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Am I the only one who didn't like strangers? When they said it was a song for LGBT community I thought it was like a love anthem, but it's more like a meaningless hook up, at least to one of them in the story. I was bummed.

I think you’re looking at the song on a supeficial level. What I heard was two ex lovers who still care for each other…one is more open to her love for the other and wants to reconnect emotionally while the other wants to mask her fear of falling back into love by minimalizing their intimacy to just a hook up…📝🔬🔭🔮🔦 (everything I used to find this analysis)

Joey / vanilla

this is dedicated to every beautiful black girl in this fandom because there is always a lack of representation for woc when it comes to fic’s and smut.

my hand scrolls down the screen of my phone. tears brim my eyes and slowly fall, sliding down my cheeks. after making all of my accounts private, they have still managed to send me hate and make me feel so extremely insecure.

I would never let Shawn see me cry. I would play it off as reading something online or watching a sad movie. he never noticed. and I didn’t want him to.

a tear escapes my eye as I read all the negative, hateful mentions I received on Twitter. they always managed to make me feel insecure about my skin. the hate started a month after Shawn went public with our relationship. my family was understanding and okay with me dating someone outside of my race. his family was the same, as well. both families were completely accepting of our interracial relationship. we figured that his fans would be okay with it, too.

but they weren’t. some were, some weren’t. there’s love for the relationship, but the hate seems to stomp out the love.

‘i don’t care if shes light skin or not, i don’t want her with shawn.’

'i thought freckles were supposed to look cute on people? how come they don’t look cute on joey?’

I toss my phone to the other side of the couch, wanting to distance myself from the hate. instead, I got up from the couch and walked over to the bathroom to wash my face. as soon as I turn the faucet on, letting the cold and hot water run together to become warm, I look at myself in the mirror.

my freckles went from my nose to some of my cheeks. my dark brown eyes were almost black from having cried for such a long time. the comments they made about my appearance always got the best of me. I even refused to step out in public with Shawn out of fear that someone would take a picture of me and make me feel even more insecure about my appearance and skin.

I tuck my brown hair behind my ears and cup my hands under the faucet. after collecting some water, I splash it onto my face. the moment I look at myself in the mirror, I can’t help but break down again. my back is against the wall and my hand is over my mouth as my body slightly shakes while I cry.


I quickly splash some more water on my face before shutting off the faucet. my hand is on the knob but Shawn opens the door first.

“hey, baby,” he smiles as he looks down at me. his smile slowly fades as he takes a look at me. “why’re you crying?”

I wipe away a tear that managed to escape with my thumb before looking down at my feet. “sad episode of Grey’s Anatomy,” I tell him, looking up. “it’s fine. I’m fine.”

Shawn wraps his arms around me in a hug and I bury my face in his chest, silently weeping into him. “sh, it’s okay,” he says while running a hand up and down my back.

I pull apart from his arms. “no, Shawn, it’s not okay. I’m not okay.” I say before walking out of the bathroom and to the living room.

“Joey, what’s wrong? it’s just an episode,” he tells me as he follows me into the living room.

I grab my phone from the couch and type in my password. with my thumb, I press onto Twitter and scroll through the mentions. “here!”

Shawn takes the phone from me and his eyes are practically glued to my phone as he squints his eyes, his mouth slightly open as he reads the awful things that have been sent to me. I sniffle, wiping away my tears with the palm of my hand. “is everything still okay?”

“why didn’t you tell me this was happening?” he asks me.
“so this is now my fault?” I ask.
“no, baby, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying I could’ve stopped this. I could have stopped this and you wouldn’t be crying.”

Shawn tosses the phone on the couch and looks at the floor. “so all this time, you really weren’t watching sad movies or television episodes?”

“I didn’t want you to know,” I shake my head. “I didn’t want to give them an even more reason to hate me.”

Shawn looks up at me, “you know you’re none of those things they tell you, right?”

“I can’t help but feel like they’re right,” I say, wiping away another tear with my thumb. “maybe I am ugly, maybe my skin is ugly, maybe my freckles are ugly.”

“Joey, don’t think that. don’t you ever, ever think that.” he says as he holds my face in his hands. Shawn wipes away my tears with his thumbs and holds me to his body again.

he feels warm, comforting, safe. everything I needed to feel right now.

“I love you, so much.” he says to me. “I love every little thing there is about you.”

he kisses the top of my head and for a moment, I feel safe in his arms. “I love you.”

“don’t listen to jealous, insecure people behind a screen,” Shawn says to me. “they don’t know how beautiful you are to me.”

Shawn leans down and kisses my cheek. “don’t cry anymore, Joey, please.”

he pulls back and wipes away my tears and slowly leans in. his lips meet mine, and I feel ten times better. I kiss him back in the heat of the moment. Shawn kisses back and our lips begin to move in rhythm with one another. I take off his jacket and it slides off his toned arms and onto the couch.

he placed his hands on my hips before running them down my backside and to my thighs. Shawn lifts me up and carries me down the hall and into our shared bedroom of our loft.

he sets me down on my feet and breaks the kiss to take off my shirt. the fabric lifts over my face and then my arms before he tosses it to the floor behind me. Shawn places his thumb on my chin and leans in to connect our lips for one kiss before he slowly kneels down.

as he takes my pants off, he slowly kisses my thighs. I step out of the pants and Shawn kisses up my thighs and to my hips. his thumbs run light circles against my skin while my hand rests on his hair.

“your skin is beautiful.” Shawn murmurs against my skin.

he stands up and takes off his shirt and let’s it fall to the floor. our lips reconnect while he has a hand at my neck and the other at my hip. my hands rest on his forearms as he leads me over to the bed.

I fall back on the cream colored duvet with a soft thud. Shawn gets on his knees and crawls on top of me. he kisses at my cheek and down to my neck. my hands go down to his pants and I begin to unbuckle them as he kicks off his shoes. after they unbuckle, Shawn shimmies them down and off his legs.

he rests between my legs, his lips attached to mine as he kisses me with such a sweet frenzy.

“Shawn,” I pant as I feel his fingers play with the hem of my underwear. he sucks tenderly at my jawline while he pulls down my panties. I kick them off once they reach my ankles.

our bodies tangle in the covers as we roll over one another. his hands are at my neck, his thumbs on my jawline as he continues to sweetly kiss me over and over again.

my hands trail down the skin of his back before stopping at the band of his Calvin’s. I dip my fingers into the hem and slowly pull them down as much as I can. Shawn pulls back from the kiss and brings his lips to my collarbones. he peppers my skin with kisses as he slides off his briefs.

he brings his lips up to my neck and I feel him slowly entering me. I toss my head back against the pillow and part my lips as I take in the feeling of Shawn sliding himself into me.

“you okay?” he asks me.
“ah huh.” I nod.
“okay,” he says, kissing my jaw as he is fully inside me.

I place my hands on his broad shoulders as he kisses my lips once more as he pulls out slowly. Shawn stops halfway before slowly stoking back into me.

I close my eyes and listen to his soft grunts as he trusts softly inside me. he moans my name softly; his voice tickling my ear. I run my fingers through his hair and moan as he starts to go out and in, out and inside me.

“look at me,” Shawn says. I shake my head, biting my lip to muffle a moan. “Joey, look at me.”

I open my eyes and see his topaz eyes looking into my brown eyes. he nods and smiles.

“I love you,” he pants.
“Shawn,” I whisper.

I lean up and kiss his lips, only to pull back to moan in ecstasy. he thrusts inside me and my breath hitches. the headboard begins to softly bang against the wall and the bed starts to squeak here and there.

my legs wrap around his waist and he places his right hand at my left thigh while he holds onto my lower back with his left hand. I lightly dig my nails into his back. he thrusts into me and I accidentally scratch at his back.

Shawn removes his hand from my thigh and takes my hand in his and intertwines our fingers.

“are you okay?” Shawn asks me again.
and again I nod and reassure him that I am in fact okay.

his hands to the mattress and he supports himself as he continues to slowly thrust into me. Shawn starts slowly, then slightly picks up speed, but just enough to allow me to still be comfortable under him.

I kiss his lips over and over, mumbling my love for him in between kisses.

his body is warm on mine. his body is bigger than mine and makes me feel safe under him. all the hate I have read and seen is completely gone from my mind. hearing Shawn’s whimpers of his love for me and his moans remind me that I have him, and that’s the only reason why some of his fans are mad.

“s-Shawn,” I pant, closing my eyes and turning my head on the pillow, “go, go faster.”

“you sure?” he asks me.

I turn and face him, looking him into the eyes and nod. “please.”

he leans down and kisses my lips. as he pulls back he starts to pick up the pace to his rhythm. the bed squeaks a bit faster and the headboard bangs a bit louder against the wall.

I place my hands on his shoulder and dig my nails back into his skin and slightly scratch him. Shawn brings a hand in between my thighs and he rubs my clitoris with his thumb.

“Joey,” he moans as he rests his head in the crook of my neck. “oh, Joey.” my name pours out of his mouth like sweet honey.

with his other hand, Shawn gets a small fistful of my hair and tugs ever so slightly at my hair. I moan and arch my body into his. Shawn takes advantage of my arch and let’s go of my hair and places his hand at my lower back. I wrap my right leg around his waist to help keep my body closer to his.

“Shawn, oh, Shawn,” I pant over and over.

he grunts with each thrust he gives me. I tug at the back of his hair and bite down on his bottom lip.

he kisses down to my neck and then at my breast valley. I flutter my eyes shut and take in the moment.

his thumb circles my clit. his thrusts send me more and more over edge. his lips send my body tingles. I bite down on my lip to muffle a moan.

“Shawn,” my voice cracks.
“I’m almost there, baby,” Shawn replies, “almost there.”

I wrap my arms around him, moaning his name over and over and Shawn slows down the pace. he wraps his arms around my small back and our bodies are close together.

with a few more strokes, I moan louder and my voice gets raspier as I orgasm underneath him. as I come down from my high, Shawn orgasms. sweat lines his forehead as he pulls out and collapses against my body. my chest heaves up and down and my throat feels dry.

we lie there; his head on my chest and my arms around his body.

“I have an idea.” Shawn says.
“what is it?” I ask him.

he reaches over the bedside table to grab his phone. once he has it, he unlocks it and goes to his camera. “smile.”

I cover my face with my hands as he snaps the photo. after hearing the camera shutter I look at Shawn. he rolls onto his side of the bed and I bring the sheets over my chest. he types away at his phone before smiling and putting it on the bedside.


“what did you do?”
“I posted a picture of us, post-sex.” he nonchalantly says.

“why?” I ask.
“so that way everyone can shut up.”

- - -

sorry if this was terrible, I have fallen back into a terrible writers block. so, Joey, sorry if this sucks :/

Skate Smut

( this might be a little weird to you, but it’s just an idea )

You’re mom had just remarried, and him and his son moved in two weeks ago. His sons name was Nate and his nickname is Skate. You weren’t to satisfied with your moms decision, but you loved her so what ever made her happy made you happy. Once you found out who Nate was you flipped. You guys go to school together, and he happens to be the schools man whore.

Last week you saw him staring at your butt while you were putting dishes away, meaning you were bending over to get the dishes. You’re not gonna lie, Nate was very attractive, but he was now you’re step brother.

It’s the weekend and your mom and Adam ( idk skates dads name ) were on their honey moon. They just now went to go on their honey moon because they wanted to get settled in to the house first. You were just getting out of the shower and didn’t bother to put a towel around you because Nate had left to go to a friends. You walked out of the bathroom and tried to find clothes. Your sweats were in the laundry room down the hall so you went to get them. As soon as you were about to get to the room Nate just came out of his room and ran straight into you making both of you fall.

“Holy shit y/n, you look fucking hot” he said

“Shut up! You’re my fucking brother!” You replied.

You tried to run back into your room, but Nate stopped you right at the door.

“Mmmm, no I’m not. We’re not related” he did have a point but it’s still wrong.. Right?

• A few days go by and your parents are still gone •

You were laying in bed when Nate knocked on your door.

“Come in” you yelled

He came in kind of wet with swimming shorts on, and you admit you couldn’t stop starring.

“Hello?!” Nate snapped his fingers.

“Yeah?” You said kind of flustered.

“Wanna come swimming?” He asked.

You thought about it for a second, it is nice out.

“Sure, why not?”

“Okay see you in a sec” and with that he went back downstairs. You got up and toke out your black bikini and laid it on the bed. You pulled your shirt over your head and changed into the bikini and went down stairs.

You walked out side and saw Nate open a beer. He saw you and did the same thin you did before. He shoke his head and refocused

“Want one?” He asked

You hesitated but then said “yeah okay” he gave you one, and you sat down next to him.

• 2 beers later •

You weren’t drunk just a little tipsy and you had both moved into the kitchen. You walked into the kitchen where Nate was and jumped up to the counter. You obviously didn’t make that much noise because when Nate turned around he was startled. Suddenly Nates eyes turned a shade darker and he was right in between your legs. He placed his hands on your knees and traced his finger tips up to your high thighs. You wanted to say something but something about this made you want him. Without thinking you crashed you’re lips against his. You’re guys’ lips moved into sync when he slid his tongue in exploring your mouth. He moved you closer to him while you moved your hands up to his neck and slightly pulled his hair earning a groan to escape his mouth. You pushed him back and got off the counter pulling the strings to your bikini top slowly teasing him then shortly watching it drop to the floor. You reconnected each other lips while he placed his hands on your ass giving it a squeeze making you kind of moan. You toke your right hand and traced his abs before you slid it down his shorts. You grabbed his hard member and slowly started stroking him making him throw his head back. You slid his shorts down and got on your knees. You pumped him before licking his tip getting the pre cum off. You placed his tip in your mouth swirling your tongue while he moaned the word fuck. You slid the rest of what you could fit in your mouth and hollowed your cheeks out bobing your head. He moved his hands into your hair and tried guiding you up and down his cock.
“Fuck! That feels so good!” He moaned.
You felt him twitch so you pulled away. Before he could complain you turned around and best over pulling you bottoms down and kicking them away. He was already moving towards you and suddenly you felt his tip glide up and down your slit.
“So wet.” He said and you moaned.
Without warning he pushed inside of you both moaning in pleasure. He started off slowly and gradually got harder and faster. The room was filled with both of your moans and the sound of heavy breathing. You were just about to hit your orgasm so you moaned “fuck me harder” and he certainly did. After you reached your high you felt Nate twitch and then blow his load inside of you. You both released and parted with out saying anything yet.

“That was” you started

“Amazing” he finished.

Sam Imagine Part 5

“You thought you could tease me like that Y/N? Think again. Bad girls get punished.” He said taking my ear in between his teeth. I moaned in response. Sam pinned both of my wrists about my head while the other rested on my waist. He reconnected our lips, before asking for entrance. I didn’t allow him in. “Open.” Sam mumbled on my lips. I still didn’t open. “Now.” He said, this time he reached down and grabbed my bum. I gasped in response, which gave him the access he wanted. Sams tongue fought for dominance with mine, once he won his tongue explored my mouth. He pulled away and smiled down at me, he didn’t say anything and got off of me and stood up extending his hand down to help me up, which I gladly excepted. We were walking through the park on our way back to my house when Sam grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together. I smiled. I loved the caring, loving, protective side of Sam the wasn’t often shown. Once we got back to my place it was already dark, so we went up to my room and got changed. I wore a spaghetti strap tank top and booty shorts. I walked back into my bedroom and seen Sam laying on my bed shirtless in his boxers. I giggled. Sam looked up at me and said “What’s so funny huh?” I giggled in response. I crawled over Sam to get into my spot on the bed. I crawled under the blankets and pretended to sleep. “You can’t just wear something like that and expect to be able to go to sleep.” Sam said into my neck. I rolled over so I was on my back to give Sam better access to my neck. Sam got on top of me with his hands on opposite sides of my head. He lowered himself so he was on top of me. I felt myself get heated. Sam began kissing me on the lips and then moved to neck biting and sucking. One of his hands rested on my hip, but began going lower and lower. Once he was just above my heat, Sam said “Bad girls get punished.” I gasped in response.