OK, so I was tagged by the amazingly awesome and totally super cute  aegi-ho .  You are amazingly awesome!

1.       nickname: I’m not cool enough to have a nickname. If anyone wants to come up with one I’ll be happy to take submissions.

2.       eye colour: Blue. And it’s an awesome blue if I do say so myself .

3.       hair colour: Blond, brown or whatever. I’m not sure exactly what it is other than it’s what’s on my head.

4.       a fact about me: I used to be a professional magician.

5.       favourite colour: Blue.

6.       favourite place: I don’t have one yet but I’m looking.

7.       favourite celebrity: This is way too long a list to post here. Mostly dead ones. But whatever.

8.       favourite animal: Cats. ALL THE KITTIES!

9.       favourite book: It’s a toss up between Harry Potter and The Dresden Files. Hey, two wizards named Harry. How can you go wrong?

OK, do I’m gonna tag Fatgirlgetsfitatlast, fatmaninalittlesuit,  soraias-journey and  wilwheaton . Just because I wanna see if he actually sees this…