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request: can you do an imagine where shawn gets injured?



a/n: i’m terrified of hospitals and honestly don’t know how they work and i don’t want to look it up so i’m bullshitting the hospital parts bare with me please. also i wrote this super quick so it’s short and kind of a mess i’m sorry :/

i also didn’t edit this but i am TIRED

Chemistry was kicking your ass. You had been up all night studying for a huge test, and you still didn’t think you had done too well. You sighed in defeat as you handed in your test and walked from the class, pulling your phone out of your backpack to see if you had gotten any messages.

From Shawn: Hi babe…I kinda messed up my ankle while working out this morning. I’m at the hospital. Call me when you get out of your test.

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Best Friend Series; Wonwoo

- you met wonwoo in high school
- you’re class president and you’re always making sure your classmates are studying hard and doing their work
- like you make sure no one’s fooling around or breaking the rules, and some of your classmates joke about how you’re much scarier than the teacher
- but they all know you mean well and are only looking after them
- you don’t tell the teacher, you just tell them “oh that’s due for third period, try to finish it up during lunch!!” or “you seem like you’re struggling in math, i know a really good tutor if you need one!!”
- there’s one boy though who you’re always so amazed by though…..
- and it’s your classmate jeon wonwoo
- you never really talked to him before….. but that’s because he always has a textbook in front of his face
- he’s not messing around with everyone else during breaks, he’s just always reading his notes and everything
- he’s a really studious person you think, and he’s always following the rules so you never have anything to say to him
- but one day, you decide to go up to wonwoo to ask if everything’s all right because he looked really amazed last english class
- you see him reading a textbook as always, but when you get to his desk…. you see a COMIC BOOK hidden behind it
- that’s when you realize….. this WHOLE time, he wasn’t studying, he was reading his comic book
- wonwoo senses you staring at him, and when he turns his head, his eyes go wide and he says “…..i….. i’m sorry”
- you’re about to scold him over it, but instead you start LAUGHING because seriously??? he fooled you good
- instead, you take the seat next to him and say “all this time??” and he kind of blushes while shamefully nodding his head
- with a smile still on your face, you point at the comic book in his hand and say “i love that comic book. are you up to date??”
- you and wonwoo start excitedly talking about the last chapter, the characters, the cliffhangers, and you eventually realize….. he’s the only person whom you allowed to get away with breaking the rules
- and ever since that day, you’ve become BEST FRIENDS
- wonwoo looks like he wants to rip people to shreds in broad daylight but then when he smiles his nose scrunches up and you’re always like “wonwoo you’re so CUTE”
- and he gets really embarrassed hearing that, he like covers his face and his ears turn bright red
- wonwoo speaks mores with his actions than with his words
- so sometimes when he sees that you’re sad, he’ll pull you in for a hug to let you know that everything’s going to be all right
- or when he’s proud of you, he’ll ruffle your hair
- or when you’re over-thinking, he’ll flick your forehead like stop, you’ll be fine
- little things that hold big meanings
- you give each other book recommendations
- on lazy days, you both like to sit together under a tree at the park while reading a book
- we all know wonwoo makes the best jokes ever
- some days, he’s on a roll and he just makes puns and jokes all day long
- at first, you were like ashfsfjkd SHUT UP WONWOO but now you add onto his jokes and he’s so PROUD
- he’s scared of dogs and one time you had a job as a dog-walker
- you showed up at his door with five dogs and you’ve never heard someone look so terrified in your entire life
- he didn’t talk to you for like three days and you had to go to his house and apologize
- “if it makes you feel any better, i nicknamed the shiba inu shiba wonu”
- “how is naming my biggest fear after me supposed to make me feel better, (name)”
- he passes by the bakery in the morning to get you both a little extra breakfast before morning classes
- he can tell right away when you’re annoyed or angry, and all he needs to say is “who did it and what did they do” before you start ranting nonstop
- he’s the type who just listens while you rant and then waits until you’ve calmed down to give realistic advice
- wonwoo just wants you to learn from your mistakes and grow from them
- you pick him up after class because he always ends like thirty mins or an hour after you and sometimes a comic book falls out of his textbook
- and when this happens, it takes you back to your high school days
- suddenly, you’re class president again scolding your best friend for not paying attention in class
- you like looking back at high school pictures with wonwoo because it’s so nice to see how much you’ve grown together
- it’s nice remembering all those times you got him out of trouble, those times he bought you lunch to repay you, and those days you spent hanging out together whether it’s in the sun, rain or snow
- you’ve been best friends for a few years already and you know….. that you’re going to be together for so many more
- nothing makes you happier than that
- “i’ll always be by your side, (name). no matter what, so don’t think for a second—”
- “what if one day i turned into a dog??”
- “ok maybe not always….”
- (he’s kidding, he loves you too much)

baconator153  asked:

May I have some prompts about two people who meet in class at college? Also I would just like to say that this is one of my favorite blogs on this shit storm of a website!

Of course! :D And thank you so much! Things like this make my day, seriously. :D

1. “Hey, I was up until five this morning studying, so I’m not really thinking clearly today, and I just zoned out during that entire lecture. You were taking notes, so… Please help me?”

2. “You literally brought a waffle iron to class and made waffles on your desk. I have to get to know you immediately.”

3. “We are the only ones who actually show up to this class on time. Even the Professor is always running late, and we’ve started playing chess while we wait for him to show up.:

4. “You just scaled the building and climbed in the window in order to get to class before our Professor. I’ve never really talked to you before, but that is about to change, believe me.”

5. “I always draw during lectures, because it helps me focus. Lately, someone has been leaving sticky notes with special requests on my desk, and today, I caught you in the act. I’m extremely flattered, and you’re turning an adorable shade of red.”

6. “We have the same last name, and our teacher thought we were siblings. You told him that, actually, we were married, and I went along with it, so now our entire class thinks we are, in fact, spouses.”

7. “I accidentally bumped your desk, and your coffee spilled everywhere. Can I buy you a new one after class? Preferably before you murder me?”

I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for the request! :D

anonymous asked:

jungkook smut in highschool hes your senior & is in ur classes bc he failed them & he always jokes around about getting u to date him but u both know hes kidding but one day ur wearing a tight dress and hes so turned on and wont stop dirty talking


can I request a jungkook thigh riding smut … I swear those thighs will kill me one day

I’m combining these two request so i hope you enjoy!! and thank you for requesting!


Xx Smut xX

~~ Admin Abbie

Ride me Baby

You walked into your classroom and sat down your books at your desk and then grabbed the homework from the front of the room. This was just like every other normal day at school. 

You would come in, grab the homework, sit down and start looking over it while you waited for the one and only Jeon Jungkook to come and start up so crazy conversation like always.

He was actually supposed to graduate last year but he failed horribly in math so he had to stay back a grade. Although that’s a bad thing you were actually quite happy he was in your class now.

You had always admired him from afar before because he is literally beautiful and handsome and just perfect in every way. All the girls loved him and he knew it because he always showed off when he got the chance.

“Hey look! its my future girlfriend!”

Speak of the devil…

“Morning Jungkook”


Jungkook came in and sat his stuff down just like you did and also grabbed the homework. His desk was right next to yours so you and him had gotten decently close this past year. 

He always makes jokes about you dating him and how you should be together and you both laugh it off because you BOTH know its not gonna happen..Even if you wanted it to.

You had to admit you had developed a crush on this absolutely crazy fetus and it drove you crazy. Every day your feelings grew and you knew eventually you weren’t going to be able to hide it..and that thought terrified you because you knew that would be the end of yours and his relationship and that is the last thing you wanted.

“How was you morning Y/N?”

“Fine, although i woke up a little late so i didn’t get any breakfast so im starving”

“Thats not good! I cant have my future girlfriend starving on me!!!”

“Oh jeez Jungkook stop with the silly jokes already haha”

You both laughed and continued talking about random things until the teacher came in. Today was a half day of school because we had our homecoming dance tonight.

*To anyone who doesn’t know what that is, It is a high school dance that happens at the beginning of the year to welcome everyone back to the new year*

Everyone always got so pumped and excited for homecoming, Girls would spend tons of money on their hair and makeup and especially their dress. You on the other hand didn’t try very hard.

I mean sure it was really fun but it would be more fun if you had a date or friends to go with. To say simply you weren't the most social person you tend to keep to yourself.

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anonymous asked:

Hii <3 could I pls request a scenario where Bakugou's s/o and Kirishima are goofing off in class and playing the flinching game, Kirishima ends up throwing a baby punch in her face and Bakugou see's from afar and is like !!!did he just punch?? my bae?? and Bakurage ensues at the misunderstanding :P

oh my god, pray for kirishima guys, he’s gonna NEED IT

Kirishima and you had been friends long before you’d met and started dating Bakugou. The two of you could often be found goofing off between classes, and this time was no different. While waiting for Aizawa and the rest of your class to arrive this morning, you and Kirishima were taking turns throwing almost-punches at each other. The goal was to get the other to visibly flinch, something that Kirishima always claimed he was too manly to do, and obviously you wanted to prove him wrong. He always won your wrestling matches and games like this because of his quirk, but this time he wasn’t allowed to use it and you were determined to win.

The game had been going on for a while now and the classroom was almost full. Kaminari had come over to egg you both on and Iida was there to tell you he definitely didn’t approve, but your boyfriend and a couple of people were still yet to arrive, so the game continued on.

The last punch you’d thrown at Kirishima had grazed his nose, and you’d gotten him to blink, but Kaminari (now the self appointed referee) had ruled that it didn’t count as flinching. Kirishima sighs in relief, but you can’t stop grinning, you’re going to win this time. You steel yourself for his next turn, excited to get through it so you can have another go at him.

Kirishima smirks at you and winds up, making you roll your eyes at his dramatics, but when he does move to make you flinch, he actually hits you this time. A couple of his knuckles connect with your cheek, and while it’s not hard, it still makes you recoil in a bit of pain. You cover that side of your face with your hand, more out of surprise than actual pain, and Kirishima looks like he’s just KO’ed a puppy. His eyes are wide and his mouth is hanging open, but before he can apologize the distinct sound of explosives and the unmistakable scent of smoke fill the air.

“What the fuck!” Your boyfriend screams, crossing the room in an instant to shove Kirishima away from you and grab him by his blazer’s collar, “You think you can get away with fucking assaulting my girl while I’m not here? I’ll kill you!”

“Bakugou let him go!” You urge, tugging on the blond’s sleeve, “He didn’t mean to hit me!” Your plea falls on very deaf ears, and you know it’s going to be hard to explain this to Bakugou. He wasn’t exactly planning on walking into school to see his friend punching you in the face, after all.

“What the fuck did I just see, hair-for-brains? Because if it’s what I think I just saw, you’re fucking dead,” Bakugou seethes, nose to nose with Kirishima, fist raised and audibly crackling with explosive intent.

“It was an honest mistake, Bakugou!” Kirishima cries, hands out at his sides in surrender, “Why would I actually punch my best friend in the face?!”

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out, dipshit,” Bakugou growls, “Because, you actually fucking did.”

“We were just playing around!” Kirishima pleads, “I was trying to get her to flinch! You know, that stupid game! I just over-reached, that’s all! I swear!”

“He’s telling the truth,” You try and convince Bakugou as you and Kaminari are finally able to get him to release his grip on Kirishima. The redhead takes a step back out of Bakugou’s space and fixes his jacket, expression sad and obviously upset that he hurt you.

Once the adrenaline drops off a little, Bakugou recognizes Kirishima’s distress, and along with his knowledge that Kirishima is too honest to hit a girl, let alone you, he’s able to rationally believe that what he saw must have been an accident. The snarl doesn’t leave his face though, and he levels Kirishima with a glare while he detonates the built up sweat in his palm, trying to blow off some of the steam.

“C’mon,” Bakugou grabs your hand, pulling you out of the classroom, “You need ice for that. If it bruises, I’ll fucking kill Kirishima, accident or not.”

You smile and thread your fingers with his as he all but drags you to the nurse’s office, using your other hand to pull out your phone and type out a text to Kirishima.

To: Eijirou~

Made you flinch! I win ;)

The Partner Revealed - Part 3

Originally posted by bugheadjones-the-third

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: Jughead and Y/N’s relationship gets more intense but will it continue?

Warnings: Bullying

Word count: 3396

A/N: Sorry it took so long to update, my computer died on me. But it is a bigger part to make up for it! 

Jughead’s point of view

Jughead gets up refreshed that morning. He couldn’t sleep many hours, but the ones he managed to were serene, the very word Y/N used to describe Sweet Water River the previous night. He has so much to write after what he considers to be his best moment in ages! He lets his fingers work fast and his mind even faster, for he would have to move from one Twilight Zone to another – the drive-in to school – pretty soon.

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Jonsa modern AU

Arya had always been close to Jon, as close as he and Robb were, and after Robb and dad died in a mysterious car crash it was normal for him to spend time with the Starks. What wasn’t normal was how much time he spend with Sansa, at first he would wait for her to finish cheer and drive her home like Robb used too. Then he started driving her to ballet class and he and Ghost changed their walk schedule to walk with Sansa and Lady. It didn’t make sense until she woke up one morning to find them together in Sansas bed.

She was furious. Sansa had everything, perfect body, perfect lady, captain of the cheerleaders, ballet dancer, moms favourite. Why did she have to take Jon as well? They got in a huge fight, Sansa almost started crying, while saying “You’re right about everything. I’m only here for me, and my life is fucking incredible. I love it. I love spending another night talking Mom off the ledge, I love only applying to schools nearby, because who knows what’ll happen to Bran or Rickon if I’m not around to take care of them, and I love…that the one person who makes me feel like I could take a fucking breath… I can’t have without completely destroying you. So, you’re right. You’re right, it’s a blast. I win.” She turned her back to Arya and locked herself in her bedroom for the rest of the day.

The next morning Arya apologised. She still wasn’t 100% fine with their relationship but she was happy Sansa had someone who would take care of her. 

Well…last night’s game sucked, for me anyway, yes because they lost but also because our quarterback got injured. First game of the season. But, I’ll watch each weekend and cheer them on no matter what because they’re my team. *sigh*

Did you know mowing grass for 30 minutes burns 230 calories? Between the front yard yesterday, the back yard today and the hedge hacking I really killed the work outs this weekend. Hoping to take this momentum through the week to yoga class Saturday. I got this, plus my yard looks awesome.

I’m ready to stop being broke all the time. Thanks.

Brad sang to me this morning. He hasn’t done that in a while. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to accurately express how good he is for my heart and soul. It’s why I’ll never let go. I’ll always be waiting.

Syd’s bff is coming for pizza dinner and a sleep over tonight and I said it would start at 5:00 because damnit if I don’t need some down time!

I think a nap is in order.

I have been off my no beer diet for my pcos the last couple weeks and I can seriously feel the difference in my bloating and weight gain. I have to stay away from it totally. I’m so uncomfortable. Ugh.

High school AU prompts (Based off of real experiences)
  • our english class had to go watch a local production of romeo and juliet so we were sitting next to each other and i was thinking about how cool juliet’s hair looks and you just leaned over and said that her hair looks a lot like mine and i’m kinda flattered wow
  • you’re really quiet and don’t talk to many people but apparently your mom just got remarried so you have a shit ton of flowers from the reception so you’re making tiny bouquets of roses and giving them to all the girls in our class and this one is for me!? omg you’re so sweet thank you so much also you should look into being a florist because this is gorgeous holy shit
  • every tuesday after school we walk over to the taco bell down the street and we order the same exact thing every time and now the cashier actually knows us by name and remembers our exact order i’m laughing so hard
  • i got a mysterious note in my locker that says ‘you’re beautiful, i hope you have a wonderful day’ and i just??? do you know anything about this??? 
  • we’re best friends and it’s our senior year so we’re going on a tour of a local community college that we’re registering for and one of the teachers chaperoning is a major bitch and the other one is basically like our angel grandma and the bitchy one keeps asking if we’re going to remember about doing our registration stuff but we’re kind of unintentionally ignoring her because we’re super excited that the cafeteria has veggie burgers and our teacher is getting so pissed but the other one thinks it’s so hilarious that she buys us lunch
  • i’ll help you with english if you help me with algebra please i am BEGGING you here (*literally thirty seconds later*) WHY COULDN’T THE TEACHER EXPLAIN IT LIKE THAT, THAT LITERALLY TOOK LIKE 10 SECONDS AND I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING NOW, I’M ACTUALLY GOING TO CRY
  • i’m known for my horrible puns and one day at lunch i make a pun that’s so bad that you and my other friend actually throw your hands in the air and leave and take a walk around the entire school because you’re so fucking done with me  
  • we’re on the golf team and oMG WE BOTH QUALIFIED FOR SECTIONALS oops i totally just hugged you
  • you’re my best friend and everyone thinks we’re a lesbian couple but i don’t even care tbh 
  • we’re in an online ‘homeschool’ charter academy so we get to come in to the computer lab at whatever time we want and i’m always here before 7:30 but you don’t even wake up until like nine so i’m always spamming your phone until you get up
  • i started playing the piano in the music room while we were all waiting for our chorus director to show up and apparently you guys performed defying gravity last year and loved it because i started playing it and liTERALLY EVERYONE JUMPED OUT OF THEIR SEATS AND STARTED SINGING IN FOUR-PART HARMONY WHAT IS THIS
  • your first class is halfway across campus but you sometimes bring me arizona tea in the morning and say hi even though you could be late omg you nerd thank you though i love you
  • you’re my best friend and i’m hanging out at your house waiting for my parents but hey since we’re bored we should totally make cookies (-four hours later-) WE JUST MADE ENOUGH COOKIES TO FILL UP FIVE GIANT ICE CREAM BUCKETS WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH ALL OF THESE
    (*Side note: Those cookies actually lasted us about a week and a half. We brought one-gallon ice cream buckets full of them to school and gave cookies to literally everyone who would accept one.*)
  • we’ve been friends for a while and at first you really hated hugs so we would just do this thing where we put our hands together and kind of hug each other’s hand with our thumb and everyone else thinks it’s weird but i think it’s great
  • you used to be really awkward with physical contact and you would slap people’s hands when they tried to touch you but for some reason you’re completely fine with me doing it?? 
  • we were messing around with our other friends in the grass and i did a cartwheel and followed up with a split because i used to be in gymnastics and that’s just a thing i like doing but apparently i never told you that and you CRINGED SO HARD I’M SORRY FOR SCARING YOU BUT YOUR FACE WAS HILARIOUS
  • we’re both in chorus and we’re goofing around during an intermission and i swung my hand out in front of you and you grabbed it for some reason and you ended up twirling me like a princess and now we’re just standing here staring at each other like????
    (Note: That’s the same no-touchy friend as the one in the prompts above this one)
  • we’re in chorus and it’s our last time doing a big performance and i have a big solo and when we finish the show and go backstage you freak out and grab my shoulders and start complimenting the hell out of me and i’m blushing so hard omg i’m going to melt and die thank you though
  • no you don’t understand if i don’t get an a on that final i will probably lose my 4.0 GPA and i would literally- STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT I’M SERIOUS I WANT TO GRADUATE WITH A PERFECT REPORT CARD 
  • ^^^ you have a perfect GPA and you literally get A’s in everything YOU’RE LIKE THE PERFECT STUDENT AND THE TEACHERS ALL LOVE YOU SO JUST SHUT UP 
  • we’re talking about what we should do for our senior prank and your ideas are fucking gold omg please marry me
  • it’s graduation and our class gets to roll up in a limo and hell yeah i will stand up and wave at everyone from the sun roof with you i don’t care how embarrassed our classmates are let’s do this
  • the main campus is having their graduation now and we’re friends but i’ve never hugged you before and you have to leave after we perform our songs for them and right after we’re done you give me a big hug and dAMNIT (NAME) WE’RE NEVER GOING TO SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN I HATE YOU 
  • it’s graduation and you’re my friend who does the sound system and after everything is over you’re putting your stuff away and you see me and my friend and say hi but my friend runs right past you because she saw someone else she wanted to hug so you pretend to be all offended so i play along and ask if she hurt your feelings but then you put your arm around my waist and literally pick me up wITH ONE ARM AND HOLD ME A FOOT OFF THE GROUND WHILE YOU SASS HER ABOUT HOW I’M A BETTER FRIEND HOLY SHIT YOU’RE HELLA STRONG AND LITERALLY ELEVEN INCHES TALLER THAN ME PLEASE DON’T DROP ME JUST PUT ME DOWN actually don’t this is kinda fun
Don’t Forget Me (Part Nine)

Don’t Forget Me Masterlist

Stiles moved in with you and your Mom not long after he’d been found. Despite John’s insisting that he’d happily give up his room for Stiles to stay with him so he could spend time with Stiles, he and Lydia gravitated towards each other, leading to you continuously finding Stiles crashed on the sofa or making breakfast so it just made sense that he stayed and you didn’t think you’d seen your Mom happier.


“(Y/N) up, you’re going to be late.” Stiles banged on your door frame as he passed your room, returning a moment later when all you did was groan and roll over. “Come on, your Mom’s in a meeting so I’m making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.”


That was all it took for you to roll out of bed and madly run around the house as you tried to get ready, scoffing the pancakes almost as soon as Stiles set them in front of you.


“Ok, Lyd’s in a meeting all day and I’ll be with Scott at the vets… Liam should be teaching your gym class but Mason might need a hand with looking for whatever it is that’s been hanging around so don’t be surprised if class is cut short.” Stiles rambled on as he handed you your jacket and helped you put your back pack on, grabbing your lunch and the car keys as he followed you out of the house.


“You still don’t know who that guy was, I was there when Scott called Deaton and that magic in the vaults really bad stuff.” You said and he glanced across the car at you as he drove towards the high school.

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So I guess this post is kind of a ‘Tips for Developing Characters’/’which oc’ post, but I just wanted to share what just helped me immensely!

While waiting for my first class this morning to start I decided to just sit and brainstorm as much as I could for developing my team’s personalities and traits. Of course, that meant not fully focusing on the lecture once class actually started OTL (Hopefully it won’t hurt my grade on Wednesday’s quiz)

But not the ‘does your character like spicy/sweet food?’/’favorite foods’ questions (cuz questions like that don’t personally help me AT ALL) but more like how they would act in a food court/restaurant:

  • ‘Who buys the least expensive item on the menu?’ (buying for themselves/when someone else is paying)
  • ‘Who buys the first thing that looks delicious?’
  • ‘Who reads the entire menu to consider all their options?’
  • ‘Who always has certain dishes (has a specific taste) that they look for on the menu?’
  • ‘Who doesn’t consider the price at all?’
  • ‘Who would offer to pay for the others’ meals?’
  • ‘Who has no table manners/devours food?’
  • ‘Who eats like their eating among nobility?’
  • ‘Who will wait for everyone to get their food before starting?’
  • ‘Who likes/is willing to share food?’
  • ‘Who steals food when person isn’t looking?’
  • ‘Who steals food openly, and doesn’t care if the person sees/objects?’
  • ‘Who forces others to try an item they bought that tastes disgusting?’
  • ‘Who snacks constantly/hardly eats at all?’
It All Started With a Big Bang

aka the cliche lams college au no one asked for ;)


John groaned, propping himself up on his shoulder to switch off the alarm on his phone which Lafayette had set for him when he’d told him that he was occasionally late for work.
5 Missed Calls From ‘Ha Gayyyy’
John chuckled softly. “Alex, you expect too much of me.” He murmured to himself, swinging his legs out of bed and heaving himself up. He mumbled incoherent words before groggily walking over to the bathroom to take a shower.
He lived in a dorm he shared with Alexander Hamilton, but he normally had 8AM classes while John’s started at 9AM, so he had the mornings to himself. “Are we gonna have a problem? You got a bone to pick?” John began singing, intensely swaying his hips while washing his curly hair. “You can join the team, or you can bitch and moan!” he continued, nodding his head along.
“Hey John, I forgot my- HOLY SHIT JOHN CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR!” he hears Alex scream. John jumped, catching Alexander’s horrified gaze. Wait. Did Alex just see me naked- FUUUCK! Were the thoughts racing through his mind before he pulled the shower curtain over his bare body. “Alex! I- Uh..” he murmured, his cheeks redder than any tomato you’ve ever seen. “I’ll, uh, be leaving now.” Alexander said hurriedly, grabbing his reports he’d forgotten on his bed and running out of the apartment, his face the same shade of red as John’s.
“Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!” John exclaimed, feeling as if he was about to pull out his own hair with the amount of embarrassment he currently felt. He quickly turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around himself before grabbing his phone and sitting down on the bed. He scrolled through his contact list when he landed on ‘Baguette Swallower’. He sent a message to his friend;
jackjackcutmesomeslack: laf my place now no questions asked
Baguette Swallower: On my way.
John quickly shoved the nearest pair of jeans and the shirt that had been on the floor for a couple days. It just so happened to be the only shirt available, and Alexander’s. “Screw it.” He muttered, throwing on the shirt just as Lafayette barged through the door. “Explanation.” He said, his French accent thick. “Well hello to you too.” He replied, rolling his eyes before continuing, “Alex saw me. Naked.” He sighed, putting his face in his hands. “Merde. Well, was it your plan?” Lafayette smirked, nudging his friend playfully. “Laf! Seriously!” he chuckled, shoving him. “You know I like him, he seemed really awkward, I dunno..” John shook his head, clearing all possible thoughts that went through his mind.
Lafayette smiled. “Mon ami, in all seriousness, you’ll never know until you ask.” He said, and with that, left the dorm. John sighed, chucking his phone on the bed and flopping down. “I’ll ask him after class. Wait. Fuck. Class!” John sprung himself up, slung his backpack over his shoulder and ran over to Medical Class.
As he attempted to enter through the door at the back of class, there was a loud creek throughout the silent class and Mr. Miranda looked up, a smirk on his face. “Ah, Laurens, I wondered when you’d show up.” He said, with that signature evil smirk. Oh how he’d love to punch the fuck out of that guy. John nodded and silently took his seat, taking his phone out from his pocket.
jackjackcutmesomeslack: laf im gonna ask him to papa johns is that too plain?
Baguette Swallower: Just a bit. How about just buying him some cologne or something, but before you give it to him put a note inside the box saying something along the lines of ‘Hey, I’ve kinda been meaning to ask you for a while. Wanna go on a date some time. P.S. sorry for the bad experience this morning ;0 ~ John ;)
jackjackcutmesomeslack: perfect you’re a life saver
Baguette Swallower: I know, but I deserve my name to be changed now.
‘jackjackcutmesomeslack’ changed ‘Baguette Swallower’s’ name to ‘Large Baguette’
Large Baguette: I’ll get revenge
“Texting in class, hm?” John was ripped out of his thoughts at the sound of Mr. Miranda. “I was texting my mom, she forgot I had class this morning, please don’t take my phone from me.” John lied, attempting to persuade him to allow him to keep his phone for the day. “Very well, but if I see you on that thing again it’s confiscated.” His teacher sighed.
“Much appreciated Mr. Miranda, I promise you won’t see me on it again.” John put on a fake smile before tucking his phone away safely in his backpack.

–**–**–TIME SKIP–**–**–

John inhaled sharply before walking up to his crew of friends, including Alex. “Hey guys.” John smiled, waving as he walked over. “Hey.” The guys said in unison. Alexander looked a little awkward though, but he expected that due to what happened earlier. “Hey Alex, wanna go back to the dorm. We can speak to Herc and Laf later?” he grinned widely, a flash of hope in his eyes. “Sure, Jacky.” Alex smiled, waving to the boys as he walked back to the dorm with John. John saw Lafayette wink before they left, and a confused looking Hercules.
“Anything you needed John? And hey, I am so sorry about earlier. Y’know I didn’t mean to walk in on you right?” Alex said, looking John directly in the eyes. “It’s fine Alex. No biggy. And hey, I wanted to give you something. For always being here when I needed you most.” John smiled, reaching into his bag for the box of cologne and tossing it over to Alex who instinctively caught it in one hand. “Thanks man! You didn’t need to!” Alex chuckled, opening the box, looking like a child on Christmas Day. Adorable. “Hm? What’s this?” He narrowed his gaze as he took out the small piece of paper and read it over.
John fiddled his fingers nervously, biting his bottom lip before Alex spoke up, his face in pure shock. “John, you?” He gasped, staring up at him. “Hey, it’s cool if you don’t want to. All’s good, it’ll just go back to how it wa-” John was cut off by a connection of lips. Alex’s lips. It didn’t take long for him to lean into the kiss, deepening it all the while. The taste of coffee lingered on Alex’s lips but they were soft, and fit perfectly with John’s, like a padlock and it’s key. It felt like centuries when Alex finally pulled away for breath, looking at his feet, his hair slightly loose from it’s tied up state.
“I think I’ll take you up on that offer.” Alex smiled, wrapping his arm around John in a tight, bone crushing hug. John dug his face into the crook of Alex’s neck, the warmth from his body radiating between them. They both stayed like this before John spoke, “hey, so we should probably head bacl to the guys.” He suggested. “Good idea.” Alex smiled, standing up with a stretch and a yawn like he had only just gotten up. And so, Alex and John walked back hand in hand to a smug looking Lafayette and a dazed Hercules.

On Mori Lifestyle

When you look at the western…-no, when you look at Tumblr’s and Mixi’s idea of a mori girl (or mori folk) lifestyle you get to one conclussion: What happened?

If you read Choco’s list, there are few indications about lifestyle at all. She talks about some habits like going to the cafe, but that’s it. Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that with only that the community was able to create a whole lifestyle? Like…What does a mori girl eat? What kind of job she has? Does she have any pets…?

I don’t know about mixi (maybe there’s an specific idea there) but here,maybe  because of the influence of the word “mori”, it kind of drifted towards a hippie-nature-loving style. That’s totally cool, I mean, maybe in Japan there isn’t that concern about nature and stuff, but I don’t think it is a must for being a mori girl. Now,there is a lot of to discuss about this subject (let’s not talk about the vegan,fur or any other debate of this kind) but that’s a view of a modern society which may or may not fit yourself AND does not make you more or less of a mori girl. Why? Simply,because I think we are forgetting about the

real meaning of being mori.

It’s not about being japanese, not about wearing thrifted clothes (BTW,where did this idea came from?) or about being natural. The mori girl(or boy,or any gender,actually) is a person who enjoys solitude and has a slow pace. As Choco says,they enjoy going from one place to another but they don’t wear sneakers because they don’t run; they walk quietly, taking their time looking at something interesting and then, they shift towards another thing that catches their eye. And why are they like this? I came to a conclusion after I started school again. I don’t have as much classes as I used to,so I spend a lot of time between classes in the little park besides our school while I wait for my classes to start. I usually read during hours there but other times I just sit and watch the birds that come to see if there’s any food in the garbage that people leave behind. Those moments of sollitude and calm are special. Other thing that made me realize it was when I started to go out on the mornings. When I went to a supermarket alone and not with my family or when I bough freshly baked bread and went home with it I felt a great satisfaction. Like some kind of achievement: all because I did things on my own and for me. That’s a Mori(in my opinion) girl trait. That’s why you would see them interested in  crafts,recipes or gardening: because they are your creations,by yourself and for yourself; in a way, making you feel independent and autosufficent.

The conclusion is…there is no mori.No,really. Think about all the mori girls that appear in snaps and magazines. None of them live in a forest,or at least,a real one. I like to think that the forest is just a metaphor. The forest is solitude,and when a forest girl exits the forest to go into the city,everything is new. That’s why they like to explore cafes,shops and libraries. But you would not see a mori gir in a disco or a pub,because they are too different from a forest. I don’t think people understand this at all,but what I mean is that a forest girl is a forest girl all by herself. Their lifestyle is just treating themselves in the best way possible. Be selfish from time to time. It’s nice to take a good relaxing bath or going out and buying a book. A mori girl enjoys life slowy and with little things. So,please,mori folks, don’t worry too much about posting you coordinates online and what people think of them: if it looks good or not,if you wear fur or if you only eat green. Stop thinking about the outer world for a moment and relax,see how many little details you are missing. Maybe we can start looking at others and ourselves in a different way.

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Wish me luck catching the bus on time and getting off on the right stop. >->

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Truth or Dare (Derek Luh)

Requested: Can you do one were You’re dating Derek but he’s only doing it because of a dare and then you catch him cheating on you and he gets mad and says he isn’t sorry. And you’re heartbroken and you leave and then he realizes he misses and loves you?

“How much time I have to do this?” I asked Tyler while he was smiling. “Just until tonight, after that believe me you´ll be free” He said pushing me to get on the room where Y/N was. She was wearing a cute dress but she was reading some old book.

She wasn´t so bad, the only problem is that she wasn´t my type. Everytime we were at a party she was the girl that rather being outside alone instead of dancing. Or everytime we had days off she rather being at the hotel reading instead of going with us to the beach. At first I hated her, but I did this awful game “Truth or Dare” with Tyler and now I´ve been dating her for almost two weeks. She had a nice body, but I wasn´t the right dude for her. She looked at me and smiled.

“Derek, we have a concert. Remember?” Skate told me and we got out of there. In the concert, everything was the same as usual. Just girls all around me and the only thing I had in mind was with which one I would get laid tonight.

The show end and Tyler took me out of there. He took me to the hotel and in his room he already had some girls. I choose one and I had this awful feeling something was certainly not right…

The next day…

I woke up and left the girl sleeping. I had some breakfast and went with everyone else. Just in the minute I enter saw Y/N really angry and crying. “You did it?” She asked me while Skate,Dillon and John looked at me in a furious way. “You cheated on me?” She screamed while standing up. “Who the hell are you to talk me in that way?” I answered screaming too “Your girlfriend!” She said angry and crying.

“My ex-girlfriend!” I screamed, while she looked surprised about it “You want to know why? Because you´re nothing than just a stupid dare in my life, you´re just some other stupid little boring girl, and you know what? I don´t regret anything about last night, because believe me, hoes were much better than you!”

She ran and Dillon went behind her. Then John went for her too. Skate stand up and I only felt him punching me. He was so mad. He left me on th floor and Tyler got closer to help me. “That was horrible, Derek”. Chad, Tyler and KDL were looking at me disapointed. “She didn´t deserved that” Tyler said looking sad.

Some days later…

Y/N left tour that day. Dillon went with her to the airport and after that everything changed. No one talked with me during tour. Not even KDL or Tyler. Why? Everyone believed I was an idiot, even me. I tried to talk her, but she didn´t answer. On concert, I didn´t felt the same way on stage. I went backstage and there were already 5 or 6 girls there, no one like Y/N. No one had that innocent smile and that silent way to keep everything perfect… What? I´m feeling terrible right now. No one had that body or even that voice tone. No one had the perfect type to fit perfectly in my arms or hug my chest just like she did…

“You´re missing her, right?” Chad said while I was just standing there admiring how much I missed Y/N. I nodded, and he said “Then go for her” He said smiling. I smiled, and ran to the airport. I buy a ticket for the next plane and waited for it.

I arrived in the morning and knew she was at school. I went there and literally entered in her class interrumpting everyone. I was a mess. Some girls started making jokes to her, while she looked scared at me. She went out with me and looked down.

“I love you” I said and she looked confused “I´m an idiot, and the only thing I can tell you is that in the moment Skate let me on the floor I felt so empty. You were all I had, I screwed up everything. If you want to kick me is okay, but the only thing that I want you to know is that there´s no one else like you. No one looks so good on dresses than you, no one else fits in my clothes the way you do. And no one is just as stupid as me for letting you go. I love you…” I said looking at her

“You truly love the stupid little boring girl? You know, hoes were better than me…” She whispered “Look at me, no one loves you as much as me, and you´re the only one that didn´t called me luh during sex” She smiled, I got closer and kissed her.

And I finally understand that in her life was the only place I wanted to be…



The Village Life Cycle 

(It’s the Ciiiiiiirrrrcle of Lifeeeeeee) 

 After three months of living in a small, coastal Malagasy village, August was the month where I finally began to really feel like a part of the community. Suddenly I noticed the village life cycle was unfolding all around me and I was right in the middle of it! I photographed a Malagasy wedding, I attended a few funerals, I helped the doctor birth a baby, and I even witnessed a circumcision party. I was somehow turning into a Rabbi. 

I had tried to be involved in community activities as much as I could for the first few months that I lived here…but being dropped in a town so extraordinarily different than what I was used to was overwhelming and adjusting took time. I was happy, but I wasn’t going to rush things. Being a volunteer is weird and everything gets better each day. 

In August I was beginning to become more comfortable spending (aimless) time outside. I started to be able to let go of “calculated time”- the structure and order my western brain thought it needed- and I was able to lighten my step and flow with the easy-going village mentality. This is when things started to get interesting. 

 A Nice Day for a Lime Green and Aqua Blue Wedding: 

One day I was walking around without any plans. I was excited to see where things could take me! As I passed by the only hill in town where there is cell-phone reception, a family at the Commune called me over and asked me to help them take photos of their wedding. A Malagasy Wedding! 

Where I live people rarely get married officially. There were 4 weddings in my commune in 2014 and only 5 so far this year. Most “married” couples just pair up and move in together…and then switch around if they feel like it as the years go by. A marriage license in this district of Madagascar costs 60,000 Ariary, or $20, which is a ridiculous amount of money for a Malagasy family that typically lives on 50 cents a day. 

But that day, there was a wedding and I just happened to stumble upon it! Everyone was so excited to have a strange “white person” there. They refused to let me stand and gave me the nicest chair to sit in, next to the the sisters of the bride. It’s always awkward when this happens, but I’m sure it would be even more awkward if I refused… 

All in attendance were wearing shades of blue and green -including the bride. I felt very underdressed in my cloth sarong (Malagasy lamba) that people wear casually but not to important events. But at least it was blue and no one seemed to mind because everything I do is weird anyways! 

We sat in the small library while two officials from the commune reviewed papers, said a few words, and then had the couple sign the papers and kiss. There were about 20 people there, and it was a simple and short ceremony. When the couple kissed, they were both very uncomfortable with an audience and began laughing nervously as Malagasy people tend to do when they are uncomfortable. It was such a wonderful and happy moment. And I snapped a photo of it! (Which just made them laugh more). 

After the ceremony, the group invited me back to their house a little ways out, down a muddy road. At the house, everyone insisted that I sit at the table with all of the men which included the Mayor and his “cronies.” All of the other women were sitting on mats in another room… But I didn’t want to stir the pot so I did what I was told. The large amount of respect I receive here is confusing yet humbling. I hope to do it justice with my work. 

Everyone was very jubilant and I taught them some English as we compared Malagasy and American culture while passing a tray of cookies around the table. Then the bride and her sisters served the men, the elders, and me large bowls of rice -the most important part of a Malagasy meal -especially at a wedding! 

Chicken stew and a salad of carrots were served alongside the rice and I once again had to have the awkward “vegetarian” talk with my new friends to explain why I don’t eat chicken. They were very intrigued…but understanding! 

After the meal, men brought out some bottles of beer, moonshine, rum, and sugar cane brandy called Toka Gasy. Everyone drank and cheered to the new happy couple. Then the men at the table mixed together a bunch of drinks, as well as some cookies and rice, into two cups and had the couple down the glasses as everyone chanted good blessings. 

After the toasts, I made my way into the other room where women and children had been eating on mats but were now beginning to dance. For the next few hours, as the day came to an end, I danced in a small little room with the grandmas and mothers and sisters and children as men sat in the other room, laughing, drinking and D.J.ing the music for us. It was glorious. 

A few days later, I printed out the photos I took and gave them to the kind and welcoming family as a wedding gift. 

Baby Come Back! 

As a Peace Corps Health Volunteer working with a health clinic (CSB -Centre du Santé de Base), I felt that it was obligatory that I take advantage of this position to witness childbirth sometime. In August my chance finally came! There are often women giving birth at the CSB, but sometimes it is late at night, or other times I had not been able to sit there all day waiting for it to happen. 

But on this particular Saturday I had nothing to do! I went out walking and I saw a bunch of people waiting at the CSB. I asked if they were waiting for a birth and they said yes. This was my moment! I ran home to grab my book and returned so I could wait with the family. 

The doctor at the clinic who I’m supposed to work with, but I do not talk to much because he has little patience for my “slowly improving” Malagasy, was there. He told me that the baby would probably come in about two hours, near 4 pm. During this time, he and I actually chatted a bit and *maybe* even bonded. He was very intrigued by my Kindle. 

4 pm came and passed but the baby still wasn’t ready. It would be getting dark soon and I could tell the doctor was getting impatient. The woman was given a dose of Ocytocin to induce labor but it wasn’t working quickly. 

 At around 5 o'clock, it was dusk and the doctor decided it was time. There was no electricity, but by the light of a lantern and my iPhone’s flashlight, he handed me some gloves. It was the most terrifying moment of my life. I am not supposed to actually be involved… I just wanted to watch (for some strange masochistic reason). 

My job was just to stand there and hand him warm water every once in a while, which I think I was qualified *just enough* to do. Although his Malagasy is particularly fast and I never understand him… It went okay. 

But the baby still wasn’t ready to come out. For a few more hours, the mother silently (Malagasy people do not make noise when they are in pain) pushed as her mother and sisters pushed on her stomach too. 

Eventually, after seeing so many traumatic things that I will never unsee, the baby emerged. I helped the doctor to clean her off and then I weighed her on a small balance as she cried her first little tears. (This is the only time I can be certain that the reason a baby was crying in my arms was NOT because I was white). 

It was a magical experience… I guess. Terrifying but magical. 

I didn’t realize that I had been holding my breath for three hours until I left the health center and finally exhaled a series of “WTF WTF WTF"s under the starry night sky. 


In August, I started to facilitate my own programs. I was to lead a nutrition class and cooking demo for mothers and young children one Tuesday morning. 

When I arrived at my counterpart’s house to set up, she told me that a two month old baby had passed away that morning and many people were distraught. 

She took me to the home of the family. Many of the villagers were waiting outside as a large group of family members and friends were squeezed in the house praying. Every once in a while I would hear loud wails. 

I asked my counterpart if we should cancel the program, but she said no and we carried it out. 

Later in the day, a large mass of people in colorful clothes were marching along the main road singing. The men in front were carrying a small white bundle. My counterpart told me it was the baby and we joined in with the march. 

I was heartsick because of the baby. I was also terribly afraid that I would do something dumb or offensive. In a situation like this, one cannot smile and laugh off a mistake as a charming cultural mishap and my language skills were not good enough to fully understand what was going on. 

Further down the road, most of the group took a path into the woods to bury the baby. Instead, I followed a group of women into a pond where everyone got in and began washing themselves. I began washing myself as well. I think it may have been symbolic for the “purity of life." 


The following week there was to be another nutrition program in a smaller village nearby. When I arrived in the village, I was informed by my coworker that a 20 year old boy had died that morning and we would be starting late because of the funeral. 

I joined the community as they carried the young man wrapped in white cloth to the river. They placed his body in a canoe and most of the villagers stayed onshore watching as a few more canoes accompanied his, to bury him in a sacred place along the water where he’d spent his whole life. 


These were untimely and surprising deaths. Both of these two funerals were because people were "sick.” That is all I know. The villagers were very quiet and solemn and did not want to talk. Death is a very delicate subject that I do not understand well. 


One morning I awoke to horrendous screams coming from the house next door to mine. I peaked over into the yard and saw a few mothers holding squirming little boys who were pants-less. They were being circumcised. 

I stayed back a bit because -to be honest- after witnessing childbirth, I wasn’t ready for the graphics of this event. Maybe I’m not cut out to be a rabbi. (Oh goodness that’s a horrible accidental pun). 

I guess I will just settle for being the strange community member in a village who does her best to understand the culture around her and tries not to offend people. L'chaim, To Life!

anonymous asked:

Woah, you have been keeping a journal for 32 years?! What's your secret? I have tried to do it countless times and while I love writing in my journal, I can't for the life of me find the dedication to keep it for more than a few months. After those months I start writing less and less often until I quit altogether.

I started because I knew I had a bad memory and I wanted to remember my childhood. That journal lasted until I got to college, so it’s  not as if I wrote all that much in it. I started out just jotting out what happened that day, and then I used to treat it as my friend when I went on vacation with my grandfather, and then I recall starting to… wait, I wrote meta in my diary when I was in hs. China Beach really hit me, and I started writing about it.  By then I was really into writing fiction and poetry so I started writing down not only my feelings, but also characters, dialogue, poems, exercises. And I also drew in my journals.

By the time I graduated from college, my journal was my constant companion. I carried not only a journal, but also drawing and writing supplies. I used to go to different cafes in Greenwich Village and just write and sketch and drink coffee and eat pastry and people watch. I carried my journal with me wherever I went and if ever I had a moment alone where I had nothing to do, I would take out my journal. Subways, bars, Union Square, before work, when I woke up in the morning, waiting for a friend, whenever. I would go to Barnes and Noble and read through all their writing books and doing exercises and activities in them. I really loved my journal and journaling helped me become a better writer, thinker and artist.

This was in a time before smart phones and tablets. You couldn’t just pull up candy crush or fb. Actually, I write a lot less in my journal since I started blogging… although that might also have something to do with having kids and not being able to focus. Even if I don’t write all the time now, I know it’s there for me. I can always pick it back up, and I am a better me when I do.

Some hints to be a better journal keeper

  • Find a journal that feels good in your hand. One that won’t intimidate you by being too fancy, but also won’t fall apart when you take it with you. I use 5″x8″ hardbound black sketchbooks without lines because I like to draw in them, but a lot of people need lines. Find what works for you. Find the writing tools that feel best. I write with black uniball deluxe pens because they flow well and sit in my hand easily and I can draw with them too.
  • Carry your journal with you wherever you go. Keep it by your bedside when you sleep. In your bag at work. Write in it when you are bored. Write in it when you are inspired. Write what you see. Write conversations you hear. Write lists and bullet notes. Write when you are confused. Write when you are angry… journaling your anger not only gets the feelings out but gives you something to say when you meet the person you are angry with. Write about what you just read or saw on tv. Use it for study notes or character notes. Write about who you love. Write about yourself.
  • Try setting aside a regular time every day make journaling a routine. A lot of people do morning pages, and write 3 pages every day as soon as they wake up. Some people write at night before bed. It’s a good way to get your thoughts out of your head. Some might write after class or while waiting for the train. When I taught HS, I had everyone write in their journals for 10 minutes at the start of every class. Some of my old students have told me they now journal regularly because of that. 
  • If you have a passion, use your journal for that passion. I’m an artist. I’ve done a LOT of painting in my journals. If you love music, keep lyrics or playlists or your own songswriting in there. If you love to cook, keep recipes and menus and grocery lists. 

30/100 Days of Productivity

I’m working pretty much full time this week so I haven’t had a chance to study much. As I was counting out change for a group of kids today, one of them asked me, “Do you have this job because you like math?” I told them no but it was going to lead to a job that I liked. I can’t wait for the day when I can work a job that I am actually passionate about! My dislike of minimum wage work in the summer heat might actually motivate me to do well at university!

While I waited for my ride, I read some more at a coffee shop (I might be considered a regular now haha). I’m trying to avoid a dependence on caffeine so I ordered a banana smoothie instead of a coffee. Smoothies are my go to energy boost. I’m going to be trying out new smoothie recipes each morning this week b/c they’ll be an easy but healthy breakfast when my early morning chem classes start!