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the signs as feelings about fucking one’s own clone

as enumerated by Buzzfeed. while I recognize there are many other valid reasons to or not to fuck one’s clone, one works with the material one is given. or has cloned.














Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know


The most beautiful OTP of all time being fluffy cute commission for Mel

These boys are basically those ones in college who are mutually pining over each other, but are too shy to make the first move, until their stupid friends let them do Seven Minutes in Heaven at a frat party. B)


S10 Countdown: 46 days - or
The one scene that cuts me into tiny pieces with pain and beauty - SN 01X12

Intertwined Destinies I: A Great and Terrible Power

In the ‘Intertwined Destinies’ meta series, I intend on taking a deep dive into the mysterious connection between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. In this first instalment, I cover their pasts - exploring what might have brought Rey and Kylo to where we find them in The Force Awakens, and how their histories may be paralleled and, potentially, overlap.

The Story of Ben

“I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.”

In The Force Awakens, we get only the vaguest allusion to the tragedy that sent Luke Skywalker into hiding and marked the start of Ben Solo’s descent to the dark side. The explanation comes from Han Solo:

“One boy, an apprentice, turned against him and destroyed it all. Luke felt responsible. He just…walked away from everything.”

That boy, of course, was Ben - Han’s own son and Luke’s star pupil, who Mark Hamill has spoken of in the following terms:

“[Luke] made a huge mistake in thinking that his nephew was the chosen one, so he invested everything he had in Kylo, much like Obi-Wan did with my character. And he is betrayed, with tragic consequences. Luke feels responsible for that.”

This builds up an evocative picture of Ben Solo’s fall that is returned to in the trailer for The Last Jedi, which actually gives the event a different slant. With trailer-appropriate portentousness, we hear Luke speak fearfully of a terrible power that he failed to take seriously enough before. This dialogue is laid over shots of what we must assume is the destruction of Luke’s temple, including this one:

Here, we see Luke clawing his way free from beneath a pile of flaming timbre. This image alone is extremely striking, and raises an interesting possibility for what might have happened at the temple. It has previously been assumed (at least by me) that Luke was absent when Ben enacted his betrayal and killed his fellow Jedi in training, but this shot represents a strike against that interpretation - instead, it suggests something sudden and explosive that took Luke by surprise and unfolded before he could prevent it. 

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soft wolfgang, badass kala, and why kalagang is amazing

that last post got me riled up so yall better sit ya asses down because i’m gonna write you a goddamn essay on Kalagang

Listen. Kala and Wolfgang are perfect for each other. They are exactly the pieces of each other they didn’t know they needed. And we have one specific line in the show that proves it:

“You have something good and beautiful hidden inside of you. Just like I have something dark and wicked inside of me.”

Wolfgang is a badass, right? But badass characters are empty and flat if they don’t have a softness, a vulnerability to them to contrast that. Wolfgang can shoot people without blinking, can give and take a punch like nobody else, brings a fucking bazooka to kill his own cousin, but - he’s also soft. He likes singing contests because his own father beat him the singing out of him when he was a boy. He paints “evil santas” at Christmas. Hugs and kisses his best friend, his brother. Goes to the zoo to chill and look at the animals when he gets stressed. Strokes Kala’s face like she could disappear at any second and is trying to commit her to memory. Listen. Listen. My boy is soft.

The thing is, though, that nobody really sees that that softness is what’s beneath all the layers of badassery, except for Felix and Kala. Everyone expects him to be 100% hardcore 100% of the time. They also don’t see that all the walls he’s built around himself are protecting the part of him that wants to be loved, but doesn’t think he deserves to be. The part that loves fiercely, without hesitation, jumping all in. The entire point is that Wolfgang isn’t hard-hearted at all, but he tries so hard to be, because he’s always had to protect himself from people abusing him until he was so emotionally chafed raw that he had to put those walls up around himself.

It’s the mistake Lila and Volker Bohm make when they offer him money, women, power, the chance to own Berlin or to rule a new place free of Sapiens. They expect him to be like any Bogdanow - power-hungry, ruthless, calculating. They don’t see that he doesn’t give a shit about any of it. Literally all he wants is to chill with his girl and his brother and his cluster and like. maybe not get shot at every fucking day. 

He only loves one person (Felix) when we meet him, because he’s been taught that the people who were supposed to love him will only hurt him and betray him and he doesn’t want to open himself up to that ever again. Everything he’s experienced has made him believe he’s unlovable, a monster, unworthy of receiving affection. It’s the reason he’s so reckless with his own life, so willing to risk it at every turn.

Now Kala - Kala is in the opposite situation. She’s beautiful, smart, nice, kind… the list goes on. But her family, her husband, her coworkers, even the rest of the cluster sometimes, expect her to be only that. Nice. Pleasant. To do what she’s told, what she’s supposed to, to never make anyone feel uncomfortable. It’s one of the most common societal pressures put on women everywhere. Don’t rock the boat. She’s been taught to want certain things - a good husband, financial stability, a nice house - she’s been told these things will make her feel happy. Except for one little problem - she doesn’t truly want them.

What the people around her don’t realize is that she is so much more than that. Let’s appreciate the symbolism of her using ordinary, everyday things - cleaning supplies, spices, a blottle of wine, the slight slope of a parking lot garage - to explode, to cause harm, to save the people she loves, to become something no one expected, to turn these things into something no one knew they had the ability to become. That’s her - the pressure and the frustration and the suffocation building up inside of her, unable to escape because she’s not supposed to let it. She wants to be able to do and choose things not because they are the “right” things, or because someone else wants them for her, but because that want comes from herself.

So how do these two match up?

Wolfgang needs someone who KNOWS him, who knows his past and knows every dark thing he’s ever done, and sees that that’s not who he is, that he’s more than that. It’s because of these things that he doesn’t believe he is worthy of love. So he needs someone that SEES him, and loves him all the same. Someone that allows him to be soft and vulnerable while also recognizing the reasons why he has so many walls protecting that part of him. 

And Kala needs someone who won’t suffocate her with their expectations of her, who won’t judge her for her darker sides, for not being the “good person” she’s always been pushed to be, for not wanting everything she’s been taught she should want. Someone who will love all of her because of who she is, not because of how pleasantly she behaves.

And that’s exactly what they find in each other. 

a zutara parallel i rarely see discussed is that, at the beginning of the series, neither zuko nor katara are skilled in their elements; katara can’t even catch a fish, while iroh is still teaching zuko the basics. but by the end of the series, they are both esteemed masters in their own right through tumultuous work and perseverance

not to be a preachy freak but community college is an awesome, underutilized resource. if people could get their heads out of their asses and stop stigmatizing cc, everyone could save so much money.

for some people like myself, it is a 2nd chance. in high school i was seriously considering dropping out but i graduated w a 2.5-2.7 gpa that no uni was gonna take. now im in 1 of the top 10 design programs in tha country. some people did fine in hs but can’t afford a 4 yr right away and cc almost halves that cost. Or maybe u just want ur associates degree.. or maybe u just need to stay close to home to take care of ur fam…or u’re an older student and cc gives u the chance to work while taking night classes. there are so many reasons ppl go to cc and there’s nothing wrong with any of them…stop shitting on cc and cc students

Regression - Request

Requested by anon: Sherlock x reader. Readers ex boyfriend used to shout at her before he used to beat her. Sherlock never shouts when she’s around as he knows it scars her. One day Sherlock and Mycroft are having an argument Sherlock is staying calm but Mycroft starts shouting. Causing reader to drop a heavy glass dish before running out the door and into the rain
& anon: Sherlock x reader. The reader was in an abusive in the past. Now happy with Sherlock but doesn’t like shouting. Mycroft comes in asking Sherlock to come to dinner with mummy. Mycroft and Sherlock start arguing. Sherlock is staying calm but Mycroft is shouting causing reader to shake in fear.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,750

Warnings: Abusive-ex, post-traumatic stress disorder’s regression, triggering.

A/N: Another abusive-ex related fic… I’ll say it again, if any of you is in a similar situation please, please, please, get help. Leave, break that sh*t up, do whatever it takes to go back to a normal life (unless it risks your life, then look for alternatives like calling the cops). I’ve experienced violence first-handedly and I can tell you that there is ALWAYS a way. Don’t let yourself down. You are worthy enough to get a real relationship without violence, abuse, humilliation, etc. YOU ARE WORTH IT.


Originally posted by stupidteletubbie

Road trips weren’t Sherlock’s favourite kinds of journeys, especially when the destiny was his parents’ house. Yet, he remained calm, finding all sorts of excuse to encourage the on-going conversation between him and (Y/N) to continue until their arrival.

It had been Mycroft’s idea to spend the Christmas Break at their parent’s house. Obviously, Sherlock was a bit reluctant about it, but (Y/N) convinced him to spend time with his family. He agreed as long as she went there with him – which was perfectly accepted by the rest of the Holmes – and so there were.

They arrived a tad bit late, when the moon had just risen over the green hills that framed the petite picture of the small British house Mr. and Mrs. Holmes lived at. In spite of the time, they were received by the cheerful couple and Mycroft, who was just as serious as usual.

After a long dinner, they went to bed. As far as they could tell, that that Christmas would be pacific between the two brothers. Sherlock hadn’t been shot then, and Mycroft was free from his work, so Mrs. Holmes and (Y/N) hoped that they weren’t stressed enough to start an argument over nothing.

The first two days were fine. Mycroft and Sherlock would bombard each other with snazzy comments, but that was it. Mrs. Holmes was more than happy to have her two boys at home without arguing.

“I think he is behaving because of you.” She confessed once to (Y/N), while they baked together.

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“Lizzie will always prefer Real!Ciel”, they said. “Lizzie definitely chose the twin’s side”, they said.

No but aside from Lizzie obviously being depressed by the current situation and thus probably not being so sure of her “choice”, this part is very important because it’s a hint the Midford family will probably find out about a big part of the truth and Edward at least will be involved in the arc until the matter with Lizzie is solved. 

Depending on what Paula knows (and I think she might know significant things since Lizzie is “where she belongs”), they might even understand that Real!Ciel was brought back and, while I know that they might have as many reasons as Lizzie to be shocked and possibly initially angry towards our!Ciel, Ed for once will never agree with a situation that’s making Lizzie so sad.

Then again, who knows if Ed or his parents will have any way of helping with the situation in case Lizzie really is more of a hostage than Real!Ciel’s true love…

Fear Me, Love Me, Worship Me

How you turn my world, you precious thing.

You starve and near exhaust me.

Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you.

I move the stars for no one.

You’ve run so long, you’ve run so far.

Your eyes can be so cruel…

Just as I can be so cruel.

soaringhawk159  asked:

Hi, if you don't mind me asking, what other instances of things unsaid play a role in Gon and Killua's friendship?

Alright let’s talk a little about Gon and Killua’s unique dynamic.

So much of Gon and Killua’s relationship is built on less words and more action and unspoken understanding—or like I’d said in the tags, more about what’s unsaid than what’s said—and I think it’s one of the things that makes their dynamic so interesting. The way the two boys communicate and understand each other is seriously fascinating sometimes.  

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viajando-na-hellmanns  asked:

I miss "The times people presumed Chloe & Beca were a couple". Could you please write a part 3? They're great haha

Haha YES! Gosh I’d forgotten all about these and I absolutely loved writing them :) so here’s another one for you!

[pt.1 - ‘Lectures’ & pt.2 - ‘Ice cream’ can be found here]

The times people presumed Chloe & Beca were a couple.. - Money


It was only on a very rare occasion that Beca would ever be out and about with both her boyfriend Jesse, and one of her best friends Fat Amy. Yet here she was, queuing inside the movie theatre, ready to see yet another dumb sci-fi movie picked by her boyfriend (”Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be amazing though Beca! Said to be the best movie of 2014. Trust me, you’ll love it!”).

Beca’s only consolation was the popcorn that was served in huge portions and was always warm. Delicious. Plus Jesse always paid. Bonus. So there the three of them stood, patiently waiting their turn to be served at the snack kiosk.

Jesse reeled off their usual order (”Two large sweet popcorns and an extra large coke to share”) but just as he reached into his back pocket he froze, furrowing his brow. Beca, who was already somewhat moody to be spending a Friday evening partaking in her least favourite activity, rolled her eyes, “What are you doing, idiot? Just give the guy the money and lets go!”

But Jesse had begun feeling in his jacket pockets, his expression dropping, “Shit! I forgot my wallet!”

“Ha-ha very funny…” Beca said in an un-amused tone, but the young man continued to panic.

“I-I’m serious Beca! I left my wallet at home!”

“Wha-? How did you get the tickets if you forgot your wallet?” Fat Amy asked, clearly just as confused as Beca, who now had her arms crossed over her stomach impatiently.

“I picked them up this afternoon and just put them in my pocket!” Jesse said with a sigh, and motioned to Beca, “You’re gonna have to pay, babe.”

Beca grimaced at the nickname that he still insisted on calling her, despite her protests, but right now she was caught up in how annoyed she was with him. 

Great, so not only was she forced to come here, she now also had to pay for their snacks?! Beca rolled her eyes, sighed heavily, and pulled her phone out of her jeans pocket. She had no money on her, but she kept her cards in her phone case. Except, as Beca rifled through them, she couldn’t see her bank card.

“Ugh great. I don’t have my bank card on me.” she said, turning her back on the cashier on purpose. She saw Jesse furrowing his brow as he looked down at her collection of cards.

“What do you mean you don’t have your bank card on you?” He asked.

“I dunno, Chloe had it last night and must’ve forgotten to give it back to me.” Beca said with a shrug while she put the cards back in her phone case.

“What was Chloe doing with your bank card??” Jesse asked, his tone noticeably lower. More brooding. But before Beca could respond, Fat Amy interjected.

“They’re always borrowing each others bank cards.”

“They are?” Jesse asked in surprise, looking to Beca who didn’t really think it was such a big deal, “So Chloe knows your passcode?”

“Well yeah, how else is she going to use it?” Beca said with a furrowed brow and a small grin, wondering why Jesse was acting so weird. 

“Because…well I don’t even know your passcode! And I’m your boyfriend!” 

“Chill out dude, it’s just money.” Beca said, become somewhat defensive.

“Yeah but Beca it’s your money! Not Chloe’s! Why is she spending your money?”

“I spend her money all the time, it’s only fair she’s allowed to spend mine too!” Beca protested, and the couple hadn’t noticed the awkward glances from the people around them, Fat Amy included.

“Beca, friends don’t use other friends’ bank cards, only married couples do!” Jesse tried to reason, and while Beca could think of so many ways to answer, Fat Amy unfortunately got there first.

“Well they do kinda act like wives around each other in The Bellas house…” the Australian said before looking guiltily at the couple who turned to her. Jesse looked confused. Beca looked annoyed.

“What does that mean?” Jesse asked as he turned back to Beca. But in all honesty, she had no idea. Sure the Bellas had joked on many an occasion that Beca and Chloe spent a lot of time together. That they shared everything. That they bickered but in an odd affectionate sort of way. Just like they would if they were married. Chloe had even called Beca her ‘wife’ jokingly one day, and Beca had actually found it quite funny. But she never thought of it as an issue until she caught her boyfriend’s eyes.

“It doesn’t mean anything Jesse! You know what The Bellas are like!” she said defensively, but her boyfriend scoffed.

“Beca, you and Chloe are essentially sharing a bank account!” 

“No we’re not!”

Yes you are!”

“We have a bank account each, so no we’re not!” Beca yelled.

“You have two bank accounts between you that you both use! You’re in more of a relationship with her then you are with me!!” Jesse yelled finally, and suddenly their expressions dropped as they realised the lobby they were stood in had gone quiet. The couple cleared their throats. 

“Uhh…” Fat Amy began with a long high-pitched drawl, “Why don’t I pay for these and you two…take a seat in the theatre maybe…?” she suggested, stepping between them holding a $20 note and handing it to the cashier, who seemed to have turned pale due to the intensity of the quarrelling couple.

“You’re ridiculous.” Beca muttered under her breath to her boyfriend as they walked side-by-side into the movie theatre.

“Yeah well at least I’m not in denial about my feelings for my best friend.” he retorted in a grumpy tone and that was the last straw. Beca turned on the spot and made her way back out of the theatre, “Hey, where are you going?” Jesse called after her, but she didn’t turn to look at him, instead responding in a loud, angry, sarcastic voice:

“Home to my wife!”

And Beca stormed past Fat Amy who had a bucket of popcorn in each arm. The Australian turned back to Jesse who was rolling his eyes and she shrugged before making her way into the movie theatre and taking the seat next to the Trebles captain.

anonymous asked:

Is it normal to be worried about the fandom right now? Because I've seen so many people who say "Sorry I've just grown out of it" and what not.. It just makes me worry because I love Hetalia too much to let it go, since it made me smile in my darkest times. I feel like the fandom's shrinking and I can't even find the guts to talk to anyone in it without being an anon.

Mm… I won’t say it’s unrealistic to be worried for a fandom you love possibly loosing its relevance and thus disappearing, but - personally - I’m not all that worried. 

I’ve been on this site since I joined the fanbase (heck, it’s the only reason I joined) and while I do see many people leave to join newer things, I also constantly see new people come to us. The shift in favorable topics may not cater to my interests but it doesn’t make me any less interested in the series and discussing it with fans. 

What we have to realize is that everything at one point or another will be someone’s phase. Hetalia was a phase for many people - a lot of them young. If there’s one thing I can guarantee it’s that nostalgia is a strong force never to be reckoned with. They’ll be back.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And so long as Hima keeps the series going the fanbase will never die. We are cinders waiting for a spark.

And, you know, if you’re worried there’s always trying to keep it afloat by making fanwork. Being anonymous is easy on the internet.


Part 1, Part 2

After dashing through the large crowd to where your carriage would be, you looked disheveled as you collapsed in the cushioned interior. The coach was silent the entire time, as he had been to all of your questions. You welcomed the silence as you pondered what had just happened.

Out of every gentleman at the festival, what were the odds that you would have deceived the most important one there? Were you really dancing with Prince Thomas that entire time? You recalled how he looked before he parted. He looked at you with hope and reassurance and you could almost feel the kiss he left on your hand.

When you arrived at the house, you practically ran to your tiny room to tear the dress off and shove it into the deepest part of your wardrobe. You didn’t even want to think of the consequences you’d, or the prince, would face for what has happened the past two nights. The burlap sack from under the bed caught your eye and you quickly threw it with your beautiful dress. 

You were horribly stupid if you ever believed that a gentleman would want to court you if he found out your social status. You were the lowest dregs of society and perhaps the most hated in the town. How silly of you to even think that you could be a princess. 

After a night of restless sleep, you were awoken by the loud noise of the fellow servants outside your quarter. Rubbing your eyes slightly, you heard from the outside about important visitors. You wanted to get rid of your dress and tiara before everyone woke up, but your plan was seemingly foiled. It was convenient that you knew the quieter parts of the house that wouldn’t be too busy.

The dress was still the most exquisite thing you have ever seen, even when it was crumbled in your hands with the tiara on top of it. After avoiding every single servant, you found yourself in a small room, wondering where you might hide this dress. You knew you just had to get it out of the house and away from you.

Taking one last look at the life you wished you had, you found yourself tripping on a chair leg and tumbling to the carpeted floor. You tried to catch your breath while looking up slightly. After catching a glance of someone towards the doorway in the room, you kept your head down as you carefully rose to your feet. “I’m terribly sorry.”

When you didn’t hear a reply, you looked up slightly to see a regal looking woman holding the small silver tiara. What she was wearing was far more expensive than anything you had ever seen, including your dress. You studied her face and saw sadness and recognition.

Her eyes met yours and you quickly lowered your stare. The woman held the tiara delicately as she approached you slowly. Finally, you thought you were being addressed and raised your head to accept orders or accusations alike. She stepped close to you until she was an arm’s length away. The woman stretched her arm out carefully and you flinched away slightly, confused. She finally spoke, “Y/N? Is that you?”

That night, Tom was determined not to lose you again. He wouldn’t allow you out of his sight until he received some answers about who you were and how he could see you again. The King and Queen were discussing amongst themselves, not including Tom at all. He removed his cloak as he left his parents’ usually watchful stare. 

The festival’s last night was perhaps the most energetic night of all. Tom yearned to spot that all too familiar color that captivated his mind during these three days. Harrison, who had been informed about the situation from Tom, helped his friend by looking out for the maiden for the rest of the night. You were never found and Tom found himself feeling dejected. The fair maiden had ran too far away from his sight. The night was not as spectacular as the previous ones, without you on his side.

A month had passed when the King and Queen announced another festival for the entire kingdom. The reason for it was a celebration for the return of the neighboring kingdom’s princess after being lost for many years. While he knew the official reason, Tom knew that his parents wished for him to find a lady to marry. He also recognized that he wouldn’t be able to fend off their insistences for much longer.

After looking through the villages surrounding the castle, there was no trace of the mysterious maiden anywhere. Harrison suggested that you might have been a traveler from another kingdom. Tom decided that it was perhaps the most logical, if not disheartening, reason for your disappearance. 

With instructions to talk to the once lost princess, Tom found himself in a similar situation as he was in a month ago: looking into the crowd for the familiar dress. He was nervous about formally meeting the lost princess, since there was no telling how she might behave, but he reasoned that all would work out. As the King and Queen of the neighboring kingdom was announced the the crowd of nobility and townspeople, Tom appeared the dutiful prince, yet his mind was wandering to you. Everyday, he began to forget small details about you and he feared you would completely fade with time.

When the princess was announced, the crowd held its breath with anticipation. This was her debut to the world after being discovered. Tom looked over to the girl entering the area and his eyes widened. Dressed in a spectacular, albeit different, gown was the mysterious maiden, the lady that plagued his thoughts for the past month.

Although he wished to, Tom knew he couldn’t immediately rush over to you to make sure you were not a hallucination. After the introductions were finished, he began walking in your general direction until he found you again. Tom tapped your shoulder lightly and held out his hand as you turned. Your look of shock shifted to pleasantly surprised, since you had known that he would be here. “May I have this dance, your Highness?”

“You may.” You took his hand softly and allowed him to lead you to the dance floor. You looked into his eyes carefully, unaware of what his response might be to your drastic change.

“So I was not the only one hiding something,” he said softly with a chuckle.

You quickly shook your head. “I was unaware of my lineage.” Lowering your head with shame, you continued, “I was hiding my social status, although. Before I was discovered, I was believed to be an illegitimate child, scorned by the townspeople. I was so ashamed when I learned you were a prince. I didn’t deserve you.”

Tom gently lifted your head before placing his hand back on your waist. “Everyone deserves love. I was entranced with you, regardless of how society viewed you. You are the most beautiful maiden I have ever seen, but I enjoyed talking with you.” You smiled at the compliment and the two of you continued dancing.

About halfway through the night, Tom had offered to take you on a walk in the gardens close to the festival. You graciously accepted his offer and his arm as the two of you left the noisy venue. He was curious about your life before being discovered and appeared distressed at how awfully society treated you over an assumption. He happened upon a bench and placed his cloak on it so your dress wouldn’t suffer. 

The two of you lost track of time as you talked about each other, no barrier between you. When the night was almost over, he led you back to the festival, but stopped before you could exit the garden. Tom was silent and staring into your eyes. You fought the urge to look down and held his stare. Quickly, as if he was afraid of you disappearing, he stepped close to you and kissed you. It was short, but Tom didn’t step back or do anything to create any space between you.

You laughed slightly before recalling from your classes, “Must I rebuff your affection, causing you to somehow prove your feelings?”

Tom smiled sweetly at the mention of Courtly Love. “If you wish, I’ll make sure to recount that I was groveling for you to accept my affection, my love.”

“That won’t be needed, your Highness.” After that one meeting in the gardens, Tom immediately told the monarchs his plan to properly court you. His parents were delighted in his decision and it was not long until he officially proposed to you. Your parents were hesitant, but they were aware of the bonds that needed to be strengthened between the kingdoms.

During the wedding, you and Tom were dancing in the middle of the dance floor, like how you were during the festival where you met. Dancing with the same person might be boring for some, but for you, it was a new dance each time and you loved each one of them. 

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