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opinions on enfps/your experiences with them?

Wow… Where do I begin? I have a really good friend who is ENFP, and this is one of the few times those compatibility charts might be right. My friend and I are extremely different people, but we get along very well.

I wrote a post on her awhile ago (above), but I’ll add to it a bit here.

I think while ENFPs can be kinda clingy, too peppy, and never stop talking, they are altogether awesome people because they are 100% themselves. I love my friend for this because you don’t need to guess with her. I know she isn’t playing any social games, secretly wanting something from me, or talking crap about me behind my back.

They care about their friends and their friends’ opinions, but other than that, no one else’s opinion matters. Like me, if someone who was not a friend were to rudely insult her, she’d just think much less of that person rather than be hurt at all by the insult.

Even better, they don’t judge their friends, they just accept them for who they are, and they treat everyone the same. I tend to have a more respected, intelligent, and a little scary reputation, but my ENFP friend just makes fun of me for it and continues to poke me when I tell her to cut it out. Let me tell you, she is the first person I’ve met who doesn’t give a crap about this, and while the poking is annoying, its actually really nice to be around someone who doesn’t care that I just told them their logic was flawed and all the reasons why. She just laughs, calls me a nerd, and rewords her statement/argument based on what I said with an air of friendly defiance.

She takes my arguments and insults (which are all in good faith) with laughter and immediately shoots back with replies whether she knows what she’s talking about or not. Thus, our conversations are always interesting.

Finally, they’ll just jump straight into ideas with you without hesitating. Projects, random thought experiments, strange activities, they’re up for it as long as they can do it along side you. 

Okay, so I’m gonna put down some possible “plot” ideas for the Ignis/OC story and kinda my thoughts on them to help myself pick one. They’re all AUs because the canon game story hurts to much. Gonna put them below the cut because yeah. (also might add more later if I think more)

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I have never wept for our planet like I have while watching Cowspiracy. I generally refrain from sharing my vegan lifestyle in a way where it might “upset” others. I have realized that my purpose here is to help others along this human journey and to help Earth and it’s other inhabitants. I’ve decided to post about Cowspiracy and tell you to watch it if you haven’t because you’re being lied to, because our planet is dying, and because there is the possibility we’ll see the animal agriculture industry’s devastating effects on our planet in insane ways during our lifetime. This isn’t some hippie documentary, it’s backed and produced by Leonardo Dicaprio if that adds any weight. It’s getting real now, it’s not just about our children’s futures, it’s about ours as well. There is no more time left to say that you can’t live without cheese or that my views are impeding on your personal choice. It’s not a personal choice when eating animals during an unsustainable time affects all of us on this planet. It’s no longer a personal choice when 91% of rainforest destruction is because of the animal agriculture industry and species are being killed in the process. The environmental community and organizations that are there to help this planet are failing us. I canceled my membership with Greenpeace because as a large environmental activist group, they’re being silenced when it comes to the animal agriculture industry’s devastating effects on the planet. They are just one of several organizations that are sweeping this #1 issue under the rug. Educate yourself so that we can repair the damage we’ve made to our home. It won’t be here much longer if we keep ignoring the facts. I honestly believe we’re here to do more than mass produce animals to the point where it’s killing us and the planet and letting these corporations rake in the money. We don’t take any of these accumulated material possessions with you when we die so there must be more to it than that. Light and love always 💕✨
(The photo pictured was taken in Adelaide, South Australia at @freedomhillsanctuary of me feeding a blind calf named Helen. Thanks to them, she gets to live out her life free as nature intended.)


Howdeedoodeethere, friends and fellow dragons! <3

I feel a little explanation is in order.

Like many of us, I was thrilled by the idea of the Celebrate HTTYD week that occurred a while ago, and the prompt of “The Barbaric Archipelago” immediately gave me the motivation and excuse I needed to do something I’d always wanted to do, and recreate Cressida’s map of the HTTYD world in my own style. I have always loved maps, and fictional ones most of all, and I had been wishing to make one for a while but never dared begin. Celebrate HTTYD, combined with the need to practise the pen/watercolour combo for my GCSE, gave me the excuse I had been missing, particularly with the addition of some amazing fancy drawing pens in my art supplies (PITT artist pens by Faber Castell, a.k.a. my best friends in the art world, for anyone interested).

All of my art has a long way to go, because I’m still fine-tuning my style and my strengths, and I have very little experience. I am undoubtedly not the most naturally gifted artist you’ll find. I certainly haven’t a clue where to start when it comes to digital media, so everything here is decidedly traditionally drawn and painted. But what I can do is put in time, and that is how I will learn. I’ve put a lot of time into this, and even while there are countless tumblr artists who could have done this in half the time in a much better way - I’m very proud of it. I hope you enjoy, then, the first proper piece of art I have posted.

The idea here was to try to be as accurate as possible, but also to put this firmly in my own style of artwork. I decided to add in the Hero’s Journey of finding the Lost Things, because I figured that, if I was going to make a map, it might as well have a purpose.

The only problem, of course, is that Celebrate HTTYD was several weeks ago now. I am afraid I have no excuse other than a failure to properly consider Life’s uncomfortable habit of Happening.

(The formatting is obviously a bit awkward too, I’m afraid, but I figured this was the best way to get the full effect).

Nevertheless, I hope someone gets something out of my version of the Barbaric Archipelago. I certainly had great fun making it, and that’s what really matters, after all.

“We’ll get you a new horse,” Kakashi promised. He ruffled Sakura’s hair, something that was endearing when she was a girl but was mostly infuriating now that she was grown up.

Sakura frowned back at him and slapped his hand away. “I don’t want a new horse. I want Buttercup.”

“Maybe she ran away,” Naruto suggested. He didn’t notice Kakashi and Sasuke glaring at him. “I mean what kind of a name is Buttercup?”

“You named your horse Noodle,” Sasuke pointed out.

“Hey, Noodle is a great name—”

“We’re going after her,” Sakura declared. “It was those guys from the pub that Naruto picked a fight with last night. I’m sure of it!”

“I did not, Sakura-chan!”

“They said they were heading for Suna. We’re going after them and when I have Buttercup back, they will feel my wrath.”

Sasuke groaned at the prospect of riding towards Suna, which would probably add another four days to their journey back to Konoha. He looked to Kakashi, hoping their leader might make Sakura see reason but found the older man smiling slightly, probably considering the bars and brothels of the town.

With a deep sigh, he got on his own horse. Naruto and Kakashi did the same while Sakura stood their pouting.

“You can ride with me,” Sasuke muttered.

Grinning, she climbed on behind him.

How Much Lower Can You Get?

I don’t get angry very often - I am and always has been a very positive person and as a general rule I tend to avoid petty confrontations and meaningless hateful comments!

Why feed the drama beast?!?

Most of the maliciousness is manufactured and sent for exactly that reason - to provoke a response and get ammunition for further accusations later on, making all of us look bad!

Its a never ending black hole looking to suck you in!

I am a passionate Caryl shipper but know perfectly well that there are others who are not, which is more than OK in my book!

We are obviously not going to agree but that doesnt mean that we need to constantly hate and chip away at each other?

This is not third grade people and we are not debating world peace here so the over-the-top emotions and the lengths some will go to tear down someone else are really disturbing! 

The shipping wars and back-and-forth arguments are not something I like or get involved with. I stay out of the other ship tags, gloss over the hate and respect everyone’s opinion by staying silent!

I am not out to change anyone’s mind or recruit new shippers and frankly I prefer to discuss Caryl - not someone else’s OTP!

Unfortunately in the last few days I have come across posts, comments and anon messages that literally made my skin crawl (to put it mildly!)
I am not here to name names, you know who-you-are, I don’t want to waste my energy arguing with you BUT this needs to come out! 
In my opinion this topic in itself is beyond despicable!

“Carol will reunite with Daryl and see that he now has a close bond with Beth, losing her reason to live she will throw herself into a herd or surrender to the cannibals and commit suicide!”

What the hell is wrong with people that come up with things like this?

Even if you are not a shipper, the notion that a woman is so dependable on some guys feelings that if he withholds his affection or gets close to someone else, her only choice is to kill herself should be offensive!?!

I’ve already dealt with something similar to this a while back so as I said before, I will say again;

Carol is a survivor in every sense of that word - she survived Ed, she survived Sophia, she survived multiple walker attacks, she survived on her own in the tombs, she survived Daryl leaving, she survived RICK’s bullshit banishment, she survived the loss of Lizzie & Mika, she was brave enough to try life on her own and has been surviving perfectly fine i might add!

Carol Peletier is not going to kill herself over a guy who doesn’t want to be with her! 

At the weakest and worst stages of her journey she didn’t launch herself at any men to keep on living! 

She transformed, she changed, she grew stronger, she owned her decisions, she made the tough calls…she survived every painful moment by looking within her own self for strength and perseverance!

Daryl is someone she loves and cares about but he isn’t, never has been, nor should he be her reason to keep on living!?!

Even if Daryl chooses someone else he is not so magnificent and so beautiful that any woman (let alone Carol) would simply hurl herself at a herd because he 
is not looking her way!

If Daryl doesn’t want Carol her heart might be broken for a while, it will hurt her no doubt BUT like she said herself “she’s lost worse” than him before! 

Carol has other reasons to carry on with her life!

The fact that someone can even suggest the “Daryl-doesnt-want-me-now-i-am-lost” scenario after watching what this woman endured in “The Grove” has me stupefied and disgusted all at once!

I don’t care what you ship at this point but whether its Beth or Carol you care about, as women the mere suggestion that any man could have the power to end or inspire someones will to live, should be offensive to your own sensibilities!

When has desperation and man-clinging been attractive to anyone anyways?

Real Worthy Men are attracted to inner strength, heart and feminine nature, which to me describes who Carol is right now!

Come on we are better than this!!!