while on the journey might i add

Greetings, all! I hope you’re having a good day! Today, I’ll be giving a small, practical tutorial for a neat new altar/workspace setup I’ve recently been using.

I developed the idea out of necessity, because it takes up less space. It is quite safe if you’re burning things, and looks nice and elegant. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and even try it!

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of my own, but it looks wonky because it’s small and I’ve been using it a lot. I may post some pictures of it after I do some cleaning!

To begin, you need a large tabletop planter or flowerpot sort of thing! You want the kind that large houseplants go in. In theory, you could use a planter meant to set on the floor/ground. 

I prefer a tabletop one so I can set it next to my Tarot space on the table. The concept is the same, either way!

Choose one that looks nice to you! It should fit with your view of your craft, whatever that means to you, personally! Availability is an issue, but if you’re able to order online, there are a lot of nice options.

You can also get a simple, plain and functional one. You could decorate it with paint and such, if you like. Either way, it should not be plastic or flimsy. You want something ceramic and large, with a wide opening.

You also want one that is quite deep, at least a couple inches or more. If it’s too deep and big, you might have trouble moving it around. You don’t want that, but still, choose one that is exactly as large as you can manage.

Place it on a table where you’re planning to do most of your work. You might consider this your altar, or a workspace. I call mine a workspace, but it can function as an altar sometimes, too. Your space is, of course, yours, and only you can decide how you think of it!

I put mine on a table right next to where I’ve laid out a cloth for my Tarot and Lenormand readings. I also keep my working charm bottles on the same table, as well as other tools. If you have less space, a small nightstand table can work fine, provided the planter fits on it and is stable.

Once you’ve got the planter in place, go out and get some sand. I used really grainy sand, but fine sand should work, too.

You don’t want large pebbles (or even small ones). You want sand! You can get some at a home and garden store, especially in the summer. Buy a small amount, but enough to fill the planter.

Then, fill the planter with the sand. You want it full, but not piled up. Make it level, and don’t fill it all the way to the top. Leave some space.

Now that it’s done, what the heck do you do with it? Well, you can…

  • Place burning incense sticks into the sand, allowing the ashes to fall into the sand.
  • Place candles deep into the sand, such that it acts as a sturdy candleholder for them.
  • Lay out gemstones in the sand to form a crystal grid or pattern.
  • Sketch sigils and symbols into the sand with your fingers or a stick.
  • Leave offerings to deities and spirits. Be sure to remove them if they’re perishable, once they’ve served their purpose!
  • There’s a lot more that you can do, limited only by your imagination! You can also simply have a relaxing time playing in your mini-sandbox altar!

I would recommend only using this altar for positive purposes. I’m not one to shame or be a jerk about curses and such, though. The thing is, this altar is unique! The sand collects fragments of your spell ingredients. 

This imbues the altar and sand with your collective intentions. Of course, you want to make it a truly welcoming place for you. I’d suggest doing baneful work elsewhere and leave this altar for the positive things! That’s my view, anyways.

After a while, the altar and sand will be deeply tied to you on a magical level. They will have absorbed your intentions and energy. This means that the sand itself is even useful!

Sometimes, you might do a spell away from your altar, too. In that case, you can use bits of the sand to add the strength of your essence to the working. You can use the sand as a sort of magical signature.

Of course, you will need to change the sand eventually. I recommend doing this at major turning points in your magical journey. Save some of the old sand in a bottle, and using it as a symbol (in spells, or just in general) of time in your life!

I hope this article gave you some fun ideas for creating a magical workspace!

Thorin x reader: more than just an everyday lass

Summary: you fell in love with thorin during your journey, but when the dragon illness struck him, he hurt you and you left. After the battle (he, fili and kili survive), he realizes what he did and tries to find you but can’t. It was unknown to him that you weren’t actually who you said you were, but of course a certain wizard knew. ps. You are kind of half hobbit, half elf.
Pps. I turned you into mia thermopolis, just roll with it please XD

Warning: this fanfic is longer than I expected it to be XD
Words: 2056

Thorin POV

It has been weeks since the battle. And I still haven’t found her, but I will, eventually, even if it’s the last thing i’ll ever do. I couldn’t believe that I actually did what I did. I missed her, Emilia, my Mia I searched for hours on end, but her body was nowhere to be found on the battle field so I refused to believe she was dead, so she must have snuck away, back home. I had asked bilbo baggins where she lived but he said he did not know, ‘She only comes to visit the shire every once in a while, she never talked about herself.


your POV

it’s been days, and all he does is waste away among that godforsaken treasure of his. He doesn’t sleep and hardly eats at all.
We all gathered in the throne room where thorin sat on his throne, and again we tried to talk sense  to him, hopelessly.
‘Since when do we forsake our own people?’ Dwalin says.
Thorin only continued to mutter to himself about the gold.4
‘Many die in war, life is cheap. But a treasure such as this cannot be counted in lives lost. It is worth all the blood we can spend.’
‘you sit here is there vast halls’, Dwalin says, ‘with a crown upon your head and yet you are lesser now then you have ever been.’
‘Do not speak to me as if I was some lowly dwarf lord, as if I were still, Thorin Oakenshield, I AM YOUR KING.’
‘You were alw ays my king, you used to know that once. You cannot see what you have become.’
‘Go’, thorin says, ‘get out. Before I kill you.’
‘Thorin please’, you say, barely above a whisper, ‘don’t you see what this place is doing to you? It’s bewitching you! We are not your enemies? Thorin, we need to fight against our real enemies and those are right at our gates…’
‘SHUT UP!!!’ he snapped at you, he never snapped at you! ‘You have no say in this, woman. You were never one of us. You… were a burden.’ ‘What?’ Thorin looked at you, he had a scary look in his eyes, the same you would see in a madman. ‘Then again, I guess you never really belonged anywhere, did you? Half elf, half hobbit, people would even see you as a person, you are a creature.’
‘Enough!’ you snapped, ‘How dare you say such a thing? I have saved you multiple times during the journey, don’t you dare tell me I am a burden, Thorin Oakenshield!’
Then something happened that you would have never imagined. Your face shot to the side as thorins hand came in contact with your cheek. Your cheek stung as a single tear rolled down your cheek. You looked him dead in the eye and the man you saw was someone you didn’t recognize anymore.
‘You are not the same man I met all those months ago, you are not the same man I grew close to during the journey, you are not the same man I fell in love with.’
The entire company gasped in surprise, this was as much of a surprise to them as it was to Thorin. It seemed as if Thorin broke through the dragon illness because he tried to take your hand but you wouldn’t let him. You ran away, straight to the main gate, that was the last time Thorin saw you.

*end of flashback*

thorin POV

We were in the library I was lost in thought while I should be listening to what Balin had to say. The main reason why I couldn’t focus was, books, libraries, they reminded my of Mia. The way her eyes lit up when she walked into a library, her smile when she browsed the shelves.
However my thoughts were interrupted by fili and kili running through the door followed by Gandalf. ‘Uncle, you may want to see this’, fili said. He handed me a piece of parchment and I unfolded it:

(A/N: before you read the letter: yes I went there XD )

‘King under the Mountain,
I, Jon Snow, King in the North, hereby invite you to the coronation of my eldest daughter. The ceremony shall be at midsummer’s eve at sunhigh. It would be with deepest pride and greatest pleasure to welcome you into our home.
We all hope to see you there.
Jon Snow, King in the North
and soon-to-be Queen Emilia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi’

Soon-to-be queen Emilia?!?!? I looked around me in shock before passing the letter on to Balin who shared the same look as I had. ‘I’m guessing Emilia isn’t the lass we have come to know. Turns out Mia is more than just an everyday lass.’ Balin said (slightly amused might i add).
‘Midsummer’s eve, that’s in 3 weeks.’ kili said, ‘but the journey to the North takes is long especially in that territory.’
‘We shall leave immediately, and the entire Company is coming along, I have searched for Mia for so long, now that we found her, I am not going to lose another minute.’ I said while walking out of the room, getting ready to leave as soon as possible.

no one’s POV

Thorin Oakenshield and the Company traveled the harsh conditions of the North in hopes of arriving in Winterfell on time. They had some trouble along the way, if they were lucky, they would arrive just in time for the ceremony. Which they were, they had just enough time to clean up and change into the proper clothing for the coronation. In the main hall he and the company pushed themselves to the front of the crowd, hoping to get a good view as to where you were.

Meanwhile a certain princess was in her chambers nervously passing, awaiting the upcoming ceremony. Even though she had been preparing for this moment her whole life, she could help but debate with herself whether or not she’d make a good ruler. The maids were helping her get into a gorgeous gown made by the finest seamstresses in the North.
Her mother come into her chambers, ‘Hello darling, now I know you have been preparing for your coronation but I want to go over one last lesson with you.’ Mia nodded thinking it would keep her thoughts at bay. ‘today we’ll be learning the art of the fan.’

(A/N: please excuse my laziness XD, the lesson comes down to that, except the grandma is the mother)


your POV

It was almost sunhigh, after your mother left the maids came in to help me dress into a beautiful gown I will be wearing during the coronation. After that, paolo came in to do my hair, it looked absolutely beautiful.


you and your mother came in from opposite sides of a two way staircase, when you both had walked down the stairs, a member of your fathers counsel, Davos, helped you onto the steps where the throne stood, where you now sat on while holding the traditional scepter and orb. After this Davos took the crown from your mothers head and put it on your head while another counsel member of the counsel spoke: ‘Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of Genovia, according to the statutes in parliament agreed on,and the respective laws and custom of the same? Will you, in your power, cause law and justice and mercy to be executed in all judgments?’
You swore: ‘I solemnly promise so to do.’
With that you stood, and walked through the middle of 2 lines of guards who rose their swords so you could walk under them. When you got to the front, the counsel member proclaimed:
‘Presenting Her Majesty Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Queen of the North’

(A/N: just in case you don’t get what i explained, here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf4M0GWjwnk)

that’s when you saw him, thorin oakenshield himself. And the entire Company along with him. You tried to conceal your surprise and keep a straight face, as your mother had thought you, to be honest, you barely could but I managed.

*behold, for I am the lady of time skips*

during the party, you were even more nervous than during the preparation of the ceremony. I constantly looked around me not to cross paths with the Company, or worse, Thorin. But that plan didn’t go as you had hoped, when you felt a hand on both your shoulders? You jumped and turned around to be greeted by the one and only Prince’s of Durin, Fili and Kili.
They smiled at you but with a slightly sad look in their eyes.
‘Hello Mia, you look beautiful.’ fili began.
‘I must admit, Mia, even though you always looked like a princess to me, I would have never imagined you’d actually be one too, if I may be so rude.’ kili followed.
‘But, Mia…’
‘Why didn’t you tell us?’ both of them looked a bit hurt.
‘I didn’t think anyone would believe me… and Gandalf made me promise not to tell.’
‘GANDALF KNEW’ the brothers yelled, getting some weird glances from the surrounding lords and ladies.
‘Yes, he knew.’ the boys looked at each other with a surprised look.
‘anyway Mia, we actually came to talk to you about something else’, kili said.
‘When you left’ fili continued, ‘Thorin completely came to his senses, he has been looking for you ever since.’
‘He wanted to contact you contact you but he didn’t know where you were staying.’
‘And when we got that letter, he was overjoyed that he had found you and now we wants to make up for what he did and said to you, Mia.’
‘That’s true, amrâlimê.’ you suddenly heard from behind you.
You turned around to find yourself face to face with The King under the Mountain. You didn’t dare look him in the eye, you looked towards the ground. ‘We’ll give you some space’, the brothers said.
‘Mia, I am truly sorry for the things I said to you and that I hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you, I swear by all the gods, it’s the last thing I would ever want to do. When you were gone I tried everything to try and find you but I couldn’t, I thought I had lost you forever. But when I read that letter and I had found you again, I knew I had to come here.’
You did not know what to say, nor did you look at him yet. You could hear him step closer to you, suddenly you felt his fingers under your chin, forcing you to look at him. His beautiful blue eyes locked on yours. ‘Please, Mia. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? I love you with my whole heart and when I watched you leave that day, it was like a piece of me left me as well. I need you by my side, my love, please forgive me.’
His apology left you speechless, he loved you? During the journey he had never shown that kind of interest in you and now here he stood. You had to admit to yourself, you never stopped loving him, and something told you you never would. Unable to say anything you let actions speak for themselves. You cupped his cheeks and kissed him, not a second passed until he kissed you back while holding onto my waist. From around us I could hear gasps from the surrounding lords and ladies, but I didn’t care, all I cared about was Thorin here with me, right now.
After a while we had to part for air, Thorin whispered to me: ‘Will you be my queen, amrâlimê?’
‘Yes, I will’, I whispered back.

Sorry, had to jump in!

skumringkatt added: Actually, it would make sense if Redbeard had been a dog and Euros drowned him, since a missing dog would not lead to any sort of investigation like a missing child would HAVE to do. And Sherlock might have been told that the dog was put down as a milder version of the truth, and might still have been traumatized by its death, as many sensitive small kids might be. There is nothing incomprehensible about that, while the child in the well scenario was just absurd! How do you hush up something like that, and how do you keep it out of the press? Even if you are Mycroft Holmes and crossdressing Uncle Rudy ….“ 

Just to add that creepy small child drowning an animal is usually first step on journey to creepy adult (Eurus), so much more in line with the narrative a medical professional (John) might tell himself to fill in memory gaps while undergoing some TFP-induced dream or psychological distress.

(submitted by roby5674)

(referencing this post here)

Yes, agreed. I’ve long held the belief that TFP is John’s hallucination, and it makes sense for some stuff like this to leak in as a way to explain why people are the way they are in his head. Though I more think that each character and event / object is a metaphor for someone / thing else, but I like this observation, Roby :)

supergirl season 3 theory

I’ve had several ideas ever since they mentioned Reign as s3 big bad, so now with s3 having started, I’ll try to sum up everything I think might happen based on the casting. Before I start, two important things: 

1. pardon my English, it’s not my native tongue

2. hateful comment = blocked. You may disagree with my thoughts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I ask for no hating.
Ok, now let’s start.
This is being written on October 10th, 2017, so 3x01 has already aired. Now, spoiler alert, because I will be speculating on things that happened in the episode.

1. Reign.

In comic book canon (Supergirl vol.6 [new 52]) Reign is one of five Worldkillers, who don’t look human at all and are not Kryptonian. In canon, they were experiments, babies from other worlds engineered to conquer and live up to their names, meaning they were meant to kill (destroy) worlds. Important detail - they were a part of Zor-El’s work. I think that in TV Show canon Reign is also bioengineered by Zor-El since Samantha saw Alura In-Ze (Zor-El) in her dream turning into a monster, which could be because Zor-El used some of Alura’s DNA to create Reign. Also, Reign tried to make Kara join the Worldkillers in comics, so I think there is a possibility that part of the story is going to be ins3 plotline.

2. Legion of Super-Heroes

We already know that Amy Jackson was cast as Imra Ardeen / Saturn Girl, who is a founding member of the 31st century’s Legion. Imra is a telepath from Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, but more on that later. There’s also a speculation going around about Brainiac 5 being cast bc of the interview from TVLine where it was said that “someone will like Kara A LOT along the way”, and Querl Dox is a strong possibility since in comic book canon he’s known to be Kara’s love interest. Brainy is also an important character from LOSH since he was leading the Legion on several occasions, including those when Kara was staying in the 3000s. The third Legion character has been around for a year now, that’s Mon-El, who is also a famous Legionnaire and we know he will be continuing his hero journey to his cape and suit. I do think that he went to the 31st century through the wormhole in s2 finale, hence him coming back with Saturn Girl. It makes sense - she is a telepath, and if Mon-El has seen the future, she has to make sure that he doesn’t remember anything that might change the timeline (bc our friends from Central City have already shown the whole multiverse that YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE TIMELINE), so that historical records that Legion has don’t change, and with them the reality Legion lives in. But we know that Mon-El is a powerful hero and this means he’s one of the valuable Legion members, so there has to be a reason why he was sent back to the 21st century, apart from him wanting to reunite with Kara, because this is canon.

3. ‘Destined to die’ theory

Supergirl is not famous for just being Superman’s cousin, last daughter of Krypton and etc, but for her sacrifice that happened in Crisis on Infinite Earths, after which Kara Zor-El was wiped from everyone’s memory and did not come back into mainstream continuity until the early 2000s. Supergirl and Legion’s team up (Supergirl Annual #1 from Supergirl vol.5, the pre-flashpoint comic) showed the Memorial Hall of Supergirl, where it was said that Kara dies a hero. My guess is, that while Mon-El is in the 31st century, something in the past changes and Kara dies when she’s not supposed to (maybe a battle with Reign when she becomes a full-blown villain), meaning that history is changed, and with it, the reality of Legion. This is where Brainiac 5 comes in, being known for his usual plan to save Kara from her death so it does not end like in history books. This is where I can see them working together bc Querl probably has a crush on Kara (we know that Clark has been to the future because there’s a Legion ring in the fortress, and maybe in a certain point of time that is past for Brainiac 5 and future for Supergirl Kara goes to meet the Legion herself) and Mon-El is the love of Kara’s life, like she’s the love of his. But they can’t risk Mon-El going alone to the past because he can do/say something that he’s not supposed to, so that’s why Imra is sent back with him to make sure he doesn’t remember. But there’s also this important detail that Mon-El will do everything to protect Kara (e.g. 2x17 going with Rhea), so him being concerned about her all the time means him putting her in more danger, so that’s why Saturn Girl has to make Mon-El forget Kara (the amnesia theory), to protect everybody. I also see Brainiac 5 going back with Mon and Imra since he’s known to be a genius and can come up with a plan to fix everything plus meet Kara, that goes from him always remembering that Kara has met his older self earlier than him in the future. So we have a small Legion team of Imra/Saturn Girl, Mon-El/Valor (as I said earlier, he is continuing his journey as a hero) and Brainiac 5. But since they can’t just go and tell Kara ‘hey, we’ve seen the future, you’re about to die in battle’, they have to come up with some cover, so there are the rumors of Imra being Mon-El’s gf bc there is no way he would have totally forgotten Kara when he has the necklace that she gave him but that’s something for a whole other ‘signs of endgame’ theory about Karamel, although I am personally convinced that Kara/Mon-El relationship will play a huge role in this whole story with reunion being on the other end of the angsty road we just started. 

Now I’ll try to sum every thought up so it won’t look random.

Reign is probably a bioengineered being created by Zor-El with using Alura’s DNA which is why she saw Alura in a nightmare. She is a Worldkiller, so she was created to conquer but she probably doesn’t want to and tries to be human (the s3 theme). She might try to convince Kara to join her after her birth as Reign happens. There’s a possibility of the ‘Supergirl always dies in a heroic sacrifice, that’s her destiny’ storyline but this bullet will be dodged as Mon-El is going to come back (probably in 3x07 which is apparently called ‘Wake Up’ and is probably a reference to what Kara heard Mon-El saying in her head while she was underwater), but our boy is coming back with no memory of what happened and Saturn Girl is responsible for that, posing as Mon-El’s gf to complete their mission since she can wipe memories, and Kara will probably be the one to trigger the daxamite’s memory. Brainiac 5 appearing is also a possibility and he might be a part of the big Legion plan. Mon-El’s journey to become Valor is continuing and we will see the cape this year (Chris’s words not mine).

If I’ve forgotten anything, please message me so I will add the missing info. If somebody has links to all the articles, please send them to me & I will add them since I can’t seem to find everything myself. Comments are welcomed, further speculations are appreciated.

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Strategic Alliances 

by Wissixwe on Archive of Our Own

Picking up where the movie left off, a soul-shattered Kylo Ren pursues Luke Skywalker and Rey as Snoke continues his Machiavellian manipulations of Hux and the First Order. Rey persuades a reluctant Luke to train her, but her training is interrupted when Kylo Ren finds them - and Luke and Kylo Ren face off at last!

Leia’s connection to the Force is explored as she becomes involved with a mysterious Sith, Dar Noaa, who has discovered that there is far more at stake than just the balance of the Force. Finn’s journey leads him toward a destiny he never imagined and might not be ready for, while Rey faces a life-altering challenge.

And Luke Skywalker must rise from the ashes of his past or hope is lost for everyone…

Pandora’s Review: A++++  

This one is not fluff and smut. SOME smut, but this is for when you want a complex plotline, compelling new characters that add depth to already established ones, and to stay up nights trying to get to the next part. This little gem was published last year and I just found it on a random search. I liked it so much I was bugging the author in the comments and we have been emailing for the past year occasionally.

The writing is so good, I expect to see her up there with Claudia Grey or with an original novel. I couldn’t really do a mood board since she is not an artist and neither am I, so I couldn’t draw any of the concepts. Anyway, if you have not read it, I highly encourage you to do so! She has a sequel out to it that I am just gobbling up called, Episode 9: The Skywalkers, which unfortunately I don’t think her original fans have found. It’s even better, if possible!

I have never wept for our planet like I have while watching Cowspiracy. I generally refrain from sharing my vegan lifestyle in a way where it might “upset” others. I have realized that my purpose here is to help others along this human journey and to help Earth and it’s other inhabitants. I’ve decided to post about Cowspiracy and tell you to watch it if you haven’t because you’re being lied to, because our planet is dying, and because there is the possibility we’ll see the animal agriculture industry’s devastating effects on our planet in insane ways during our lifetime. This isn’t some hippie documentary, it’s backed and produced by Leonardo Dicaprio if that adds any weight. It’s getting real now, it’s not just about our children’s futures, it’s about ours as well. There is no more time left to say that you can’t live without cheese or that my views are impeding on your personal choice. It’s not a personal choice when eating animals during an unsustainable time affects all of us on this planet. It’s no longer a personal choice when 91% of rainforest destruction is because of the animal agriculture industry and species are being killed in the process. The environmental community and organizations that are there to help this planet are failing us. I canceled my membership with Greenpeace because as a large environmental activist group, they’re being silenced when it comes to the animal agriculture industry’s devastating effects on the planet. They are just one of several organizations that are sweeping this #1 issue under the rug. Educate yourself so that we can repair the damage we’ve made to our home. It won’t be here much longer if we keep ignoring the facts. I honestly believe we’re here to do more than mass produce animals to the point where it’s killing us and the planet and letting these corporations rake in the money. We don’t take any of these accumulated material possessions with you when we die so there must be more to it than that. Light and love always 💕✨
(The photo pictured was taken in Adelaide, South Australia at @freedomhillsanctuary of me feeding a blind calf named Helen. Thanks to them, she gets to live out her life free as nature intended.)

“We’ll get you a new horse,” Kakashi promised. He ruffled Sakura’s hair, something that was endearing when she was a girl but was mostly infuriating now that she was grown up.

Sakura frowned back at him and slapped his hand away. “I don’t want a new horse. I want Buttercup.”

“Maybe she ran away,” Naruto suggested. He didn’t notice Kakashi and Sasuke glaring at him. “I mean what kind of a name is Buttercup?”

“You named your horse Noodle,” Sasuke pointed out.

“Hey, Noodle is a great name—”

“We’re going after her,” Sakura declared. “It was those guys from the pub that Naruto picked a fight with last night. I’m sure of it!”

“I did not, Sakura-chan!”

“They said they were heading for Suna. We’re going after them and when I have Buttercup back, they will feel my wrath.”

Sasuke groaned at the prospect of riding towards Suna, which would probably add another four days to their journey back to Konoha. He looked to Kakashi, hoping their leader might make Sakura see reason but found the older man smiling slightly, probably considering the bars and brothels of the town.

With a deep sigh, he got on his own horse. Naruto and Kakashi did the same while Sakura stood their pouting.

“You can ride with me,” Sasuke muttered.

Grinning, she climbed on behind him.

How Much Lower Can You Get?

I don’t get angry very often - I am and always has been a very positive person and as a general rule I tend to avoid petty confrontations and meaningless hateful comments!

Why feed the drama beast?!?

Most of the maliciousness is manufactured and sent for exactly that reason - to provoke a response and get ammunition for further accusations later on, making all of us look bad!

Its a never ending black hole looking to suck you in!

I am a passionate Caryl shipper but know perfectly well that there are others who are not, which is more than OK in my book!

We are obviously not going to agree but that doesnt mean that we need to constantly hate and chip away at each other?

This is not third grade people and we are not debating world peace here so the over-the-top emotions and the lengths some will go to tear down someone else are really disturbing! 

The shipping wars and back-and-forth arguments are not something I like or get involved with. I stay out of the other ship tags, gloss over the hate and respect everyone’s opinion by staying silent!

I am not out to change anyone’s mind or recruit new shippers and frankly I prefer to discuss Caryl - not someone else’s OTP!

Unfortunately in the last few days I have come across posts, comments and anon messages that literally made my skin crawl (to put it mildly!)
I am not here to name names, you know who-you-are, I don’t want to waste my energy arguing with you BUT this needs to come out! 
In my opinion this topic in itself is beyond despicable!

“Carol will reunite with Daryl and see that he now has a close bond with Beth, losing her reason to live she will throw herself into a herd or surrender to the cannibals and commit suicide!”

What the hell is wrong with people that come up with things like this?

Even if you are not a shipper, the notion that a woman is so dependable on some guys feelings that if he withholds his affection or gets close to someone else, her only choice is to kill herself should be offensive!?!

I’ve already dealt with something similar to this a while back so as I said before, I will say again;

Carol is a survivor in every sense of that word - she survived Ed, she survived Sophia, she survived multiple walker attacks, she survived on her own in the tombs, she survived Daryl leaving, she survived RICK’s bullshit banishment, she survived the loss of Lizzie & Mika, she was brave enough to try life on her own and has been surviving perfectly fine i might add!

Carol Peletier is not going to kill herself over a guy who doesn’t want to be with her! 

At the weakest and worst stages of her journey she didn’t launch herself at any men to keep on living! 

She transformed, she changed, she grew stronger, she owned her decisions, she made the tough calls…she survived every painful moment by looking within her own self for strength and perseverance!

Daryl is someone she loves and cares about but he isn’t, never has been, nor should he be her reason to keep on living!?!

Even if Daryl chooses someone else he is not so magnificent and so beautiful that any woman (let alone Carol) would simply hurl herself at a herd because he 
is not looking her way!

If Daryl doesn’t want Carol her heart might be broken for a while, it will hurt her no doubt BUT like she said herself “she’s lost worse” than him before! 

Carol has other reasons to carry on with her life!

The fact that someone can even suggest the “Daryl-doesnt-want-me-now-i-am-lost” scenario after watching what this woman endured in “The Grove” has me stupefied and disgusted all at once!

I don’t care what you ship at this point but whether its Beth or Carol you care about, as women the mere suggestion that any man could have the power to end or inspire someones will to live, should be offensive to your own sensibilities!

When has desperation and man-clinging been attractive to anyone anyways?

Real Worthy Men are attracted to inner strength, heart and feminine nature, which to me describes who Carol is right now!

Come on we are better than this!!!