Mistakes are something that is essential for we as human beings to develop. No one can understand their alphabet without first making a mistake of some kind. The same goes for life: without your mistakes it is impossible for you to learn and grow as an individual. Therefore, make as many mistakes as you can while you can because with each mistake you will become wiser as a person.


“I’m so jealous I can’t stand it.”

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some-determined-kid  asked:

Yours taste like pizza to me. Everytime your art appears on my dash, I have a really warm and happy feeling inside, exactly like when

He cK this is cute pizza does the same for me so I just ejwsuwbwhwjwjsbsjw imagining that feeling ahhhh tha nk yo u

While you can:
Be alone with him. I don’t mean make out, either, even simple coversation would do, but block out everything and just notice him. Put the phone face down and look straight into those shining brown eyes you love so much, study the beautiful teeth in his smile when he laughs. You can look at a screen anytime. Your time with him is fleeting.
You notice how every time he moves, his cologne hits you in a wave? Breathe deep of that scent you can’t quite describe and store it away for a rainy day. Before you know it, even his jacket won’t smell like that anymore, and all you’ll have is memory.
I know you hate how he leans on your shoulder and calls you short, but believe it or not, the little things will torment you the most later. Roll your eyes, heave a sigh, but never snap at him for it. At two a.m. on a sleepless night you might be crying, and “Hey Shortie” might be etched into your mind like letters in stone.
Don’t take him for granted. Don’t think you hold the deed to his heart and that you always will, and don’t think even Hell and high water can’t yank his hand out of yours, because they can. And if you taunt them enough, they will.
Quite simply, love him with everything you’ve got.
While you can.
—  he won’t always be yours (advice i wish i’d taken) // abby, day 71

harmonelson  asked:

Hey JJ! I've read quite a few of your analyses and I'm just wondering if you've ever written about Santana's father? Specifically, why we haven't met him, even though the little he's been mentioned, it seems though he is at least IN her life?

Hey, @harmonelson​!

I actually just posted an answer about Santana and her father a little while ago. You can read it here, if you like. The post deals mostly with what information we do—and, more often, don’t—know concerning the mysterious Dr. Lopez.

As for the issue of why we’ve never met the man on the show, here’s the gist:

There is no compelling in-universe reason why Dr. Lopez never plays an active role in Santana’s storylines on Glee. 

To the best of our knowledge, Dr. Lopez and Maribel remain married throughout the duration of the show, so it would make sense for them to occasionally appear together on screen. 

From what little we know, Dr. Lopez’s relationship with Santana during her teenage years is a good one, so it would also make sense for him to occasionally have significant interactions with his daughter and for us to be able to see them when he does so. 

He is supportive of Santana’s coming out, so he could feasibly be part of any and all storylines having to do with Santana being disowned by her grandmother. He could also feasibly take an active role at Santana’s wedding.

Hell, one would even expect it. She’s his only daughter, for Chrissakes!

But despite what might be possible with this character and what one might expect with him, the man nevertheless remains elusive.

We get a glimpse of someone who may be him in episode 3x08 “A Wedding,” but he is never identified by name, and he certainly doesn’t play an active role in the episode’s storyline (see here). 

So the question is, “What gives?”

Why isn’t Dr. Lopez sitting in the booth at BreadStix next to his wife and across from his daughter and future daughter-in-law in episode 3x22 “Goodbye”? Why isn’t he toasting the brides or having a daddy-daughter dance with Santana in episode 3x08 “A Wedding”?

Frankly, because, out-of-universe, the showrunners at Glee simply couldn’t be bothered to actively include him in Santana’s storyline.

Some heavy criticism of Glee writing and production after the cut.

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“Your daily beauty depends on you!

Your skin is constantly renewed. Therefore, your daily grooming is an excellent opportunity to improve your skin. Your beauty depends on you… and your soap!

Choose a very pure soap. Only a completly pure soap can beautify your skin while cleansing it. You can recognize it by its whiteness, the visibly proof of its purity and also by the softness of its suds.

Françoise Armoul gives her advice: ‘Take care of your skin like I take care of mine. I always use Lux soap in my bath and toilette. It’s impossible to find a purer and whiter soap. Use it as well and you will se how your skin attains a new and fresh beauty!’

9 out of 10 movie stars have started using Lux soap, the whitest and therefore the purest.

Now in three sizes: Giant, Normal, Small.”

O Século Ilustrado, Nº 987, December 1 1956.


Thank you so much darlings <3
I… have been quite fixated with vampires for YEARS now tbh xD

Seeing as you mentioned the fangs I figured I could show some more pictures actually showing ALL of them and not just the front one :3

I use ‘Scarecrow’ fangs - a brand I can very much recommend. They’re easy to use - easy to mold - and they last for QUITE a while. As you can see they also look pretty damn neat.
I’ve taken two singles (of the smaller 'feminine’ version) and melded them together to make them more sturdy and beast-like. I can still eat somewhat while wearing them tbh, though one might have to file them a bit for them to be used comfortably.


hey guys i want to apologize for my sudden and unexplained disappearance. ive been going through a really bad depressive episode, and the amount of negativity on here really gets to me. all the competition and fights and unreasonable hatred just… im too Fragile for that lmao plus being here sometimes… i feel unwelcomed esp after receiving anonymous hate for no real reason. i don’t know when i plan to fully come back, but for now ill be on hiatus. if youd like to stay in contact while im gone you can find me on peach @ wonhosupporter, as that’s really the only social media ive been using. i will still answer personal messages and stuff but anything other than that i just don’t have the energy to do. if i do come back, i will most likely unfollow all the people who give me bad vibes and make it harder to enjoy being here since i have the right to feel comfortable on here

Some people have abusive, negative, controlling tendencies in their blood; they are wired for havoc, bickering and deception. They know of no other way to interface with others except through their created chaos. Chaos is their home-court advantage where they play their mind-games so they can have power over you; it’s a rigged game you can never win. Listen to your inner-voice. Get out while you can! — Bryant McGill

anonymous asked:

Flora, I just left my emotionally and verbally abusive partner and they left me with nothing. I'm trying to get myself back together. Do you have any advice?

I…honestly wish i did, sweet bun…

Whenever i left the abusive relationship i was in a few months ago, i was lucky enough to have the help and generosity of a friend i made up here.

I was in the same boat, as not having any money to my name and constantly being screwed over.

My best advice, and im sorry its not good: is to keep strong and ask the help of others who are able to help you.

Have a friend over to make sure youre okay or someone that can check up on you.

Ask if theres anyone who can let you stay with them for a while so you can recuperate and recover.

Check to make sure youre eating enough daily and bathing as to not chance any illnesses or starvation.

Im sorry i dont have anything better to say, bun, and i wish i had concrete advice that works.

Please be safe, okay?

Instagram video by Stella Novena • Oct 1, 2016 at 6:54pm UTC
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Hello all! Isn’t this video from Stella Novella so lovely? I usually feature instagram posts on my Facebook page, so you might’ve spotted it there <3

Anyhoodle! I wanted to alert you all to the fact that there are only TWO More of these little Raoul/Christine charms left! They are a limited design–so grab them while you can! 


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Hey guys,

I’m just letting you guys know I’ll be away today cause I got to go do some important things so I won’t have access to Tumblr to post my last finished commissions till later tonight.

My commissions are now open but the 50% Halloween deal will be done within a few days so get them while you can. Those commissions would have to be finished after I do my Follower Draw Prizes and my YCH Auction and by then on the 31st my prices will be reverting back to their original prices.

So I’ll post my finished commissions when I return and reblog my Halloween deal one last time.

So see you guys later. ^^

Mum called me! And then I called her! We called each other! She’s doing fine I’m so relieved, the operation went smoothly and they’re very happy with her progress so far, she even sat out of bed for a while!

Can you imagine? 10-20 years ago they would have had her in bed with a back brace for months, medicine has evolved so much.

I want to thank everyone who helped raise awareness for our GoFundMe, thank you so much for caring and helping, we only just scraped by but it’s thanks to you and our friends and family. We still have a LOT of bills to pay so the GoFundMe will stay up, but the most important part happened thanks to you.

I am so relieved and.. so tired, so very tired lol, I did not sleep last night, I was waiting for news. Time to sleep.

Thank you all again, thanks for reblogging and thanks for your kind words.