while you were skating

Tessa and Scott grace the cover of Macleans

Day6 and first date headcanons


  • he’s a classic guy, let’s be honest
  • he takes you out for dinner and a movie
  • but it’s not formal
  • hell no, he takes you to see a comedy movie and then you’re out to fast food
  • classy right lmao
  • so ANYWAYS he picks you up and drives you to the theater
  • Sungjin does the full nine, popcorn, drinks, candies
  • during the movie, he laughs so hard he starts choking on his drink, which makes you laugh, which makes him laugh even harder ((it’s an endless cycle and you’re both dying))
  • when the movie ends, he grabs your hand and helps you out of your seat and to the car
  • he asks what your favorite fast food place is, and he happily drives you there
  • he buys you your favorite and you two tell stories as you eat
  • but you’re both careful not to laugh and choke again lol
  • after you’re both done eating, you just kinda drive around
  • it’s actually really nice, he’s blasting the radio and you’re both singing along and he’s blowing you away with his amazing voice
  • he’s the type of guy that you can talk to and never get bored
  • and he’s dancing and goofing off with the windows rolled down
  • when he finally drives you home, you’re both slow to say goodbye because you had so much fun
  • “today was really great”
  • “and um, I really wanna thank you for coming out with me”
  • “this has probably been one of the best first dates I’ve been on…”
  • “so is it okay if I ask for a second date?”


  • he’d wanna do something fun and casual so what better than a carnival
  • he’d probably try to show off a bit by trying to win the games but he lost 9/10 times bc those things are rigged yall don’t trust them
  • but he did somehow manage to win the game where you throw the baseball at the bottles
  • even he was surprised he won at first
  • but as soon as it sunk in, he played it cool, like he toooootally knew he was gonna win
  • you picked out a pink stuffed bear and wonpil thought you two looked so adorable together he had to take a picture
  • “it’s not my fault that you’re cute, Y/N”
  • but yeah you two are sharing cotton candy and acting super sweet
  • like honestly, my teeth are rotting as I type this, that’s how sweet
  • he’s such a gentleman, he’s helping you up and down stairs and opening doors for you and giving you 100% of his attention
  • you two decide to get on the carousel
  • which is all great until wonpil practically falls off the horse at the end of the ride
  • “it’s high up okay don’t tease me!”
  • and you just laughed and grabbed his hand and pulled him to the next ride
  • by the end of the day, you’ve been on so many rides together, you’re full of amazing food, and you have your little pink bear to cuddle
  • he walks you up to your door and grabs your hand
  • “thanks for an amazing date, Y/N”
  • “maybe… we can go on another one sometime soon?”
  • and all you can do is nod enthusiastically
  • gosh he’s so happy omg


  • he asked you to the park
  • honestly he had other plans for your first date, but it’s just so nice out that he can’t help himself
  • so you happily grab your stuff and go with him to the park
  • at first you’re just walking along the sidewalk, talking and giggling, until he drags you towards a hill
  • at the top of the hill, there are trashcan lids
  • at first, you’re confused. why are those there?
  • but then you see dowoon sitting on top of one and then you understand
  • you line your lid up with his, sit down, and get ready to race
  • “one, two…. GO!”
  • what a cheater, he didn’t even say three
  • and just like that, you push off, sliding down the hill, both of you laughing like crazy
  • of course Dowoon won, he cheated, after all
  • so you grab his hand and drag him back up the hill to go again
  • at first it was all about racing, but as time passed, it turned into just goofing off
  • you went down the hill backwards, he tried to go down while standing up ((but he fell off halfway down and rolled the rest of the way lmao))
  • and eventually, he sat you in his lap and you tried to go down together
  • it was a total flop, you flew off one way and he flew off the other
  • but it was so much fun
  • after that, he bought you something from a snack stand nearby
  • you walked together, telling stories and happily eating until you realized he had walked you all the way back home
  • you were sad that it was over for a minute before he looked up, blushing slightly
  • “is it okay if we do this again soon?”
  • hell yeah it’s okay
  • both of you are grinning like fools


  • when he asked you out, you had no idea where he was taking you
  • but when you pulled up, you weren’t surprised to see he took you to one of those restaurant/arcade places that has a buffet and a million games
  • this boy bought so many tokens that you were almost worried he blew all his money lmao
  • but as soon as he got the hundreds of tokens, he dragged you over to the games
  • Jae is amazing at skee ball
  • he’s a literal god
  • you turn around for 5 seconds and when you turn back he’s got a shit-eating grin on his face and an armful of tickets
  • you’re playing all sorts of games and it’s all sunshine and rainbows until
  • “I bet I can beat you at air hockey”
  • exCUSE
  • so you take him up on his challenge
  • it’s the most extra thing lmao you’re both getting stares from everyone around you because you’re roasting the hell out of each other while you’re playing
  • “learn how to hit the puck!”
  • “learn how to hit it back!”
  • you’re both children honestly
  • by the time you’re both too tired to play any more games, you both have a bunch of tickets
  • you tell Jae you’re hungry and he grabs your hand without hesitation and drags you to get pizza
  • he’s the type of guy that you literally can’t feel uncomfortable with, he’s cracking jokes and telling you all kinds of stories
  • when you’re done, you stand up and race him to the ticket counting machine
  • you got exactly 1 more ticket than him lmao he’s a sore loser and pouts all the way to the gift counter
  • you spot a giant stuffed chicken on the top shelf but you don’t have enough tickets for it
  • you don’t even ask but Jae is handing all his tickets to the clerk, and combined, you have just enough to get it
  • the drive back to your house is filled with laughter
  • before you get out of the car, he stops you
  • “Y/N, I had a lot of fun today”
  • “and I was thinking,”
  • “maybe we could do this again in the near future?”

Young K

  • what’s fun and exciting?
  • roller blading obviously
  • so that’s what he takes you to do for your first date
  • now, you’re a bit hesitant
  • because roller blading is hard okay
  • plenty of opportunities to embarrass yourself lmao thanks Brian Young K
  • but he’s really sweet, he gets your skates for you and helps you lace them up and everything
  • what a gent amirite
  • you get out onto the rink
  • and you fall instantly
  • like complete wipeout
  • and this little sweet, adorable, perfect man is sitting there laughing his ass off ((how rude))
  • so when he reaches down to help you up, you yank him down so that you’re both on the floor
  • “that’s not nice!”
  • “then don’t laugh at me!”
  • of course, he’s still laughing while you both sit there on the ground looking stupid
  • finally, he gets up and pulls you up with him
  • you almost fall again, but he grabs your hands and grins
  • you’re skating super slow, scared to slip and there are kids literally going circles around you two lmao
  • Young K would completely focus on helping you feel comfortable and get going
  • and after a little while, you’re skating side by side
  • “wanna race?”
  • you were unsure at first, but then decided why not?
  • so you both grab the wall and wait for him to count down
  • “three, two, one, GO!”
  • and you’re both pushing off and racing across the rink
  • you run into the wall and then notice that Young K isn’t there
  • you beat him omg
  • when he gets to you he’s cheering and hugging you and it’s so cute
  • he takes you home and is shyly rubbing the back of his neck
  • “hey, Y/N”
  • “will you go out with me again soon?”
Kris Letang #1

Requested by Anon:  Can you do a Kris letang drabble the promo could be what ever you want

*I hope you like this one! Every time I get a request without a prompt, I try to stick as close as real life so it’s more relatable, I guess. AND WHO SAYS NO TO ALEX!!!? Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 1, 139

Originally posted by nhlhockeywags

You looked up to see Kris watching you with an amused smile on his face, “what?” you asked, fixing your son’s beanie one more time, tucking a strand of hair under it… just to make sure that he’s warm enough and that he won’t freeze his teeny tiny butt off in the ice.

Kris dropped beside you and tied the scarf securely around your son, “he’ll be fine,” he smiled at you, “it’s not his first time skating.”

You waved your hand above your head, “it’s chilly out,” you told your husband, “I’m just making sure he’s warm.”

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Heaven Help The Fool Who Falls In Love Pt. 6 (James Madison x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, , Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9Part 10

Word Count: 1,128

Warnings: Language. Sappy cliches. 

A/N: Warning: Fluffy filler chapter ahead.

Tags: @angesansnom @avengershavethetardis @sazzyli123 @sweaterkitty-fluff @kanadianwithashippingproblem @mellowsobri @midnightokieriete @arya-durin-77 @fanficsj @heybaekae @ilesserpanda @robotic-space@martapetrovic @spicydice @eugolorp @lisamalvina @supernatural-obsessed @shutupwylow @ichbindeindod @pixel-pisces @wolfphantom-m @bastard-orphan-imagines @stubbron-love @a-random-girl-with-a-random-blog @krystalbear @emeliethetimelady @chloehamiltonn @i-corii-licious @alecruzm


James Madison had taken you on two dates; The first one was lunch, which he payed for, the second indoor ice skating (well, you were skating while he was falling onto his ass). You weren’t quite sure how you would “define” the relationship, but you also didn’t feel like you needed to put a label on it just yet. It had only been a week, after all. 

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Zach Werenski #9

Anonymous said: Hey, I love your writing could write one about zach werenski and your Canadian and he’s teaching you how to skate?

A/N: sorry for the wait & sorry it’s kinda short too!! but i hoped you liked it :)

Word Count: 889

Originally posted by phillymyers

“How is it you’re from Canada, yet you don’t even know how to skate?” Zach questioned for the millionth time. Not even just today, but probably any time skating has been brought up during your 5-month relationship. You rolled your eyes and took a seat beside him on the bench with your rental stakes in your hands.

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Icy Tumbles [REQUEST]

This made me want to go ice skating again! But at the same time I feel all warm and fuzzy from a bit of Chanyeol fluff. I hope you enjoy!!

Jade xo

“Are you actually going to skate anytime soon?” Chanyeol teased, skating dangerously fast towards you before sliding to a stop right by your side. “Isn’t that what you do at an ice skating rink?”

You frowned, rolling your eyes at your boyfriend’s sarcasm. “Is there anything you can’t do?” you sulked from your fixed spot at the side of the ice. Your feet were still extremely unstable on the ice and the barrier around the edge of the rink was the only thing keeping you upright.

Chanyeol leaned against the barrier casually and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “It was your idea to come here for date night,” he answered, his voice annoyingly calm.

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And when he hits the ice with a terrible crash, he doesn’t feel the pain nor the cold. He doesn’t feel the hands that instantly come to support him, or even hear the distanct screams for help.

He feels numb - with eyes closed and body limp.

It is then that he wakes, suddenly alone in the eerie darkness of the rink. He feels the spindles of the freezing air around him, coating the surroundings with a low-lying mist that stretch out into the open. He blinks at the single source of illumination coming from above as it glares through the ice - is that a person standing in the middle? Yuuri ponders, still leaning against the edge. He decides to call out to the figure, maybe ask for help or question where he was. The last thing he knew was he started a jump at a bad angle and skidded off the ice.

He calls out again, louder this time and sighs in relief when the figure moves and turns, moving forward with his skates gliding roughly against the ice. Yuuri greets with a smile but almost topples over at what he sees.

It’s him.

It’s himself standing opposite the ice.

Yuuri cowers at the striking resemblance; from the tuft of his hair to the skates on his feet. It’s Yuuri. Yuuri is looking at himself - albeit with a slight difference. It’s the eyes. Yuuri notices that his counterpart’s eyes are dull, blank, almost lifeless. And they glint with a menacing shade of aged wine.

His words die on his throat when he sees himself grin - it’s different too. Mocking. Insincere. Bitter. His other self then proceeds to skate, but it’s rough and unpracticed, with a bit too much edge and frustration. He winces when he fails landing on a perfectly executed salchow, but instead of pain, Yuuri sees his other self emotionless - no pain, no tears, no mumbled words of apology.

Instead, he turns to look at Yuuri and proceeds to speak in a voice that can make a man shiver. “We meet at last” he muses, creating lazy patterns with mild interest.

Yuuri gapes, “Who are you?” he asks, a little out of breath. He sees his look-alike make a sharp turn and it’s all a blur the next minute until Yuuri jumps at the sudden presence in front of him.

“I am you” the other Yuuri answers, mimicking Yuuri’s happy smile and again, skates backward until he is back in the middle of the rink.

“What…Why are you…How?” Yuuri asks in his confusion, nursing his aching side and keeping his sanity at bay.

“Why you ask?” the other Yuuri skates in a circle and stops again, “I think it’s a good time to make myself known.” he skates again, his blades the only sound resonating around the rink. Yuuri follows him with his eyes.

“Besides, I’ve been inside you for a long time now. And I’ve decided why not reveal myself at a time when you are most vulnerable”

Yuuri frowns, “What do you mean-aah!” he hunches over, gasping at the crippling pain on his ribs. He shakes and kneels over the ice, pressing his forehead against its cool surface. He hears the other Yuuri’s blades from where he kneels, and it’s making his ears hurt with each glide.

He stands up, lightly panicking and disturbed. “What do you mean?” he asks again.

The other Yuuri pauses, “Victor” is all he says, and Yuuri feels the color on his face grow pale. He swallows back hard, refusing to meet the ridicule and the mirth of his other self’s gaze.

“Painful, isn’t it?”

Yuuri tries hard not to faint, “No” he grits instead, staring wide-eyed at the reflection of himself standing in the middle of the ice.

His other self snickers, “There is no point in lying” he says, skating patterns across the ice and gradually coming closer. “We are the same person, after all”

He mimicks a move - one vaguely familiar and special to Yuuri - the part of Stammi Vicino where Victor reaches out with his arms and skates back again, but he does it ungracefully, with his movements too stiff and unconvincing.

The other Yuuri smirks as he backs away, and drops the smile with a roar, “He doesn’t want us anymore”

Yuuri trembles at those words. “That’s not true” he wraps his arms around himself and pushes back against the wall until his back hurt, “Victor will never do that”

“Oh, but he is” his other self skates closer, going around in circles like a vulture awaiting its spoils, “He didn’t look at you while you were skating earlier, did he?“ another pair of arms holds Yuuri up and slam him harder to the wall, "Like yesterday, and the day before. The whole week, the entire month. The minute you stepped inside this rink, he never looked at you ever since you moved to Russia”

“Stop” Yuuri crumbles as he stares at the unforgiving eyes before him. “He replaced us” the other Yuuri continues, now seemingly less intimidating and spoke with a gentle tone to his voice. He gathers Yuuri in his arms and hushes him as the man in his arms breaks out in a fit of sobs.

“We’ve failed him” he whispers into Yuuri’s ear. Yuuri only curlps up in shame.

“He doesn’t need us anymore”

Please stop this.

“He’s found someone better”


“He will leave us eventually”

No. Don’t say anything.

“He doesn’t love you anymore”

Yuuri freezes. His other self brings him closer to dry his tears. “Do you know what’s easy?” he asks, cupping Yuuri’s face and pushing their foreheads together. Yuuri answers with a blink and a small nod.

No. Stop.

“Let’s forget everything” the voice answers, fading slowly back into the mist and keeping him enclosed still in its wispy, cold fingers.

“Forget ever coming here” the presence leaves him. Yuuri finds himself back into the edge of the rink, watching with blank eyes at the figure in the middle of the ice.

“Forget skating” his vision swims, and then he’s falling back into complete darkness.

“Forget Victor Nikiforov”

“Yuuri!” his eyes open at the sound of commotion. He blinks slow, letting the people fuss over his hunched form.

“Yuuri are you alright?” then comes a voice beside him - with heavy and accented Japanese. He looks up and sees silver hair, icy blue eyes and a face painted with worry. Yuuri stares back, unperturbed.

“Did you call an ambulance? That fall was pretty bad. Yuuri, we’ll have to make sure that you have no broken bones, alright?” he is soon lifted from the ice, followed by four more people to guide him to the benches.

“What’s with him? Did he hit his head or something? Oi, pig. Speak up”

Yuuri flinches at the words as more hands reach over. He jumps at the particular hand on his right - is that a ring? - and comes face to face with the same blue eyes from earlier. “Yuuri?” he says, now sitting beside him and putting an arm around his shoulders.

“Are you feeling okay?”

Yuuri stares at him for a long time and gently pushes the hands away from his frame. “I’m sorry” he says, looking at the astonished faces of the people around him. He smiles briefly and turns to the silver-haired man beside him, 

“I’m sorry…but who are you?”


Let’s Christmas! ☃️🎄

A/N: Request from anon. An alternative end to Loki teaching you how to ice skate. It was supposed to be short but you know me by now. Have fun!

Words: 920
Warnings: none

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Leon Draisaitl #2.2


Anonymous said: Hi! I’d really like a second part to the party oneshot with Leon! (#2) it was soooo good and I wanna know how they would run into each other again

Anonymous said: Part two of the Leon one please!?

A/N: Thanks for the love on the first part of this! Feel free to leave me requests :)

Word Count: 1,347

Originally posted by leondraisaitll

“Dad,” you groaned from behind him as he laughed along with his group of friends. The game had ended nearly half an hour ago and you were still leaning against the bar in the suite that you watched the Oilers beat the Sharks. It was times like this when you felt like you were 8 again, waiting on your oh-so-popular father to finish talking with his business friends. 

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Ice Skating | Peter Parker x reader

Peter Parker x Reader (Fluff!)

Prompt: You and Peter are going ice skating for your first date

Notes: I love reading fan fiction, especially ones with reader inserts, so I decided to try my hand at it! It’s my very first fanfic, so I hope you enjoy! It’s short, but it’s cute!


“Where are we going?” You asked as you got in Peter’s car.

“You’ll see,” He told you with a smile.

It was your first date, Peter had finally confessed a few days ago, after school. You couldn’t believe it, as you pinched yourself to see if it was a dream, but it turned out that after all your best friend-crush did like you back, and you became a couple.

Peter drove around for a while.

“Peterrrr, why is it taking so long? It’s been an hour,” You whined

“Wait, you’ll see.” Peter replied

After some more driving, the car slowed down.

“We’re here,” Peter said looking forward.

You saw a small arena of white ice and people on it.

“Is that a-?” You started.

“An ice skating rink? Yes, it is, Y/N” Peter replied

“I love ice skating! Although, I haven’t been to one since I was little, so I may have forgot…” You said, while scanning the ice rink.

“I can teach you!” He said with a grin

“So what are you waiting for?” You said as you got out the car.

Peter followed after you as you went in the little area to put on skates.

The rink was cold, of course, so you chose some gloves to put on your hands, and some socks. Peter chose some skates and started to take off your shoes and put them on.

“I can put them on myself,” You started to say.

“No, let me do it.” He said.

You sighed and smiled as you watched him finish putting the skates on your feet and start to tie the laces.After he was done, he put on his skates.

You put your phone in your pocket and started to stand up.

“Uh Peter? A little help here?” You asked, wobbling, standing on the carpet.

Peter laughed and held your hand while you walked together to the entrance of the rink. You haven’t ice skated in five years, so you were sure you’ve forgotten.

Once you’ve gotten on to the ice, you immediately held on to the railing, slowly going across the ice.

“Come on, it’s easy,” He said, grabbing your hand and slowly bringing you beside him.

You grabbed his hand tightly, not wanting to fall.

“Here, just keep your balance, walk and slide across,” He said as he let go to show you an example.

You watched him. You tried out what he did. You fell.

“Peter!” You shouted, as you fell on the ice.

Peter laughed as he helped you up.

“Stop laughing. That wasn’t funny,” You said trying not to giggle yourself, pouting.

After a few more tips and falls, you got the hang of it.

“Peter! I can do it now! This is so fun!” As you slid across the rink, giggling.

He smiled at you and followed you.

Your face was pure joy and happiness as you skated on the rink, beside you.

Peter just looked at you, admiring how beautiful you were when you were laughing, all your features and how your h/c hair flowed perfectly in the wind while you were skating.

He was so glad that he asked you out. He was so nervous that you didn’t like him back, but he just took Ned’s advice and worked up the nerve to ask you out.

He always knew you loved ice skating, but that you never had any time to go, and cause you couldn’t drive. So for your first date he decide to drive the one hour to the nearest ice skating rink.

Seeing how happy you were, it was worth it.

“Are you just going to stare at me?” You asked while giggling, going ahead of him.

“No! Wait up Y/N!” Peter shouted, as he skated after you.

When he got near, he held your hand and went forward, bringing you with him as you guys slid across the eyes, laughing.

“This is so fun!” You shouted.

Suddenly Peter did a spin, picking you up and putting you into the air.

“Peter!” You screamed.

He put you down, smiling and laughing.

“How did you know how to do that?” You said.

“I have a few tricks up my sleeve,“Peter said, as he picked you up and spun again.

You grinned, and put your arms out.

Peter slowed down, and put you down, staring at you with a smile. How could he get so lucky to have a girl like you?

He looked at your lips. He leaned in and connected his with yours.

Surprised, you kissed back. Holding hands, you guys separated.

“I love you Y/N” Peter said.

“I love you too, Peter” You replied back, and kissed him on the cheek as you pulled him to skate again. After some more skating, you went and got hot cocoa to end the date.

Ice (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: lame ass title…. I’m so sorry lmao, but I’m trying to write everyday for you guys. I will try. I promise and I want to prove to you guys that I don’t suck and I’m not actually a horrible person lol. 

prompt: reader failing at ice skating and here comes bucky who is a professional au

word count: 926

Originally posted by enochianess

“It’ll be fun,” they said.

“Come on, stop being such a debbie downer,” they nagged, giggling as you saw your life flash before your eyes as you gripped the railing to hold you up.

“It’ll get better. Pick yourself up and come on!” your friends sang as they whizzed past you with ease on their blades, tiny flakes of ice sprinkling your face as they boasted their skating skills while you sat shivering as your bare hands held the ice cold railing, still frightened to heave yourself up in fear that you’ll end up on the ice.

Of course, you had to give into peer pressure and agree to go ice skating with your friends, despite your childhood memories of falling and slipping in the ice rink near your hometown. You just couldn’t say ‘no’.

Sighing, you flicked your head as you attempted to move your bangs from your eyes before you picked yourself up. Your legs shook as you tried so hard to keep your balance against the freshly smoothed ice, the blade digging into the ice. Breathing out a deep breath, you whispers words of encouragement. You gave yourself a little push and you were moving steadily against the ice, barely moving inch by inch when you lost your balance yet again, this time, ending up on the ice.

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Marvelmas (7/13) - December 19 - Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Words: 1450
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Featuring: Sam, Tony, Wanda
Warnings: swearing, getting angry, tricks
Marvelmas Series!
Authors Note
: i fucking love loki. Looks like tags still aren’t working; sorry about that, i can’t fix it, it’s all tumblr :/

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

On your drive back to the base you were trying to work out in your head what could have happened. If someone was attacking, how would you get to your weapons in time to help? If someone was hurt, what would you be able to do?

Once you were almost back, it hit midnight. That meant you were at that party for a few hours, only to be cut off earlier than you thought it would. You were freaking out on the inside, non-stop wondering what was happening at the base. Is everyone okay? kept circling through your mind.

When the car pulled up to the base there seemed to be nothing wrong with it. There was no explosions, no fires, and no screaming. Still not knowing what happened, you rushed inside to make sure everyone was okay.

“You’re home early,” Tony called from the kitchen, “I thought you were going to be there much longer.”

You looked around the base to see nothing different than when you left, just more lights off. “Uh, we would have stayed longer, but you called me in a panic!”

“What? I never called you!” Tony pulled out his phone, “I did?”

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Tyler Seguin #2

Requested by Anon: Cute Tyler seguin imagine about him showing you off 

Word count:874

Originally posted by bennyandthestars

 “I don’t know man, I still strongly believe that my girlfriend is above every other girlfriend there is.” You overheard Tyler say.

He was in the living room facing his iPad while you were fixing food for yourself in the kitchen.

“She couldn’t skate if her life depended on it,” he added, a smile on his tone, “but she’s legit smart and funny so I guess that makes up for it.”

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#85 Brendan Gallagher Imagine

The Canadians Christmas party was something you loved going to from the time you started dating Brendan.  Now that the twins were three you both thought it would be a good idea to teach them how to skate.  You had the basics of skating down (start, stop, turn).  After you and Brendan laced up Nick and Nina’s skates you led them out to the ice.  You took Nick while Alex had Nina.  Nick and you were leisurely skating around the rink while Alex and Nina were speed skating laps.

“I wanna be like daddy.” Nick said when you stopped by the bench, Nick was getting tired.

“You wanna skate like daddy or play hockey like daddy?” You asked your son.

“I wouldn’t consider what Brendan does playing hockey.” Brandon Prust said from nearby.

“Hey you too man!” Brendan shouted from center ice.  Brandon laughed and skated away.

“I wanna play hockey mommy!” Nick said answering your question.

“Yeah?  Do you think you can show mommy how you skate?”

“Yeah look!” Nick said and took off around the ice.  You were amazed!  Nick came to a solid stop when he got back to you too.

“Wow that was pretty good buddy!” You told your son as Brendan came up to you with your daughter.

“Well Nina doesn’t like this at all.” Brendan said with the unhappy toddler at his hip.

“That’s ok!  Nick’s amazing at skating and said he wants to play hockey.” You say taking your now crying daughter into your arms.

“Oh yeah? You wanna be a hockey player like your daddy?” Brendan asked Nick.

“Uncle Brandon said what you do is not playing hockey.” Nick told your husband.  You had to bite your lip to keep from laughing.

“Remind me to beat him up next time we see him.”

“No daddy.”

“Why not?”

“Because he can beat you up!” Nick told Brendan.  This time you couldn’t help but laugh.  Brendan took Nick skating around the rink and left you with a visibly unhappy Nina.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” You ask sitting down on the bench.

“I want daddy to like me.  If I don't  play hockey he won’t like me!” Nina said crying.

“Baby that’s not true!  Your daddy loves you!” You reassured your daughter.

“Mommy did you play hockey?”

“No I was a dancer.”

“Then I wanna be a dancer like you!” Nina said when she stopped crying.  “Mommy how do you have all those things if you didn’t play hockey?”

“Mommy got all her trophies and medals from dance.”


“When you dance for so long you get trophies and if you dance competitively you get trophies too!”

“I wanna see mommy dance!” Nina said excitedly.

You take out your phone and go on YouTube knowing a ton of videos are on there.  First you show Nina one of your ballet solos.  She loved it and didn’t believe it was you.  Then you showed her a contemporary solo that your best friend choreographed for you one year.  Then you showed her a couple of group dances that you liked.  Nina loved all of them!

“Daddy!  Mommy’s a really good dancer!” Nina said when Brendan came over by you two.

“I know!  Did she show you the one with Aunt Lauren?”

“You did a dance with Aunt Laur?!”

“Yeah I’ll show you at home!”

“Ok!  I’m gonna be a dancer daddy, just like Mommy!” Nina said.

“Our kids are gonna be just like us.” Brendan said as he placed a kiss on your lips.


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Merry Christmas! May I request s/o and the hosts under the mistletoe and their reactions?

Sure! This is so cute I can’t even handle it. And Merry Christmas to you too !! <3 -Becca

Tamaki: Tamaki was throwing his usual Christmas party, and everyone of any importance in his life was obviously there, including you of course. You had lost sight of him at some point during the night and were now walking around the house trying to find where your boyfriend had slunk off to this time. As you rounded a corner into an empty hallway, you found it was not so empty at all, as your boyfriend was standing there, his hand above his head. As you grew closer to him, you saw a little spot of green hanging from his hand.

“You cheesy little..“ You started to say before you were interrupted by his lips softly touching yours.

Kyoya: Kyoya had been trying to get you under the mistletoe all month, since the first of December. It was the perfect excuse to kiss you. However, you were always extremely oblivious to this fact, and you always somehow got away from him before it was able to happen.Now it was December 24th, and you were sitting in the calm of his bedroom, wrapping all your presents last minute, as usual. Again, your boyfriend was trying to get your attention, but you were too busy jamming to Christmas music and wrapping perfect squares to notice. Eventually, he sat down in front of you, blocking your view from the presents in front of you.

“Uh Kyoya, you're kind of in the way…” You mumbled and he smirked placing his hand under your chin and lifting your head up to see the mistletoe hanging from his hand. Heat rushed to your face and you laughed shyly as he grew slowly closer to you, dragging out the process just to annoy you.

“If you’re go to kiss me, just do it, I have work to do.” You whispered, pulling him to you and pressing your lips to his.

Honey:  As a holiday treat, the king decided it would be a swell idea to hang mistletoe all over the school, so people could share their love to the people they cared about in the holiday mood, so you were not surprised when you ended up under one of these ‘gifts’ with Honey by your side. He smiled up at you, his eyes glittering with love.

“I love you (Y/N)-chan.” He said, before pulling your lips to his happily.

Hikaru: Hikaru found the whole mistletoe thing annoying. He really didn’t understand why some people didn’t have the nerve to kiss someone unless it was under a plant. You had tried to explain to him that it was the moment people were after, but he didn’t understand.

One day, about halfway through the month of December, you two were hanging out after school, when he started the stupid rant again abut mistletoe. You took the secret mistletoe you had been hiding behind you back and held it up between the two of you, smiling cheekily your annoyed boyfriend. He looked up and sighed, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you into his lap, pressing his lips firmly to yours.  

“You doing that is especially stupid, you don’t need mistletoe no matter what month it is.” And he pressed another soft kiss to your lips.

Kaoru: Unlike his brother, Kaoru found the whole mistletoe thing very romantic, and was thinking of a dramatic scene in which he could display the state of the art mistletoe he had spent hours picking out for you. He almost felt foolish, because he knew he was spending all this time, on a kiss. As the day came, and you showed up at his house, with the dress he had given you as an early Christmas present, he was so nervous. You two danced together, and when the sun set, he pulled over to the couch, casually pulling you into his lap and pointing up at the ceiling, where the beautiful mistletoe was hanging. You smiled at him, leaning in. He did the same, and when you met in the middle, fireworks.

Mori: You and Mori were on a date to the ice skating rink. There was snow on the ground and the night had the perfect chill of a winters night in the air as you two spun around gracefully holding hands. A DJ was siting in a booth nearby, playing some holiday songs as more couples joined you two on the ice. After a little while, you two got tired so you skated over to the edge, were there was a small wall that you could lean on to take a break. Mori looked around before looking up and turning red, causing you to look up as well. There, above both of your heads, was a bundle of mistletoe. He looked at you and smiled, putting his hands on your waist. He leaned in to kiss you, when he stopped and pulled back slightly, tightening his grip on your waist and lifting you up, pressing his lips to yours as he held you up, and it was one of the best kisses you two had ever shared.

I hope you liked it !  

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How about Viktor finding out his S/O isn't feeling well after a competition and he takes them home to take care of them while they're sick? Thank you!

I wasn’t quite sure if you meant one of Viktor’s competitions or his S/O’s competition so I’ll just do S/O’s? And I’ll assume its an ice skating competition. I also wrote headcanons just cuz they’re faster  ^^. ~ Mod Mew

+ Viktor would be able to tell right away if you weren’t feeling well while you were skating.

+He’d immediately think: Why is S/O pushing themselves so hard? Shouldn’t they think more of their health? 

+ Regardless, he’d admire your resilience as you constantly tried your hardest to perform your best.

+Once you were finished, he’d quickly rush onto the ice and practically drag you away - waiting impatiently for the score.

+ He might seem a little frustrated because you were neglecting your health and that really hurts him as he wants to see you happy and healthy - not pushing yourself to your absolute limit.

+Once the competition was done and over with, he’d hurry to take you home, scolding you about your choice and how you should’ve went to him if you weren’t feeling well but softening once he saw your tired eyes.

+At your home, Viktor would be pretty fluffy and considerate. Cold? He’ll bring you blankets. Hungry? Warm soup is on the way. He’d do this until you were feeling yourself again and even a little afterwards, claiming that you shouldn’t strain yourself.

+All in all, Viktor would choose to cuddle with his S/O while they were sick and stuck in bed- not carrying if they could potentially get them sick as he simply wants to be with them.

Cute Things Seventeen Performance Line Will Do For A Date

So i got a pretty nice reception from the hip-hop line version of this, so let’s go ahead and tackle the performance line aye?


Hoshi: Hoshi seems like a chill Netflix and chill lololol type of person, so I think the date would be something chill like taking you out to a drive in movie. (Do they still do things like that I hope so…) Anyways you’d be prepared to watch a nice romantic movie with him and hopefully get romantic yourselves, but of course it’s Soonyoung, and life was never that simple and cookie cutter with Mr.Young. He’d drive up to the section playing new comedy movie that just came out and he’d already have his popcorn popped, awaiting a funny show. You’d find yourself getting slightly embarrassed at Hoshi’s shamelessly laughing and the fact that his popcorn munching sounded more like and elephant stepping on a pile of twigs… However, the goofiness is what you loved about Soonyoung so you enjoyed watching him more than watching the movie. He’d turn to you and smile brightly, with a little bit of popcorn stuck in his teeth he’d say, “This movie is awesome, do you like it?” You’d giggle while removing the popcorn from his teeth, “I love it sweetie.” (got a bit carried away here opps)

The8: MingMing would want to take you out on a stereotypical “perfect” date because he’d do anything to make you happy. awweee my babby. He’d take you out to an ice skating rink, assuming you had no idea how to ice skate. He would research days before on how to ice skate so he could teach you how to ice skate while you guys were on the date. He would timidly lead you out into the ice skating rink, and tell himself over and over again in his head not to mess up in front of you. The plan was to whisk you through the rink with him until you got the hang of it and could do it yourself however much to Minghao’s dismay, things didn’t go as planned.  While reaching for you to bring you closer to him, his nerves would get the best of him and he slips and falls to the ground after extending himself to far out. (Way to fuck up :() You’d gasp and he’d just sit there laughing while his face turned tomato red. You sit beside him and give him a hug while telling him it’s okay and how cute he is. You both get up off the ground and end up just laughing and talking about everything and anything under the sun.

Dino: Maknae Lee Chan would probably have no idea what to do for a date, so he’d wing it but it would somehow end up going really well. You guys would go bowling together, betting on one another before hand that whoever loses had to do a favor for the other. You guys would walk into the bowling ring with your game faces on. Although you were competitive and doing your best, baby Lee Chan knew his way around the bowling much to your surprise. He ended beating you by an almost unreal amount, causing you to resent the bowling at the moment. Dino does a little victory dance and you smile at his genuine happiness at winning. “Now I get a favor!” He exclaims and you brace yourself for something bad like washing all of Seventeen’s laundry for the next year. (uhm I’ll take the job sign me up) “Will you do me a favor and be my girlfriend jagiya?” *cries silently in corner*

Jun(I just…): I really wanted to just say the date would be him throwing you onto a bed and making you ride him into the fucking sunset, but I guess I’ve got to add plot so here we go: Jun would do a bed in breakfast kind of thing as a date early in the morning. He’d wake up super early and would have bought everything he needed to make you the breakfast ahead of time. You’d wake up to the smell of some delicious food wafting through the air. Jun would walk in with a tray of food, a rose laying on the tray, and a smile adorning his face. He’d lay the set up on your lap and crawl into bed alongside you. The tray was full of eggs, bacon, pancakes and orange juice. You dug into the meal, pleasantly surprised at the fact that the food was delicious.You finished quickly, wishing there was more but then you realize that Jun didn’t eat anything. You ask him, “Oppa did you want any? Are you hungry?” He bites his lips and sets the tray down, and after pulls you onto his lap. “Oh baby trust me I’m hungry, but not for food.” *lips fall off from smiling too much*


12:16 AM… Team no sleep. Junhui oppa come and get me I’m HeRRee. I can’t he’s the reason my bias list is going through a category 8 hurricane. HMU and ask me for a scenario I want to write for u guys!! :)

Dreams (Part 5)

Summary: After dreaming about the same unknown person for many years, you finally meet in person once and for all.

Author’s Note: Huge thank you to my friend @ultrastrangetales for helping me out/proof read this part for me! also can we talk about this gif because

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Out of everyone on this bloody planet, you just had to come across the last person you wanted to see. As much as you wanted to kick Peter out of the diner and possibly throw almost every object in the building at him, you didn’t.

At this point you knew you had to put on your big girl panties and deal with the situation. Sighing quietly to yourself, you motioned for Peter to follow you and sit at one of the available booths.

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