whimsett cove


Throwback Thursday, Sims 3-style. This wasn’t a retro house, necessarily, just super outdated. But working on my 1980s save lately made me think about similar projects I’ve done in the past, and how Create-a-Style came in really handy for those. I miss it!

(My two most fervent wishes for Sims 5 - if they make one: a world editor and CAST. Even if it’s just colors and not patterns.)


My favourite Sims 3 site is jenba sims. Jenba builds and decorates the most amazing lots. If you haven’t seen her stuff, you should really check it out. I loved the house she built for the mayor of Whimsett Cove, so I decided to copy it. I wasn’t sure off the exact layout so I moderated it to suit myself. Then I copied the colour and decorating inside. Jenba’s house is much better than mine and her pictures are better too. Mine are so dark. Anyway I like the end result. I have some additional pictures to post as I added a few rooms and decorated some not shown in Jenba’s house. I placed my house in Cape Garner Island looking out to sea.


A modified version of @jenba‘s lovely Whimsett Cove Business Lot. The brick building is a bank, the two-story building in the middle contains a real estate agency and the town newspaper headquarters, and the little shoe box on the left is my attempt at a CC free diner cart (which I named Jen’s Place of course :D). For the most part, I just removed the custom content and edited the landscaping to fit Serendipity’s main street better. All credit goes to jenba for the architecture, layout, and design. <3

Interior pictures coming later. :)



I’m experimenting with putting my Whimsett Cove lots into Cape Garner Islands (calling it Cape Whimsett for the moment xD). I plan on grabbing my CGI lots from my other save and plopping them here, too.

I thought about doing this months ago when CGI first came out, but it didn’t feel right putting New England-y lots into a world based on the Pacific Northwest. Eventually I realized that it doesn’t matter. My Sims don’t live in the real world. It’s all fantasy. So I don’t need to restrict myself so much.

I have much tweaking to do with this save before I can play it, but I think it just might work. *crosses fingers*

I love summer, but there’s always so much going on, leaving little time to Sim. I managed to do a little tweaking of Cape Garner this past week, namely placing the Captain’s Landing lot from Whimsett Cove in its new spot and fixing some interior things (I’ve reduced CC a bit so I had to replace stuff). I have more plans for this lot, including a clothing boutique and a sushi bar. But I’m happy that it still has nice views! You can even see the statue of Twallan across the street.

Later on today I hope I have time to make some edits to the Lobster Dock so it’ll be easier to place in other worlds. And maybe get to some of my other 1,837 projects. :-p

Working on my request list, starting with the Whimsett Cove Business Lot, requested by excelsiorsims3. She said it was OK if I put it on a 30x40 lot, as it was an odd size to begin with, and it’ll fit in Cape Garner this way, so I can use it, too.

I’m reducing the amount of CC required because 100+ items is just way more than anyone should have to download for a lot! Blergh. I’m hoping to achieve a much more manageable list of maybe 15-20 items.

From evil freezer bunnies to quaint colonials! This will probably be my next upload. I know it’s out of order from my request list (it’s currently at #6), but work been insane this week, and I wanted to fiddle around with something relatively easy.

This house was already built and half-decorated - all I have to do is finish decorating and replace most of the CC items with EA stuff.

I’ll probably spend the next couple nights on that and be able to post it on Sims 3 Musketeers this weekend. Wheeee. Time for bed; my brain needs defragmenting.


These are TS3 pics, but has anyone seen any cedar shake siding like this for Sims 4? Or would anyone be willing to make some? I used this cedar shake pattern by Babolat in like 80% of my builds for Whimsett Cove/Cape Garner, and I would love to have it for my New England-y buildings in TS4. I thought about trying to make it myself, but every time I tried to make CC in Sims 3 I about pulled my hair out, and I fear it would be the same for TS4. I am so not technical. At any rate, if anyone could make some, I would build anything you want at your request (TS4 only)!