• bucky:*talking about some weird kinky shit he did with t'challa*
  • steve:I MUST KINKSH-
  • sam:do i have to remind you of what we did last night?
  • steve:...
  • steve:why you gotta expose me like that

‘twas the grammar slam before christmas…

just because it’s christmas time doesn’t mean your poor grammar is excused!

anonymous asked:

I dislike when Ciel treated something bad to Elizabeth. A Lot of those scenes appear to us. Even he cares for her but.... something sometime... I kbow he has his own reasons it's just complaining lol

Hey Anon :)

Really, a lot of scenes? I only have one “bad scene” in mind to be honest, you know, the controversial one at the beginning when Lizzie broke Ciel’s ring and he almost slapped her? (by the way on this subject, here is a good post about it)

Aside from this one, I don’t particularly have anything in mind. It’s true sometimes Ciel can sigh a lot and says she’s not allowing him to do his work in peace and blah blah, but it’s just complaining for complaining to be honest (you know when someone asks you something and you’re just like *siiigh* even if of course you’ll do it), haha! 

I could tell you of a lot of scenes when he sighs but still does what she wants because she’s happy afterwards and he has that little smile on his face at the end… 

….So in the end, there is nothing major and I don’t find Ciel to ever be mean when it comes to Lizzie (nor for Lizzie to be particularly annoying whenever she visits). In fact it’s just Ciel grumbling like Diederich because 

  • he’s a tsundere
  • he has to set aside what he planned to do whenever she visits because she never sends a message saying “by the way I’m coming today”.

He’s way more openly criticizing of Soma for example (less so since the Weston arc though) and when Sieglinde came to England, he couldn’t have cared less about whether she was happy, sad or annoyed because he had work to do. However when Lizzie told him to stop being a jerk, it annoyed him but he still did it, hahaha!

So, you know, considering just who Lizzie’s mother is and how she raised her daughter, I don’t think you should ever be worried or thinking that Ciel could treat Lizzie in a bad way. That’s just not happening. ;)

Thanks for passing by Anon! Have a nice day/evening :)

But Annabeth cosplaying Rose Tyler

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