)

Sure. I love adjectives, too! 

Here are some of my favorites from A to Z: 

1. Abrupt
2. Abundant
3. Adamant
4. Articulate
5. Auspicious
6. Ballistic
7. Bashful
8. Bewildered
9. Callous
10. Coarse
11. Cerulean 
12. Dangerous
13. Dashing
14. Debonair 
15. Decadent
16. Demonic
17. Diligent
18. Eerie
19. Elegant
21. Empathetic
22. Enchanting
23. Fair 
24. Flawless
25. Frantic
26. Garrulous 
27. Gargantuan 
28. Gentle  
29. Grubby 
30. Harmonious 
31. Hypnotic
32. Inquisitive 
33. Insolent 
34. Indigenous 
35. Intelligent 
36. Irate 
37. Jagged 
38. Jittery 
39. Joyful 
40. Keen 
41. Kind (Kindred) 
42. Kinky ;) 
43. Klutzy 
44. Lascivious
45. Languid
46. Lavish 
47. Lovable 
48.  Luscious 
49. Macabre 
50. Magical 
51. Magnificent 
52. Malevolent 
53. Maniacal 
54. Mischievous 
55. Nebulous 
56. Negligent  
57. Nimble 
58. Notorious 
59. Nostalgic 
60. Ominous 
61. Omniscient 
62. Opaque 
63. Ostentatious 
64. Parched 
65. Perfunctory 
66. Prickly 
67. Poised 
68. Quaint  
69. Quirky 
70. Quiet 
71. Queasy 
72. Raspy 
73. Rambunctious 
74. Ravenous 
75. Reluctant 
76. Rebellious 
77. Resilient 
78. Sacred
79. Scarce 
80. Scandalous 
81. Sensual 
82. Sheer 
83. Skeptical 
84. Scintillating 
85. Tasteless 
86. Tenacious 
87. Terrifying 
88. Turbulent 
89. Torturous 
90. Tiresome 
91. Ubiquitous 
92. Undulant
93. Voracious
94. Vigorous
95. Willing
96. Whimsical
97. Wonderful 
98. Youthful 
99. Yielding 
100. Zealous  

A lot more than 10 adjectives listed here, but there are so many to adopt into your every day vocabulary.  

Thanks for challenging me today! :) 

We are the Artists

Writers, who whimsically weave wonders within words, whispering woefully without wasting wishes.

Painters, persistently placing passionate, purposeful pictures, perfectly poised.

Musicians, making magical melodies, mesmerizing many minds, meticulously mirroring misery, madness, mystery.

Singers, soothing souls seeking security, simple sounds serving several senses selflessly.

We are the artists.

I finally decided to stop restricting myself to rules and just create a ponysona that I like. 

This is Whimsical Wonder, though no one calls her by her full name. They shorten it to just Whimsy. She brings wonder and whimsy to young and old ponies alike with the fantastical toys she creates. She’s similar to Santa in a sense, she’ll sometimes deliver toys to ponies who are feeling down without ever being seen or heard. Just surprise a toy to try and brighten up your day. 

Her talent isn’t toy making, it’s bringing wonder and curiosity to all of Equestria and beyond.

Her cutie mark is the three question marks.


The Wonderful Whimsical World of @bowling4rhinos

For more sights and sounds of the season, open Instagram in select countries to watch videos from around the world. To catch the adventures of Carolyn’s crazy characters, follow @bowling4rhinos on Instagram.

“I joined Instagram to showcase my found-object assemblages,” says Carolyn Gair (@bowling4rhinos), the creative force behind a whimsical Wes Anderson-inspired world. Carolyn’s videos drop viewers in mid-conversation, as if being let in on a secret. Carolyn spends her days working on animated feature films in Los Angeles, but in her backyard and at the dining room table, it’s a one-woman stop-motion production. “I do it all by myself,” she explains.

Right now her videos have a holiday buzz, and Carolyn has a favorite (admittedly, “strange”) Christmas morning tradition: “I like to get up early and bake pies from scratch while watching Alien on DVD.” Sounds like the setup for a laugh-worthy Yuletide scene.