while shinji would just be dragged around by them or something

happy birthday, iwaizumi

“It is time,” Oikawa announced, voice loud in the small building, “for the Traditional Semiannual Birthday Camping Excursion Extraordinare.” He looked around proudly, not even a little upset when he saw no one was actually paying him any attention.

“Is is ‘semiannual’ or ‘biannual’?” Hanamaki asked, leaning heavily against Matsukawa and yawning; unlike most of the others he had needed to be up at just after four that morning to make it to the meeting point. Matsukawa shrugged, nearly dislodging Hanamaki.

“They both mean the same thing really,” Watari answered, “and then biennial means every two years.”

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I suppose at some point I should ask what the Evil Within is about, other than a hot policeman with an ax. Wikipedia just confused me.

get ready baby I’m gonna give you all the full version of the story because I am bored and I need people to hop on the trash train with me.

I can’t believe I typed all this. It really shows how much I love you. Or mostly what happens when tumblr puts me in straight baby jail for reblogging too much joseph oda and doesn’t allow me to post for 20+ hours. 

The Evil Within — A serious story recap by Vale plz R&R


The amazing hero of our story Detective Sebastian Castellanos gets sent to the Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate the usual “oh no the radio is mostly static *bzzz bzzz* someone help *bbzzz bzzz*  of course we are not getting all killed *bzzzzz* *high pitched noise* *radio silence*” kind of problems that you always find in survival horrors games.

And of course since he is such a hot dad™ (I am not mocking he is actually a dad also hot in that kind of average game protagonist way) he needs not one but TWO amazing sidekicks to ship him with do all the job for him help him in his adventure. 

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XIX - What do they fight about? What are their arguments like? How do they make up? [UraIchi]

[What do they fight about? What are their arguments like? How do they make up?]

They don’t fight a whole lot. Of the two, Ichigo is definitely the more hot-tempered one, but mostly only when his friends are being threatened. He gets irritated pretty often by some of his friends’ antics, and Kisuke’s penchant for playful teasing can be annoying, but he rarely ever gets angry. When it comes down to it, truly pissing him off is actually a pretty hard thing to do, and he’s known Kisuke since his teens anyway, he’s pretty much immune to that idiot’s flair for dramatics. Kisuke does have a lot of secrets though, and to a degree, Ichigo understands the man’s habit of keeping everything to himself, so he tries not to push for more than Kisuke’s willing to give. It can be difficult though because Kisuke knows practically everything about Ichigo because Ichigo is pretty damn straightforward and Kisuke is his lover and after all the shit they’ve been through, the shopkeeper is probably one of the handful of people that Ichigo honestly trusts with his life, with his heart, with his sisters, but Ichigo can’t claim the same for Kisuke, and that kind of relationship is hardly fair or balanced, and when he thinks about it, he knows their relationship won’t last if Kisuke continues getting all evasive and vague when Ichigo asks about his past or anything really personal. Ichigo doesn’t even need to know everything; he just wants something, maybe more as the years go by, but Kisuke gets all secretive and shuts down in his own way when Ichigo presses, and that’s the biggest issue they tend to fight about. Kisuke learns to open up though, eventually, especially once it gets through his head (with a little help from outside parties coughShinjicough) that he will lose Ichigo if he doesn’t pull his shit together and start believing that Ichigo won’t leave him when Kisuke tells him about the blood on his hands, about the things he used to do, about the lies and manipulations that Ichigo would definitely not approve of.

And Ichigo doesn’t leave the moron, surprise, surprise, and that’s one issue more or less resolved over time. Then of course, there’s Yoruichi. They fought briefly about that too at the beginning when they were just starting.

Early on, people didn’t exactly approve when they got together, especially Shinigami who’ve known Kisuke for decades or even centuries. Isshin was very vocal with his opinion about just why Ichigo shouldn’t date Kisuke (which Ichigo ignored with the ease of long practice), and the Visored think he doesn’t know but he isn’t stupid he’s aware that almost every single one of them has dragged Kisuke off for a little chat. Other than that though, they haven’t said a word against it, aside from Hiyori who likes to fake-gag every time she sees them but that’s just her so Ichigo doesn’t mind. Shinji is the only one who doesn’t drag Kisuke aside; he drags Ichigo aside instead, not to chew him out or threaten him but to tell him about Yoruichi. Shinji is always refreshingly blunt when he isn’t fooling around, and the guy’s apparently guessed or even seen Ichigo wonder about the former Onmitsukidou commander, and Ichigo will always be grateful that Shinji seems to like him so much that he’d go out of his way to explain things to Ichigo when he needs it – “They’ve never been anythin’ but friends, and Yoruichi’s never liked Kisuke as anythin’ more than that, but Kisuke… well he used ta hold a torch for her. He should be over it now though.” In other words, ‘Don’t let him hurt you or I’ll hurt him.’ Ichigo’s never been prone to jealousy, so after that warning, he doesn’t say anything about the way Yoruichi likes to drape herself all over Kisuke – cat or woman. He keeps quiet about it because he understands the concept of best friends and he trusts Kisuke, so he doesn’t say a word until Sui-Feng of all people comes to fetch Yoruichi for a mission, sees Yoruichi half-drunk and sprawled on Kisuke, and she promptly (but somehow respectfully) drags Yoruichi off, kicks Kisuke in the face, and demands that Ichigo grow some balls and slap a leash on his mutt before she’s hauling Yoruichi off back to Seireitei without another word. When Ichigo looks over at Kisuke, the man is nursing his nose but looking right back, one eyebrow quirked in genuine bemusement like he really doesn’t have any idea how (okay he’ll admit it) fucking hard it’s been for Ichigo to hold his tongue, and just like that, Ichigo snaps and snarls the complaints he’s been holding back and maybe it’s not fair but do you really have to let her hang off you like that all the damn time Kisuke?!

That argument ends with Ichigo storming off to Hueco Mundo to pick a fight with Grimmjow who’s always up for brawl, and Ichigo needs the simplicity of fists and sore muscles right now. He slinks back to the Shouten in the early morning, ready to muster an apology because Kisuke and Yoruichi are best friends, and Rukia’s been known to hog half of Ichigo’s bed sometimes when she’s too tired to go home and that’s sort of the same thing and Kisuke’s never complained, but when he gets there, there’s dinner on the table, long gone cold, and Kisuke’s dozed off in his seat, and now Ichigo feels even more guilty because apparently the guy made him dinner and stayed up waiting for him. So he makes pancakes in return, which wakes Kisuke up, and it’s a bit awkward with Ichigo standing stiffly at the stove and Kisuke hovering in the doorway, but then he feels arms wrap around him and Kisuke quietly apologizing (Kisuke only ever apologizes to him, and Ichigo would be lying if he said some petty part of him isn’t pleased about that) and explaining that Yoruichi’s never outright encouraged Kisuke’s little… hero-worship/crush but she’s never discouraged it either, and that’s the way she’s always been, she’s a princess and Onmitsukidou, she takes advantage when she sees the opportunity, and being friends doesn’t stop her from doing that, and Kisuke’s just gotten used to Yoruichi being that close but he learned a long time ago that nothing would ever come from it, especially now because Kisuke has Ichigo now, and the thing he had for Yoruichi can’t compare to what they have now, can’t compare to what Ichigo’s freely given him without the games Yoruichi liked to play (not meaning to hurt Kisuke when they’d been younger but hurting him anyway). And Kisuke was stupid not to realize that Ichigo might take it the wrong way but he tells him I love you, Ichigo, and I certainly respect you too much to ever start anything with you if I wasn’t already over Yoruichi-san. We were never anything more than friends anyway; she made sure of that, and I accepted it long ago. It takes a while for Ichigo to really believe him but it helps that Kisuke now makes a point to sit with Ichigo even when Yoruichi’s there and looking for a lap to lie in, only for Kisuke to firmly refuse and smile slyly into Ichigo’s hair when Ichigo grumbles half-heartedly about Kisuke wrapping around him like some octopus even when they have guests. It’s embarrassing, and the insecure one should not be him, damn it, but Ichigo can’t deny that it’s… nice to have Kisuke pay more attention to him (not that he’d ever admit it under pain of death). Eventually, Yoruichi learns to back off, especially after she has Shinji glaring daggers at her one Christmas when she attempts to tease Ichigo by catching Kisuke under the mistletoe in cat form, poofing back into a very naked human form, and sneaking a kiss with him. Kisuke’s the one who dodges and drops a kiss on Ichigo’s lips before Ichigo is even fully aware of what Yoruichi was trying to do. It’s a hurdle they work through and come out the stronger for it.

As for Kisuke, there isn’t much of anything Ichigo can do to anger him. Ichigo’s very… single-minded about love. He loves his sisters and woe betide anyone or anything that does them harm. That was made very clear when Hell itself couldn’t stop Ichigo from kicking its ass and retrieving Yuzu. He loves his friends, and he’ll lead invasions and start wars for them if necessary. And he loves Kisuke, and Kisuke slowly learns that that isn’t going to change, that Ichigo’s heart is set on him, and he gets to keep it. There is one thing though, and that’s Ichigo’s tendency to throw himself into danger at every given opportunity, and it scares the hell out of Kisuke. It already worried him before he went and fell in love with Ichigo; it’s even worse to have to stand back sometimes and just hope and pray and trust that Ichigo will make it back safely from the latest danger. Kisuke even yells at him one time when Ichigo literally dies but manages to come back under Ryuuken’s steady hands. He wrings a promise out of Ichigo to be more careful; he knows better than to try and make Ichigo promise he won’t dive into the face of danger ever again. Kisuke learns to live with it because he knows this is one thing that won’t change about Ichigo, and in a lot of ways, Kisuke doesn’t want it to change because the resolve to go to any lengths to protect his people is something Kisuke also loves about Ichigo. Kisuke will just have to support him and look after him as best he can, as he’s always done.

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can i have aoba jousai and kuroo and bokuto when their so did something cute yet unexpected thing for them in front of their team mates, and their team mates tease them for that??

I can seriously imagine KurooBokuto, and Oikawa not even being phased by their team’s teasing because they would be too engrossed in teasing/showing off their partner. Bokuto and Oikawa would be showing off their partner while shouting, “LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!” and then picks up their partner and swings them around. While Kuroo would peck his partner on their cheeks to catch them off guard and make things even.

Matsukawa and Hanamaki would be a bit embarrassed but wouldn’t let it get to them. They would end up taunting their team mates (especially Oikawa) that they were just jealous that they had a partner that would do that for them.

Iwaizumi and Kyoutani might be a bit angry at first, making that generic “tsk” sound and telling them to shut up. Kyoutani would drag his partner outside of the gym and would accidentally yell at them not to do that again, but he would calm down and murmur quietly that they were really cute. Iwaizumi would just ruffle his partner’s hair and tell them to do that when the rest of the team wasn’t around. His reason being that they might get jealous and steal them away from him.

Watari and Yahaba would try to calm the team down but to no avail. They would resort to ignoring them but the whole team would continue to tease them, talking about how cute their partner was and how they wished they had a partner that would do that for them. Yahaba, being superbly annoyed at this point, would reply “Well too bad, my partner’s the cutest person ever so good luck trying to find someone as cute them.” and he would get teased even more for admitting that his partner was really cute. (RIP Yahaba)

Kunimi would find the whole thing to be troublesome and ignore the team’s teasing. Just so the team would shut up he would kiss his partner on the lips, effectively shocking both the team and his partner. He thought that after doing that they would all start teasing his partner, though they ended up praising him continuously about how cool he was for doing so.

Kindaichi wouldn’t be able to handle it, he would be flailing his arms trying to explain the situation or to stop anyone else for teasing him but he’d be too much of a mess to do himself any good. He would end up running away from the team to calm himself down, he wouldn’t be able to face them until his partner found them and apologized for embarassing him so much. Though he would tell his partner it wasn’t their fault and say, “N-No it’s not your fault at all, you’re just way to cute for your own good and now the whole team knows… I’m kinda afraid that they’ll take you now.” 

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might you have any friendship headcanons for the aobajousai boys?

Oikawa Tooru: 

  • Snap chat or picture battles - who can send the best or the funniest photo. Though Oikawa is unnaturally photogenic and no matter how “bad” one of his photo’s are he still looks freaking amazing. 
  • Late night texts or calls, just because he feels lonely. If it is the other way around, his friend could expect Oikawa on their doorsteps in his pjs, with a bunch of movies for them to watch. 
  • Disney marathons - and out of key singing. 
  • Watching Volleyball games with each other, or any other sports that his friend is interest in.
  • Late night star gazing at the old children park behind his house. Whether it be just hanging out or talking, that’s where Oikawa is usually found by his friends. 

Iwaizumi Hajime: 

  • The most loyal friend anyone could possibly have. He would always have his friend’s back, and is not afraid to come to their aid no matter the situation. 
  • Gym Buddy. 
  • There will be a lot of healthy competition with him, whether it is arm wrestling or something odd like who could watch more of a stupid tv series. 
  • He would be the most honest friend anyone could have, not afraid to tell things how they are. No matter how upset his friends could get, they know Iwaizumi only says these things to help them.
  • Will always be there to keep his friend in line, no matter what method he has to take. He rather have his friends hate him than allow them to get into trouble or worse, hurt.

Matsukawa Issei: 

  • Any bet or dare, the loser always is the one buying the ramen. Expect a lot of bets with him.
  • Pranks, a lot of them. His friends don’t know when to expect them anymore since he acts so nonchalant about them.
  • Very observant so he knows when one of his friends are having an off day or if something is bugging them. He will always know when to be there for someone.
  • Would never betray his friends, no matter the situation, even if they hurt him.
  • Meme wars, through any type of social media or text. Once it begins, he will not let it end until he wins and becomes the meme champion.

Hanamaki Takahiro: 

  • Hanging out at coffee shops, even if they aren’t ordering anything to drink. It’s just where he likes to hang out with friends. 
  • Teases his friends by holding things out of their reach if their friends are short. 
  • Is one to never reveal any secrets that he has been entrusted with by his friends.
  • Always willing to lend a hand when asked, but only when asked. He doesn’t like being a busybody and getting into everyone’s business.
  • Willing to let his friends copy his homework when they don’t have theirs finish - but he will be expecting for his friends to do the same if he doesn’t have his done.

Yahaba Shigeru: 

  • Likes to play with his friends hair, making small braids or messing it up as he grins innocently. 
  • Always has baked goods to share - his grandma always makes extra so he is always bringing them for his friends. 
  • Will never forget anyones birthday and always has something to give them. 
  • The one everyone would go to when they need someone to listen to their problems. Always calm and has great advice for his friends. 
  • It’s really easy for him to make friends, since he is so approachable, and he is willing to talk to anyone. 

Watari Shinji: 

  • Late night talks - even till the son comes up. He is a very good listener and has so many interesting things to say if given the time.
  • Random adventures - taking a new path or biking down the roads they aren’t familiar with.
  • Haunted houses - he is always finding new ones around the city during halloween or when schools are doing festivals and drags his friends to them. 
  • Puns. So many terrible puns sent between him and a few certain friends. 
  • Also, inside jokes. Everything ends up turning into an inside joke with him.

Kindaichi Yūtarō: 

  • A lot of Video Games - and a lot of cursing while playing.
  • Movie buff - Is always willing to go to the newest release of movies with his friends. When it is suppose to be an awesome movie, he invites as many friends as he can.
  • It takes a long while for a friend to gain his upmost trust, but when they do have it, he would do anything for them.
  • If he ever finds a funny video or picture, he will be sure to send it to all his friends so they could see too.
  • Willing to make a lot of friends. He likes being around people who have diverse interest so then there is always something to talk about/.

Kunimi Akira: 

  • Always trying to new food joints for lunches with his friends. He hates going by himself so he is always bringing a friend with him.
  • A good topic to talk about when befriending him is music - any type since he is interested in a lot of different type of music.
  • Would rather hang with his friends in small groups rather than larger. 
  • He isn’t very outgoing to loud, but he is very loyal. If the situation ever calls for it, he will help his friend hide a body if it comes down to it.
  • Type of friend that they don’t need to spend everyday with. If they get together after a long time apart, he is able to easily pick up where they left off from last time. It was like they were never apart.

Kyōtani Kentarō: 

  • Heated, yet somewhat friendly competitions. He likes to know that his friends are willing to put up a fight when need be, and when they win, well, he is sure to show his respect and friendship.
  • Visiting dogs at shelters and helping him with his part time job as a dog walker.
  • Most protective of his friends. Anyone who messes with them has to deal with him.
  • Honest and blunt, will always tell his friends the truth no matter what - even if they do get mad at him. He feels to guilty if he has to lie to them.
  • Only keeps a few close friends rather than have a whole circle of acquaintances. 

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can you explain kaworu and shinji's relationship to me ;w;? I've watched the anime and the movies and I just feel so confused when it comes to Kaworu in general. Like, did he used to be a human? If so, how did he become an angel? Does he time travel? If so, has he been with Shinji more times than one? Why does he commit #suicide? I'm just so confused; the anime and the movies were so vague on their relationship so i was wondering if u knew. you don't have to answer either uwu thank you

HDhdhfgfsa I’ll try to make this as easy to understand as possible while explaining why it is what it is - and I hope anyone reading this can correct me if I’m wrong anywhere.

It seems as if the anime and Rebuild were vague on the topic of Shinji and Kaworu’s relationship but … if anything I feel like they couldn’t have been any more explicit in their portrayal of them without… going places.. ??uhH haha.
To put it simply, they both love each other—ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER HEYY. (if you wanna see it platonically.., fine I won’t argue but the point is Kaworu And Shinji Love Each Other) And not without reason—though they come off as complete opposites they are both very alike. ( Here we’re talking about the TV series and Rebuild, but Kaworu’s appearance in the manga makes it way more obvious and more realistic(??) to me at least, and I’ll be referencing some stuff from there )

For Shinji, Kaworu is the first to ever provide him with unconditional love and acceptance—even to say to him “I love you” (And additionally, to fulfill his selfish and ultimately unrealistic needs regarding others). If you watched End of Evangelion, both Rei and Kaworu appear to Shinji- from himself, as what they mean to him. Rei was “the hope that people will one day be able to understand each other”, Kaworu? “The words ‘I love you’”. Unlike everyone else in the series Kaworu asks nothing of Shinji. He’s not blind to Shinji’s flaws either; he accepts them. Kaworu provides him with a safe and nurturing relationship, however brief it is, and even gives Shinji words to help him towards growth. In the series Shinji allows him to come close and doesn’t protest when Kaworu lays his hand upon Shinji’s, when just the episode prior he’d refused Misato on the spot. Shinji stays the night with Kaworu instead of at home with Misato (a choice all his own as opposed to Misato’s taking him in) and opens up to Kaworu without receiving any reproach or admonishment for his feelings.
In Rebuild Kaworu was the only one to treat him with kindness following 2.0 and the Near Third Impact. Kaworu is never rough with him, never raises his voice, never treats him coldly, doesn’t hate Shinji despite knowing he was the cause of everything.
As they are boys I’d say it was easier on them both too.. There’s an absence of sexual tension/vibes?? between them that you really get from watching Shinji’s interactions with the other girls which probably helps him feel safer/more comfortable around Kaworu, who in turn has an easier time approaching him.
In either the anime or Rebuild, their relationship is to the point where Shinji is absolutely devastated upon his death—just look at EoE where Misato literally has to drag him along, 3.0 where Shinji remains clinging to the entry plug wall separating him from Kaworu after his death, and Asuka again dragging him along after getting him out of there. Kaworu is what brought him up and kept him going at the lowest point of his life (a parallel with Gendo and Yui?) and incidentally, with him gone Shinji virtually loses the will to live.

For Kaworu, Shinji is the same. Up until his introduction at NERV Kaworu was living a pretty crap life under SEELE’s watch—given that he was created for a specific purpose it’s safe to assume he’s been treated as nothing but a tool and that he lives a life similar to Rei’s prior to her interactions with Shinji. ((ooOO) It’s evident that everyone who meets Kaworu after his release to NERV is wary and distrusting of him (Misato, even Rei is uncomfortable upon seeing him), all except Shinji. In the series Shinji desires his company and waits for him after their tests. When told that Kaworu is an Angel Shinji initially refuses to believe it because of course it would mean Kaworu’s death. Shinji’s acceptance of Kaworu is more prevalent in Rebuild. He doesn’t question Kaworu for not needing a hazmat suit, his ability to remove the DSS choker just like that even after Shinji had struggled to take it off. When Kaworu explains himself as the First Angel cast down to the Thirteenth Shinji says nothing about it.
If you think about it even Kaworu acts selfishly—why else would he continue associating with Shinji if he knew they would have to fight later on? He desires Shinji’s company as much as Shinji desired his. Shinji shows him real kindness when he’d received none ( This point is driven harder in the manga I think with the parallel of the cat ), at the end by granting him his final wish, his one freedom.
“I was probably born to meet you” “I really was born to meet you” Suddenly it’s as if Kaworu’s purpose for existing isn’t towards Human Instrumentality, but for Shinji’s sake. Kaworu chooses this for himself, deciding against the fate that SEELE had written for him. Shinji provided Kaworu with the things he’d never known, kindness and companionship in the form of a very normal relationship (something you aren’t exactly given when you’re existing as an instrument towards humanity’s demise with no family or close relations of any kind). If you take Rebuild as a continuity then what you see is a Kaworu that has taken it upon himself to give Shinji happiness, to achieve a world where Shinji (and perhaps even himself? together) can be happy.
((EDIT; Adding the line “you are worthy of my empathy/sympathy” whichever translation you’re going with—perhaps Kaworu says this and can understand Shinji’s feelings so well because they are so alike.))
Of course there are people who will debate on Shinji’s feelings for Kaworu, but you can’t deny Shinji’s love when he explicitly states it himself at the end of ep24, “I loved him too”. (He says this in the manga as well).

Also„ I wanna say that their first meeting in ep24, Shinji is described as being “enchanted by Kaworu’s smile” so it’s almost like a “love at first sight” thing haha. Kaworu is polite to him during that first conversation— hence the “I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re rather ignorant of your own position” and gives off this immediate sense of warmth by telling Shinji he may simply call him by “Kaworu” rather than Nagisa-kun, if you’re aware of the familiarity/relationship implications by that.

By having Kaworu say “I love you”, and Shinji returning the sentiment (a little too late) they threw it out there and made the intended nature of their relationship as clear as possible, just like that. What’s funny is the majority of Western fans deny the whole meaning of it and everythiNG, “wO W Man TO tAl BrOS so PlATOniC hAHAHa” while the people behind Evangelion openly confirm and accept it lmao (see: various interviews and all the official merchandise ayyy)

BUT. I’d also like to add that Shinji IS very bisexual. His love and attraction towards Kaworu doesn’t erase the fact that Shinji is sexually attracted to the other girls (most visible with Asuka).

AND to answer your specific questions: (already I apologize to you SO MUCH for this)

Kaworu isn’t human… but at the same time, is. Since his birth he’s been an Angel with the body of a human. His DNA comes from both Adam and an unknown human donor, and he possesses Adam’s soul. So technically .. Kaworu IS Adam, the First Angel. But keep in mind that Adam is described as the “first human” and Angels as “humans who threw away their form” or smth like that (I just rewatched the series like. last week so hopefully I’m remembering this right). EVAs are called “artificial humans” and EVAs originate from Adam. So… Kaworu is human too, but not exactly in our sense of “human”.. I think aagjuhgf.

No one can say for sure?? that he “time travels” (loops) but it’s a widely believed theory, and it sure looks that way just from watching Rebuild after the original TV series—Kaworu knows about Shinji even before meeting him, proclaims that he will make him happy “this time”, and before his death in 3.0 he says “We’ll meet again, Shinji-kun”. If you go along with the timeloop theory then yes, he has been with Shinji multiple times.
Uhhgmfm I’m not good at all with Eva theories but here’s another post that can give you a rundown of it and hopefully help explain if you’re willing to read/are that invested in finding out ahaha ..

Kaworu doesn’t commit suicide (but if you’ve read the ep24 drafts there is the implication that he attempted it numerous times)— he requests to be killed in the TV series, and allows it in Rebuild. In the series he states that life and death are of equal value to him, meaning that he doesn’t care either way—but he also tells Shinji that he gave his life meaning. As someone who already held a fascination for humans and doesn’t want to see them perish, Kaworu is willing to die for Shinji- to allow Shinji to live on in this world. ..You could say Shinji gives his death meaning as well.
However Kaworu isn’t as all-knowing as he comes off; he’s actually rather naive. He put too much faith in people and, without a full understanding of the situation believed that if he died a Third Impact would be out of question (this is where EoE comes in).
In Rebuild, Kaworu takes the DSS choker from Shinji to both gain his trust and save his life. Kaworu believed that if worse came to worst (the start of another Impact) at least he would be the one to die and avert the catastrophe. Again the whole life=death thing, as long as Shinji and the rest of humanity can live on, he’s okay with it. What Kaworu didn’t realize was Unit 13’s double entry system existed to ensure that should one pilot die, the other could still act as a trigger. ( This is why Fourth Impact isn’t stopped until Mari ejects Shinji’s entry plug. Later with Gendo and Fuyutsuki you’ll come to understand that they’d anticipated Kaworu’s actions and intended for him to lose his life ).

Aaaand… I believe that’s all.
Yes I am SO sorry you weren’t expecting an essay like this most likely but you said “explain relationship” so I.. took that to heart maybe um. But I do! appreciate the ask since it forced me to finally sit down and really think about them lmao OBVIOUSLY I’M Too invested in this series I should take up.. knitting .. or smth lmfao but I hope this clears some things up for you ! If not please feel free to ask more questions and I’ll do my best to answer (if this was confusing I’ll even rewrite it as simpler bulletpoint statements if you want)… Ah but please remember that this is also my own personal gathering as well so there might be incorrect stuff here.

..Evangelion is really something isn’t it haha

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GOM and seirin team react to their S/O being childish and dragging them to the ice cream shop where they continue to act like a child for the rest if their date.

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: If you were acting out of the ordinary Akashi would notice immediately, and would call you out on it, asking if there was a problem like you felt like you needed more attention or something along those lines.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine rolls his eyes at your behavior at first, figuring he would only have to deal with it for another hour or so before he went back home and waited for you to return to normal, but ends up getting more irritated with you then he thought, yelling at you to stop being a brat before storming away.

Kise Ryouta: Kise doesn’t mind babying you but if you were to begin to get on his nerves by consistently blowing him off, he would also turn into a whiny child, something that onlookers which quickly get irritated by.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko wouldn’t understand the change in character but wouldn’t appreciate it, scowling and puffing out his cheeks as he ignores you until you address him properly; he eats his ice cream but refuses to indulge you until you begin to act normally again.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima tells you to stop being a brat outright without fear of hurting your feelings as he was ready to just leave you there if you continued to behave as you did, stating he wasn’t dating a child and he wouldn’t put up with it.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara doesn’t care at all about the change in attitude since you were still you, but he does wonder if he had upset you and that’s why you were acting that way; he doesn’t want to ask as he’s afraid of what your answer may be.


Hyuga Junpei: Hyuga quickly grows irritated with your attitude and tells you to cut it out, feeling bad about yelling but having no fear when he tells you that you’re being childish, and that he was more than ready to leave you to eat your ice cream alone if you continued to act in that way.

Izuki Shun: Izuki frowns and tries to remain his normal carefree self but can’t help but wonder what had gotten into you, as he normally gave you your way without you having to go this far to get your attention. He questions you later on why you had acted the way you did, but doesn’t care if you don’t have a solid answer, especially if you return to normal afterwards.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami would get a little twitchy with you whining around him, trying to be patient with your mood swing but ends up becoming childish too as the two of you argue while onlookers watch on in amusement.

Kiyoshi Teppei: Kiyoshi wouldn’t notice your childishness purposely as he knows you’re being childish for a reason, perhaps more attention, though he couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. He would deal with you as normal and pretend everything was normal until you pushed him too far, in which he would get upset and tell you to call him when you ready to act normal again.

Koganei Shinji: Koganei doesn’t mind you being childish and would perhaps think the way your acting was rather cute; he already gives you everything you want and more, so you wouldn’t have any sudden bouts of rage, and thus he was content to just listen to your whining and nod along.

Mitobe Rinnosuke: Mitobe is very patient with you (and very patient in general) though he frowns through most of your date, shaking his head at you occasionally and wagging his finger in a scolding manner as he told you with his own actions that he didn’t approve of your behavior.

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