while watching parks and recreation

Me, But Happy

I would like to thank you, personally, for always making me feel like I’m the King of the Pope of the whole world.

When I’m around you it’s like I’m full of electricity but in a cool way that’s possibly giving me a boner.

I wanna thank you for making all the love songs mean something again.
Now, when Sam Smith comes on the radio, I still roll my eyes but I do it while air humping.

The best part of being in love with you is I never have to brush my teeth but gosh darn do I want to.

You’re the best thing that has happened to me since I was like… born.

You make me wanna do pointless, actually dumb things like learning to play the flute or voting.
Oh my god I’m just kidding I have to change that, oh my god you have to fucking vote.

In a list of things I love about you, maybe the second or third entry is the way you turn my awful days into awful days with cheeseburgers.

Have you ever smashed your face into a whole bunch of cool wet sand? You should because that’s pretty much what it’s like to hang out with you.

I’ve never made out with Jesus, but I imagine that’s kind of like holding your hand.
If I had rickets it’d be okay because I’d have rickets with you.

I would like to thank you for never, not once, not ever making fun of me for crying while I watch the same scene from Parks and Recreation for the 25th time.

I wanna thank you for letting me fall in love with you and then decide to start a pop punk band.
I wanna thank you for listening to all the mixes I’ve made you, or least pretending to sort of like them.

I always try to be, like, cool and stuff but it’s hard to act like I don’t care when you’re so pretty all the goddamn time.

The new way to say ‘I love you’ is to just ram our foreheads together.
We can’t really be sad if we’re both sad in the same place, right?

I wanna thank you for wanting me to be me, but happy.

I don’t know why we’re both here but since we are let’s make it out til we’re dead.

Before I met you I wanted to be dead all the time.
I still do because of the, you know, mental illness but now that you’re here I don’t want to 'want to die’ anymore.

If you’re a breakfast cereal, you’d be called 'reason to wake up'os’.

Sure, there’re probably infinite dimensions but I’m with you in this one so why would I try to find them ?

- Neil Hilborn, Button Poetry

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Broadchurch S2 is over. What are we gonna do now?

Now we wait

Guitars (part 2)

Oscar Isaac AU

Word Count: 2,721

Summary: A week after Oscar fixes your guitar, you have your first guitar lesson with him. He offers to walk you back home, and you end up inviting him into your apartment because it begins to pour. Features Oscar in too-long sweatpants and Oscar drinking hot chocolate while watching Parks and Recreation. :))

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this took so long iegjak. Let me know what you think!

Part One

After I had returned to the music store that day to get my now fixed guitar, Oscar and I decided that I would come every Wednesday at 6:00 P.M. for my lessons. And here it was, 5:54 P.M. on the first Wednesday of the first day of my first guitar lesson, and I was just getting out of my job, which was a whole bridge and nine subway stops away from my apartment in Brooklyn. To make matters worse, no one picked up the phone when I tried to call the music store to let Oscar know I’d be late. Hopefully, he wouldn’t be too upset. 

I was finally at my subway stop at 6:32 and the second the doors opened, I ran to my apartment building to get my guitar, and ran right back out to head to the music store. 

I arrived at the music store at 6:52- nearly an hour late. I took a couple of seconds outside of the door to catch my breath and compose myself, and then opened the door. 

As with the first time I came here and when I came to pick up the guitar, the first sound I heard and sight I saw was Oscar playing his guitar. This time, however, he was also singing. I didn’t know the song, but I did know that Oscar sounded beautiful playing it, and even more so singing it. I didn’t want to interrupt him, not only because it sounded so nice, but because I figured the least I could do after making him wait an hour for my arrival was to let him finish his song. 

He noticed me a couple of seconds after he finished his song, when he went to reach for his water bottle on the counter. Surprise was written on his face at the sight of me standing there, maybe a bit creepily watching him. 

“I’m so, so sorry I’m late,” were the first words spoken from me. “I was supposed to be out by five, but the district manager is supposed to come tomorrow and we were trying to get everything all set. I just lost track of time. I’m so sorry.”

Oscar chuckled. “It’s okay. I was wondering when you’d get here, but I figured you weren’t one to completely ditch.” He walked around to the front of the counter and leaned on it, and maybe it was the fact that I had heard him sing so nicely just a minute before, but I was suddenly a bit taken aback from how attractive this man was. Sure, I had noticed to some extent that Oscar was good-looking the first time I met him, but not like I did now, with less things on my mind. 

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I watched Parks & Recreation a while ago but I’ve never watched the finale because I didn’t want it to end.. and it took me a hundred years but I’ve finally watched it (after re watching the whole show of course). I just wanted to say I should have done it sooner because of all the series finale I’ve seen (and it’s a lot) this one is perfect ! I’m always afraid to be disappointed in the finale because it could ruin the whole show _ I’m looking at you How I met your mother _ but Parks and Recreation ending is amazing and makes me miss the show even more.

Voilà. All I needed to say. Have a good day you beautiful weirdo.

I hope that every time you see the color blue you think of my eyes and how you used to look into them with such love. I hope that every time you see girls with curly hair you think of mine and how you used to play with my curls while I laid on your chest. I hope that when you hear your favorite song you’ll think of me, and when you wrapped your arms around me and held me close while we danced. I hope that when you watch Parks and Recreation you think of me, and how we used to stay up late watching old episodes. I hope that when you make her laugh you think of how you used to make me cry from laughing so hard. I hope that when you hear my name you think of what we used to be.
—  I guess you could say that I’m bitter about him

Had a fun night out to dinner on Thursday with some of my girlfriends. Then, we came back to my place and shared a bottle of wine and popcorn while watching the first few episodes of parks and recreation on Netflix :) One of my friends had not ever seen the show before.

The top above is quickly becoming my favorite one for going out in the fall. As we left dinner, I was leading the way out and some guy was just rounding the corner. He looked at me in this outfit (also wearing skinny jeans and my tall boots with no coat cause it was so warm out).. and he says.. “Mmhmm, Show me what you GOT!!” 

The rest of my friends were making their way out of the door and we walked by him as a group and he didn’t say anything else.

I am kind of glad I was not walking to my car by myself in that particular instance, because I am still not used to dealing with direct attention from men who have that reaction to me. 


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

the fact that taylor swift is not currently sitting in my living room watching parks and recreation with me while a pie bakes in the oven is a pr stunt

Mom: stop watching tv

Me: I am educating myself on government and learning about a woman who aspires to help the community while overcoming legal challenges

Me: *continues to watch Parks and Recreation*

Top 10 TV Series of 2015

So I’m finally forcing myself to do it close to a full month into 2016. Games list coming after I finish “Life is Strange.”

2015 was actually a ludicrously good year for TV. How good? Orange is the New Black actually didn’t make my top 10 this year and there wasn’t an appreciable drop in quality from last season. Some TV critics are calling this phenomenon “Peak TV.” There’s simply too much quality stuff out there if you take even the slightest effort to look for it. Which I did. So in horribly biased, non objective ascending order of how much I liked a series, here are 2015′s best.

10. Review with Forrest MacNeil - Comedy Central

At it’s heart, Review is a brutal, unrelenting satire of the degradation and self-deception of modern employment, Review also manages to be a similarly brutal satire of its various “Reviews” of life experiences rated on a five star scale by the ever over-committed Forrest MacNeil (Andy Daly). This is a show that elicits painful, guilty laughs at an unforgiving clip. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone because many of the jokes hurt. But it’s also the show I laugh at with the greatest ease and most consistency, even as I hate myself and the universe for doing so.

9. Daredevil - Netflix

However much I like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think the Marvel brand is actually better served by television. Comic books themselves are serialized and their stories work best when allowed time and episodes to unfold. While Agents of SHIELD is alternately excellent and the blandest thing on TV and while Agent Carter was generally very good, the Marvel formula really worked best on Netflix. This version of Daredevil is a grim and gritty crime saga with enough comic book grandiosity thrown in to remind us we’re in a superhero story. Charlie Cox owns Matt Murdoch in a way Ben Affleck never did and he carries a masochistic swagger into the role. Vincent D’onofrio is equally essential and game as the visionary Wilson Fiske who will rebuild Hell’s Kitchen even if he has to destroy it to do so. Throw in a great supporting cast and the best action sequences I’ve seen on television and you really can’t go wrong. Bring on the Punisher in season 2!

8. BoJack Horseman - Netflix

The story of a washed up sitcom star trying to become relevant again somehow manages to be an astute Hollywood Satire, and perhaps the most existentialist show on television. BoJack is a difficult character to like, and yet his mix of ambition and self-destructive hatred are all too relatable. He longs to feel worthy, but his own inability to move beyond his own sins and guilt often lead him to do wrong just to confirm to himself that he deserves to suffer. Sound bleak? Well, it is. But the show is also frequently hilarious. The Chicken episode alone makes the second season worth watching. And though Will Arnett is great, I can never mention this show without suggested that not casting Bob Saget as BoJack was a wasted opportunity.

7. Mad Men - AMC

While Mad Men went out with something closer to a wimper than a bang, its final season still shone above most other comers. Some characters ended up where they deserved, some didn’t. Some people evolved, others regressed to who they always were. And yet, even in its truncated half-season, the final seven episodes included moments of wit and grace that no other show on TV could manage. And I don’t think anyone will ever forget Peggy’s Power Walk.

6. Master of None - Netflix

I don’t know why I didn’t expect much from Aziz Ansari’s debut as a sitcom star. I’d watched every episode of “Parks and Recreation” and while I enjoyed his performance as Tom Haverford, I never got the feeling that he was the type of performer to play a lead. I was wrong. I also didn’t expect to see a sitcom in this day and age of crude, guilty laughs that was driven by honest compassion. Master of None is a show that loves its characters even as it laughs at them. It revels in differences while actually respecting them. It took time to demonstrate the joy of little things like a good barbecue sauce or a domino rally playset. I love sharp satire, but Master of None showed that comedy can dull its edges and actually be the better for it.

5. Jessica Jones - Netflix

I don’t know if Jessica Jones is an easy sell or a hard one. Best described as a feminist superhero noir, Jessica Jones features a deeply damaged protagonist who has to face her worst fears over and over and over again to protect people she cares about. And those fears? Kilgrave, perhaps the most loathsome, vile, disgusting villain to ever grace a television set. If the show has a flaw it’s that there is less story than there are episodes. But this show manages to have a heroine who is both strong and vulnerable without feeling like a checklist. Krysten Ritten deserves major points for bringing her plausibly to life. And I don’t think anyone will be able to see David Tennant the same way after Kilgrave.

4. Better Call Saul - AMC

Up against the seemingly impossible task of creating a spinoff of Breaking Bad, my personal favorite TV series ever, Vince Gilligan and co. actually manage to pull it off. Finding comedy and pathos in Jimmy McGill, the man who would be Saul Goodman, Better Call Saul managed to handle its tragicomic tone with aplomb. This series actually forced me to compare it to “On the Waterfront” based on a pivotal scene. All this built on a character who was basically Breaking Bad’s comic relief.

3. Fargo - FX

The first season of Fargo caught me off guard with its excellent mimicry of the Coen Bros. style while telling a similar yet different story of crime and hubris in snowy Minnesota. Yet somehow the second season managed to play down the mimicry while upping the mayhem and unpredictability. Fargo Season 2 was wild. Packed wall-to-wall with memorable characters, loaded with witty writing, and soaked in surprisingly well-earned pathos, this season proved that sometimes more can be more. 

2. The Leftovers - HBO

I almost cancelled HBO this year, but then I wouldn’t have been able to watch this show. Even considering Fargo, the Leftovers is the most ambitious show on television with its heavy themes of loss, faith and doubt in the face of unspeakable disaster. Most critics saw season 2 as a large improvement over season 1 while I saw it as more or less on par. Of course, I thought Season 1 was astonishing so that’s not damning with faint praise. Season 2′s relocation to Jarden, TX introduced new characters and brought in new themes and questions while still maintaining the first season’s frustrating refusal to answer the questions on everyone’s minds. Hell, the new opening credits taunted us with it before every episode. And yet this season managed to reward both faith and doubt in unexpected ways. It’s a difficult, often depressing watch. But I actually felt better after watching this season’s finale than I do watching shows that were more clearly intended to be heart-warming. Few shows walk us through so much pain to allow us to earn the sublime.

1. The Americans - FX

I was a baby when this show takes place, but I’m old enough to remember the sensation of living in the Cold War during the Reagan era. I remember the fear and the sense of having an absolute enemy who really could destroy us. I remember my father and older sister going to Washington to rally for the freedom of Soviet Jews. I remember the sense of the world exhaling when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union was no more. The Americans understands the 1980s. It captures that particular paranoia. At the same time it questions the entire necessity and morality of the Cold War by showing how intensely dehumanizing the conflict was to those involved and to those who were caught as proxies in the crossfire. It portrays, with surprising sympathy, the agonizing realization that you are doing evil things that corrupt every single thing in your life and that in your future you can only hope to look forward to doing more of the same. At what point do the rationalizations collapse? Is it when your children die for no reason in wars far away? Or is it when they turn away from you in disgust? And, knowing what we know about when and how the Cold War ends, if you end up on the losing side, how do you tell yourself it was worth it?

Honorable Mentions:
- The Flash
- Star Wars Rebels
- Key and Peele
- Orange is the New Black
- Agent Carter