while she made him tea

the courage of stars (4/?)

or, the arranged marriage between grounder!bellamy and sky person!clarke for blakebellcmy for my writing giveaway  

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It takes them four weeks to establish a routine. They both wake early (a convenient fact, Clarke things, because he makes a lot of noise getting ready. She guzzles coffee while he sips his tea gingerly. (She had made him try coffee, one morning, and the look of utter disgust on his face after the first sip was totally worth it.) They separate in the morning, after this - he to training, she to the Commander - and then they eat a small snack together when they can in the mess hall, pointedly ignoring all of the others’ stares.

It is during one of those brief lunches, chatting normally, that he first mentions his love of the stars.

“You can read the constellations?” she blurts, watching him in awe. Bellamy appears uncomfortable as he pushes his food around his plate, masking his eyes with his longer hair (he really needs a haircut, Jesus - wait, why was she thinking… oh shut the fuck up, Griffin, and focus).

“You lived up there, among the stars,” he says as a diversion, and she snorts.

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