whimsical as shit

So the new Fantastic Beasts trailer that i finally watched reminded me of something that’s always fucking bothered me about the HP books. There seems to be very little consideration for logic or sense. Like, apparently all these Magical Creatures get loose because Newt Scamander has this suitcase that contains a magical zoo on the inside and shit and something leads to it breaking open and all the creatures escaping.

What the FUCK is the point of carrying around a zoo with you? WHY? Does it serve any purpose beyond being whimsical and magical and shit? Did he never think, “Hey maybe carrying around a suitcase full of dangerous and deadly creatures might not be the best idea”?

Has anyone brought up the possibility that the Augur and Call from Beyond Micolash wields aren’t actually his, and that he might’ve confiscated them

from the locked up choir corpse with the key to the upper cathedral ward?

to all the homies dealing with horrible anxious thoughts:

it doesnt matter what you tell yourself,  what you feel randomly guilty for… how horrible you have convinced yourself you are…..

 you deserve to be loved by your friends and family. you deserve to be respected. and you don’t deserve to be abandoned. especially not over the petty whimsical shit that you may have panic attacks over. 

and unfortunately, some people may leave you behind that easily. they may brush you off. and if this happens a lot, you may become convinced that it is an inevitable consequence of your character.
but the person you are, you have a lot of potential, and you may help people more than you realise. sure, all the petty bastards may decide youre not worth it, but you stood by them when they were at their worst. maybe you are good at reassuring people. maybe you are good at keeping your head in a bad situation. maybe you are good at creating content that puts a smile on someone’s face. 

for as long as you care, and are willing to look out for others, you are worth forgiveness and trust.
don’t let anyone make you feel like garbage.