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What options do they have when it comes to redeco homages for the newly announced Masterpiece Sunstreaker?

Since Sunstreaker’s original toy has never been reissued, Takara have never had the opportunity to use it to create any new colour schemes, like they did with a bunch of other G1 toys they reissues (Tigertrack, Deep Cover, Road Rage, etc). But that didn’t stop them taking Wheeljack’s alternate Diaclone deco and making a character out of it, so it’s probably quite likely they’ll use one of the two decos the Diaclone versions of Sunstreaker toy was available in:

The original plan for Transformers was actually for this red pre-Sunstreaker toy to be released as Sideswipe, while the toy we know as Sideswipe today would have been released in yellow and called “Spin-Out.” Spin-Out’s name got changed to “Sunstreaker,” and somewhere along the way the toys themselves, and their colours, got switched around. Too late for the bios, though - their bios describe the opposite features of each others toys, claiming Sunstreaker has Sideswipe’s shoulder-cannon, and that Sideswipe has Sunstreaker’s exposed engine. A recent Fun Publications story blended all this together and made “Red Sunstreaker” a separate character named “Spin-Out,” which seems to me like the most logical thing to expect from Takara.


Winter is coming! And here are some Starks to go with it. I decided to do completely my own version of Ned, Sansa, and Robb. I have a whole alternate cosmology in my head that I’m working out for these because medieval north-western Europe? Ehh, It’s been done. I want to see what else I can come up with while still staying vaguely within the descriptions given in the books. I’m going to draw a set of characters like this about every other week. Maybe you want to draw your own Game of Thrones characters? If you want to play along at home, the next three characters will be:

Tyrian Lannister

Cercei Lannister

Jaime Lannister

Post what you draw with the tag “game a throoooooones” (that’s seven O’s for seven kingdoms) on or after April 27th. I will do the same.

When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you lose, or you draw.

So it’s 2 am idea time. catatosoup ’s post about Kirin seeming to always be one person while other characters in new realities have different versions of themselves got me thinking: What if that’s actually all a demigod is? Not the ruler of a realm/world necessarily, but just someone who has gained control over every version of themself? Like most people don’t even know they’ve got alternate versions running around out there, but demigods are the ones who knew, and then combined every version they could to become one person? And that could manifest in multiple ways, like Ridge always stays the same in every world and reality he’s part of, while Kirin prefers to let his conscious and being fragment a bit more, so every version of him has its own looks and elements, but is still ultimately just a piece of the entity which is Kirin.