Oh, yeah, do they have an effect.

I mean, they can affect humans too - in fact, they often do! Take the rift, for example, in Cardiff — which is a bit of a weaker inter-dimensional wormhole. It can open up latent psychic capabilities in you lot, from telepathy to flashes of visions past and future… not to mention the language! I mean, blimey, how do you think the Welsh developed their language? Really! Don’t question me here.

But it has a very different effect on species with temporal awareness and temporal sensitivity. I mean, for me, time is like any of your senses — sight, hearing, smell… Cardiff’s pretty alright, but really bad holes? They can make me feel physically ill. I get woozy, or I feel too heavy and have trouble walking. Sometimes, if it gets really bad, I even speak sluggishly.

I can block that whole sense entirely, and it does make it better, but it also makes me feel exceptionally cut off and off-balance — it’s like suddenly not being able to see. I mean, even when I turned human I still had a dulled temporal-spatial awareness. 

But!, yes, I am definitely not left unaffected.