while petting it

I got drunk with all these dogs last night and started crying while I was petting this lovely old dog cause both my childhood cat & dog died this past year, & the dog stood up even though her legs were really stiff and old so she could lick my face, so obviously I started crying more, also I think there might have been people and a party happening?


Juvenile bat squeaks while being petted

happy bird, flustered bird, protective bird

Symbol starters: Nap Edition

💆- Your muse falls asleep while mine is petting/massaging them.
👏- Your muse is napping when mine decides to suddenly wake them up!
🦊- Your muse finds mine snuggling with a stuffed toy in their sleep!
🏥- Your muse visits my bedridden muse at the hospital..
🤠- Your muse falls asleep while watching TV/ a movie
🦐- Your muse finds mine napping off a large meal/feast
🚗- Your muse falls asleep in the car/bus
🎼- Your muse finds mine asleep after listening to some soft music
🥇- Your muse finds mine asleep after a long day of play/sports
🛏- Your muse finds my muse napping in their bed
🛋- Your muse finds mine napping on the couch
🚪- Your muse finds mine napping on the floor
🛒- Your muse finds mine napping in an unusual spot…

While your pets are all curled up this Christmas, please remember that there are millions of dogs and cats that have no family - who will be spending their Christmas cold, lonely, and scared in a pound or a shelter or even on the streets. Please consider donating some items, such as toys, treats, blankets, collars or bowls to a local shelter or pound for Christmas! 🐶🐱

panicwiththegiant  asked:

The 2ps cat-sitting for a day?

2P!America: *cat hisses at him* … *he hisses back*

2P!China: *cuddling the cat* i love you forever you are my sunshine *cat struggling to escape his arms*

2P!England: *ties a pretty pink bow onto the cat’s tail* you are so precious  ≧◡≦

2P!France: *cat meowing at him* fuck off

2P!Russia: i am not fond of all this cat hair on my furniture

2P!Italy: *cat scratches him once* y o u  f u c k i n g  s p a w n  o f  s a t a n

2P!Germany: this is so boring, it doesn’t even play fetch what the heck

2P!Japan: *pets it once* that is all the affection you are being graced with from me today *five minutes later* come back i was not finished with you yet

2P!Canada: *absentmindedly pets it while watching tv*

2P!Romano: *holds it up like simba* fabulous flavi’s taking care of you today !! (▰˘◡˘▰)

2P!Austria: ah yes, a black cat, now all i need is a broomstick

2P!Prussia: “hello, police? i accidentally stepped on my cat’s foot and need to be arrested”

  • andrew: a man can only have so many issues
  • neil: emphasis on "so many"

I have been waiting for warm enough weather to take my geckos outside for soooo long. 

Remember this photoshoot? It’s Sakura’s turn!

  • Rogue: Well, aren't you just gorgeous?
  • Sting: Who, me?
  • Rogue: ...*Gestures to dog he's been petting*
  • Sting: ...Yeah, but also me. *Also comes to pet dog*
  • Sting, under his breath: You win this time, dog, but next time-
  • Rogue: Sting, don't threaten the dog.
  • Sting: I'm not! *Narrows eyes at dog* Next time.
tfp doesn’t even feature a case

it’s just 90 minutes of sherlock gross-sobbing over how much he loves john while john pets his hair and gives him nose kisses


Your Daily Batty Dose

Juvenile bat squeaks while being petted.