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Angelic Pretty Questions: all of them?


Sugary Carnival: Have you ever been considered popular?

i don’t believe so! 

Milky Planet: Besides earth, what planet would you come from?

hmmm venus or neptune i think!

Rose Toilette: Your signature perfume?  

usually anything vanilla

Whimsical Vanilla-chan: What pets do you have/want to have? 

i have three dogs!! i love dogs and wouldn’t rly want another kind of pet!

Marine Kingdom: Favourite undersea creature?

hmmm i really like dolphins or sea stars!

Dreamy Dollhouse: Describe your room with just 5 words.

messy, unorganized, memories, books, homey

Melty Chocolate: Favourite type of chocolate?

milk chocolate! white chocolate is way too sweet for me, and i don’t really care for dark!

Sugar Dream Dome: What do you like most about Winter?


when it snows for the first time and everything is covered in a blanket of white

Milky Berry: What do you like most about Summer? 

that it’s always warm and i don’t have school!!

Happy Garden: What types of things would you plant in a garden?

different flowers that are a rainbow of colors!

Magical Étoile:  Favourite attraction at a carnival? 

the ferris wheel!!

Toy Parade: What toys did you play with as a child?

i loved playing with barbies and polly pockets!! I also enjoyed painting and drawing!

Holy Lantern: Describe the darker side to your personality. 

uh i mean, i guess i can be really negative from time to time? maybe manipulative??

Melody Doll: What types of music do you listen to?

broadway, disney, etc! i just love singing!

Wonder Party: Favourite type of tea?

i can’t drink tea

Glass Bottle of Tears: What, without fail, makes you cry?

thinking about my future

whenever i reflect of my past and think about all the fun i have and i miss it bc i don’t get to experience it everyday

Cinema Doll: What makes a movie really enjoyable for you?

i love when there’s comedy and when the characters get a happy ending! like not even a “romantic” happy ending, i just want the characters to be happy and succeed. 

Memorial Cake: What is your ideal romantic experience? 

just spending time with someone who makes me unconditionally happy

Star Night Theatre: If life was viewed as a theatre stage, what role would you play?

probably a supporting character of some sort. i never like to be the center of attention.

Cotton Candy Shop: If you had your own shop, what things would you sell?


Decoration Dream: Favourite way to decorate a cake?

just frosting tbh!! i don’t care for sprinkles or anything hard!

Fancy Box: What gift(s) did you get for your birthday last year? 

i actually…don’t remember?? my leo friend bought me a mermaid necklace (because she thinks im a mermaid), and lonny got me a mug, but i can’t really remember anything else? i went down the shore with my aunt so that was pretty much the highlight

Misty Sky: What is your favourite type of weather?

sunny with a few clouds so i can watch them roll across the sky!

Dreamy Horoscope: What is your zodiac sign, and do you relate to it?

gemini, and i do!! 

Symphonia of Birds: Favourite type of bird?

i really like peacocks!

Day Dream Carnival: What do you daydream about the most?

 life after college and what i’ll do!

Royal Cards: Name a game you are really good at.

hmm i think clue! i’m good at hypothesizing and putting things together. detective work!

Milky Cross: Are you a religious person? 

i mean i believe in a higher life but i don’t practice a religion? i’m methodist but i don’t really go to church or anything

Cream Cookie: What kinds of snacks do you munch on?

i like chocolate! 

Drained Cherry: What emotionally exhausts you?


Fancy Paper Dolls: What accessories would come with a doll version of you?

probably a book or my laptop!  

Holy Night Story: Favourite thing to do when it’s night time?

watch movies!

Candy Treat: Favourite type of candy?   

chocolate candy, specifically kit-kats!

Fantastic Dolly: What cosmetics do you use?

i use everything but eyeliner and eyeshadow!

Drink Me: Favourite drink/beverage? 

water or hot chocolate…or milkshakes

Merry Making Party: Describe the biggest party you’ve ever been to.

probably my graduation night??? my class of 140 kids got together in our community center and spent the entire night there (from 6pm-6am)

Country of Sweets: What countries would you like to visit? 

italy, greece, germany! 

Fruits Parlour: Favourite fruit? 


Dream Sky: Have you ever seen a shooting star?

no :(

Soap Bubbles: How do you like to bathe/shower?

i like to stand in the shower for like 30 minutes daydreaming before i get out tbh….and when i take baths i like to use bath bombs!!

Jewelry Jelly: Name 3 of your favourite jewellery pieces.

a golden moon necklace i got from claire’s for like two bucks; a golden plate that says “inspire”; a pink and red friendship bracelet i bought from the mexico pavilion in epcot (lonny and my other friend also have the same bracelet, but in different colors. i got them two years ago and we havent taken them off yet!)

Dream Fantasy: What is your wildest fantasy?

i actually dont know tbh    

Milky-chan the Fawn: Favourite forest animal?

mmm probably bears!

Honey Cake: What do you normally eat for breakfast? 

depends! sometimes when im low on time just a nutrigrain bar or poptarts, or i’ll eat a bagel or toast with avocado if i have more time!

Dreamy Baby Room: The most childish part of your personality?

always daydreaming/imagining! 

Chess Chocolate: What piece would you be on a chess board?


French Cafe: Favourite thing to eat at a patisserie?

i rly like cupcakes or small cakes

Sugar Hearts: How is your love life right now?   


Wonder Story: What types of things do you like to read about?


Twinkle Mermaid: Favourite type of fantasy creature?

mermaids or fairies!

Gloria: Name a very rare item that you would love to own.

hmm not sure!

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Would light blue accessories go well with vanilla-chan non-blue prints (like pink or lvander)? I was thinking to blue go with the cats' eyes and bows, but I don't know if those are too small to try and accentuate.

I think blue would work just fine it you make it a prominent point in the coord to show that you actually have a reason for it rather than letting it look like you just threw in a few blue accessories. Something like blue socks and a blue blouse could be a good way to go.