while she made him tea


[title]: Clingy

[pairing]: Clingy!Bucky x Reader 

[summary]: The Reader isn’t giving Bucky her full attention and Bucky is not happy about it at all.

[warnings]: fluff man

[a/n]: im sorry that i haven’t posted in a while. I just started school fml and there’s just a lot of work, but im here now, so it’s okay!

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           It was one of those days. One of those days where Bucky woke up exhausted, dark circles hanging noticeably under his eyes, lips curved into a grumpy frown. He had been up all night while images of the murder that was permanently etched into his past danced violently in his memory. And she had been up all night too. [y/n] was awake before he was, gently stroking his hair that had been dampened with sweat and cooing sweet promises to keep him safe.

           It was her soft touch and velvety voice that had eased him out of his night terror. He had clung to her as if his life depended on it, letting her press her lips to his forehead, and he cried softly to her while she held him. She even made him tea despite his wishes that she wouldn’t leave him. And eventually he fell back asleep hours later to her sleepy voice whispering those same promises to protect him, and she intended to keep them.

           [y/n] was exceptionally tired in the morning as well and slept significantly longer than Bucky did. But now Bucky was in a foul mood from his lack of sleep and the fact that his [y/n] went out with Sam and Scott and T’Challa to show Thor the wonders of laser tag.

           So he sat on the couch, phone in his hand, while SpongeBob flickered quietly on the television in front of him.

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steffy2106  asked:

i am allowing myself to prompt you for some Sherlolly goodness. I watched a recent Grey's Anatomy and Jackson just intervened during the wedding of the woman he loved. Could you write a Sherlolly where Sherlock actually interrupt Molly's wedding?

Okay, so I had a blast writing this! Thank you so much for the prompt, it was wonderful! I hope you like it as much as I do! : 

“Molly asked me to bring these back." John said as he walked into the flat at Baker Street holding a bag of clothes. Sherlock didn’t reply. He sat in his chair frantically searching for a new case. “I’ll just leave them here.” He tossed them on the couch and closed the door. “Sooo, today’s the day.”  

Sherlock NEEDED a new case and he knew Lestrade wouldn’t be bringing him one today; he would be busy getting drunk at the open bar.  

"Are you going?” John sighed, sinking down into his old chair.  

“Nope.” Sherlock replied without taking his eyes off his phone.  

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the courage of stars (4/?)

or, the arranged marriage between grounder!bellamy and sky person!clarke for blakebellcmy for my writing giveaway  

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It takes them four weeks to establish a routine. They both wake early (a convenient fact, Clarke things, because he makes a lot of noise getting ready. She guzzles coffee while he sips his tea gingerly. (She had made him try coffee, one morning, and the look of utter disgust on his face after the first sip was totally worth it.) They separate in the morning, after this - he to training, she to the Commander - and then they eat a small snack together when they can in the mess hall, pointedly ignoring all of the others’ stares.

It is during one of those brief lunches, chatting normally, that he first mentions his love of the stars.

“You can read the constellations?” she blurts, watching him in awe. Bellamy appears uncomfortable as he pushes his food around his plate, masking his eyes with his longer hair (he really needs a haircut, Jesus - wait, why was she thinking… oh shut the fuck up, Griffin, and focus).

“You lived up there, among the stars,” he says as a diversion, and she snorts.

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