while she's leaning on her shoulder

look all im asking is to live with a cute girl i love who loves me back and we can rent a cute appartment on the 3rd floor and have lots of plants and adopt bunnies or birds or cats and go out on coffee dates every week and chat with our neighbours on the way downstairs and have movie nights and days when we stay inside and do nothing i wanna lean against her shoulder while she watches tv and i read my favourite book and i wanna dance around in our underwear and wear eachothers clothes…. is that a lot to ask!!

The Girl That I Marry
  • The Girl That I Marry
  • Lisa Ben

This short 1 minute parodied song, The Girl That I Marry, is turned into a lesbian song, a sort of ode to butch lesbianism. The songwriter, Lisa Ben (a pen name playing off the word les/bian), was born Edythe D. Eyde, and she created the first known lesbian publication in the world, Vice Versa in the 1940s. She was also active in lesbian bars as a musician.

See below for Lisa Ben’s lyrics and the original lyrics by Irving Berlin. This song was featured in both Barbara Hammer’s History Lessons, an experimental documentary on lesbianism, and also in the documentary, Before Stonewall.

The Girl That I Marry by Lisa Ben
The girl that I marry will probably be
as butch as a hunk of machinery.
The girl I idolize will wear slacks with flat fronts,
tailored shirts and bow ties.
She’ll walk with a swagger and wear short hair
And keep me entranced with her tomboy air.
Instead of cruisin’ I’ll be usin’
Her shoulder to lean on while snoozin’
A faint hearted fairy, the girl I marry won’t be!

The Girl That I Marry Original Lyrics by Irving Berlin
The girl that I marry will have to be
as soft and as pink as a nursery.
The girl that I call my own
will wear satins and laces and smell of cologne.
Her nails will be polished and in her hair
she’ll wear a gardenia and I’ll be there
‘Stead of flittin’ I’ll be sittin’ next to her
and she’ll purr like a kitten.
A doll I can carry the girl that I marry must be.

Drunk (Feysand) - ACOMAF fanfic

There were different kinds of drunk, Feyre mused. There were the matchmakers, like Mor, who, after a few cups of wine, made it their personal goal to acquire you a shiny new boyfriend. The restrictions on who exactly this person was were loose, to be frank. In Feyre’s experience, she did not even have to know them. Hell, they usually weren’t sober and could barely stand upright without Mor’s surprisingly steady shoulder to lean on. Once, Mor had tried to convince her to take a skeleton to dinner, Rhys pouting all the while.

Amren wasn’t much better. When she got drunk, she was terrifying. It was a bit how Feyre imagined she’d be if she got pregnant (Cauldron forbid it). Her expressionless face took a turn for the worse, either blown red in rage, or streaked with ugly tears. A volcano, that was how she was, pressure building, building, from the slightest provocation, and then exploding furiously and suddenly. Amren didn’t exactly shoot molten rock out of her head, but the things that flew from her mouth certainly burned.

Azriel was the best out of them all. Feyre had only seen him tipsy once, never full-out drunk. He could hold alcohol better than Cassian, surprising since the General was considerably more free with how much he drank and just how frequently. The single time Az took one too many shots, she hadn’t gotten to witness the extent of his stupor. He’d disappeared. Vanished. Five hours later, he was back, come just as quietly as he’d left. During a particularly humorous exchange, Feyre’s laughter ceased abruptly, glancing at the shadowsinger who had been engaged in the conversation for quite some time. She couldn’t remember him entering the room, and she was left wondering when exactly he’d sneaked in. Cassian suggested that Azriel left because he had something to hide. Perhaps he was one of those people who gushed and preened. None believed it.

While Cassian’s tongue was loose enough already when he was sober, it positively lolled out of his mouth when he was drunk. His eyes turned droopy, his smile dopey, while he complimented as many females as he could. It became a sort of game between them, to guess just how many women would slap him before he collapsed. The sight of the war-hardened general, one of the High Lord’s closest friends, sprawled across three chairs with red hand-prints crisscrossing his face was strange enough to make heads turn, to emit gasps. The inner circle, for their part, fell apart just as effectively as Cassian, albeit from laughter.

Feyre did not know how she was when she was drunk, as she could not remember it. However, enough eyebrows wagged suggestively that she had a pretty good idea of what happened. Rhys grinned, cat-like, when she asked him. He said “If you don’t remember a night like that, Darling, you’re not going to remember anything.” The images he sent were more than enough to fill her in.

Which brought her to Rhys. Her Mate was absolutely incorrigible after downing an entire bottle of brandy. And Cassian had spiked it, for Cauldron’s sake. Rhys, normally quite tolerant of other males, had reverted back to the state he was in just hours after the Mating Bond set in, and then some. He growled and snapped at any male that tried to talk to her, even walk past. His anger was enough that a wide, empty circle had formed around her, no matter how incovenient. The party continued on, nervously, participants tittering in safe huddles. The General was not helping one bit, taking personal pleasure in riling him up. She watched worriedly as the two Illyrians circled.

Cauldron, it looks like they’re about to spar!

Rhys was certainly ready, eyes wild, nearly panting with feral rage.

“Oh, Feeeeyre,” Cassian called, fluttering his eyelids and clasping his hands together. “Won’t you come and convince Rhys that threesomes are wonderful?”

Rhys snarled, tendrils of night fluttering dangerously.

“Mor, can’t we stop this?” Feyre whispered from the corner of her mouth. Mor, feet propped up on the table, hand secured firmly on Azriel’s side, popping chocolates with the other, shook her head. “Oh, no. I’m good.” Her gaze stayed glued to the spectacle in front of her, her arm tugging Azriel closer. He shifted uncomfortably.

A roar had Feyre whipping her head around. Rhys had launched himself at Cassian, where they tore at each other like wolves. Screams broke out amongst the common folk, those who could winnow pulling friends with them. The others pushed and shoved towards the door, deference forgotten. The inner circle did not budge, did not spare them a glance. Things like this were fairly commonplace by now. They weren’t in any real danger.

Cassian howled with laughter as blood poured down his face. They clubbed each other savagely, until Rhys came out on top. His wings were flared, foam at his mouth, and the darkness burst from him in waves. Mor nodded her head, mouth stuffed full with chocolate. “Good, good.”

Feyre spluttered. “You’re just going to watch this?”

“Mm-hmm.” Mor smacked her lips.

She turned to Azriel. “And you?”

He looked away guiltily.

“Oh! For Cauldron’s sake.” She stomped over to the two of them, both breathing heavily, sweat soaked through their dress shirts. Rhys’ nostrils flared and he turned his head. His eyes glazed and he roughly shoved Cassian away. “Feyre,” he said, voice deeper and more guttural than normal.

“Dammit, you need to—” The kiss was unexpected, sloppy and hungry. His mouth was hot, and his hands were going places that were not entirely appropriate. “Rhys,” she hissed, breaking away.

“What?” he hummed, peppering kisses down her neck. One of his hands strayed down to her ass and squeezed.

She shoved his hands away. “What the fuck, Rhys!”

He looked up and smiled lazily. “What? You don’t complain in bed.”

She opened her mouth and choked. Mor snorted, and Cassian was near bawling on the floor.

“Rhys, we’re in public,” Feyre tried again. Rhys only pulled her closer, a hard jut in his pants.


“So, stop!” She broke away from him, flushed and wanting, but also flustered and embarrassed. As she did, various exclamations of horror and delight arose from their crowd. Her face heated as she realized why. All one had to do was glance down before certain things became obvious. Certain feelings that could be expressed in involuntary bodily reactions.

Mor winced, but a smirk still lined her face. “Never wanted to see that.”

“Woa-ho!” Cassian whooped. “Looks like someone’s up and at ‘em!”

“Well,” Az said quietly, “the cock has crowed, hasn’t it?”

Amren and Cassian guffawed. Mor let out a surprised laugh and gave him a payful slap. “Az!”

Cassian leaned over to whisper not-very-quietly in Amren’s ear, “Didn’t think he had it in him.”

Meanwhile, Feyre’s mortification only grew. It seemed Rhys’ shame had been piled on top of hers. “Well,” he began, stepping closer. “Where were we?”

Feyre fended him off, and he stumbled finally, leaning back heavily against the wall. “If you’d just step right this way—”

“Rhys, you can barely stand,” Feyre said heatedly. Screw embarrassed. That was in the trash can now. “How do you suppose we fuck?”

Again, whoops and hollers, mostly from Cassian.

“Well,” Rhys said. “It’s something like taking a crap outside. There’s a hole, and then you sit on the hole, and nothing happens for a while, and then you feel it coming, and when it does it’s like an explosion of stars behind your eyes as you release yourself and then the most blissful satisfaction.” He paused. “And then you want to sleep a lot.”

Silence as they all stared at him, mouths agape.


“O-kay,” Feyre said. “Now I’m genuinely worried. Cassian, how much did you put in there?”

He held up his hands placatingly. “Not enough to do this. I swear.”

“Damn,” Mor said. “That was a good metaphor.”

Azriel frowned at her. “You didn’t have any of the brandy, did you?”

Mor smiled mysteriously.

Feyre’s attention was taken again by that wandering hand. “Well, Feyre,” Rhys whispered, eyes earnestly searching hers. His voice was serious as he said, “Will you take a crap on me?”

Feyre shook her head, eyes wide. “Fuck. I don’t think we’re going to be able to have sex for a long, long time.”

movies .

“This will never get done,” she whines, pushing her laptop away. “It’s not fucking fair to assign a ten page paper two nights before it’s due.”

Shawn watches on with a water bottle up to his lips, back against the kitchen counter. A sweatshirt hangs from his broad shoulders while athletic shorts swish around his knees, a beat up pair of Nikes halfway on his feet. “What’s it on?” he questions, walking over to lean down so their heads are level, one arm steadying on the table while the other lands on her shoulder, thumb rubbing just below the collar of her shirt. Typed page after typed page with miniscule words swim in his vision, giving him a headache. He blinks a couple times and then wipes at his eyes. “Jesus Christ, make the font bigger. Can barely read it.”

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Mileven Drabble for Anon

Here it is! :) Thank you again for the request, anon! ^_^

From this headcanon of mine:

“I feel like Mike would be the one who, while walking or sitting next to Eleven, would have moments where he was just so overcome with love for El that he would just lean over and gently kiss her on the cheek.

I feel like that would be Mike.”

“Are you sure you’ll be fine while I’m gone?”

Mrs. Wheeler’s brow wrinkled as she adjusted her purse strap on her shoulder. She stood facing Mike and El, hands gently resting on her hips, in the entryway of the Wheeler house. El was over for a visit this Saturday morning, but without Will this time. He and Dustin were working on a project for school back home. Honestly, Mike was secretly glad that he got to spend some time with just El for a change.

“Mom, we’ll be fine,” Mike sighed, rolling his eyes. El smiled and nodded in agreement. Mrs. Wheeler clicked her tongue and sighed.

“Well, all right. I’ll be back in about an hour. I have to pick up Holly and then I’m going to stop at the store.”

She stepped forward to plant a kiss on Mike’s hair, making him smile sheepishly and put his hands in his pockets, embarrassed in front of El, but she only smiled fondly.

“You help yourself to anything you’d like, all right, El?” Mrs. Wheeler said, gently squeezing El’s shoulder.

El nodded. “Thank you,” she said quietly, shyly looking down at her hands clasped in front of her. She caught Mike’s eye and he simply beamed for her. El looked back at his mother and returned her encouraging smile.

“If you need anything,” she said, opening the door and stepping outside, looking back over her shoulder, “Call Mrs. Sinclair next door. Dad’s at the hardware store again.”

Mother and son rolled their eyes. “Okay, Mom,” he grinned, gently ushering her out the door, his hand on the doorknob. “See you later.”

“See you later,” she replied, smiling fondly. “Bye El!”

“Bye!” she called as the door clicked shut. Mike twirled on his heels to face El, beaming, hands back in his pockets.
“So what do you want to do first, El?”

“Where are Nancy and Holly?” she asked curiously as they walked to the living room.

“Oh, Holly had a playdate this morning or something.” He shrugged. “I think Nancy went to do something with Jonathan. How about some TV?” Mike suggested. She shrugged and nodded. It wasn’t her favorite and Mike knew it. TV was too loud and had so many flashing lights. It was hard for her to focus on anything that was happening. Idiot, he thought.

“We don’t have to do that, though,” he said quickly. “There’s never anything good on anyway,” he admitted with a shrug.

She looked away into the living room then back to him. “Maybe the radio?” she said tentatively.

“The radio?” He smiled. El loved the radio, always humming along with the music. It was kind of cool how fast she could start humming along with songs she’d never heard before in her life.

But El was amazing like that.

“Okay. I’ll go get it. I think it’s in Nancy’s room.” He started to leave then turned around. “You can have the La-Z-Boy if you want. I’ll be right back.”

He bit his lip to keep from laughing as he heard the creak of the La-Z-Boy as she practically ran to sit in it. It was her favorite chair in the whole living room. She would settle into it, reaching over the side and pulling the lever that sent the chair springing back. It always sent her into giggles, the same ones that were following him up the stairs now.

Mike slowly walked into Nancy’s room and grabbed the radio. She wouldn’t mind. Anyway, it was for El.

He sped down the stairs and into the living room to find El rocking back and forth in the recliner, giggling uncontrollably. Her happiness was contagious and he found himself smiling so broadly it made his face hurt.

It wasn’t until after the chair had completely stopped rocking and he noticed El looking expectantly at him that he realized he hadn’t moved at all and was standing in a daze smiling at her.

“Got it!” he said, holding up the radio. He shook his head as he walked into the living room, trying to ignore the butterflies in his stomach and the heat in his face. “What did you want to hear?” he asked, sitting down on the couch and switching on the radio. He started to tune in a station, rolling through waves of static. He had finally broken through to some quiet guitar music when El cried, “Mike!”

“Yeah?” His head snapped up to see El bound out of the La-Z-Boy and grab his arm, pulling him off the couch and back into the recliner with her. It was nowhere near big enough for both of them and they were sitting awkwardly half in the seat and half on the arms of the chair.

“El, what are you doing?” he giggled as it rocked back and forth with the impact of their arrival. “We can’t both fit, you kno-“

El just smiled at him and he was cut off by the sound of the lever chunking back followed by a loud CRACK.

The world tipped as the chair snapped back. It rocked wildly and he watched El’s hand fly up, clutching the lever. Mike clapped a hand over his mouth to cover the inexplicable grin and laugh he felt starting to bubble out of him. “Oh no…” he said, his hand muffling the sound. It had snapped off perfectly. It didn’t even look like anything was wrong with it, except for the fact that it was in El’s hand and not attached to the chair.

But the bigger problem was the horrified look on El’s face as she realized what had just happened. Mike kicked himself internally for saying anything because she only looked more scared, her eyes opened so wide he could see the whites all around. She probably thought she’d broken the chair. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. All she could do was stare at the lever and then at him. She swallowed and tried again.

“Mike, I’m sorr-“

“Nonononono!” he said, the need to reassure her tumbling out of him. “Nonono, it’s all right El! Really!” Gently, he touched her shoulder. “It’s all right,” he repeated, looking into her eyes.
She didn’t look convinced.

“Look, I’ll bet we can fix it.” He held out his hand and after a moment, she gingerly handed him the lever.

“Just hold on a minute.” He clambered off the side of the recliner, setting it rocking again, and walked around to the other side. El’s eyes followed him and she turned her head to watch him, biting her lip, her eyes still extremely wide. He crouched down next to the chair and she curled her knees up underneath her, leaning over the arm of the chair. Her eyes kept darting back and forth from the lever to his face.

He swallowed and looked at the lever. There was a hole that exactly matched shape of the knob sticking out of the side of the recliner. He sighed in relief and smiled up at El. Her fingers were curled on the arm of the chair and her knuckles were white. He covered one of her hands with one of his and held up the lever in the other.

“Hey, look, El. It just snapped off. It’s okay. It fits right back on here.” He pointed at the knob. “Here. Watch this.”

With a click, he snapped it back into place. She raised her eyebrows.

“See?” Some of the worry left her face and her shoulders started to relax, but she still looked skeptical.
He held up his hand. “Hold on, sit back.” She did and he chunked the lever. The recliner snapped back just as before. There was her laugh again. A little hesitant, but there all the same, and it made him realize that he’d been just as tense as she was, his shoulders hunched up. He felt them relax at the sound of her voice.

“See? No problem.” He grinned, throwing his hands up.

She beamed. “No problem,” she repeated.

He sighed in relief. He hated when she would get worried like that. She always acted like he was going to be so angry but he could never be angry at her. He knew she didn’t deserve that. He just wanted her to be happy, especially after everything she’d been through with scientists and monsters and the Upside Down. She’d only gotten home five months ago. She’d been in the Upside Down for a year. A whole year. Now that she was here all he wanted was for her to know that she’d always be safe here. He hoped she’d be happy too, like she was now. The tension had completely left her and she was nodding her head to the music softly playing from the radio on the couch. She deserved all the happiness in the world. She was the nicest, sweetest person he knew.

She closed her eyes and started humming along with the music. A warm glowing feeling filled his chest and he felt a little light-headed. It happened all the time now whenever she was around. The chair had stopped rocking and she sat cross-legged, her hands clasped in her lap.

Suddenly, he leaned over the arm of the chair and kissed her on the cheek.

It even surprised him, a swooping feeling sweeping through his stomach. A blush spread across both of their faces and they both smiled, sheepish and pleased at the same time.

He stayed there on the floor next to the chair, just listening to El’s quiet humming. After a minute, she leaned over the side of the chair and reached down to grab his hand. She interlaced her fingers with his and rested their clasped hands on the arm. El gently rocked the chair and it almost seemed to creak in time with the soft music. He squeezed her hand and she did the same.

Eventually, they both fell asleep, El curled in a ball and Mike leaning against the chair, and that’s how Mrs. Wheeler and Holly found them when they got home; fast asleep and holding hands.


Somehow in the last 12+ years, this woman has solved crimes, maintained her position at the top of her field, gone on digs, allowed her family back in her life, been kidnapped several times, dealt with multiple serial killers, wrote best-selling novels, saved her partner in a few instances, ran away from her partner, watched him try to move on, pretended like she could move on herself, realized she could not, witnessed her partner unable to move on, provided a metaphorical shoulder to lean on while he healed, watched a beloved intern die, finally dropped the “just partners” pretense, had a baby with said partner (and man she loves), dealt with another serial killer and all that that entailed, got married, watched her husband almost die and then go to jail, watched another member of her “family” die, had another baby, endured the gambling relapse of her husband, retired for a spell, wrote a few more books, almost lost her husband again, went back to work, is currently contending with another serial killer, let a film crew follow her around, and STILL she somehow managed to pick up two extra languages along the way. Although- they are clearly ones we’ve heard of, so perhaps it’s not that impressive. :))

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Your fanfic i never knew daylight could be so violent is SOOOOOO goood ... could you PLEASEEE add another chapter

here’s a little follow-up drabble!!

and here’s the original fic for those who haven’t read it yet

Jake lets Amy sleep like that, all curled up on the floor and leaned back against his chest, for twenty minutes before concern for stiffness setting in on top of the rest of her injuries overrules her desperate need for sleep. He tries to move beneath her gently, to ease the break back into consciousness as much as possible, but he can feel her tense up against him after a moment of shifting his torso up. “C’mon,” he whispers to her, “you need a bed.”

She makes a small sound, pitiful and thin, but lets him hold her up with his hand on her shoulder while he moves into a crouch. Her arms circle around his neck automatically and her face contorts in a wince as he scoops her up again (he’s not sure where her wheelchair got off to, but judging by the delighted high-pitched laughter coming from down the hall, he wouldn’t be surprised to find Cagney and Lacey playing with it). The flow of Rosa and Gina’s conversation doesn’t even pause despite the fact that Jake can feel every eye on his retreating back.

They moved her bed five days after she left to make room for the little old woman who used to run the bodega around the corner, shunting her cot off into an interrogation observation room down on the first floor. He knows for a fact that Cheddar’s been in there, which means the whole damn thing is probably covered in dog hair, rendering it useless to her. 

He’s left with only one sensible option.

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pearl and lapis sitting on the couch in steven’s room

lapis’s head gently leaned against pearl’s shoulder while pearl runs her fingers through her hair or down her back gently

lapis’s labored breath as she slowly falls into sleep, pearl smiling in amusement and kissing her head and keeping still as the smaller gem rests

Playing Dirty (M) | Yoongi

A/N : @minyoongisblackhair I’m sorry, I love you

Genre : Smut, Dom!Yoongi, Dirty Talk, Oral, Language.

Word Count : 3,064 

Description : Yoongi riles you up by making you jealous at a party, so you decide to play dirty when the two of you get home; but do you really think he’s going to let you have the last laugh. 

Originally posted by nicolexleeee

You watched with narrowed eyes from across the packed room as the girl playfully leaned into Yoongi’s touch. You had seen her prance up to him a few minutes before, and it didn’t take her very long to get comfortable. You watched them for a while, nails digging into your palm furiously as she reached forward to push his hair away from his face. You probably would’ve combusted from anger if someone’s hand hadn’t come down on your shoulder breaking your concentration from the two of them.

“You’re seething,”

You recognize the voice as Jimin before you even turn to see him.

“Yeah, well wouldn’t you be too?” You say with the annoyance clear in your voice.

“Yeah I would, but staring daggers at them isn’t going to do anything.”

“Well what would you suggest?”

 A strange smile overtakes his lips, and you’re about to ask him what was so funny, but then you suddenly feel him step closer to where he’s posting over you, as your body backs against the wall. There’s maybe only an inch or two separating your bodies.

“Jimin what’re—” You try to ask him what he thought he was doing with wide eyes, but he cuts you off.

“I’m just giving Yoongi a taste of his own medicine.” He whispers with a smirk.

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Can you Imagine Kylo and Rey have just had a long and exhausting battle and she is literally breathless leaning her head over his shoulder and she says “I hate you” and he says “I know” as he closes his eyes mimicking her with his head over her shoulder and they just stay there for a while.
Snuggling with Harley Quinn would include:

Originally posted by pir-ado

Requested by @sjokohama

Request: Got any headcanons about how it would be to snuggle with Harley? Because I’m all about that fluff!

Warning: Fluff

A/N: Here ya go! All the fluff ♥

Snuggling on the couch:

  • Harley leaning her head on your shoulder when you’re in a sitting position, and hums when you put your arm around her. 
    • Her removing her bra under the shirt and pressing herself against you.
  • Her being the small spoon on the couch because she loves it when you hold her, so she does not fall off the couch while watching your favourite tv shows and movies.
    • You putting your leg between hers.
  • Kissing her temple and cheek when she dozes off.

Snuggling in bed: 

  • Her being both, the big and the small spoon. 
    • When she’s the big spoon, she hold you tight and keeps her arm around you. Also, she hums a song and plays with your hair so you can fall asleep.
    • When you’re the big spoon, you hold her hand and put your leg between hers while you press your chest against her warm back.
  • When one of you sleeps on the back the other snuggles up against the other’s side.
    • When you’re on your back, Harley sleeps almost on you, holding tight on you.  
    • When she’s on her back, you put your arm and leg around her and snuggle up against her side.
  • Cuddling in winter is a must.
  • Cuddling naked in summer when it’s not too warm at night.

There is a disagreement early morning over a misplaced scarf, too cold shower water and an old mug that she just will not throw out. The door slams shut behind her and she walks without once looking back. But anger, just like anything else, fades and for her it fades quickly, the door slams shut once again in her memory and she cringes at the sound, she didn’t say goodbye properly, it bothers her. Soon work occupies her thoughts and she blows smoke into the room. Leaning over to knock off some of the ash in the ashtray, there are cigarette butts, one of them is white instead of standard brown, she smiles at the lipstick stain on it. She collects her files when the sun goes down and walks out the building, a group trudges out behind her, men with arms locked around each other’s shoulders and necks, talking about getting drinks and letting loose. While she waits for a taxi, she overhears a conversation about Chicago, Sioux falls, and memories flood back to her one by one, she decides to walk back home instead.

She sees daffodils in the flower shop near their house, yellow as the hair she sees besides her pillow every morning, she grabs a bunch without thinking twice. The apartment is empty and she feels her heart dip, she shouldn’t have yelled in the morning. While the living room is immaculate, the bedroom is right chaos. She picks up silk stockings that lay strewn on the floor haphazardly, obviously displaced in someone’s hurry to find something else. She thinks of how they look on smooth legs that sit crossed at the ankles at dinner, how they feel when she slips them off those legs and covers milky skin in kisses. She blushes at the thought of them around her wrists sometimes. She puts on a record to help time go by, Bing Crosby played on those endless highways too, a Christmas ago. The apartment door finally clicks.

“Hey darling. Help me unpack the groceries will you?”

The argument is seemingly forgotten as she sways sideways, pushed by bumping shoulders. Two pairs of hands yet they still take twice the time to unpack the groceries.

Therese watches Carol in the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of water. She goes over and stands beside her, waiting for her to finish her drink.

“What?” Carol puts the empty glass down.

Therese grabs her face and presses kisses all over it, dragging Carol down to her lips. Therese feels her cheeks tighten and her giggles fill the kitchen, the apartment feels warmer.

“Where did that come from?” Carol straightens up but doesn’t step away from Therese.

It comes from an entire day of longing, of small memories invoked from even smaller things. It comes from a deep love that springs up from anywhere.

“Nowhere.” Therese says with a smile. Carol leans back in to kiss her lips.


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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name

REQUEST: Hi could you do an imagine where reader is really badass during missions, but when not she’s clumsy she makes lame jokes and is just a cute meatball. And that’s what Bucky loves about her so fluff and rainbows pls Thaaanks ILY

For @smexy-bucky-waifu

A/N: Thank you for the request. Let me know if you like it!

Y/N quickly crept through the hall with ease, not making a sound, knowing exactly how to make it to their target without being seen. There was a option to go left or right at the end of the hall and they knew once they rounded that corner they would be completely inundated with agents. She got to the end of the hallway and looked to their right, while leaning against the left hand side of the wall. Bucky, Steve and Clint were right behind her, and Steve put his hand on her shoulder as soon as they caught up.

“Alright Y/N what do you see?” Steve whispered

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Overwatch headcanon time

Junkrat and roadhog are both trans gay men and while their relationship isn’t exactly typical it works alright like enough of Jameson’s antics are endearing to bring out the mako roadhog thought he buried a long time ago. Junkrat went through top surgery but the idea of having knives towards his bits scared the heck out of him no thanks whereas roadhog is comfortable with his body. He wasn’t for a long time but he gained new perspective over the years and both of them have been on hrt for a while.

D.va is a cis bisexual girl who mostly leans towards men romantically but women aesthetically and she’s best friends with the Junkers and paints their nails and has sleepovers with junkrat and sometimes roadhog will let her ride on his shoulder while in crowds of tall people. D.va has a mad crush on Lucia but don’t tell. She’s told her whole stream about it though.

Lucio is a pansexual cis man but he questioned his gender for a while when he was a teenager like he had a lot of questions about masculinity and femininity that took a while for him to figure out. He also experimented with sexuality around the same time and figured out he doesn’t really mind gender or lack thereof and that was really a freeing realization? Along with his gender identity kind of cementing into maleness he had a really spiritually freeing experience that transferred into some radical tunes during that period.

Zarya is a gender fluid (but leaning intellectually towards female) lesbian who loves so completely and throws her all into everything she does romantically and sometimes she asks her partner to call him a him and call him handsome and sometimes he wants to be called a her and called beautiful and sometimes they aren’t feeling the genders. For simplicity’s sake she has people used female pronouns because she isn’t going to ask others to read her mind and guess what today’s gender is.

Mei is a trans woman lesbian who is very much in love with Zarya. She went through the surgery a few years back and she couldn’t be happier. She and junkrat get their hormone meds from mercy.

Mercy is a cis woman lesbian.

Widowmaker is a bisexual cis woman

Tracer is a pansexual cis woman.

Bastion has no gender and prefers they pronouns but he works if they don’t know any better. They ask friends to keep their reminders gentle unless the perpetrator is being obviously belligerent about it and even then they prefer a peaceful end to the argument.

Zenyatta, as an omnic, was given his gender as part of his personality and he considered it very carefully before deciding he doesn’t mind being viewed as masculine as long as it does not cause a fuss to any of his other beliefs. Like hey you can call him he or they or whatever you feel comfortable with : )

Torbjorn is a Swedish meatball.

Soldier is a cis Hetero male with homosexual leanings. He’s beginning to question his heterosexuality in his old age though.

Reaper is gay. GAY. Also cis male

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Hiii! Can you please give me some Tsukiyachi headcanons?

  • tsukishima’s a decent cook but yachi’s really good at it because she does all the cooking for her and her mom. She probably starts preparing these cute lunches for him when they first start dating as a sign of affection. It’s canon that tsukki’s popular with the girls and he’s probably used to getting stuff from them on valentines day but he never cared about stuff until yachi made chocolate for him 
  • yachi holding tsukki’s hand too tight and burying her face in the crook of his shoulder when they go on roller coasters. tsukki secretly finds it cute
  • tsukki leaning down to kiss yachi’s forehead? not a headcanon, but consider 
  • yachi being terrified for him when she realizes how poor his eyesight is without glasses
  • yachi falling asleep on tsukki’s chest while watching movies with him
  • tsukki takes yachi skating on their first date. yachi falls and takes him down with her. 
NessianTrash™ Headcanons

- Cassian teaching Nesta how to fly (she will grow wings I will riot) and just ending up in a complete man-child tantrum because she keeps swooping off on her own 

- glaring at each other across the dinner table because Cassian tried footsie and got kneed in the balls

- Nesta running out into whats she thinks is a deserted woodland at night and just letting all the pent up anger tear out of her, until she has no voice left - until she shrinks to the floor in exhaustion. Cassian steps out of the shadows, having witnessed the whole breakdown, and just sits beside her, offering the comfort of company. After a while, she leans her head on his shoulder. 

- both of them being stubborn little shits, they have the longest staring competition known to man after one of them (Cassian let’s be real) challenges the other. Bonus points if they try to get the other to fail by making the most obscene innuendos, until one of them crumples and looks at the other’s mouth. 

- walking ahead of the rest of the Inner Circle as they’re travelling to somewhere super important™, and the rest of the crew just looking at the two teenage dorks as they try to shove the other over/jab the other with sticks when they’re not looking

- Nesta catches Cassian when he trips over (bonus if it’s because he’s majorly checking her out) (double bonus if he makes some inappropriate comment and she trips him up again/throws him across the room) 

- having to go on a ‘mission’ together whilst the others prepare Velaris for war, and being forced to share a room for the night in the same inn as before amirite. Cassian learns that Nesta is a complete bed hog, but he doesn’t have the heart to wake her up - so he just grins at the ceiling all night, contemplating on how to tease her once she wakes. 

Nate and Elena were meant to end up together from the start.

And the hints were there from the very first game. This realization was inspired by conversation we were having about Nate’s romantic experiences and something @beltsquid pointed out and it’s that Nate never makes the first move with women.  He waits for them to make their move first.  Except… with Elena.

Exhibit A.  Drake’s Fortune.  While the attraction between them is visible from the start, neither of them makes a move.  But Nate is the one that starts leaning in for a kiss first at the end and Nate is the one that throws his arm around Elena’s shoulders as they are sailing away into a sunset.  

Exhibit B.  Among Thieves.  Chloe initiates their first encounter; she jumps into Nate’s arms later on, and while she is sure of her welcome - with reason, especially given their prior relationship - she is the one that makes the moves to resume it.  However, with Elena, Nate is the one that initiates the kiss at the end of the game, when he stops running away from his feelings… at least for a while.

Exhibit C. The Uncharted Comic.  Speaking of prior relationships with Chloe….  Their attraction again grows through the story, but it’s Chloe that shows up at Nate’s room, not the other way around. And while yes, Chloe is that kind of direct forward person who goes for what she wants, it doesn’t change the fact that at least with women?  Nate is not.

Exhibit D.  Golden Abyss.  Marissa Chase is pretty obviously framed as the love interest of the story and actors do have a nice chemistry, but even there…  when she slips, falls and he catches her in the ending cutscene, he pulls away.  It’s not until she pulls him back in that he starts leaning in, meeting her for an almost-kiss (Sully you cockblock extraordinaire), but she is the one that flirts and pulls him in first.

Exhibit E. Eye of Indra.  Rika Raja first rescues Nate from a fight that would likely decimate her bar (so she’s rescuing her bar as much if not more than rescuing Nate :) )  and she is the one who takes him up to her room, making that first move again.

Exhibit F. Drake’s Deception. Even though Nate hides behind quips and smug comments, in the end he’s the one that makes the move to repair their relationship by putting his ring back on. Although that may seem like something he would obviously do in order for them to move forward, it wasn’t the case with him and Chloe - he left her at some point prior to Uncharted 2, and Chloe was the one to make the move and resume their relationship. Elena, however, is too important to Nate for him to wait for her to make the first move.

Chloe picked up on it right away, that Elena was special, that what Elena and Nate had… was different. She may have hoped it was over, and Nate certainly tried to act like it was over, but Chloe knew, I think, and I think it’s part of the reason why she sounds as angry as she does when Nate shows up on the train - “I didn’t ask you to rescue me” (the other reason being endangering both of them while definitively blowing her cover, but I think some of that anger was personal).  

It took Nate much longer to consciously acknowledge and accept his feelings for Elena, and the depth of these feelings is something that he keeps running from even in Uncharted 4 (how difficult was it for him to admit that he is afraid of losing her, but more specifically how afraid he is of living without her)

Deep in his subconscious… he knew from the moment Elena took a gun from him and said: “it’s like a camera, you just point and shoot, right?” that she was the one - his greatest treasure.

special thanks to @veta-lopis for helping me edit this mess.  any errors that are left - are entirely mine.

This is why I don’t have kids

I went to get my eyes checked today.  A mother walked in with her 11 year old son and her 14-15 year old, highly put out daughter.

They were already late, the mother apologizing 15 times for being late while she and her son laughed and joked with each other while the 15 year old rolled her eyes, switched from leaning on one hip to the other dramatically and let out deep sighs.

Because they were late, the eye doctor started off behind.  She asked which of the children wanted to go first.  The mother asked the daughter…again she rolled her eyes, shrugged her shoulders and then sneered at her mother and said “I don’t CARE!”  

Reminder that EVERYONE IS LATE at this point because of this lady and her daughter.

They finally agree that the daughter should go first.  She lets out another huge, put out sigh, takes thirty more seconds to scroll through her phone, finally clicks it off, takes another thirty seconds to take her jacket off and shove her phone in her back pocket and then DRAMATICALLY stands up as slowly as possible and follows behind the doctor for her exam while dragging her feet and walking at about the same rate of speed as my father and he’s recovering from hip surgery.

I have never laughed harder in my life.  Yeah…there are starving people in the world hun.

If I had been her mother I would have marched out of that place and told her to make due with the broken glasses she had.