By the Hecatostylon a brazen bear’s on show,
Where man-made beasts adorn the plane-tree rows.
Fair Hylas, while he played around her jaws,
Stuffed tender hand into her gaping maw.
But a viper lay within her dark, bronze depths
And brought the beast to life with deadlier breath.
Poor boy! He did not know till came the bite.
If only the bear were real! What a miserable plight!
—  Martial, Epigrams III.XIX

I do know once in a while, you know, life can give us a sign, point us to a different place. Maybe good things can come out of bad. If it weren’t for Cardiff Electric, there’d be no Mutiny. If it weren’t for Gordon Clark, I wouldn’t have met you.

Halt And Catch Fire S2 finale ‘Heaven Is A Place’



That guy that likes to draw ponies with vehicles will be back at Bronycon THIS WEEKEND! With THREE NEW PRINTS! Also:

We’ve got buttons this year! Yes! Me! Buttons! There’s only a limited stock of these(I don’t have the tools to do it myself) so grab em while you can!

I’ll also be selling the prints of ALOS found here: http://arosu-sama.tumblr.com/post/125797510869/ponymousepads-are-really-awesome-mxcoriginal-has

And Acesential will be vending there, who can be found here: http://acesential.deviantart.com/

Also there will be mousepads. So you can rub your mouse on a pony.

Hope to see you there!


Very excited to share the news that Youth in Decline has collaborated with our friend BIG BUD PRESS (the best pin maker in the game!) to create a new pin!


The is a heavy-duty enamel pin version of our logo, which was designed by Michael DeForge. Big Bud Press pins are high-quality, with meticulous attention to detail <3

You can pair any purchase of the pin with a recent issue of our Frontier series!!

Limited Run, get ‘em while you can!

anonymous asked:

bigbang reaction to you (their friend) being kinda led on by a guy and the guy is making you wait a long while before you two can date, and you're hurt/upset by it. seeing how upset you are they go and confront the guy/give them a talk. thanks in advanced!

G-Dragon: Would be ready to start a fight for you if needed

T.O.P: Would be like “are we seriously going to have a problem right now”?

Daesung: Would try to be friendly and get the guy to honestly talk to him, so he can figure out what is going on. 

Seungri: Would try to be tough but then if things got intense he would be like…peace I’m out

Taeyang: Would be laughing….”are we really going to do this, because I can take you”.


anonymous asked:

hey ok so this has been in the back of my mind for a while &amp; i hope you can help me out. i think i'm aromantic, but i'm not sure because i only want the things i can't have &amp; once people fall in love with me i completely lose interest. i feel like such a massive knob all the time because i feel like i'm playing with people's emotions but i rarely get crushes and if i do, once they fall in love with me i lose all interest because i proved to myself that i can have them? idk it's all so co

hey friend !! have u ever heard of the term lithromantic/akoiromantic ??? it means feeling romantic attraction towards someone or enjoying it in theory but not wanted to have it reciprocated !!! [thus losing interest once its returned]

i partly identify w the term, but i go with both aro/lithro bc most of the time i feel zero romantic attraction [like for the past two years & currently] however in the past i had felt the attraction but once i started dating them i lost all interest,, i know its very confusing & u feel like ur broken or wrong but know that ur not - i reccommend looking into the term & doing some research on different romantic orientations !! “^)

lastly,, remember that u don’t have to label urself if u dont want to, u are u & theres nothing wrong w that !!!!!

Today is Esther Day. Esther Day is a day to celebrate the birthday of a lovely girl named Esther Earl. She died in 2010 of cancer at the age of 16. She inspired many, especially the author John Green. (Which helped lead to the writing of The Fault in Our Stars) She stated that on her birthday each year, she would like each person to tell their friends and family that they love them. So, this is me, telling ALL of you that I love you and I am so thankful for your support and friendship. It’s made my life 100% awesome. Make sure to tell everyone how much you love them while you can. #estherday #esther #dftba