Hinata and Owari’s interactions are so hilarious

Hinata’s sassiness and uneasiness + Owari’s awkwardness are something lol

Hinata’s so pure and Owari is clumsy af

Even in the middle of the most serious (and tragic) moments they still joke around like

Hinata’s often described as a serious person but I don’t think so, just wait for him to get comfortable enough with people who are around him (when he actually understands to be surrounded by people who’re dumb af)

It’s hilarious because he goes around with his peers weirdness while being all like “wtf” at the same time and Owari’s one of the other characters who makes him show it

He snaps at others if he’s under pressure but when he’s not he actually tries to be nice and to keep some comments to himself… he doesn’t always manage to, though, and that’s what makes him funny af

wtf, girl

Give me some tsukkomi!Hinata moments next monday, pls.

But Annabeth cosplaying Rose Tyler