while making this set i couldn't stop laughing

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Who wants fluff? This anon 🙌🏻! UF, US, MT bros are left at the house to watch their toddler while S/O goes out grocery shopping. Unfortunately, they lose their child only to find them outside playing with the mud. Once the toddler notices the skele, they bring a mud pie and plop it in front of them all while saying "eat!"

HAHAHA Oh my god this is adorable XD I love this



Fell mixed with a toddler is usually a problem, but he’s mature and can handle things like this, so it turns out better than anyone expected, despite the whole losing them thing. Oh god, where did they go?! You’re gonna kill him if he lost the kid! Usually Fell isn’t scared of anything, but he’s witnessed the terrible beast inside you when something happens to your kid, and he knows better than to mess with that. He looks all over the place, and then hears giggling outside, and his soul slows and he sighs of relief. He goes outside and finds his toddler messing around in the mud and he doesn’t really know what to think, and when they run up with hands full of mud, yelling “Eat!!” He can’t help but crack a smile and laugh a little. The edgy baby actually laughs! Fell lets his kid mess around for a little more, and then cleans them up before you get home. Although, you get home to find him a little muddy from cleaning your kid up, and you start to tease him for it. He gets flustered and it’s adorable.


Red loses the kid and doesn’t even connect it at first. Right when he starts to freak out, he finds them outside in the mud, and facepalms. What on earth are they doing now?

He goes outside and sees them messing around in the mud and rolls with it, just sitting outside, letting them do as they please. As long as his kid doesn’t try to eat it or whatever, he doesn’t really care. But when the cute little thing runs up to him with the mud and exclaims the word “Eat!” Red shakes his head and starts laughing. Because of the fact that he’s laughing, his toddler also starts laughing and smacks some of the mud on him. Red raises an eyebrow(?) and smudges a little bit on his kid’s nose, and they start messing around that way. You come home to find them laughing, playing in the mud together, and you smile, set the groceries down, and join them. You have a blast.



Honey’s cool complexion and logical reasoning keeps him from getting anxious, and actually looks outside first. Having Blue as a younger brother, he knows all about young, energetic kids and their burning curiosity for everything, which includes the outdoors. Blue would always run outside, so Honey just got used to it. Sure enough, he finds his kid playing in the mud, and he smiles a little and shrugs it off. When they run up telling him to eat it, though, he starts laughing and just pretends to, to go along with it. When you come home, you find Honey sitting in the grass nearby your toddler, and your toddler playing in the mud. As you approach him, he stands and teasingly smudges a little bit of mud on your cheek and you laugh and do it back. The three of you come inside super muddy, and Honey definitely helps you clean the floor after you all clean yourselves. It was worth it… probably.


Blue honestly wouldn’t lose the kid. There’s no possible way. He’s very watchful and loves to play with them, so he’d probably follow them outside, but not into the mud. At least, not right away. Blue encourages his kid to play outside and even if they get messy, he can always clean them up! When they come over and tell him to eat the mud, Blue takes off his bandana and starts tickling them. They giggle and the two get muddy together. When you come home, they’re both actually cleaning off, and you laugh as Blue explains what happened later on.



Even though Lucky has to be serious during his job, he’s very friendly and playful with family, so he’d willingly mess around with his toddler in the mud. They would joke around together, even if his kid doesn’t fully understand - “You eat it!” “No, you!!” You would come to find them playing together, big messes, and you laugh and secretly get a picture. Since it’s good bonding for them, you let them play around for as long as they want, and once they come in, he finds out you shared that picture with his brother. HOW DARE YOU!!! You will get all the tickle tortures because of this!!


Bullet would react similarly to Lucky, willingly going in and messing around with his kid, but the only difference would be that, he’d pull you in with them. Your kid would giggle and help him, and you have a good time! You guys can’t stop laughing and it gets SUPER messy, and you’re scared to go inside. So B would make a silly little comment, “Then let’s just hose down first.” You thought he was kidding until he set it up like a shower, and kissed you underneath the running water.