Some People Love Rose

Some People Love Martha

Some People Love Donna

Some People Love Amy and Rory

Some People Love Clara

Some People Love Them All

Some People Love Some

Some People Love Nine

Some People Love Ten

Some People Love Eleven

Some People Love Twelve

Some People Love Them All

Some Only A Few

Some Ship NineXRose

Some Ship TenXRose

Some Ship ElevenXClara

Some Ship TwelveXClara

Some Dont Ship Anyone

Some Are Against Other Ships

Some May Even Ship Ones That No One Else Ships

But We All Have One Thing In Common



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Frankly I always need more books with dragons, and would love some recs if you have the time to spare :)

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It would be my pleasure!! Everyone needs more dragons in their lives.

Ones I’ve read and recommend:

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan - non-sentient dragons, focus more on the science and the study of them. Written in a form of a memoirs of a dragon naturalist. 

Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey - science-fictiony, timey-whimey, awesome dragons. This is a very long series, but the mythology here is solid and the main character is amazing. It’s from the 80s, so it’s very… 80s fantasy.

Temeraire series by Naomi Novik- often described as Napoleonic Wars with Dragons, but it’s more like, travel the world and discover an amazing variarity of dragons + Napoleonic wars. This is also a longish series.

Dealing with Dragons by Particia C. Wrede - this is more for younger readers, but it’s a great story with very feminist leanings that attempt to break the typical fairy tale conventions of dragons and princesses.

Seraphina by Rachel Heartman - really interesting take on dragons as mythical beings, beautiful lyrical writing, very unique story.

Fairyland series by Catherynne M. Valente - technically about Wyren - but a very worthy cousin of dragons - especially these, because these ones are also book lovers and keepers of the libraries! This one is one of the most amazing fantasy series I read this year, it’s aimed at younger teens, but god, I love it so much.

Guards! Guards (Discworld) by Terry Pratchett - it’s really the only discworld novel I’ve read that had a big focus on dragons, but it’s also an excellent entry to Discworld… and it’s hilarious and amazing, and honestly, the best.

Ones I don’t really remember well, or I haven’t read, or the focus isn’t entirely on dragons,  but heard mentioned a lot (but it might be lies):

Dragon Slippers by Jessica George, The Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb, Voices of Dragons by Cerrie Vaughn, Firelight by Sophie Jordan, The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman, Eragon by Paolini, The Hobbit by Tolkien, A Song of Ice and Fire by GRRMartin, A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin.


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JunkratXReader Headcannons
  • He grew up with nothing to do at night but look at stars so he’s an expert at astronomy
  • Probably wanted to be an astronaut when he was younger
  • He was enthralled by shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock
  • “Wha’s he goin’ on about? Wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuffs?”
  • “Now ‘ow ths hell could he ‘ave figured that out by ‘er coat?”
  • You’ll probably have to shush him a thousand times before you can watch in peace
  • You like to ask him about the stars because he gets so excited and his eyes sparkle and he just looks like a child and lord protect this man
  • If you teach him something new, be it space or science or technology, he sits there quietly and listens with an intense look
  • After you’ll probably find him bragging to people about what you taught him
  • “So what (Y/N) said was somethin called a Neutron star can be 40km in diameter but there’s some stars like….1500 times larga than tha sun. Ain’t tha’ freaky?”
  • He mostly tells Roadhog who then gets very annoyed with you
  • Seriously, the man won’t shut his mouth after speaking with you
  • He likes to call you Encyclopedia since anytime he has a question you have an answer
  • Just remind him that you are a human and not a book to be thrown at someone’s face
  • He tried once
  • The injuries he sustained after are still mysterious
  • When you sit outside with him at night he spends more time looking at you than the sky
  • He thinks you’re more stunning than any night sky
  • You’re secretly trying to find out how to get him to space
  • You just want the explosive nugget to be happy
The doctor’s wives: Mary vs River Song, the differences in the most important

River Song:

  • was brainwashed into killing the Doctor and actually thought he was evil
  • saved the Doctor after the kiss of Judas at a great personnal cost (loss of regenerative energy)
  • refused to kill him the second time even though she shouldn’t have been able to resist, was willing to break the universe to save his life
  • is not her real name, she became River Song because of timey whimey; told the Doctor and her parents her real identity as soon as she could
  • went to prison for a murder she did not commit (twelve thousand consecutive life sentences), and even though she regulary escapes her cell, she always go back and only leaves her prison definitively when she got a pardon, actually pays for a crime she hasn’t actually committed
  • lies, but not where it truly matters; she lies because she must and has to avoid them learning spoilers
  • has a diary the Doctor musn’t read
  • like, he CAN’T, he’s not allowed and him knowing his future could be devastating for the space time continuum. This book is about their love story and the Doctor knowing could jeopardize everything and she needs to protect these precious moments from being accidentally erased 
  • it is her duty to protect their timeline,
  • dies saving the Doctor; puts a brave front even though she’s at this point a stranger to him, spend her last moments rassuring him, telling him this is only their beginning for him

Mary Watson

  • knows Sherlock wants to help her and means her no harm when she shoots him
  • may or may have not called an ambulance, the jury is still out on this one;
  • would have shot Sherlock again in Leinster garden, only her picture on the facade stopped her
  • is not her real name; she once said her initials where A.G.R.A but apparently that was also a lie, others characters try to guess but she doesn’t confirm anything
  • went to kill Magnussen because what he has on her could put her to prison, doesn’t want to pay for crimes she did commit
  • lies, all the time, she hasn’t said anything true in all the time we’ve known her. We have no idea why she does that
  • has a memory stick John mustn’t not read
  • well, he COULD but this is about who she was before she met him, him knowing the truth would apparently make him stop loving her instantly
  • threw the responsability of ending their marriage to John, he is the one who has to decide if he wants to read the memory stick. By giving the key, she has put the burden on his shoulders
  • dies saving Sherlock, for some reason. Tells that this act makes her even with Sherlock and talks how she’s loved being Mrs Watson, keeps talking about herself when John is in distress over her dying

River Song and Mary Watson seems very alike at first glance, but one has a heart while the other wasn’t given one. This is these precious things River Song has done that makes her likeable and a great character who is despite her moments inherantly good. These selfless actions however are all reversed with Mary who seems in comparison very selfish.

Moffat knew how to make her likeble and yet did not. Where he could have turned her into another complex character, he didn’t.

However, she can still be an excellent vilain if we finally acknowledge that she is inherently decieving and selfish.

I know I’m late to the party, but...

But yes, Yixing won’t be here for Comeback promotions. Which kind of sucks. But I’m gonna be a realistic asshole about this, so brace yoselves:

  • Timey-Whimey-Stuff: No, that comeback couldn’t have been delayed anymore. I know it’s kinda cruel, but EXO are expected to release stuff all the goddamn time, and so is every other K-Pop artist. Not releasing an album for more than a year pretty much means you go out of business because there are enough other groups your fans can turn towards to 
  • POLITICS: Now is the time, before China& SK are at each other’s throats again over some new bullshit
  • money, moNEY; MONEY: Yixing makes a hell of a lot of money in China, and so does EXO in Korea- it was his own decision to have all of these promotions there, just as it is his own decision to stay in EXO; maybe not the healthiest thing to do, but y’all know what an idiot he is when it comes to taking care of himself& his health. But that boy could have pulled a TaoKrisLu a year ago and he would still be successful af. So, he obviously loves EXO and wants to be a part of it, but at the same time he is building a career for ‘Life After EXO’. Because things won’t be like they are now forever, and with like 30 most idol’s career is over (also bc military service and stuff.) He is being realistic and making his own way, and so are the other members (acting, musicals, shooting CFs &stuff.) It’s their good right, and as fans we should support them none the less.

So I, for myself am proud of them. I love them because of their flawless choreos, the amazing MVs& songs and everything else they give us fans. But we are not entitled to any of that, and we should not demand any of it. 

Yes, I am ad about all the OT9 interactions that are not gonna happen now. But Lay doesn’t disappear of the face of the earth just bc he isn’t in Korea. Literally just go on yt, look up ‘go fighting’ (and have the best, like, 15 hours of your life!) … but that’s not the point here. 

The point is, do you love the members for the idol shit they give us?

Or do you love them for their personalities, their goofiness, their talent, their dedication and their passion?

Because if you do, you are still going to love& support our Chinese muffin. 

xoxo, Elly



-don’t think about Shiro as the Doctor and Pidge as Rose Tyler

-don’t think about Pidge being all geeky and happy meeting aliens and learning timey-whimey things

-don’t think about Shiro in that suit with sneakers

-don’t think about Pidge in the pretty pink formal dress and dat jacket

-don’t think about Shiro telling Pidge to run from those mannequins and pidge just being utterly confused but rolls with it

-don’t think of about the space and time dates they can have and the HANDHOLDING may it be running or just strolling around

-don’t think about all of the I’ve missed u so much tight hugs

-don’t think about them watching as the earth dies and Pidge is just depressed

-don’t think about Shiro telling him about the time war

-don’t think about about “I’m the last of the timelords. I’m left travelling on my own.” “There’s me.”

-don’t think about BADWOLF PIDGE DON’T

-don’t think about  shiro being in distress when pidge is trapped in the TV or pidge losing their face


-don’t think about spacehelmet forehead kiss

-don’t think about “How long are you gonna stay with me?” “Forever.”

-don’t think about them having a picnic in the newest new york city

-don’t think about them being in the wall separated them from each other into different dimension into different domains

-don’t think about “Pidge Holt, I-”

-don’t think about the happiness in Shiro’s eyes when he meets her again and ow badass she is with that giant gun


-don’t think about Shiro coming back to see Pidge but not the Pidge who knew him “Happy New Year.” “I bet you’re really gonna have a great year.”

-don’t think about metacrisis Shiro (Kuro…?)

-don’t think about “He’s not you.” “But he needs you and that’s very me.”

-don’t think about “I’ve only got one heart. I’ve only got one life, Pidge Holt. I could spend it with you.”

-don’t think about “What was the end of that sentence?”

-don’t think about “It doesn’t need saying.”

-don’t think about Kuro and Pidge kiss

-don’t think about how shiro looked at them, how he left and how that must’ve felt

-don’t think about “No more” or "Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?”

The Signs in the TARDIS
  • Aries: *Runs around the halls*
  • Taurus: *Sasses a Dalek*
  • Gemini: *Uses it to steal a dinosaur*
  • Leo: What is this "Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Whimey stuff made of? How does this "TARDIS" of yours work? *asks 5000 more science questions*
  • Virgo: *Goes to victorian era*
  • Libra: *Fights for Ood rights*
  • Scorpio: *Fangirls/Fanboys until they faint*
  • Sagittarius: *Travels to real Marvel Universe*
  • Capricorn: *Gets lost*
  • Aquarius: Where is the pool?!
  • Pisces: *Traps self in space without oxygen*
The fandoms in five words:
  • Doctor Who: "Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey Whimey" show
  • Supernatural: The Family Business (featuring Destiel)
  • Harry Potter: Still waiting for Hogwarts letter...
  • Sherlock: "I'm a high functioning Sociopath!!"
  • Game of Thrones: Winter is coming resist attachment
  • Orphan Black: How does Tatiana even sleep?
  • Walking Dead fandom: Walkers are never called zombies

So, you need to understand how emotional I get over stupid things like imagining pre-teen Kara Zor-El crash landing on Earth and Clark pulling her out of the wreckage and carrying her. Like Kara crying and clinging like in that way little kids do: like full nelson neck hold with her ankles hooked around his back and he cannot pry her off because he doesn’t have the heart to.

Imagine that her ship did a good job tracking the last recorded trajectory of Kal’s ship and so she basically crashes in the Kent’s backyard. Imagine Clark sitting on the porch with her, telling her in really shitty Kryptonian that things are okay and he’s happy she made it and she’s okay. 

Imagine it takes her a while to realize who he is and for, like, an inordinate amount of time he thinks there’s some other baby crash landed somewhere out there. Then it’s so weird when they realize he’s the baby she was trying to find and because of weird timey-whimey shit he’s all grown up and she’s still, like, ten. 

“This is weird,” he says while she wolfs like a gallon of ice-cream. “But I’ll take what I can get.”

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Hi, can you recommend your favorite baekyeol fics? :>

These are my personal favorites. Like, I dunno what your fic taste is but I’m sappy and bestfriend and cry and stuff.

Zodiac | Hell yeah, bending and Avatar shit. Fuck yeah. Little Love what?


Lavanya | Feared the worst for this.

Then Came You | Kei, you shit. You know I love you.

The Letter | Possessive Chanyeol is best.

Phoenix Rising | This Chanyeol is also pretty fucking sexy.

Firestorms, And the Rate of Consumption | I’m really fond of magical AU’s. This is magically sad.

Glissandi | I’m not sure if I  favorite this or I hate it. This fic is unfair as fuck and I think it’s great.

Fix You | Can we not.

The Boy Who Leapt Through Time | Timey whimey things and I’m on the hook. This didn’t break me but the Epilogue did a bit of damage. Time Traveller’s Story

Woodnote | Timey whimey things and “If ya cud change yer fate wood you do et?” Goddamnit. I love the string red ajdwdask shit.

Suitcase of Memories | Refreshing with the scenery’s that isn’t Korea. Ya feel? This is the kind of drama I dig.

Forevermore | Timey whimey things got me hooked but this shit was fabulous but can we not. Why? Goddamnit.

Hand In Hand [We Swim In Our Sins] | Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Moments Like These | I’m made of fluff and frosting and a bit of masochism and a dash of sadism but this is just fluff and cute.

I Don’t Want To Fall In Love With You! | If you’re easily affected by secondhand embarrassment, then you should read this because it’s nice and funny but also frustrating.

Moments | This story is cute. Lick a lollipop and stick it on a strangers face kind of sweet.

Well, that’s all so far. Ah, enjoy! ^^


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