while looking absolutely flawless

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“Goodmorning, babydoll.” Brendon pressed his stubbly chin into the crook of your neck, planting a small kiss on your soft skin. 

“Goodmorning, handsome.” You groaned, turning over to face him. 

Somehow Brendon always look absolutely flawless in the mornings, while you always woke looking like an ogre. 

“How ‘bout I go downstairs and make us some breakfast, hm?” He questioned, pulling you in closer.

“That sounds delightful.” 

“I thought you’d say that.” He smiled that handsome smile at you, pressed a kiss against your lips and then jumped out of bed to make the food.  


A/N: Aaaayyyyeeee, I was requested by @chaos-in-pink to do a little imagine so here you go! Go check them out. REQUESTS ARE OPEN. :D

Mine - Joker X Frost X Reader imagine

“I’ve never done a ask before but could you possibly do one where the reader is a dancer at the jokers club she is friends with Frost they are flirting before she does her set and the joker gets jealous and demands she be his only thanks much”

 A/N: Thank you for your request love! I hope you like it love xx

Word count: 1107


Frost had been looking at you all night and you didn’t blame him. You were dancing and having a great time and while you did that you looked absolutely flawless.

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