while theres no harm in the petition its just asking for the wrong things

/whispers quietly that KyoAni studios and other animation studios themselves don’t have full control over what gets made into an anime series and what doesn’t, and so petitioning them to animate it is cool because it draws attention to their efforts, but the studio hasn’t got the only say in Swimming anime becoming a full series or even an OVA. They also most likely would not care about what viewers outside of Japan want because almost everyone signing the ‘official’ petitions aren’t japan-based viewers, and would thus count for nothing in ratings for the series assuming they’d ever make it. most of the people saying they want the anime are ones who will end up watching it online on host sites, subbed by unpaid third parties, and probably not buy much merch if it gets produced due to high price/conversion rates. Also, signing a well-meant petition to have an anime you want produced with things like 'bcuz omg their bodies so hot /drool/ swimming shotas’ isn’t really something you should be sending to a professional animation studio to support your case/represent you, even if they did end up taking into account non-japan based audiences (which they most likely wouldnt care about other than 'oh thats nice it has interest over there too’, it doesnt get them ratings so). yeah so all the studio itself could do is say 'thank you for your support of possible projects’ or something so yeah no one should get ur hopes up /whisperswhispers/