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“UGH! They just piss me off SO MUCH, Beka!”

“I know, Yura. I know. It’s okay.”

In which Yuri is completely disgusted by someone (probably Victor and Yuuri being too affectionate in public) and Otabek is understanding.


Nyleen Kay Marshall (4) was having a picnic with her family in the Elkhorn Mountains, in Montana, when she disappeared. It was June 25th, 1983, and was last seen around 4 pm, while playing with some other kids. Right before she vanished, a man in a purple jogging suit was seen in the area, but it’s impossible to say if he’s connected to the disappearance.

Nyleen has never been found, but the story that followed her vanishing is a harrowing and surprising one. Three years after she went missing, a letter arrived from Wisconsin from a man who claimed that Nyleen was with him –he referred to her as Kay– and that she was loved and being taken care of. He said he had a good income and was homeschooling the girl. This person also shared details about the case that hadn’t been made public. 

Also, investigators received several anonymous calls from a man claiming to be the one who had sent the letter, and they were traced to different public phones in Edgerton, Wisconsin. They claimed the content of the letter and the calls indicated possible sexual abuse against Nyleen, but they haven’t shared why. The person who contacted them has never been identified.

In 1990, Unsolved Mysteries did an episode about Nyleen’s case and someone called saying they believed one of their schoolmates was her. However, it turned out the girl was Monica Bonilla, another missing child that had been abducted by her father in 1982. She was reunited with her mother.

In another tragic twist, in 1995, Nyleen’s mother Nancy was raped and murdered in Mexico.

okay but forreal before i head off til tomorrow

A week ago i was given the login for tree’s account

I’ve only recently gathered enough courage to use it and-

While her pm/messages has been emptied out, her ask inbox was left there for me to see

And from the bottom of my heart thank you everyone who sent your love and kind messages to her when i asked that day

It means a lot, really a lot more than you imagine, to know that my little angel saw hope and positivity in her last moments

youre all amazing

please dont stop sharing your light in this dark world

My schedule on yoi Wednesday
  • 7 AM: Wake up. Realise it's Yuri on Ice day
  • 8 AM: Take the bus. Think about what's gonna happen in the new episode.
  • 9 AM: First class. Starting to make theories.
  • 10 AM: Second class. Starting to get anxious because what if shit happens???
  • 11-12 AM: End of first class and lunch time. Endless scrolling in the yoi tag on tumblr.
  • 1 PM: Third class.Thinking about the Otp™.
  • 2-3 PM: Last class. Getting really impatient.
  • 4 PM: Class has ended a while ago. Looking a little bit at spoilers. Getting really excited.
  • 4.30 PM: I arrive at my house. I finally watch the new episode.
  • 5 PM: Screaming
  • 6 PM: Screaming while eating
  • 7 PM: Screaming while rewatching the episode
  • 8 PM: Screaming while being on tumblr
  • 9 PM: Screaming while wacthing tv
  • 10 PM: Screaming while reading
  • 11 PM: Screaming while going to sleep
  • *Repeat every Wednesday*

Do you remember me?

What if after three years together you wake up one night to find out your boyfriend isn’t exactly who he says he is. For Liam, that becomes his very complicated reality. 

Liam doesn’t know why he’s awake until he feels a cold breeze run across his bare back. He blinks his tired eyes open, the only light in the room is seeping in from the balcony. He drags his body to to a sitting position and notices the vacant spot in the bed beside him, even his tired brain can put together those puzzle pieces. 

He grabs his discarded jogging bottoms off the floor and tugs them on before heading over to the balcony door. 

“Babe?” He asks, rubbing at his still tired eyes as they spot his boyfriend bare back facing him. “It’s like three in the morning, why are you up?” 

Zayn doesn’t reply but he shoulders shrug shakily and Liam knows that movement, it means he’s trying to hold himself together. He doesn’t know what could have possibly happened between the time they fell asleep curled around each other naked, to now. 

“What happened?” He worries as he steps out in to the cool air. 

Zayn shakes his head and sniffs. “Fuck.” 

“Baby, what is it?” Lee pleads, slipping a gentle hand on Zayn’s lower back as he comes to stand next to him. “What’s happened?” 

“It’s time.” Zayn tells him cryptically. 

“Time for what?” Liam asks confused. 

“I need to go, Liam.” Zayn says and is still yet to look in Liam’s general direction. 

Liam moves his hand to possessively hold Zayn’s hip, those words terrifying him. 

“Go where?” He pushes. 

Zayn finally look in Liam’s direction and his eyes are so broken that Liam’s breath catches as a pained feeling crosses his chest. 

“Home.” He says simply. 

“You are home, Love.” Liam assures him, tugging him closer. “Have you smoked some of that dodgy weed of Lou’s again?” 

Zayn shakes his head and finally turns to face Liam. “Listen closely, yeah?” 

“Okay.” Liam agrees easily because Zayn’s eyes look so bloody panicked. 

“Tomorrow, I have to leave.” Zayn starts. “And I won’t be coming back, not as I am now at least.” 

“Z, you’re scaring me.” Liam admits, tightening his hold on his boyfriend like he might do something crazy if he doesn’t. 

“I’m sorry, sweetheart.” Zayn says softly and reaches up to cup Liam’s cheek gently. “I’ll tell you but you’re probably not going to believe me, at least not straight away.” 

“Okay.” Liam replies slowly, eyebrows pulled together as he stares sceptically at his boyfriend. 

“I’m not supposed to be here,” Zayn tells him. “In this time. I came here from another universe.” 

Liam snorts. “You do come up with some crap when you smoke that stuff.” 

“I’m not joking, Liam.” Zayn says seriously. “I know you don’t believe me right now but tomorrow you will.” 

“Can we go back to bed and skip to when I supposedly will believe you then?” Liam requests. 

“Will you make love to me first?” Zayn pleads. 

“I’m tired, baby.” Liam sighs. “Can we do it in the morning?” 

“No, I want to do it now.” Zayn tells him. “Please, Liam.” 

“I’m gonna kill Louis when I see him next.” Liam grumbles as he leads Zayn back in to the bedroom. 


Zayn’s weirdness doesn’t subside the next morning, in fact it seems to increase if anything. He doesn’t leave Liam alone from the moment they wake up, if they’re not fucking in the shower, they’re a tangle of limbs while making breakfast. 

“I have to go now.” Zayn tells him once they’ve finally got ready for the day. 

Liam fiddles with his tie “Okay, I’m gonna pick up indian on the way home from work tonight so don’t be late, yeah?” 

“No, babe, I’m really going.” Zayn says as he comes over to do his tie for him. “I won’t be coming back.” 

“You’re staying at Lou’s again?” Lee guesses. “Make sure you tell him I don’t like you doing that weird weed he’s got.” 

“I know you’re not going to believe anything I say until later today so now let’s say I smoked that weed, yeah?” 

Lee traces Zayn’s hips with his fingertips. “It’s killing your brain cells.” 

“Probably, yeah.” Zayn agrees. “You know I love you, right? I love you more than anything in this world and the next.” 

“In every life and every universe I’d choose you.” Liam quotes, the words Zayn had echoed to him a million times over. 

“Always,” Zayn promises. “Keep that in mind, okay?” 

“Okay.” Liam agrees and gives him a kiss that he allows Zayn to deepen so far before he pushes him away. “I’ll be late for work.” 

“Kinda the point.” Zayn teases and steps forward to squeeze Liam’s arse. 

Liam let’s himself sink in to one more kiss before he puts his foot down and they both leave for the day. 


Liam’s in the middle of tying a new boxing bag up, after one of his students managed to knock the old one off and burst it, when he spots Zayn standing at one of the rings with his back to him. 

He finds himself laughing out loud when spots the back of his boyfriend’s head and see’s him sporting a new haircut. 

“Is this what you meant by you had to go?” Liam teases loudly as he walks over. “Your new haircut a metaphor for a new you.” 

Zayn turns around but when he does, it’s Liam who takes a few steps back as his eyes widen. 

“Can I help you, mate?” Zayn or not Zayn asks. 

He’s younger, impossibly younger. He’s wearing Zayn’s leather jacket and he’s got Zayn’s eyes. But the wrinkles in his forehead that Liam had straightened out and the ones by his eyes that Liam likes to think he put there due to happiness, they’re both gone. In fact this person, this Zayn lookalike, the skin on his face is completely clear of worry or any sign of a lived life at all. He’s a blank canvas, he’s young and the memories are yet to be made. 

“Okay,” Liam says slowly as he steps back again. “I’m officially freaked out, Zayn.” 

“How do you know my name?” The non Zayn demands. 

“I’m dreaming,” Liam cries. “This is  a bard dream, a horrid dream.” 

“You okay, bro?” Non Zayn checks. “You look a little pale.” 

“I need to,” Liam says and makes a vague gesture to his office. “I’ll be right back.” 

“Okay?” Non Zayn replies, looking at Liam like he’s lost it, which he actually feels like he has. 

He rushes in to the office and slams the door shut behind him before resting his head on it as he attempts to control his breathing. 

“He didn’t explain it to you properly again, did he?” 

Liam spins on his foot quickly to find Louis perched on the very edge of his desk. 

“I told him if we were going to keep doing this, he was going to have to start doing the explaining himself.” Louis complains. 

“Did you slip some of that weed in my coffee this morning?” Liam asks. “This is not funny, Louis.” 

Louis waves him off and tries to push his lips down from the amused grin currently placed on them. 

“Louis.” Liam exclaims. 

“It’s alright, it’s okay.” Louis assures him and jumps down from the table to approach Liam like he’s a wild animal, that needs taming. “I’ll explain, okay? But you need to keep an open mind and stop thinking that this is down to some fucked weed.” 

Liam nods slowly, though he still feels like this is still some kind of joke and they’ve slipped him some kind of drug. 

“Me and Z, we’re kind of like aliens or spirits or whatever you want to call someone who isn’t human.” Louis begins. “In our original universe we’re called perierats. We have this power that means we can travel between different universes how and when we like.” 

“You’ve put a lot of thought in to this joke.” Liam says with an attempt at a laugh. 

“How do you think we managed that?” Louis ask and nods through the glass of the door Liam is still pressed against. 

Liam turns his head slightly to see the non Zayn to stood by the boxing bag that Liam had been putting up, his worried eyes looking in the direction of Liam’s office. Their eyes meet for a second and the non Zayn looks questionable and like he’s about to approach when Liam quickly reaches the string of the blind to pull it down over the door. 

“He’s a looklike.” Liam decides. 

“Really?” Louis snorts. “I mean, we could pay a looklike. We could find someone who looks the spit of Z but no two people have the same eyes, Liam. I know for a fact when you looked at that guy out there, you saw Zayn’s eyes. That’s why you’re so freaked out right now.” 

“Okay,” Liam says slowly as he turns to face Louis. “Say I do believe you. Why would you come here?” 

“In our original universe, his Liam doesn’t exist anymore.” Louis explains. “He got cancer and died about two years ago our time, about three lifetimes ago in your time, I think.” 

“How many other universes do you know me in?” Liam asks. 

“We’ve been to six so far, not including our original one.” Louis informs him. “Every one we’ve been to, you’ve met a version of himself at some point. I think he’s looking for one where he doesn’t exist so he can stick around.” 

“He can stay here,” Liam suggests. “I don’t like my version of him, he’s rude.” 

“That’s Zayn at nineteen, you’ll learn to love him.” Louis assures him. “The Zayn you know has to go, or it’ll fuck up a lot of things. I know it sucks and I tell him he’s hurting you in the long run but he thinks he’s doing you both some good by allowing you to have those few more years of love. But I knows it’s because he misses you, he can’t give you up.” 

“He really loves me or at least he loved his version of me.” Liam observes, for some reason falling for this elaborate story. 

“Every version of you is you, babe.” Louis informs him. “He makes different memories with you, that’s all. He’s hurting himself because he has to give you up every time we leave, and it’s like watching you die over and over again.” 

“Why would he torture himself like that?” Liam wonders. 

“S’love innit.” Louis shrugs. “He’d rather have you and lose you over and over again than not have you at all.” 

“I wish he let me say goodbye properly.” Liam says. 

“Trust me, you did.” Louis assures him. “Z never does good with telling you what’s actually going on but he always makes sure to say goodbye.” 

Liam thinks of last night and this morning, of all the words they’d shared as their bodies entwined. He realises that Louis’ right, they were saying goodbye to each other, even if he didn’t know it. 

“Alright?” Louis checks. “I should go because he’s probably already messing you up in some other universe and I really should go and make sure I get in on that.” 

Liam snorts and steps forward to hug his friend. “I’m gonna miss you.” 

“You’ll meet me in a few weeks,” Louis promises as he sneaks a hand in to pinch Liam’s nipple, making him flinch back from the hug. “Wherever there’s a Zayn, there’s a me. I’ll be back making your life a mess before you know it.” 

“Can’t wait.” Liam says with a watery smile. 

“We’re still with you, yeah?” Louis assures him, as he brings him in for an actual hug. “Think of it like this, the Zayn out there and the me that you’ll meet, they’re still us. But there memories are kind of gone, like they got in a car crash or something and they’ve reverted back to these ages where they don’t know you.” 

“I’ve got to make him fall in love with me again.” Liam suddenly realises. 

“He loves you so much that he’s bouncing between universes and making you fall in love with him in every one, babe.” Louis snorts as he finally steps back. “I don’t think you’ll have a problem this one time.” 

“I guess.” Liam says with a deep breath in and out. “This is mad.” 

“I know and it’ll probably take you a while to get your head around it.” Louis says sorrowful. “I wish I could stick around to help you through it but I kind of promised my you that I’d keep an eye on Zee.” 

“You should go then.” Liam ushers. 

“Off to meet the you that hates me,” Louis says as he straightens his shoulder. “God, the beginning is so fun.” 

“Just make sure you tell him that you’re joking every time you take the piss,” Liam offers. “It’ll take him a while to distinguish between you and what he knows.” 

“Yeah?” Louis asks. 

Liam nods. 

“Good shout,” Louis tells him and reaches out to squeeze Liam’s arm. “I can’t wait for your me to meet you, he’s a lucky bastard.” 

Liam offers a slight smile. “Take care of him, yeah?” 

“Promise you every time.” Louis grins, it’s blinding. “I love you, bro.” 

“I love you too.” Liam replies and matches his smile because he thinks Louis’ probably needs it. 

“Right, I’m gonna go.” Louis decides and straightens his shoulders once more. “Go and have your forever with your version of us, yeah?” 

“Okay.” Liam says softly. 

Louis gives him one tight hug and then he tugs his cap down to cover his face as he reaches to pull the door open from behind Liam. 

Liam’s Zayn is still stood outside the office but he’s closer now, hovering like he’s worried about something. 

Louis makes quick work of darting past him, probably not wanting to fuck him up by seeing his friend aged by however many years. 

“Sorry,” Liam says as he approaches his Zayn. “For acting weird. Turns out my friend gave me some dodgy weed, fucked me up a bit.” 

“Where’d he get it from?” His Zayn asks, eyes still full of worry. “My mate Louis go this batch from a guy in town and we couldn’t like move for three days.” 

“Sounds like something L-my friend would do.” Liam agrees. 

“He got a good batch from one his mates at uni though,” His Zayn adds. “We smoked some last night, it was good.” 

“Yeah?” Liam asks and he’s trying so hard to stop himself staring. 

Zayn nods, his eyes dropping nervously under Liam’s gaze. It’s then that Liam realises the difference between his Zayn and the other one. With this Zayn, he held the power. He can read every action, every emotion, every movement. He knows this boy better than he knows himself and this boy has no idea who Liam is. 

“I was gonna go and smoke a bowl with him after I was finished here actually.” His Zayn says suddenly, lifting his head with a determined look on his face, that Liam loves. “You could come with, if you’re not busy?”  

“I’m not off until six.” Liam admits, despite how desperately he wants to agree. 

“My session is between five and six so that’s perfect.” His Zayn says and then there it is, that smile that Liam had fell in love with three years ago. 

“Sure then,” He agrees. “What are you here for?” 

“I’ve got a boxing lesson with some guy called Liam Payne,” His Zayn answers. “It’s a part of my anger management programme.” 

“Well, I’m Liam Payne.” Liam informs him, offering his hand out with a polite smile. 

“Oh, of course you are.” His Zayn huffs with an embarrassed duck of his head as he shakes Liam’s hand. “I’m Zayn, Zayn Malik.” 

“Pleasure,” Liam says and holds on to the younger lad’s hand for longer than he probably should. “Should we get you some gloves?” 

“Um, yeah, sure.” Zayn agrees and Liam loves the way he’s reluctant to draw his hand back to his own body once their hands part. 

“So, how come you’re in an anger management programme?” Liam asks as he heads over to where the spare gloves box is. 

“Might have punched a guy,” Zayn admits. “My mate, Louis, he’s not exactly shy about who he is. People don’t really like that and this prick thought he could make Lou feel bad about who he is so I decked him one.” 

It’s such a Zayn response to something. Even the other Zayn, the one Liam had spend the past three years falling in love with, had a short temper when it came to the ones he loved being hurt. Liam had dragged him to the gym so many times, to try hash out that temper but it usually lead to hot sex in the boxing ring than actually changing the way Zayn was. 

Liam knows now, it’s not a trait he can change. It seems to be something built in to Zayn, the need to protect what’s his, in every universe he belongs to. 

“I don’t got around just punching anyone,” His Zayn assures when he must worry why Liam hadn’t replied. “This guy had roughed Lou up a few times before and it was the final straw, you know.” 

“I’m not supposed to encourage violence,” Liam admit as he comes over to put the gloves on his Zayn’s hands. “But sometimes there’s people in the world that don’t know any other language so you have to find a way to speak to them.” 

Zayn grins, his teeth poking through the gap in his teeth and Liam’s got the urge to lean forward and kiss him. He doesn’t because he knows he’s got to revert back to when he did’t know any Zayn. But he’s comforted in the fact that he knows, no matter what, this beautiful boy with this equally beautiful smile will now be a part of his life from here on out. 

my new years consisted of me smoking too much at the beginning of the party to the point which i fell asleep on the couch at 9 pm while everyone else was mingling around me and being social entities. at 11 pm my best friend sat down on the couch next to me and i woke up briefly, now covered in a blanket, to carly rae jepsen’s Run Away With Me and i tapped my friend on the shoulder, whispered “this song is bomb” and went back to sleep

Theresa May has quietly revealed the 'eye watering' salaries of her top aides
The Tories quietly slipped out details of top Government advisors' pay on the first day of the Christmas Holiday
By Ben Glaze

Theresa May’s top two aides are paid a combined £280,000 a year, figures revealed tonight.

The Prime Minister’s joint chiefs of staff, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, each pocket £140,000 salaries.

Ed Llewellyn, their predecessor when David Cameron was in No 10, also earned £140,000 a year - but he carried out the role alone.

Mrs May’s press chief Katie Perrior gets £125,000, while the PM herself receives £149,440 a year.

Their total pay bill for the coming year is estimated at is £7.9million, which includes employer pension contributions and National Insurance costs.

Nice to know eh while our families are struggling to afford to christmas presents, and using foodbanks for the christmas shop