whimsey box



The idea of a box of craft supplies waiting for me at my doorstep every month for just $15 is something to get excited about! Whimseybox was created by Alicia DiRago, a lover of DIYs, crafts, and fashion from Houston, Texas. She brought the idea of the Whimseybox to life in 2011 and the interest in it has quickly exceeded her expectations. Why couldn’t I have thought of something this amazing? Anyways…the Whimseybox is currently by invitation only [I know it’s sad…but let me tell you…I put my name on the waiting list the minute I got on the site] but she is sending invites out daily - hopefully mine will come soon….very soon!

I have decided that when I finally receive one of these beautiful white reusable boxes full of sample crafting supplies, I will be posting about it - not just the first month but every month that it comes. I will take you through every step of me opening it and then show you what wonderful things are inside…and if you are lucky I might even talk about each and every product. Yay! I am so excited about this find…did I mention it is only $15! Go over to the Whimseybox site [click on the link below] and sign up for your invite today.

That’s all…Have a GREAT weekend!