whilst in photoshop

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omg hi!! i've been curious but how do you gif so quickly? whenever i try to gif something from something eg a run episode i always end up taking so long nd when i get on tumblr there are already 10 gifs of the thing i originally giffed ajkskfhofdu

i think it comes down to practice :’) the more familiar you get with photoshop and giffing, the faster you are. making a decision about what part of the video you want to gif quickly helps too. also ummm, download the video beforehand whilst you watch the ep. 

there are alot of bts giffers, so there are bound to be people who gif the same thing as you. try not to worry about it too much!!

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Your contribution to the Kill La Kill zine was magnificent. I've always wanted to draw something like that but I never know where to begin. Can you show how you manage to create such intricate artwork? More specifically, can you show where exactly you started with the artwork in question?

Thank you, anon! I’m glad you liked my piece! With big illustrations like that one I always do doodles in my sketchbook before moving on to the photoshop file. Sketching things irl really helps me get ideas out fast and without much effort! Whilst drawing in photoshop takes more time but the final result is cleaner. So here’s my initial sketch of my Mako madness piece, for you! :>