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So the first time my best friend (right) and I (left) went to a con, we decided to both go as the 11th Doctor. It was because at school everyone always thought we were twins, so we decided “Hey lets both be the Doctor and cause some Timey Whimey shit.” So we met this super rad Spider-Man cosplayer and we took this selfie with him. After the picture was taken, we thanked him and complimented his costume. Then I decided to turn to him and say “Hey, how’s Gwen doing?” And I swear to god, I have never heard a more disappointed sigh of regret in my life.

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It was just confirmed LoT will go to 2046 and meet 60 year old Oliver wearing the stupid goatee and missing an arm. Do u think this will be some kind of set in stone future? B/c I already don't like what I'm hearing and who knows what else they will reveal. I don't like the idea that LoT will show Oliver's future. What are we watching Arrow for if they show his future is crap or not what we want? Could what they show still change? Do u think we need to be worried about this? It makes me nervous.

I think the whole point of the future stuff and travelling around in it is that you CAN change the future, that’s the premise of LoT, right? And timey whimey things always get a bit complicated, because you start to get all these parallel threads. Like, we’ve already seen Oliver tell Felicity about William and that no go well, so he chose not to tell her in the present time line… which changed his future time line. I think it’s all meant to say nothing is written in stone and everything is up for grabs. 

I’m an old Doctor Who fan from way back. I love see possible future time lines. I’m all in for that. But I think the point is that the future can be changed at any point with any decision. So, what we see in the flash forwards might not be our Oliver’s ultimate fate. :) 

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Is that the Auryn in your arm/shoulder? That kind of ouroboros snake design?

One shoulder is a representation of Whibley wobbly timey whimey and the other Israel snakes biting their tails like from the never ending store

Tardis Row! ——————————————–I have the honour to help represent the coolest Krewe in New Orleans, Krewe Du Who at Wizard World New Orleans!! Yes this Doctor Who/ Whovian inspired group will be materalising this weekend along with Metro Whovians/TEAAM Autism! Geronimo!!!! Come along Ponds, Don’t be a Lasagna and step inside the TARDIS, seek some wisdom from the Face of Boe, Exterminate some Daleks and take a “moment” with the Moment. Calling all Doctors, companions and future companions *pointing at you*. Run you clever boy or girl, Don’t blink!! and remember….He is not just a Mad man with a box and a screwdriver. He is……the Doctor. Pop on over to our booth and get your Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey Who on!!!! Allons-y!! VWROOP!!! Please like on FB, follow & tweet us @Kreweduwho @WizardWorld @TEAAMAutism @MetroWhovians @TARDISofSlidell #DoctorWho #KreweduWho #WizardWorld #TARDISofSlidell #TEAAMAutism #tardis #doctorwhoart #dw #whovian #wizardworldneworleans #metrowhovians (at Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans)

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If you hang with me we'll go off in the tardis for a wibboly wobboly timey whimey ;>

…..why would you send me a doctor who pick up line? I never gave any indication I watch that show.

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oh my god hahah, I guess other people who didn’t know that I changed urls probably though I just deactivated or something, but I’m still that little old trash blog that used to be super cringe sometimes :)

  • Teacher:alright class what's the definition of Time?
  • Potterhead- going backwards in time and stopping buck-beak from being killed
  • Trekkies- Stardates
  • Jedi's- something to be taken seriously when in battle with a Star Destroyer
  • Supernatural- eh depends on what cha mean
Things I learned and rules I live by

No second chances.
Respect everyone.
Lying is okay, within reason.
Make an effort to meet someone halfway.
Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.
If you don’t try you will never succeed.
Always be there, within reason.
No killing, within reason.
Mean what you say(Unless it sarcasm).
Admit when you are wrong.
A man is only as good as his word.
Use the mole, 22.4 litters.
The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.
It belongs in a museum.
I believe in necessary evil.
If you find enemies, you are going the right way.
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Madness is like gravity.
Revenge is not Justice.
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey.