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i really, really want a plot where muse a is a naive, sweet, romantic, whimsical little thing with a whole lot of optimism and sunshine in their veins and muse b is the complete opposite; a total player who has someone new in their bed every weekend and hates responsibilities and just spends a lot of their time fucking around. somehow these two have been friends for a while, despite their differing personalities, and one day muse a ends up having to move out of their apartment due to a fire or an infestation or something and muse b is the one who offers to put them up for the time being. it’s all well and good except muse a has terrible nightmares constantly and one night muse b is sick and tired of it (and deep down a little concerned) so gets into bed with muse a until they stop crying and shaking and fall asleep in muse b’s arms instead. cue awkward muses sleeping in the same bed every night and it actually helping muse a a lot with the nightmares, and lots of cuddling and feelings ensue. muse b, being the player they are, are terrified of the idea of liking someone but muse a is pretty much already head over heels and ANGST !!

Yoongi Scenario: Dead Leaves.

Request: Yoongi is wrecked when you say you will leave him because he isn’t taking your relationship seriously and you found out you’re pregnant + Y/N wants to give up the relationship because she isn’t sure of it anymore so Yoongi does his best to salvage your relation.

Genre: Angst / Romance.

It was another night of you waiting, you had told yourself a while ago that you should just stop doing it, why waste your time in something that was futile? Because you had hope? Because of love?

You were beginning to think it was just your stupid whimsical thinking that things could get better, that when he saw you waiting like this he wouldn’t do it anymore, you were giving Yoongi all the signs of your fight, you have talked about it with him too many times by now and you were tired. Of waiting, of being the one who had to call on him for the lack of attention. 

You waited in your room, watching your phone seeing he hadn’t answered the last text you had sent, you wouldn’t be calling him anymore. Why would you? To fall on the voice mail again and increase your anger? It was again futile.
You thought about your boyfriend, how you had moved together recently so you thought things could get better, but now it seemed having you here was more of an excuse to stay out because he knew you would be home when he got back.
You had a lot to read for work but so late at night with the thought of Yoongi on your mind you couldn’t really concentrate, so you laid in bed waiting to fall asleep, wishing you could do so, but all you could think was that he wasn’t there with you.

First you heard the door which made you lift your head and breathe deeply, finally he was home, then you heard things falling, following by the strident noise of something hitting the floor, it sounded like a glass.

Alarmed you went out of your room to go check out what was happening, your eyes focused on Yoongi, he was holding the wall to keep himself from falling as he looked at the floor with a tired expression.

-Yoongi- you breathed watching everything, his drunken state was evident, he had dropped a glass and its broken pieces were scattered around the floor, your eyes went back to him and you felt your self getting even angrier -Min Yoongi-

This time he looked at you and smiled, he dared to smile. -Y/N- he stumbled from the wall to you. -Beautiful Y/N, I’ve missed you- his arms were around you before you knew it, he supported most of his weight on you, too drunk to hold himself properly, he smelled of pure scotch. -I love you sweetheart, I love you so much-

You bit your lip to not whimper at those words and at the way he held you so close, it wasn’t supposed to be this way.  You pushed him away almost making him fall. -What’s wrong?- he slurred coming back to you. -Come on-

-Yoongi, stop, we can’t do this-

-Why?- he hugged you again, his face resting on the side of your neck, how you dreamed with him coming home to do just these things, but not like this, not after three in the morning, not with him retching of alcohol. 

-Yoongi, you are drunk-

-So what? We can do this-

-No, we can’t, don’t you realize what time it is? Don’t you see that what you are doing? You are never home, and then you get here and expect…-

-You are talking too much much, come, let me…-

You pushed him again, this time causing him to hit the table behind him making him wake a little but his eyes were still glossy with the intoxication. -What’s wrong?- he frowned.

You tried to suppress a scream, but the sound of frustration came out surprising him. -You are drunk, you fucking asshole, you… you are never here-

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The signs as things I should've said
  • Aries: I miss you.
  • Taurus: I need help.
  • Gemini: I don't care what you say, that joke was offensive.
  • Cancer: I think I love you.
  • Leo: Sometimes you make me feel really bad about myself.
  • Virgo: Excuse me? Excuse you.
  • Libra: No, wait, come back.
  • Scorpio: Fuck you
  • Sagittarius: I think I might be bisexual.
  • Capricorn: You inspire me.
  • Aquarius: I completely disagree with you.
  • Pisces: I really, really like you.
Little Blue Riding Newt

Based off of this gorgeous, adorable piece of art by @mamin-the-troll
and once the little doodles started coming, I just couldn’t resist writing it. So here it is, Little Blue Riding Newt, the smartest whatever-year-old that ever existed because I don’t know how to fucking write children. Please forgive that quirk.

Additionally, this is now evolving into a full story…so I guess more will be coming soon. XD HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HOW DID THIS EVOLVE INTO A CHAPTERED THING, I DO NOT KNOW. 

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there were wild stars braided into her moonstone colored hair.
The rhythm of a singing goddess beat like a drum in her pulse,
rattling her bones until she would not cower before those who
viewed her as less than. She was a sky painted in watercolors,
an ocean of pastel clouds floated along her surface. She was
the forest, a home for the untamable creatures that danced to
the language of the trees. She was magic - a soft whimsical
thing with a warrior hidden beneath her skin.
—  a goddess in her youth | Mythology | Ara Kay

every westallen scene ever (91/?)

People To Block in the HxH Tumblr Community

If you are new to hunterxhunter. Here are some people you should block so you can have a great experience. 

(My last call out was unprofessional and messy. So for Uncle’s I revised here. Please, I would never make these things up unless I was certain that it did happen and upon further research and painfully going through a archive. Some things were deleted in Uncle’s blog. So if I could link it, I would. She does have a knack for deleting her posts. Some things are and were very nasty, but I can warn you all about the things she did do as well the other two who have things still up on their blogs that even you guys can find. So let’s start with the first troll and reason on why to block her.)

@hyskoa-mourououu (Is a side blog) or @virginympho who is now @dehlicate
(Where she posts everything about herself. Why does she treat Tumblr like Facebook or Twitter?)


  • The first reason is simple. She pretended to be my friend, @whimsical-hisoka​, @Sexyclowndaddy and @schwing-stars​‘s friend just to use us to get information out of us. To tell to her friends and she did admit that she did contribute to making the drama worse. The private things that Whimsical trusted her with, she did screenshot and show her friends everything. Then she has the nerve to make a post saying:

    “I am more purer then you.”

    Which for a fact she was referring to Whimsical and the very touchy topics that were said in their chats. That is what Whimsical told me when she saw that post more then 3 weeks ago. I could careless if I get a apology, but Whimsical is the one who deserves one. She felt safe and confident that her info was secure, but it was leaked out faster then popped balloon. :0I

  • Second reason, she gets angry at anyone who does not see it her way. It’s my way or the highway. If you do not see it as such then prepare to be fucked. Once she told me that a girl who disagreed with her on a fictional character. She got so angry at this girl’s response that she wanted to bash this girl’s face into a table just to shut her up. Now the girl had every right to say she did not like that character. Just as anyone else who has their own opinions. 

  • Third Reason, she actually believes, Hisoka is in love with her. She is so obsessed with him that she gets jealous on whoever calls him their bea, boyfriend or their husband. She literally admits this in her blog. Also, if I remember correctly she admitted it to me and Whimsical as well. Like Hisoka is fictional. He is not real. She needs to get out of lala land. I adore Hisoka very much maybe obsessed with him too, but not to the point where I get jealous at someone who likes him as much as me. Sharing is caring, right? Appreciate him as a character not as a object.

  • Forth reason, from what one of her followers told me. She threatened to send her 16 year old brother at us. To beat the shit out of us while she watches and as I recall in her post to be seen slitting throats. Now this isn’t the first time she wanted to harm someone. She has gotten into fights for supposedly beating down a bully, but was she the bully in turn? I am not sure. I cannot trust whatever she says since she pretended to be our friend. Also, hiding behind her own brother who is a child. When she is almost 20. A grown as woman who says were being childish? I am not seeing the connection. 

  • Fifth reason, she deems herself higher then others. She acts like she is it. She in the back of her mind thinks she is better then you. She is very two-faced. She will pretend to like you, but she never did. Honestly, deep down I was very wary about her, but tried to give her a chance. During our supposed friendship, most of the time I was the one saying hello. How are you doing? She never once even tried. The last we spoke was during our little drama 3 weeks ago. Last she told me was when I called her out. It was a messy call out unorganized, but a call out nonetheless. The things that were said were:

    No one cares about your opinions.
    No one cares if you exist here. 
    This is tumblr get use to it.
    As my last act of ‘KINDNESS’, I will block you.
    I never was here to make friends, I was here for the drama, I am a nosy bitch and I love it. And you were a hoot. Byeeeee….
    I am tired of you, you are tiring. 
  • Now, these things did hurt, but knowing she was not here to even try to be friends or try to get to know us. It did hurt, I did want to be friends with her, but to me it was a great weight off my own shoulders. So if you do encounter her or follow her please be wary. She is just a spoiled woman who thinks she is a demigod, slash princess, slash lil spoiled rich lady who thinks she can get away with everything. She is one of the reasons SexyClownDaddy was getting harassed to the point where she had to block even her friends, but from what I been hearing she is hiding behind a kid, having her friends delete the call out messages she has been getting from her followers for her and then crying about it saying how bad she has it. Me and SexyClowndaddy and maybe other people who have not come forward have been getting harassed by her friends and followers for a full year. She kinda has no right to be complaining. 

  • So I have the privilege to say, “This is Tumblr get use to it.”

  • I will admit, she showed screenshots of my own posts but then deleted her posts so she can look innocent. I left my posts on my blog feel free to read them. I really have nothing to hide. I am just some flea trying to spread this so other don’t get what I encountered. So moving on.


    She gets jealous on whoever says Hisoka is their’s. She believes he is in love with her like hardcore delusional to the nine. She will first act like your friend, but then backstabs you. Sheis only in it for herself. She acted like my friend, @sexyclowndaddy’s friend, @whimsical-hisoka and @schwing-stars friend. Everything that they told her to keep a secret she went and told her friends whom only made the drama worse for me and everyone else. So don’t bother with her. She is a waste of air who thinks she can get away with everything. If you follow her fine, just be wary with her. She acts nice, but is just a little 19 year old woman who sends from what I hear her 16 year old brother to try to beat people up for her and has thoughts to want to harm people who disagree with her. (Really? A 16 year old. He is a child. WTF?)

    @killvrsmaim  or @diavolovevo or @pakumachi 

    Note:  [She has a tendency to change her name or move to multiple accounts to stalk people who have blocked her.]


  • This girl is a trip, she caused a lot of drama to safe LGBT blogs. From what I was told and from going and asking around. She is a horrible little troll. She is best friends with Hyskoa no doubt, but she goes from place to place telling, trans to die, CIS to burn in hell all these negative things to people who are just trying to find a place to be safe. Now you literally can look her up on tumblr. There are people calling her shit out. She goes from blog to blog 

  • Second reason, this girl if you do not believe in her headcanons which she deems canon. She will lose her shit. If you do not see every character in hxh as gay she will call you homophobic, a traitor to the fandom and to all LGBT. Now I never understood why you have to mix anime with LGBT. Keep them separate. Even my gay friend @emthesmall-official says not everything has to be gay. And she is a gay as fuck proud goat mama. You need diversity in stories and especially in animes. 

  • Third reason, she will threaten you and tell you that you need to kill yourself. She will threaten to you that she will kill herself. I have seen her use this on many others and believe me it is hardcore as fuck, she is only 15 and already making a mess. A child reblogging porn and all sorts of things that ruins the mind. She really needs to get off Tumblr and chill her bum down. Which is why I blocked her.

  • Forth reason, she stalks the shit out of you. She literally took the time and effort to make a DA account go and harass my best friend when she has nothing to do with drama we were not even apart of. Then she has the mordacity to come to me and tell me to have my friends stop bothering her when, I ask her friends to stop bothering me. They did not comply. They didn’t stop so why should I get involved with her? I just blocked her. She recently messaged me calling me a bitch and saying we have unfinished business to do. Which, I blocked her second account as well. She is plain creepy. Just block her. 


    She is a lil teenager, going from tumblr account to tumblr account. Saying all this should die. People who are CIS should burn in hell, they should kill themselves. Anyone who is not gay and who is straight should not exist. She came up to me once. Asked me to tell my friends to stop bothering her. When she went out of her way to make a DA account stalk them and call them a bitch. She declared if I did not stop them she would kill herself. Now I talked to other people who dealt with her and she did the same thing to them. If you do not see every hxh character as gay she will call you homopobic and racist against whatever. I mean look her up on tumblr. It is full with people calling her out. Please if you follow her or encounter her. Just report her or block her. She is best friends with Hyskoa and knowing both of them. They cause some trouble in the hxh tumblr community.

    @UncleHisoka or @m0rpha

  • I have no words for this one. She is just plain horrible. Maybe the worse out of the three. She was the first, I went to asking her to tell her friends to stop talking about me. To me, I thought my own head canon was accepted. I went into the hxh fandom thinking these people seem nice. They are horrible. She and her friends made hardcore memes about a silly harmless head canon. They took it so serious that they said anyone who sees Hisoka as straight are not true HXH fans. Like Hisoka’s sexuality is never said and his entire being is a mystery. Yet they act like they know him in and out. Uncle’s gf made a entire post of weird facts saying he is feminine he must be gay. Or a simple word ‘boko’ he says makes him gay. Or the good ole. He used the fig sign which didn’t even look like the proper fig sign. All these crazy assumptions and people believed it. They believed fanon over canon. I could present canon facts and they would ignore it. 

  • Second reason, she hates CIS people, straight people or anyone against her agenda it doesn’t matter who you are. Basically, there were posts she did complaining about these topics, but she has a habit of deleting all of her posts so she don’t look BAD. Now what happened to equality? Now it is about supremacy over a certain sexuality. It is the hets who made thing worse, it is men who made things worse. A hardcore SWJ. I met very pleasent SJW’s and showed them Uncle’s blog. Even they were all ‘no’. That is not how it works.  

  • Third reason, from what SexyClownDaddy showed and told me. She has over 500 blogs that she uses to either stalk people or harass people who she dislikes. Now, I could not believe it. It sounds unreal. Can you all understand why SexyClown started blocking everyone? I have nothing to say about this one. It’s creepy it’s weird. Some of the things her followers tell me are unbelievable, one of them were she dislikes trans people. Saying they are betraying their own gender, but she is okay with non-binaries. This is what one of her followers told me. She did has a post up there, but it is long been deleted. <:/ 

  • Forth reason, she does laugh and talk about you behind your back. I thought she was very nice, but she likes to guilt trip the shit out of you. She talks and talks until she makes you head spin and all you can do is say yes. I have my own beliefs, but she said I had no right to even say my own opinions on LGBT or even on Hisoka. I had no right to say anything because anything I say is either homophobic, against her cause and people. The reason for equality is to respect others opinions even if you don’t agree with them and she didn’t respect anything I said. All I could do was nod and say yes because IDK what the hell she was talking about. I also must point out she always seems to put hardcore hate anything related to God. Now there are some who do not believe in God and some who do not, but that does not mean you have the right to disrespect either factors and put your hate upon those who believe that said per religion. I myself am Catholic. Do that mean I hate anyone who does not believe? No, but UncleHisoka sure has stated this in her blog. There could be people following her that find that offensive or some who do not believe in God finding that disrespectful. To me she wants Supremacy over equality, other then being equal no matter what you are. 


    This girl is beyond help. She has over 500 tumblr blogs she used to either stalk me or people she does not like. She dislikes and disrespects those who are in a religion or religion itself. Sends hardcore death threats, talks back behind you if you say Hisoka or any other character is not gay. If you are CIS, white, a man or straight she will block you. She hates whites when she herself is , Caucasian. It does not make sense. She dislikes trans people who identify with a gender. Which she finds disgusting and appalling. When, I told her kindly to ask her friends to stop bothering me. She said she would. Now after a day or so she and her friends still be were talking shit about me just for saying Hisoka was straight? Like I was ruining their gays for him. That their little shrine was crumbling. The more evidence I brought forward to back up my headcanon. The more she and her goons got ‘TRIGGERED’. She and the other two girls I am warning all about. Are so hardcore about Hisoka that anyone who does not agree with them will burn in their path. From the evidence I seen from their followers. They are 100% behind the Hisoka is gay side blog. That was used to troll anyone who saw Hisoka as hetero in headcanon.

Final Thoughts: 

Now I came from a hardcore fandom. Homestuck. That place is horrible. One thing, I know is these girls would never survive in it. They would have been chewed up and eaten alive. That is how hardcore the fans are. One thing I remember Hyskoa telling me was.

‘This is tumblr sweety get use to it.’

Now from what I been hearing she has been getting anons coming to her talking about the bull that she has been spewing all over her blog. Ever since my own post on her. Now I had a hunch she was just using me and my friends to get information from us to tell her weird goons. This chick, Hyskoa then starts complaining and crying that she is getting hate. When she herself and her friends were giving me and my friends hate for a full year.

So I guess I have the privilege to say.

‘This is Tumblr get over it.’

For a full year, I dealt with you and your friend’s bull. You have no right to complain. Also, @Sexyclowndaddy had it worse then I did. She got stalked, horrble hardcore death threats, everyone she trusted went against her, these people told lies about her that were not true and the harassment got so bad she had to block everyone including her friends. I implore you all to block these trolls. They are not good hunterxhunter fans. They are just pure negative. If you don’t block that is fine, just be wary of them.

I am only saying this because, I don’t want anyone to receive the harassment me and SexyClownDaddy got.

Geezus over a fucking headcanon too. Really man.

I really am left speechless about these people. Never in my life have I met such bad sports. They take things to seriously. Everyone and everything is against their agenda. They have the nerve to call me and my friends the ‘STRAIGHT SQUAD’. Well here is a fact:


:0I Only me, @deadxxxmoon and Whimsical are straight. ONLY THREE PEOPLE. The rest are gay. I guess if you mix gay and straight it makes Graight. WERE THE GREAT SQUAD. :0) Thanks for the idea my fellow trilobites. 


Does it matter that they are gay or trans? No it doesn’t, but if you are going to act like a asshole, then you will be treated as such. This is the greatest kindness we can offer you all. I am sorry, I am done. I did not make this for drama, I made this to call them out and warn people. I feel bad for those who encountered them and were victims.

Also, these people actually accept our headcanon. Why? Because canonly Hisoka’s sexuality has never been confirmed. More or less he is a secret even to them and us. So we headcanon and present the evidence. Yet they get triggered whenever it is brought up. If a man act feminine oh he must be gay. I am sure when he asked Machi out to dinner and in the manga asked her to sleep with him that must mean he is gay. Like? Yeah, there is more evidence supporting my own headcanon. Which is why I headcanoned him as such.

I truly hope this does justice. They might say, I am lying. I am homophobic, I am a bully, but I am standing up to my own bullies. This was very hard to make and scary. I don’t like drama, but they sure do. 

:0I I hope you all have a nice night.

P.S: The old one is still valid. If you want to read that one here.


If not please reblog this one if you like. :0)

(This was was redo with more clarification for those who got confused and why I am making these accusations and why they should be blocked.)


One of my followers told me that Hyskoa changed her name too @virginympho

So. If you have not blocked her do so. She is just cancer on tumblr. Why deal with this troll when browsing hxh?

[Please don’t go and harass these people. Just block them.]

Must Listen May: Mabel

An interesting piece of trivia I’d like to offer to you all before starting this review is that this show officially premiered nine days after my nineteenth birthday. And when I think of September, the first thing that comes to mind is how much I enjoy doing September in Review and how long it took for me to figure out whether or not I wanted to squeeze Mabel into it. 

But the siren’s call of horror has been a strong one this month, and I was compelled to go with my instincts on the SABLE and Mabel match up for the end of spring. Also, I like rhyming as much as I love perfect timing.

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What Lies in Wonderland // BTS’ Jungkook

In which the Mad Hatter realizes that love might possibly be his cup of tea.

Jungkook // Jin

[A/N] The first of a new oneshot series, What Lies in Wonderland.

The Hatter was a man of many things. Hats, obviously, was one of them. He had an entire closet filled to the brim with top hats, bowlers, fedoras, and even a flowery bonnet (which, make no mistake, had been given to him as a joke by that cheeky cheshire, Jimin). Tea was another. He liked to consider himself an expert in the art of flavoured leaves and steeped drinks. Of course, it helped that he happened to run his very own tea shop in the village- a quaint and delectably sweet little cafe, the townsfolk often complimented.

His credentials didn’t stop there. Riddles. Pocket watches. Jackets with neatly hemmed coattails. In all of these and more lay his knowledge and personal interest to varying degrees. His pocket watch must be wound once every two days, precisely at nine in the morning. His black coats could never be hung out to dry, otherwise the sun would fade their colours. And oh yes, a raven was quite like a writing desk in many ways (although with the last one, he still had trouble convincing the March Hare so).

The Hatter was a man of many things, but love was not one of them.

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Fire of devotion (contd)

don’t know if this makes any sense and is probs 100% OOC but I was INSPIRED so have this *runs the fuck away*

Percival Graves had never thought of himself as without a soulmate. There wasn’t a name yet on his skin, but he dreamed. Great things or whimsical things, cool fingers twining in his and my dear breathed against his ear. He even felt, sometimes, a current of emotion that was not his like a wave passing over him, taking him under and leaving him feeling so vast and fragile. Once lying in bed at Ilvermorny, missing an exam because he could not stop crying, somewhere his soulmate was devastated, anxious, heartbroken. He wanted to demand why, who had hurt them, what he could do, could they just please fucking stop feeling like the world was ending? Shoving emotion forward without thought, anger and righteousness and I'mhereI'mhereYouhaveme.

He had never felt alone, had held onto that feeling somewhere in his soul that someone was waiting for him and would be disappointed to meet his headstone when being an Auror was painful, when hexes cut up his sides or magical children cried, begging for their no-maj parents. There was always someone there, at his lowest.

But now he felt alone, staring into the mirror with dread filling his mouth with the taste of bile.

Percival looked at the name scarred onto the curve of his throat, and he felt–dirty. Branded, a thing owned. Gellert Grindelwald was his soulmate, the loop of the signature the intimacy of Percival’s dreams since his school days, the flirt of fingers tracing the line of his back, the reverent endearments mumbled against his skin before wakefulness tugged the dream away.

A voice used to preach war had made his heart swell.

Hands that murdered had touched his soul.

Percival stared at the name and swallowed. He cut the terror and disgust and shame twisting up his lungs neatly away. He glamoured his skin until the name disappeared.

“I’m not yours,” he whispered, and was disappointed in himself when he felt anguish in saying it.


Gellert washed the blood and grime from Percival’s hair, fingers efficient and attentive. Percival sat in the porcelain tub and said nothing, only staring at the new scars on his body, the ones MACUSA had carved into him as he screamed in its dirty cells. How long had he been down there?

“I’m going to rinse you off,” Gellert said, the shower-head in one hand. He looked different like this, bare of his coat, collar unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His expression was carefully blank, mismatched eyes absent of the smugness Percival had always seen in the wanted posters.

The water was warm. Gellert ran his hands here and there, sweeping his fingers down along Percival’s skin, over the scars where his touch lingered. He swept the hair from Percival’s neck, proposing a hair cut perhaps, when he brushed against his own name.

Percival jerked in his hands and made a wounded sound he didn’t mean to escape past his throat. Gellert’s hand stilled for a moment before he simply continued with his work, letting Percival shift and resettle, self-conscious.

“Can you stand?” Gellert asked. Percival nodded, grabbing onto the sides of the tub and pulling himself up, knees shaking and legs still aching. Gellert wrapped him in a towel and held him as he lifted one leg out of the tub and then the other. They made their way to the bed, where Percival sat on the edge while Gellert went to pick out clothes for him.

“Where’s yours?” Percival asked, and his voice was a croak. Gellert turned to him with clothes thrown over his arm.

“What was that?”

“Your Mark,” Percival said, clearing his throat. “Where is it on you?”

Gellert smiled, and there was something reminiscent of his wanted poster then, in the tilt of one mouth, like a secret he was all too proud to tell.

He walked over to Percival and set the clothes down on the bed. Then he began to unbutton his own shirt.

Percival made a sound of protest, but the other man simply continued until he had pulled it off. His skin was pale, and he was thicker in shape than Percival would have guessed, the lines of his body softer than his clothes would have suggested.

Gellert turned, showing off his back. And then, there, along his spine was Percival’s name, written on its side in the loop of his handwriting, dark as ink.

“I was told it is quite pretty,” Gellert said. “That you have very excellent penmanship.”

Percival had stopped breathing, somewhere in seeing it and Gellert speaking. He really wasn’t in the cells anymore. His name was on this man’s skin, as surely as Gellert’s was on his. Their souls had made each other home, forever in this life and forever in any after it. He reached forward without thinking and pressed his mouth to where his name ended, where Gellert’s spine dipped. He kissed the skin, gently, once, twice, before Gellert turned to kiss him, brushing their lips together before Percival pushed up and took his mouth completely.

“Oh my dear,” Gellert mumbled, pulling back before kissing at the corner of Percival’s mouth, down his chin and his neck to Gellert’s own name. Percival could feel his smile and he wanted to see it, wanted to taste it again, to forget how much his body ached, how much his mind was still memory and sensation being picked apart, Seraphina in the dark corner watching and commanding “again”.

“I’m here,” Gellert breathed against his neck. “I’m here. You have me.”

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I HAVE NO WORDS ?? THIS IS UTTERLY PERFECT ?? There are few words to describe the pain Percival went through at the hands of those he trusted, and you did it so well, it is so chilling. Like, 

Percival sat in the porcelain tub and said nothing, only staring at the new scars on his body, the ones MACUSA had carved into him as he screamed in its dirty cells. How long had he been down there? 

Percival could feel his smile and he wanted to see it, wanted to taste it again, to forget how much his body ached, how much his mind was still memory and sensation being picked apart, Seraphina in the dark corner watching and commanding “again”.

kill me, this is perfect. wanna write the fic in my stead? XD you GOD THIS SO GOOD I CANT EVEN. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Percival is so lost and hurt and betrayed and just – looking for an anchor and - it’s perfect. bless you. 

and Graves being so reassured and breathless at seeing his own name on Grindelwald’s skin. and the place you chose for it. I just, I can’t, thank you bless you amen i love it good night to me 


this was born from a conversation with my best friend on what we thought harry is like in bed. through a series of unfortunate events, this became. kinky shit. it gets weird sometimes. all fun and games (well, ya know, until someone gets hurt ;) )

WARNINGS :: this is a sub!harry so take that as you will but i don’t feel as though creativity should be censored. i believe we should all be mature enough to determine our intellect on if reading such a thing is a “good idea”. it’s all just imagination in the end, guys (-; also! lil thing to keep in mind – this is part one to percentage and i’m definitely going to be making a part two! and also, doesn’t really matter what you’re into but i definitely envisioned this as tmh/teenage dirtbag harold so yeahhhh

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“What about you?” Y/N breaks his thoughts up before they can get any more detailed and he looks up to find her already staring back at him. Somehow they’ve gotten awfully close to one another.

“M-me?” His words are choppy with a thick accent as he tries desperately to hold on to every last ounce of sanity.

“Don’t see anyone else in the room, babe.”

It’s the tension in the room that calls for a serious reality check that neither Harry nor Y/N really want, no matter how utterly mad this whole proposition is. How’d they get here in the first place anyway? Neither knows the knowledge.


y/n likes control and harry likes to be controlled. 


“Never much liked that bloke anyway,” Harry says with the roll of his eyes.

See, Harry was over at Y/N’s place, a late night studio session that went all the way till 2 am and Y/N’s apartment was only 10 minutes from the studio opposed to the 30 of Harry’s flat and one thing led to another and he ended up coming over.

On the occasion, Harry would have a run in with Y/N’s down-the-hall neighbor Lily who just adored Harry. A big fan you could say, but with how much Harry came over she got used to it and eventually it didn’t phase her that Harry Styles would occasionally stroll past her front door.

He came over a lot ever since Y/N moved to LA, you could say.

“Me either if I’m being quite honest,” She laughs an airy laugh as if she remembers everything wrong with him, “I mean, he was such an assshole, all he cared about was sex.”

And Harry would be disinterested in hearing about Y/N’s sex life if it weren’t for how whimsically she described things. Always a comedic one, her explaining things - no matter the circumstance - was no different.

“How so?”

She looks over at him then, a little furrow of her eyebrows because it’s not like he asked about her exes often, “He was such a dom, it was mental.”

That’s not exactly what Harry had in mind for what he thought Y/N was going to say. Did she not enjoy that kind of thing or?

“I remember telling Celeste (Y/N’s good friend/roommate from Uni, if Harry remembers correctly) about it one night and she told me to take this test-”

“Tell me it wasn’t a pregnancy test.” Harry presses with a boyish grin hiding the fact he’s slightly scared she could’ve had a pregnancy scare with a guy who didn’t care for her.

Her eyes get big, shaking her head rapidly, “No! Nothing of that sort, swear. Would’ve sued my birth control company or some shit. No, it was one of those sexual fantasy tests or whatever-”

Is she really talking about what he thinks she’s talking about?

“BDSM test?” His voice comes out much shakier than he wanted it to.

Harry would never associate vanilla and Y/N in the same sentence; she was very open to things. But he never really thought she would take the time to determine what exactly she was - much less ever tell him.

“Yeah and I felt so weird the whole time like I cleared my history and everything afterwords,” Harry would say even though she’s daring, she’s not explicit, “it actually opened my eyes to a lot though.”

Y/N was the kind of girl who knew what she wanted and she always seemed to get what she wanted. Back in school when she was young, she had a reputation of what some might call a - oh what the hell is it called? A bad bitch?

Something like that.

And so Harry always knew she would be the type to speak up for herself and never ever depend on a man to direct her life. What he didn’t know yet, however, was that she was the same in her bedroom affairs too.

“What did you get?” He asks in a teasing question as the cover up for his need for the knowledge.

“92% switcher. But then that didn’t make any sense because apparently I’m 84% dominant in that ratio.”

Harry swears he’s never viewed her this way. What, like someone so fuckable.

“Only 16% sub?” The way his words come out as an airy groan causes Y/N’s eyes to flicker over to his as a glint of lust flashes through.

“Apparently so. But even then I don’t give up control easily. Called me a ‘brat sub’.”

He swallows down on a dry mouth and he can’t comprehend the fact she’s literally everything he’s ever wanted. What the fuck, they’ve been friends, mates, wingmen for 5 bloody years and he’s just now figured out this information?

“What about you?” Y/N breaks his thoughts up before they can get any more detailed and he looks up to find her already staring back at him. Somehow they’ve gotten awfully close to one another.

“M-me?” His words are choppy with a thick accent as he tries desperately to hold on to every last ounce of sanity.

“Don’t see anyone else in the room, babe.”

It’s the tension in the room that calls for a serious reality check that neither Harry nor Y/N really want, no matter how utterly mad this whole proposition is. How’d they get here in the first place anyway? Neither knows the knowledge. And when it really comes down to it, Harry just thinks girls who like control are really fucking hot and Y/N thinks boys who can handle submission are really fucking hot.

Not to mention how damn quickly the mood had changed. Sexual tension floating through the air and it’s so thick neither can get a breath of fresh air. 

“Did one of those tests a while ago,” he starts, Y/N listening with wide eyes and an intimidating smirk that has Harry going mad, “back before we met and it was only a bit after I met the boys. I thought it was dumb but Niall and Zayn kept teasin’ and so I just did the damn thing,”

He pauses when her hand rests on his thigh, a fire there he swears only the devil himself (or in this case, herself) could produce. She’s dangerously close to his bits and if he could scream he would. Her shorts (that always did drive him crazy) hike up as she leans closer into him and it’s revealing her fleshy thighs that Harry desperately wants to part and be sent to some sort of safe haven between her legs. She’s driving him mental.  

“I’m listening.” She’s got a damn smirk dancing across her plump lips and Harry really doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.

“87% sub.”

It’s then that her eyes darken by a whole shade or two and her hand abruptly cups him through his jeans. The act is almost primal and Harry swears he’s seeing stars as he tries not the buck up into her hand.

How’d they ever get to where they are in the first place? The question might never have an answer.

All they know at this point is that Y/N likes to control and Harry likes to be controlled.

They make a good pair, to say the least.

im still writing anime metas and you cant stop me: Ushijima and Oikawa edition

Um, so, I got an anon asking about my feelings on Ushi/Oi and I ended up writing a huge meta on what i think of Ushijima and Oikawa and Haikyuu in general instead of answering the question? Oops.

A lot of times, Ushijima is put forth in the fandom as being predatory, obsessed, creepy, and in some cases even abusive and possessive. A lot of this has to do with his character, and people mistaking his stoic, logical, blunt, and socially awkward to a fault behavior as being somehow antagonistic. Yes, his character is put forth as a daunting, intimidating character, and yes he says some unsavory things, but to be perceived as malicious?

I’d really have to argue against that and say that there’s a lot more to be taken from his character.

Contains manga spoilers. 

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How To Tell if a Sign Likes You

Aries: The Aries will playfully flirt with their crush. They have a lot of courage but that doesn’t mean they won’t get flustered by their crush from time to time. The Aries will extend invitations to you and want to hang out with you more publicly. Aries are more direct and don’t like to fool around so if an Aries likes you they would be straight forward about it.

Taurus: A Taurus comes off shy with their emotions, so be patient with them. They are cautious with who they want to be romantically involved with so any gesture out of the ordinary can be a sign they like you. They typically communicate their feelings best through smiles and caring attitude.

Gemini: They will want to talk to you A LOT. Expect them to find out all your contact information. They are also known to be pretty flirty as well and they try to play it off as a whimsical thing. Though known for conversing, you may notice the Gemini engaging in deeper, more meaningful conversations, as well as taking more interest in your thoughts. 

Cancer: They aren’t obvious with their feelings so it would be subtle hints. They will get a little more clingy with you and try to hang out with you or text you more often; the Cancer would want to spend a lot of time with you. They would also try to direct your attention to them because they want to be noticed by you. You may notice shy glances and sweet smiles.

Leo: You would get a sense that they are interested in you because they want to hear what you have to say and learn more about you and not just talk about themself. They would want to make time to spend with you and you will start feeling like they are very loyal to you.

Virgo: They smile around you a lot! They are able to open up to you more easily and are more hesitant to critique you! They will also show how much you mean to them by displaying their protective side so expect them to defend you when you are faced with confrontation or when you are doing risky things.

Libra: Libras come off as flirty at times, but keep in mind their friendliness is often to blame because of that. When a Libra likes you they will smile a lot when you are around and want to spend more time with you. They will also bring you up in conversations plenty of times with other people (so ask a mutual friend if this is happening). They will also avoid conflict with you at all costs!

Scorpio: They will share a little more about themselves that they wouldn’t share to just anybody. Look into their body language such as the looks they may give you; they are known to give their crushes a deep and intense stare. They also may play hard to get; they like to see how determined you are to capture their heart.

Sagittarius: They like relationships to be fun and light and take that approach when confronting their crush. They wear a bright smile around their crush and are very enthusiastic when talking to them. Sagittariuses are usually laughing and open with their crush.

Capricorn: Capricorns are patient when it comes to love. They come off as aloof and its hard to read just what they are feeling. When a Capricorn likes you they will try to reach out and give a helping hand whenever they can. They are cautious with their crushes so they won’t make a move right away and will take time to get to know you more. They are very caring towards their crush and would want to help guide their crush toward success. 

Aquarius: They are unpredictable in nature and the same goes with how they are with their crushes. They value communication and intelligent so they will being picking apart their crush’s brain. They are constantly approaching their crushes with new topics and discussions. Their heart of gold will show around their crush and they will always want to be there for their crush to help them and provide comfort. 

Pisces: Pisces bring out their sensitive sides and really want to attach themselves to the person they desire. They are sweet and shy around their crushes. The Pisces may come across distant at time but only because they value personal space. They need time to themselves so don’t take offence to this; they mean no harm by doing this.