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recent collection of jimin and his (?) baby ft. jungkook lol (more descriptions in the captions)
i’m still debating where this kid came from (eg. coz of abo, from a mysterious affair, it’s actually baby jm, legit he’s their kid, or born from a peach come down from the heavens IDK YET)

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digital Artists!! Are you tired of restarting your tablet drivers??

So as you should all know, if your Wacom tablet is acting up (pen pressure stops, it glitches, or just won’t work) then the first thing to do is: unplug, plug back in, and restart the tablet driver!!

Here’s how people usually do it:

But it’s a bit of a hassle to pull up the services app every time, especially if your computer is slow like mine, and can’t handle a lot of programs at once, the poor thing.

Here’s how you SHOULD do it:

1: Open up notepad (you know, the simplest program on windows?) and write these exact three lines. Simple!

Don’t be scared! This is basically just some simple code that will restart the Wacom tablet drivers!

 ((I have an intuos pro, so I’m not sure if the service name is different for other tablets. You can double check, but it should be the same. You can see that the service name in my text file is the same as the one in the first screenshot! Cool!)

2: Save that bad-boy as a .bat file, and don’t forget to set the type to “All Files” or else I’ll come to your house and slap you! :3c

((We want to save it as a .bat file, so that it can actually run the code!! And don’t worry, the name doesn’t matter!! Feel free to name it something silly :D))

3: Slap that sucker on your desktop for easy access, and give it a good ol’ double click when your tablet is being rebellious!! A lil black box should pop up, and voila! Tablet (hopefully) fixed!! 

This is so much nicer than waiting for the services app to pop up, and having to wait through a loading bar! You still gotta restart your art program (sadly), but this is just so much more convenient! I usually restart the drivers once every few hours while drawing, or just when it starts to get sluggish!

Have fun drawing with pen pressure, lightning speed, and all that good stuff!! <3

An Incomplete List of the Things Shaw loves about Root

- when Root tries to wink, but she always fails to keep one eye open. she seems to have no idea that she is doing something wrong, nor know why Reese and Harold chuckle when she attemps to wink at them
- when she uses really bad—like, nauseatingly bad—pick-up lines. and that whenever she uses them her face breaks into a wide, idiotic grin that sometimes makes Shaw grin too even if she tries not to
- when she calls her “sweetie” in her ~overt-come on~ voice
- when she lets Shaw eat off of her plate without protest. and that she doesn’t take anything from Shaw’s plate, even though that would be fair
- when she uses two guns at once
- when she talks to Bear in a silly voice while scratching his belly
- when she shuffles half-asleep across the kitchen in her bunny slippers for coffee in the morning after a late night of coding or saving the world
- that she always has her nails painted black because she is just that Extra™
- when she tries to act all cynical about the world but she is somehow still a hopeless, dumb romantic
- that she rides a motorcycle
- when she complains about being cold just so she has an excuse to curl up next to Actual Space Heater Shaw, even when the room is really warm and she can’t possibly be cold
- when her Texan accent bleeds through and she calls Shaw “darlin’”
- when she tries to sing along with the songs on the radio but she is really bad with remembering the lyrics and she sings half the words wrong. neither Shaw nor The Machine have the heart to correct her
- that she always lets Shaw drive
- when she falls asleep on the couch with her glasses half off her nose and her computer still balanced on her lap and she’s snoring lightly and it’s just really precious—even Shaw can admit that
- that when Shaw is upset, she doesn’t try to pry at what’s wrong when she doesn’t want her to and it’s enough to just be together
- when they encounter a dangerous situation and she grins in a way that terrifies anyone who isn’t Shaw and says “ready to have some fun?”
- when she gets annoyed with a man and her wide, innocent eyes become deadly (and the man’s eyes become terrified)
- when she uses combat moves she picked up from Shaw
- when they are lounging in bed or on the couch or somewhere and she runs her fingers across Shaw’s back, giving her chills
- when she yawns and looks like a tired puppy
- that regardless of how abnormal or broken she sometimes thinks she is, Root never fails to make her feel perfect

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Why does Jensen not shying away from what he did on JIB made you happy about cockles? I'm a bit confused lol

It has to do with his state of mind.

Basically, if Jensen was shy about the whole event– if he didn’t want to talk about it and was embarrassed that what happened, happened, then what happened would be more about him being drunk and less about him being comfortable with Misha.

People always say that when you’re drunk, you are showing your true intentions, but that’s not always the case– sometimes you just do stupid shit that you never want to think about ever again, and undressing on stage in front of thousands of people might have easily been one of those things for Jensen; but the fact that it’s not and was actually a continuation of an earlier discussion that he had with Misha (x) means that Jensen is not only fine with what happened, he actually consciously planned it.

He consciously planned to pull down his pants on stage at JIB. If he and Misha were talking about Jensen’s “weird underwear” before their panel, and Jensen didn’t show them off then, but he still wanted to “prove” that he had them on, then he planned on showing them while on stage. Which means it wasn’t a random choice aided by “apple juice”. It wasn’t about him being drunk … what Jensen did on stage was about being comfortable enough with Misha to go a little crazy. Jensen was feeling good and silly and happy enough to plan something insane like that, and he was pleased with himself afterwards for a job well done.

The alcohol didn’t bring down his inhibitions– Misha did, and that is just the most wonderful thing I’ve heard in a while

One thing which really annoys me about the film version of Half-Blood Prince is that they make all the girls act ridiculously. In Potions, they all creep towards the Amortentia as if they can’t control themselves, while the boys remain stunningly immune. This never happens in the book. If they had made everyone in the class move forwards like that, it would still have been a bit silly looking, but at least it wouldn’t have been just  the girls being all foolish. It’s the same sort of sexism they show in Goblet of Fire when the girls from Beauxbatons flounce in, delicate and dreamy, and the boys from Durmstrang march in aggressive and commanding. It’s most particularly annoying because the Harry Potter books are just full of equality and don’t include any of these sexist stereotypes; as an example, in the books, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are mixed schools and they simply walk into the school after arriving; they don’t have any performances at all. 

But back to Half-Blood Prince. When the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione are visiting Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, Hermione and Ginny are found examining the love potions of their own accord. In the books, Fred and George purposefully take them over to the love potions, and it’s clear that they’re reluctant to even examine them. Hermione and Ginny are not the sort of people to use love potions – so why pretend that they are? Because the film makers were conforming to gender-stereotyping. Again. 

It just really bothers me that the film makers had this great source material which shows girls/women as equal to boys/men and with characters which are just as diverse – and that they chose to water down the women for comedic effect, to make them more typically ‘feminine’. Harry Potter is my life, and while I love the films, they will never even begin to be anywhere near as good as the books, and this is one of the many reasons why. 

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Random question! Can you list some of the reasons why you love Bokuto?


He’s happy go-lucky, silly, carefree, all while still being super serious about volleyball. He’s competitive without ever being a sore loser, he invites first years to practice with him, teaches them things and is shocked and proud when they actually work. I love how he’s just so fucking loud all the time and doesn’t even care. I find his constant need for validation super endearing and also DAMN RELATABLE. I love how he has this strong personality but is so hard on himself, he gets his silly mood swings and is down for a bit but with the help of his team is back to 100% Bokuto in no time. I guess in a character-design sense I just really love his design, he’s got hair that’s so dorky it’s almost cool, pretty golden eyes, he’s almost always smiling when he’s not in dejected mode. Basically he’s a loud, happy, relatable owl dork and i love him a lot.

Oh and did I mention we share the same birthday (≖ ͜ʖ≖) Back when I was just kind of a casual fan I found that out and it kind of solidified him as my favourite character. It was meant to beeee.

I don’t know what else I can honestly say dude without just listing everything about him. I know he’s not everyone’s favourite character, and I’m cool with that but I get suuuuper happy when I come across a fellow Bokuto fan. He deserves the world.

What it’s like to be autistic

I posted this on reddit in reply to someone asking about what it’s like to be on the spectrum. It ended up being really long so I thought I’d repost it here just for sharing’s sake. Slightly edited for formatting, but otherwise untouched.  Also if this actually ends up getting reblogged, this post is SFW but be warned that my Tumblr is often NSFW and I don’t tag shit, so remember that if you get curious and look at other posts.

As always, individual experiences will vary, and no two autistic people have the same life experiences or symptom expression. These are my own.

— (begin post) —

Different person here, but still on the spectrum (aspergers).

For me, in description rather than just declaration of the actual diagnosis, it’s many things.

It’s having no social intuition and relying on consciously analyzing social situations in order to navigate them. Constantly being unsure if you’re saying the right thing, or if you understood what the other person was saying if they were being figurative. Having extreme issues telling the difference between what’s literal and what’s a joke. Accidentally offending people by saying something you thought there was nothing wrong with, but was actually a major social faux pas. Rarely having the right words to say when you’re supposed to be speaking, and always having too much to say about things that it is obvious that nobody else seems to care about. Also, it is difficult to learn and understand and continually interpret appropriately when you’re socially expected to be dishonest. Until countless bad experiences broke me of it, I assumed the average person was far more honest than they actually were - it took until my early 20s (I’m 25 now) to start to clue in to the fact that neurotypicals lie constantly, and that not only is this normal, it’s expected. I had always been someone who overshared and avoided mistruths (it’s often said that aspies actively seek and expect truths and facts), and it took a conscious effort to break myself of this social incongruity. I still overshare more than a normal person, to a great degree.

It’s being unable to natively read body language. Imagine that you went to Mexico with Spanish as a second language, and only started to learn Spanish as an adult. Maybe you even got pretty good at Spanish, but yours is still not perfect. It’s not natural to you, it always seems to take a second longer for you to “get it” compared to native speakers, and many things which are commonplace conversation to any native speaker always seem to get lost on you, no matter how many times you hear it. You’ll always be missing something. For me, it’s quite like that with body language - it’s artificial and disconnected, it doesn’t come naturally, and it’s an intentional effort to really try to both convey yourself in a socially expected fashion and an active attempt to understand others’ body language beyond the most basic of examples. Body language feels like a second language to me.

It’s having difficulties processing and tolerating environmental stimulation and sensory input (especially sound, in my case). Some things that don’t bother anyone else will bother the fuck out of me, especially particularly strong or strange bad smells, or overstimulating lights or color patterns, or extremely loud but varied noise (loud consistent noise doesn’t bother me, but if it’s varied it drives me insane - this is part of why crowds are awful), or particularly unusual textures and tastes (I’m the pickiest eater I know because I get extremely strong negative reactions to bad textures and tastes in my mouth, to the point where I will gag if I try to force myself to eat something that’s very unpleasant). Touch can be pretty bad too - “weird” feeling objects, especially slimy/wet/cold things, feel incredibly awkward and unpleasant to touch or be in contact with most of the time (this is probably why I waste way too much water doing the dishes, in addition to my perfectionist nature and germophobia/aversion to uncleanliness).

Processing sound can be especially difficult - I am not hard of hearing, but I genuinely thought that I was before I learned of my condition. I can hear extremely quiet things just fine, but I have great difficulty discerning details when there are many noises in contest, which leads to me having to ask people to repeat themselves constantly in mixed (and especially noisy) environments.

Eye contact. Important enough that it deserves its own subheading separate from body language. Simply put, it doesn’t come naturally. I will often have entire conversations with people without ever looking at them, and unless I am consciously forcing myself to make eye contact, if I ever speak about something at length I will inevitably avert my eyes in some random direction without ever thinking about why I’m doing so, or even noticing that I’ve done so. Further, direct eye contact induces a lot of anxiety, stress, and unpleasantness - particularly with people that I am unfamiliar with or not on friendly terms with, eye contact can be downright painful.

Speaking of anxiety, social anxiety is very often comorbid with the autism spectrum. And it’s awful. It’s terrifying to interact with new people with no preexisting social context, and still kind of scary when there is a social context. I get tremors when I have to make phone calls or write important emails, I tap my feet and pace around with my phone in hand like an idiot walking aimlessly. I briefly worked as a cashier at a dollar store, and quit very quickly because I was having panic attacks and nearly vomiting just from having to make constant direct social interactions with a steady flow of strangers with a performance expectation (handling money accurately while being watched). And it’s more than just communication - this sounds silly, but I literally cannot dance in front of other people - like, in private it looks silly but I can *technically* do it, but in front of other people, I will freeze up and be unable to do anything if I try, as if I am paralyzed or frozen in place, minus nervous fidgeting or twitching. And in general SA is so pronounced that it could have its own entire post dedicated to it.

On the note of OCD that you asked, there exists some small overlap sometimes, and I definitely experience on a mild level the neurotic paranoia and compulsive feelings that are commonly associated with it, but I would not say that I have OCD, just some symptom overlap.

And there’s so much more to it (this is probably ~half? of the things? ish?), but I’m getting to an awfully long post already (far longer than I expected to end up writing), and I’d rather not make people read even more wall of text. I hope this helps feed your curiosity.

— (end post) —

I probably should have rewritten this for tumblr, but I didn’t want to put in the effort to reassemble it. I think it mostly stands up without major changes anyway. Just wanted to share.


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Oh my god can you maybe write something where her is so drunk he forgets Jean is his bf so he's flirting and hitting on him and asks is he's single and Jean is highly amused by this and tells jer that he's not and jer literally cries because he loves him but he he just goes on to accept this because Jean is happy but then Jean tells him how it's him and jer remembers and fucking glows and is so happy about this information and everyone just loves the scene that went on??:)

Here it is! I hope you like it!

Jean and Jeremy didn’t drink much. Alcohol dependency was a big thing in the Nest and Jeremy didn’t like not being in control of himself, so they usually stuck to a bottle of wine over dinner or a beer after a long day, but not really barhopping.

That said, after a particularly brutal away game won by a hair, they can’t find it in themselves to turn down their teammates’ invitations to go out for a few drinks. Jean sticks by the bar front, nursing a rum and coke and people watching. Jeremy, ever the social butterfly, though, ends up going shot for shot with another striker on the team, never able to back down from a challenge. Jean has half a mind to remind him they’re not in college anymore, but Jeremy’s an adult and Jean trusts him to know his limits.

Once they’ve been there for a while, Jeremy wobbily saunters over to him. “Heyyyy, good looking.”

Jean bites back a laugh. “Hi, sweetheart. Having fun?”

Jeremy nods, but looks suddenly bashful. “Yeah…but my friends told me I should go try to get the hot guy’s number, so, uh…are you taken?”

Jean still thought Jeremy was being silly and flirty, so he answered, “I am. He’s pretty great.”

Instead of laughing though, Jeremy’s face fell and he just squeaked out and “Oh…well, I’m…I’m sorry I bothered you.”

He turned to walk away, but Jean grabbed his hand to pull him back. “Jere…I was kidding. It’s me. Jean? Your boyfriend?”

Jeremy got wide eyed. “Jean! Oh…oh my god. Guys! It’s my boyfriend!”

Jean smiled warily and pulled him into his lap. “I think you’ve had enough, babe. Time for sleep.”

Jeremy nosed his way into Jean’s neck and giggled. “Kay.”

Jean waved to their team and helped Jeremy stumble back to their hotel and into bed.

The next morning, Jeremy’s head pounded. He smiled a little when he saw the water and Advil on the side table. Jean always took care of him.

He rolled carefully out of bed and found Jean on the balcony, sipping his coffee. Jeremy wrapped his arms around him and rested his head on the muscles between his shoulder blades. He felt the rumble of Jean’s laugh before he said, “Morning, baby. How does it feel to go home with the hot guy from the bar?”

Jeremy groaned and shoved at Jean’s arm lightly. “Don’t make fun of me. I had so much tequila.”

Jean turned around and kissed him lightly on the forehead. “I know. How do you feel?”

“Like I got run over by a truck. But we have a few hours until a flight and it’s nothing a good brunch can’t fix.”

Jean grabbed his hand to pull him back into the room. “Then we better get working. We’ve got to find the best pancakes in the city.”

Jeremy leaned up to kiss Jean, and Jean kissed back despite the fact that he probably tasted like death. “I can’t imagine a better morning, my love.”

It Was The 4th Of July (Owen Grady x Reader)

Warning: Partially NSFW 


The first time you saw Owen there were fireworks.

Not the metaphorical kind that have been made so cliché by countless movies and books, but the real kind that explode into the night and light up the sky. It was on the first night that Jurassic World had opened its doors. Despite the fact that you worked as a waitress at Margaritaville, you’d been asked beforehand to help put up the numerous banners and decorations welcoming the guests and reminding them that this was the start of a new scientific—and entertainment—era; as if people didn’t already know. It’d been obnoxiously busy that day with people packed in the park like sardines, but the fireworks show somehow made everything worth it. They were beautiful and captivating, and the only thing that made you shift your gaze from the explosions was Owen.

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i loved this episode so much…………

the fucking!!! pirate battle!!! everything was so good!!! tary basically disintegrating the fish guy and flying backwards from the impact!!! m'boy percy failing horribly in the funniest way!! keyleth sinking a fucking ship!

we got the big dramatic scene of percy rushing into a sinking ship to search for survivors and then trying to save him with the rest of team two and half humans’ help

percy and vex cuddling and talking in the crow’s nest while percy sketches and percy getting distracted just from being close to the person he loves :^) and vex getting distracted too because they’re both so caught up with each other’s company

and then obviously percy and vex’s first on-screen serious talk since getting together and confirmation that percy heard her but kept quiet because he didn’t want to embarrass her or pressure her. and then vex telling percy he can tell her about his fears if he wants, and percy getting to finally get some really dark, serious things off his chest while vex patiently listens to him. percy acknowledging that he’s scared and still in a weird place, but he believes in something - he believes in vex.

and just. the gentleness and understanding that acts as the foundation of their relationship, even when they’re being silly.

and!!! water ashari!!!! answers about vilya!!!!!!!! L O R E

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What's the difference between programming, coding and developing, please? 🤔

From a purely definition standpoint, they do all seem to mean the same thing and many people will use them interchangeably. But when it comes to connotations and usage, people still debate over which term is “correct” and in which context.

Based on my personal experience, this is how I generally use the terms:

Programming: I personally (and I think a lot of other people do as well) tend to associate this with an OS or software-level program – where you create software, or application that’s created in a language that’s compiled for the OS to read. This would be a language like C++, and is typically released one-time with updates released as downloaded patches or bought new releases.

However, from a technical standpoint, it simply means creating code that are instructions to be compiled to what you want to do. With that definition, “web programming” would also still be valid and correct as programming since languages like PHP and JavaScript meet that definition. But HTML and CSS – which are defined more as “markup” – would not. This is because HTML/CSS is more of a “If this, display/replace this” VS “grab/update/display this data and if this, then that” type of work. While both are translated into something else, only one is actually actionable instructions to be performed.

Coding: Some people hate this term. Some love it. Personally, I don’t give AF, but I do agree with people that it sounds “less intimidating” than “programming”. But that might also be why some people see it as “lower level” or “beginner” programming – but that’s kind of silly. It’s all code, and if you’re writing code, you are coding. Simple as that.

To go back to HTML/CSS vs PHP and JS I mentioned earlier, markup would still be code. So even if you are doing front-end work (only HTML/CSS), you still code. Writing markup is still coding. It just might not necessarily be programming. :)

Developing: Using “developer” is the term I prefer for myself. Developing is a subset of programming. While a software might be in development before it is released, something like a website is being constantly developed. Web languages change and update very frequently, which is why websites are constantly “in development” and updated behind the scenes. Where as a programmer can learn C++ and pretty much know it, a developer has to be constantly learning, growing, and staying up-to-date with as the language changes. This is why they say they’re a “web developer” instead of a “web programmer”.

TLDR; Here’s a short-hand vers:

  • CODE is anything the computer/browser/whatevz translates into something else.

  • PROGRAMMING is when the CODE instructs the computer/browser/whatevz to perform certain tasks.

  • DEVELOPING means the CODE is “in-progress”, and a DEVELOPER is someone who CODES OR PROGRAMS with LANGUAGES that are essentially “in-progress”, growing, and frequently updating.

Hope that helps!


Now that I’ve succumbed to the charm of the Chinese web series Addicted and the two leads, I must admit that there’s something awfully hot about the way one actor likes to use the other as his personal jiujitsu exercise tool, even while rehearsing ‘bed scenes’. He can just manhandle him at will, carry him around, wrestle him down and sit on him. It shouldn’t be sexy, but it is. 

And I so love this ‘scene’, it’s a strange mixture of hilarious, genuine behind-the-scenes happenings and staged fan-service, but still so damn adorable. Warming the other’s feet on his stomach, it’s just very sweet.

And then I love the fact that while the character Bai Lou Yin is very grumpy and serious, the actor is the most adorably constantly smiling guy who seems to make everyone around him happy too. And for some reason, I find this silly little video awfully adorable since they being so flirty and happy (once you’ve opened this particular door, everything seems flirty, but hey, it’s fun) with each other.

Watching these two guys, (with like 3.5 millions followers between them on their social media accounts!), it’s apparent they’re in bit of a predicament. This ever-increasing censorship rules from the Chinese government are just getting worse, but even though Addicted was banned from Chinese media, the guys are seemingly getting a lot of attention. They’ve aquired legions of (hysterical) fans from being in a show on a theme forbidden in their own country. People love the show, are crazy about the two actors and most seem to think they should get married (or something *g*) and so many articles and whatnot are still about those two posing together, often suggestively, even after the ban. But since a possible season 2 won’t be shown in China, will they want to be in it? It’s what has given them exposure, but it’s still a banned show. Such a dilemma, I imagine. Hopefully, the market from other countries is big enough. The absurd dichotomy of the censorship and what a lot of people want, is so evident in this case. It’s angering and saddening. Makes me very intensely want to support this show. 

Commission - Out of Sick Days

Dex has a lot of big friends. And sometimes, when you have big friends, you wake up big too - whether by misinterpreted wish, destructive auras gone awry, storms that cause you to surge upwards, power-ups from Dex’s video game days that have become accidentally reactivated, general glitches in reality, or any other excuse needed for macro art.

Ordinarily when this happens, they’d burn a sick day. It’s a good excuse to lounge round the house, or cuddle up with someone big or many someones small.

But now they’ve ran out of sick days. And they’ve only got one outfit this size, which is hardly appropriate office attire (though they might just get away with it on Casual Friday).

Another commission by @goattrain! This one marks something of a personal milestone - when I created Dex, I still worried about showing off liking silly size things on any SFW accounts. And this is the first time I’ve got anything of Dex a different size, rather than normal size with a big/small friend.

This is the second of three commissions I got shortly before being placed on garden leave (two from goattrain, one from a different artist), so these three will be my last ones for a while.

Okay so...

This is one of my favorite Ziam moments:

The fact that they even kept this in the video is still surprising to me. Anyway, what I love about it is how nonchalant it is; Zayn looks perfectly content to have Liam on his lap and is untroubled even when Liam starts acting silly for the camera. It just looks like an every day thing. 

However, what made this moment better/worse for me was when I saw this:

It is clearly from the same day/place (SNL) though I don’t know if this was before or after the previous gif. Once again Liam is being silly for the camera while Zayn could care less (talking or warming up) in the background. From this moment we can see that there is a TV on the wall. 

Now looking back at this moment:

I used to not be sure if Zayn was talking to someone out of frame but now I’m fairly certain he was just watching TV. Though its quick, it also looks like Liam’s head is tilted up in the direction of the screen before he turns to the camera. So…they were just casually sitting like this while watching TV. Pardon my language but that is some cute domestic shit. 

I don’t know why I love it but I do. 

*not my gifs


Remember to enjoy everything. The things that feel good, the things that hurt, rejection, acceptance… It’s all going to make you better. Stronger. And more like yourself. Every once in a while I get a reminder of how much I’m okay with just being me. I know that sounds ridiculous. Cause I’m in this band. We’re lucky. We got successful. But who I am is still this nerdy, silly, flamethrower of a person.”


Imagine #13: Raulson’s first kiss

A/N: Apologies that this is a bit longer, I got carried away ♥

“No way am I streaking Sarah.” Lily giggled as she took another sip of wine.

“Oh c'mon Lily, you’re the one who chose dare. Don’t chicken out now.” Sarah said with a smirk.

“You can’t be serious, pick something else.” Lily giggled as she playfully shoved Sarah’s knee.

Lily watched Sarah’s eyelashes flutter as she looked around the room, lost in her thoughts. Her eyes sudden opened widely and she turned to lily.

“Kiss me.” Sarah said as a devilish grin crossed her face.

Lily’s stomach felt like it sunk down to her knees. She tried to croak out but her voice got caught in her suddenly dry throat. 

For the last few months Lily had been dealing with new and intrusive thoughts. Thoughts that may or may not have involved her stripping her bestfriend down to her bare ass. The bestfriend that currently sat in front of her asking her to kiss her. 

“Ew, I-I’m not going to do that Sarah. Pick something else.“ 

“Nope, you either man up and kiss me, or you’re going outside to streak.” Sarah pointed to the door while she fell into another laughing fit. 

“Why can’t I just switch to truth ?” Lily whined.

“Because that’s called cheating babe.” The nickname echoed through Lily’s ears; It made the patter of her heart skip around. She looked down into her lap as she tried her best to resist letting her lips tug into a grin.

Lily hesitated for a moment, thinking about whether she should actually go through with this, or just make up an excuse. No. That would look weird to make up an excuse, right ? It’s just a joke, a stupid dare. It wouldn’t mean anything. Sarah was just testing how far she could push Lily.

Lily huffed and finally gave in, she grabbed Sarah’s chin while she was still giggling. She pulled Sarah into a kiss. As her lips met with Sarah’s her chest exploded. The electricity that was being sent throughout her body was impossible. All the pent up feelings Lily had been trying her hardest to ignore were being flung out into the open. Lily quietly moaned into Sarah’s mouth as Sarah bit her bottom lip playfully. Hearing Lily’s moan threw Sarah off a bit. She had had a small crush on Lily for the longest time, but she was straight. She never thought that she’d stand a chance with her. This was just supposed to be a silly joke, she didn’t actually think that it would turn into a real kiss, a real kiss that Lily actually enjoyed.

Feeling confident, Sarah moved her hand from her own lap to the small of Lily’s back, pushing slightly to bring them closer. Surprised at this gesture, Lily gasped lightly.

Sarah giggled into Lily’s mouth. Lily grinned widely as she wrapped her hand around Sarah’s neck and pushed her lips against Sarah’s. 

As Sarah gently massaged Lily’s lips with her own, she slid her hand lower and lower down Lily’s back. It eventually managed to land on her ass and Sarah gave it a squeeze.

Lily gasped and sat up straight, breaking away from Sarah and swallowing thickly.

Sarah turned her head slightly, “Something wrong ?” She asked, a bit worried.

“No, that was just really hot.” Lily said breathless.

✧・゚“whose baby are you?”

member . jeonghan ft dino

genre . fluff

summary . you’re jeonghan’s baby, but so is dino…

word count . 995

✎ [repost] soooo,,, this was one of the requests I had before I accidently deleted my blog…. if you find this again, I hope you still like it haha♡

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           “Pew pew pew!” You imitated with a silly face as you aggressively pressed buttons on your controller, your eyes trained on the TV in front of you. Your boyfriend stifled a small laugh as he wrapped an arm around you and bringing you closer to his side, while kissing the side of your head affectionately. Dino was the other side of him, his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth as he pressed the buttons on his controller just as aggressively.

           Jeonghan chuckled warmly, enjoying being snuggled between his two favorite people. Both you and Dino were playing a quick round of whatever game happened to be in the console- and that quick round ended up being many rounds- with you dominating the game. Originally, it was just you and Dino on the couch, but Jeonghan had came home early from a quick recording session and decided to join the two of you on the couch, getting himself comfy between his two favorite people.

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Fool Series - Seungyoon

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Mini series.

*inspired by WINNER’s Fool MV.

Seunghoon  Jinwoo

Characters: Kang Seungyoon (WINNER), You (Reader/OC)

Length: 1,512 words

Rating/Genre: Angst, Slight Smut, Mentions of Death

He was oblivious, insensitive, and dominating, until, one day, life makes a drastic turn.

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Taste (Blurb)

Harry and (y/n) are having a lazy day in bed, naked ;) and she’s lying on her stomach and half of him on her when he finds out she’s got a tattoo on the back of her neck (it can be whatever you want, a star, a heart, a bow, whatever) and then he licks it and tell her it’s sexy and it turns him on so they get it on        


Your eyes kept closing, involuntarily. It was a Saturday morning and you and Harry had already woken up, had sex twice, and were now laying in bed drifting back off to sleep. You were both naked and the blankets were thrown all over the bed from the previous activities. You were lying on your stomach while Harry was on his side, next to you, running his fingers up and down your back. His hand curled up around your neck and pushed some of your hair back, and that’s when you felt his movements stop.

“What’s that?”

You opened your eyes and frowned.

“What’s what?”

“Is that a tattoo?”

Damn, he had found it.

You and Harry had only been seeing each other for about a month or so, and most of your activities happened during the night, when the room was dark and certain marks on your body could remain hidden. The tattoo on the back of your neck was one of them. It wasn’t that you were ashamed of it; it was just a tattoo that you had gotten when you were pretty young and it didn’t really have much meaning to you anymore. It was an impulse and, while you still liked it, you kind of felt silly about it now. You knew that if anyone was going to understand having a silly tattoo, it would be Harry, but you still couldn’t help being a little self conscious about it.

You rolled over on to your side and faced him.

“Yeah, it is.”

“What’d you roll over for? I wanted to see it,” Harry smirked.

“Harry, it’s a dumb tattoo.”

“Mmm, I disagree.”

Harry pulled you closer to him and rolled you back on to your stomach. He crawled up until his body was flopped on top of yours. He moved your hair away from the tattoo once more and studied the image on your skin.

“S’a cherry?”


“S’cute. Bet it tastes good, too, just like the rest of you.”

You laughed, burying your head in the pillow. Your laughs were cut off by a shriek when you felt Harry’s tongue run over the tattoo on your neck.

“Harry! What are you doing?”

“Tastin’ your cherry since I didn’t get to pop it,” he joked.

You groaned at his joke, but your groans turned into moans as his lips kissed your neck once more before slowly sliding down your back, nipping and sucking at your skin until he reached the curve of your bum.

“Wanna roll over so I can taste the rest of yeh?” he asked, biting the flesh of your bum.

You obliged - Harry lifting his body off of yours long enough for you to roll from your stomach to your back - allowing him to settle himself down in between your legs and hitch your thighs over his shoulders.

One broad lick up your center caused you to shudder and tilt your head back on the pillow. You were still somewhat wet from the orgasms that Harry had given you not an hour before, and your core was sensitive.

“Do I taste like cherries?” you joked, reaching down to grip Harry’s hair.

“Mmm, so much better,” Harry replied, flicking his tongue over your clit a few times before taking it between his lips and sucking hard.

“Fuccck!” you hissed, “Go easy; you’ve already made me cum twice this morning.”

“Three’s the magic number, love,” Harry said, flicking your clit again with his tongue to the point that you started seeing stars, “Or four. Maybe five.”

It ended up being six by the time both of you were exhausted enough to finally stop and get some breakfast, but who was counting?


Just a medium length arkos fluff piece. Fair warning, a decent amount of angst in the beginnings, and mentions of unhealthy relationships. So fair warning. 


To say Pyrrha was a little sad would be the understatement of the century. It had finally happened, she had heard the words she had sincerely hoped to never hear come from Jaune towards her. The four words she had been worried about.

“I got a girlfriend!” The blonde had gleefully cheered out. He was beaming from ear to ear, like he had just won the lottery. Pyrrha felt something inside her crack, but took a deep breath. Forcing a smile to her face, she grinned and threw her arms around him in a hug, congratulating him. It was much easier to sound happy when he couldn’t see her face.

Nora offered her a sympathetic look, but also congratulated Jaune.

Now Pyrrha was rather fair minded. Honestly, she was happy for Jaune. She knew how much her partner craved a romantic partner. Ever since the dance, he had given up on pursuing Weiss. He had finally realized she was not interested in him romantically, and that it wasn’t actually just him screwing it up. He had seen past her harsh rejections to understand the rather obvious message that she wasn’t interested in him, and no approach or scheme would change the result. Apparently whatever talk he had had with Neptune had also improved Weiss’s opinion of him, especially once he no longer nagged her about a date.

Pyrrha had known that it was her chance. After he had shown up in a dress for her, she knew she couldn’t wait much longer. She hadn’t expected him to land a girlfriend so shortly after the dance though. As long as he was happy though, she would manage. She just hoped that her crush would fade eventually. She knew seeing her partner with another woman would certainly be painful.

As Jaune began to explain how the girl, Bistre, from team BICH, team Birch like the tree, had approached him and asked him to go on a date tomorrow.

One other fear had crept into her heart. Would Jaune start spending time away from his team to be with her? Would she slowly be shut out of his life and replaced with this new girl? Pyrrha wished for anything but that.

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