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Things Rohan Kishibe has done in the spin-off mangas
  • Accidentally impersonated a Catholic priest.
  • Been told he looks like the Mona Lisa.
  • Bought a mountain.
  • Became broke due to buying said mountain, thus having to live at Koichi’s house for a certain amount of time.
  • Had to sell his anime figures due to said mountain-buying.
  • Creeped on his neighbor’s holiday party.
  • Saved his editor’s life by eating corn.
  • Went seafood poaching with Tonio.
  • Bumped into a bunch of people on the subway due to literal cellphone bugs.
  • Had a brief, teenaged summer romance with one of his ancestors.
  • Fought zombies at the Louvre.
  • Found out his grandma’s Gucci handbag had a stand.
  • Got his wallet and passport stolen by his tour guide while visiting a winery in Italy.

Trump is so outclassed and ill-suited for public service. His ability to embarrass himself, all while thinking he is clever, is the burden of ‘toxic conservative whiteness’ America must thoroughly atone and correct.

Almost every big claim Donald Trump just made was false
Donald Trump has completed his first ever speech to Congress as President. And almost every major claim made in it appeared to be false.

Andrew Griffin at The Independent:

Donald Trump has completed his first ever speech to Congress as President. And almost every major claim made in it appeared to be false.

He appeared to wrongly claim that he was responsible for a vast reduction in the price of the F-35 jet, as well as falsely characterising a report into the problems of immigration.

The President’s speech made contested claims about the value of immigration, his success in office, his plans for tax reform, and healthcare coverage.

While much of the speech was focused on the same rhetoric that Mr Trump led his campaign with – including a commitment to bring jobs back to the US and boost the military – he also made a number of factual claims about his work as president.

Here are some of those false claims in full, as fact checked by the Associated Press.

TRUMP: “According to the National Academy of Sciences, our current immigration system costs America’s taxpayers many billions of dollars a year.”

THE FACTS: That’s not exactly what that report says. It says immigrants “contribute to government finances by paying taxes and add expenditures by consuming public services.”

The report found that while first-generation immigrants are more expensive to governments than their native-born counterparts, primarily at the state and local level, immigrants’ children “are among the strongest economic and fiscal contributors in the population.”

The report found that the “long-run fiscal impact” of immigrants and their children would probably be seen as more positive “if their role in sustaining labour force growth and contributing to innovation and entrepreneurial activity were taken into account.”

TRUMP: “We’ve saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by bringing down the price” of the F-35 jet fighter.

THE FACTS: The cost savings he persists in bragging about were secured in full or large part before he became president.

The head of the Air Force program announced significant price reductions in the contract for the Lockheed F-35 fighter jet Dec. 19 — after Trump had tweeted about the cost but weeks before he met the company’s CEO about it.

Pentagon managers took action even before the election to save money on the contract. Richard Aboulafia, an analyst with the aerospace consulting firm Teal Group, said there is no evidence of any additional cost savings as a result of Trump’s actions.

TRUMP: “We will provide massive tax relief for the middle class.”

THE FACTS: Trump has provided little detail on how this would happen. Independent analyses of his campaign’s tax proposals found that most of the benefits would flow to the wealthiest families. The richest 1 percent would see an average tax cut of nearly $215,000 a year, while the middle one-fifth of the population would get a cut of just $1,010, according to the Tax Policy Center, a joint project by the Brookings Institution and Urban Institute.

TRUMP: “Ninety-four million Americans are out of the labour force.”

THE FACTS: That’s true, but for the vast majority of them, it’s because they choose to be.

That 94 million figure includes everyone aged 16 and older who doesn’t have a job and isn’t looking for one. So it includes retirees, parents who are staying home to raise children, and high school and college students who are studying rather than working.

They are unlikely to work regardless of the state of the economy. With the huge baby-boomer generation reaching retirement age and many of them retiring, the population of those out of the labor force is increasing and will continue to do so, most economists forecast.

It’s true that some of those out of the workforce are of working age and have given up looking for work. But that number is probably a small fraction of the 94 million Trump cited.

TRUMP: “Obamacare is collapsing … imploding Obamacare disaster.”

THE FACTS: There are problems with the 2010 health care law, but whether it’s collapsing is hotly disputed.

One of the two major components of the Affordable Care Act has seen a spike in premiums and a drop in participation from insurers. But the other component, equally important, seems to be working fairly well, even if its costs are a concern.

Trump and congressional Republicans want to repeal the whole thing, which risks leaving millions of people uninsured if the replacement plan has shortcomings. Some critics say GOP rhetoric itself is making things worse by creating uncertainty about the future.

The health law offers subsidised private health insurance along with a state option to expand Medicaid for low-income people. Together, the two arms of the program cover more than 20 million people.

Republican governors whose states have expanded Medicaid are trying to find a way to persuade Congress and the administration to keep the expansion, and maybe even build on it, while imposing limits on the long-term costs of Medicaid.

While the Medicaid expansion seems to be working, the markets for subsidised private health insurance are stressed in many states. Also affected are millions of people who buy individual policies outside the government markets, and face the same high premiums with no financial help from the health law.

Larry Levitt of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation says “implosion” is too strong a term. An AP count found that 12.2 million people signed up for this year, despite the Trump administration’s threats to repeal the law.

But a health care blogger and industry consultant, Robert Laszewski, agrees with Trump, saying too few young, healthy people have signed up to guarantee the stability of the insurance markets.

TRUMP: His budget plan will offer “one of the largest increases in national defence spending in American history”.

THE FACTS: Three times in recent years, Congress raised defence budgets by larger percentages than the 54 billion dollars, or 10%, increase Mr Trump proposes. The base defence budget grew by 41 billion dollars, or 14.3%, in 2002; by 37 billion dollars, or 11.3%, in 2003, and by 47 billion dollars, or 10.9%, in 2008, according to Defence Department figures.

TRUMP: “According to data provided by the Department of Justice, the vast majority of individuals convicted for terrorism-related offences since 9/11 came here from outside of our country. We have seen the attacks at home - from Boston to San Bernardino to the Pentagon and yes, even the World Trade Centre.”

THE FACTS: It is unclear what Justice Department data he’s citing, but the most recent government information does not back up his claim. Just over half the people Mr Trump talks about were born in the US, according to Homeland Security Department research revealed last week. That report said of 82 people the government determined were inspired by a foreign terrorist group to attempt or carry out an attack in the US, just over half were native-born.

Even the attacks Mr Trump singled out were not entirely the work of foreigners. (name withheld out of respect for the victims), who along with his Pakistani wife killed 14 people in the 2015 attack in San Bernardino, California, was born in Chicago.

It is true that in the immediate aftermath of September 11, the FBI’s primary concern was with terrorists from overseas feared to be plotting attacks in the US, but that is no longer the case.

The FBI and the Justice Department have been preoccupied with violent extremists from inside the US who are inspired by the calls to violence and mayhem of the Islamic State group. The Justice Department has prosecuted scores of IS-related cases since 2014, and many of the defendants are US citizens.

Quebec Enacts 'Religious Neutrality Law' To Curb Full-Face Veils In Public

Quebec has approved a law that would require citizens of the Canadian province to uncover their faces while giving or receiving any public service — a rule critics say is aimed at Muslim women who wear the niqab or burqa.

The Associated Press writes: “The new law has two basic components: It bans the wearing of face coverings for people giving or receiving a service from the state and it offers a framework outlining how authorities should grant accommodation requests based on religious beliefs. While the bill doesn’t specifically mention specific clothing, it would prohibit the burqa and niqab when people interact with the state, but it doesn’t extend to other religious symbols.”

Under the so-called religious neutrality law, the restrictions would extend to public workers, such as doctors, teachers and daycare workers, according to the CBC.

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You ever find yourself using your customer service speech while in public? Went to Mal-Wart the other day and asked the cashier if she found everything okay..i'll be using the self checkout there for a while >->

Mind’s Eye - Chapter Five

Chapter Five
Reader’s discretion for a few 18+ moments

The darkness of the movie theater had been the first place you thought of for you to be left with your thoughts as much as possible on a day that was meant to be spent entirely in Kai’s company. You had let him pick the movie. He did so joyfully, selecting a comic book remake that had every possible superhero trope in it.

The trailers began to play, and you sank back in your seat, thankful for the armrest finally separating you from the hands that had been on you all morning.

Kai looked over at you and smiled. The light from the screen battled harshly with the shadow over the curves of his lips. The train of thought you had been trying so hard to conduct crashed abruptly. You didn’t even notice, however; your focus had been lost when the hand you thought you wouldn’t miss appeared on your thigh.

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Can you bring service dogs in training anywhere? How do you go about doing that if so?


No, service dogs in training (SDiTs) can not and should not go just anywhere with you.

The wording on this question concerns me for a few reasons, so let me preface by saying this is not a how-to on bringing your pet with you everywhere you go. If you are puppy raising or fostering for a service dog organization, consult them directly.

I am only knowledgeable on US law, I can direct you elsewhere if you live in a different country, just let me know. I inserted a breakpoint to save people miles of scrolling If they don’t want to read.

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Public Service Announcement

So after a while of biting my tongue on this I want to come out and say this. People for the love of my sanity, please stop posting all your Harry Styles imagines in the Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson etc tags! Please keep them under the Harry Styles tag as those of us going under the Louis, Niall and Liam tag are looking for imagines and information on Niall, Liam and Louis, if we wanted Harry we would go under his tag! So please stop posting your Harry Styles imagines under the boys tags because it makes it so much harder for us to try and find imagines on the other boys! We love your work but please keep it under the Harry Styles and one direction tag and NOT under the Niall, Louis and Liam tags! Thank you

On The Enterprise- a SpockxUhura fic

A/N: I wrote this fanfic for @blackcat2406 and she loved it so I’m posting it here for all to enjoy. 

It wasn’t exactly against Star Fleet rules to engage in a relationship with a fellow officer. But it wasn’t exactly encouraged either. He hadn’t meant to end up in such an entanglement, in fact, he had been certain no such thing would occur to him. She, on the other hand, had long been hoping to find romance, though she would never have thought she’d find it with their resident Vulcan.

It had started unexpectedly, she’d fainted on deck after exposure to a strange chemical, and he had visited med-bay to check on her. She was surprised by his visit, it was extremely uncommon for him to personally check on crew members. In truth he’d also been surprised, surprised at how concerned he was for her well being, at how he’d found himself sitting at her bedside waiting for her to recover. In private, with her, it was like all of his walls didn’t exist.

At first, they merely spent their free time engaging in intellectual conversation, over time that evolved into practising music and singing together. Neither of them was sure when it occurred but slowly they found themselves stealing small kisses and brushing hands in secret. When they were working on the bridge she’d steal glances at him and tease him, “Have you ever been in love, Mr Spock?”

It pained him not being able to answer her truthfully in the company of the crew. He’d always respond calmly to her teasing but when they were alone he’d pepper her with kisses.

“Lieutenant it is wrong to tease a superior officer… I hope you are aware that you fluster me, causing a rise in temperature in my face.”

She’d giggle at him, knowing he found it hard to say he loved her.

“You mean to tell me, I made you blush Mr Spock?”

“Yes, Lieutenant.”

Until he went through Pon farr their relationship had been innocent. Both of them had held back because after all, he was engaged. After Pon farr though, he told her T’Pring had called off the engagement, he’d had to fight the captain to get over the frenzy. She wasn’t pleased with T’Pring’s actions but a small part of her was extremely happy as it meant they could truly be together.

The closer they became the more they talked in Vulcan to each other, he was always impressed with how well she managed to speak his native tongue. For her it was an extra way to express her love for him when on deck she could shower him with Vulcan words of affection and no one would be the wiser. And for him it meant he could tell her he loved her, not having to worry if the captain overheard.

Keeping the relationship private was not without its difficulties. Uhura often found herself having to hold down her temper at Chapel’s advances on Spock. As for Spock, he could not logically display concern and preference to her when he found himself wanting to. Of course, some crew members knew of their relationship, Yeoman Rand for one who was close friends with Uhura and Dr McCoy. Bones, strangely enough, had been the first to know, noticing the odd moments of concern Spock had shown Uhura.

Still, Captain Kirk, though Spock’s closest friend, never knew of their intimacy on The Enterprise. It was only on the day of their retirement from The Enterprise that they informed the captain and crew. Of course with their intent on continuing the relationship, there’d been little reason not to make it publically known.

Spock had proposed while they were still in service, it had surprised her with his Vulcan habits but she’d accepted. During their time off The Enterprise, they’d wed in a small private ceremony on Vulcan. Retirement suited them, allowed them to start a small family. However, they soon found themselves back with Captain Kirk, exploring the galaxy- entrusting their only child with Vulcan family members. With their relationship publically known the crew expected them to act differently but that wasn’t their way. They preferred low-key, small displays of affection.

In their time together Spock had found himself forgetting Uhura was only human. Even as she aged he continued to view her as beautiful and brilliant. She’d tease him if he complimented her too much, “You must be looking through rose coloured glasses, I’m all wrinkly.”

Perhaps he was viewing her through a different light, logically he knew she had aged but yet he could not find her anything less than attractive. And that was probably why her passing came as such a surprise, he’d forgotten the difference in their lifespans. She’d lived longer than the average human though and he cherished every memory she’d given him.

He permanently retired from Star Fleet then, dedicating himself to teaching and spending time with the family she’d given him.

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So A) Chuck bless you for your porn drabbles. Truly doing a public service. And B) excuse me while I dive into your J2/Wincest works because I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED and IMO you’re the best.

Haha, thank you so much! That’s so sweet! Hope you enjoy them! XOXO

Venezuela's indigenous people leave jungles homes to try survive on the city streets of Brazil

Hundreds of indigenous Warao people from the Orinoco Delta have left Venezuela and are now trying their luck on the gritty streets of Manaus – Brazil’s Amazonian metropolis – where they live in derelict buildings and tent camps and are forced to make a living by begging from passing motorists.

Trending: Air Canada plane makes emergency landing after passenger tries to open cabin door mid-flight

Many have made the long bus journey from northeastern Venezuela to Manaus, a city of two million people where local authorities are scrambling to help them find shelter, food and medicine. “Everything is gone in Venezuela,” said Abel Calderon, a 32-year-old Warao who is acting as spokesman for the impromptu community now living under tarps, tents and other makeshift lodgings around the city, some of them under a highway overpass.

Don’t miss: ‘Hunchback of Torrenueva’ unearthed in Roman cemetery in southern Spain

Local authorities have declared a social emergency and called for support from the federal and state governments for what they have called a “humanitarian crisis”. Many Venezuelans have been deported after having crossed the border due to concerns about vagrancy and begging, local media reported, while local hospitals and public services have been put under strain.

Calderon says the Warao chose Manaus because it was the closest city in Brazil where they could look for work or assistance from local authorities. So far, city officials have helped with food and medicine while also asking Brazil’s federal police force to accelerate documentation that can help the Warao find jobs or formally register with social welfare programmes.

Most popular: Giant T-Rex could crush three cars in one bite

The Warao faced hunger and hardship in their villages along Venezuela’s Caribbean coast. They have traditionally used their fishing skills to survive – for nourishment, for barter or by selling the fish for cash. But Venezuela’s economic and political instability mean people can’t afford to buy their fish, and there is nothing in the shops to barter them against.

Calderon said he wants to stay in Brazil, saddened by the hardship and increasingly stark reality in Venezuela, where the economic woes and mounting unrest in recent weeks has led to dozens of deaths in political protests. “It’s sad in Venezuela,” he says. “There everything is finished. Here we could work and stay.”

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I was with my service dog and approached by someone who wanted to pet him. I replied nicely and said "he's my service dog he's working right now." The person then asked me if there was an actual law written that said a service dog can't be pet. I was not sure because I actually don't know that. Before I could say anything, the person then just walked away and I took my dog and we just went home. Do you know if there is a law. I just felt stupid and I'm sorry for bothering you.

In most states, intentionally messing with or otherwise distracting a service dog is a misdemeanor. Regardless, it’s common courtesy not to pet someone’s service dog while out in public. 

~ Lex (& Faith)

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Actually the minister said that you only have to uncover your face while having an interaction with a public service worker. So you can get on the bus and ride on it with your face covered, but you would need to uncover it while buying bus tickets for example. (I still don't agree with the bill though, just giving a precision)

I know. I posted that yesterday.

Up until yesterday, this was not known.

After watching a student walk straight into his friend, sending them both crashing into a wall, Jenna took action. “Right! So, uhm, this is a Public Service Announcement about safety while wearing masks. Uhrm, please ensure that you are looking through the eyeholes-” She gestured to her face. Nobody could probably hear her over the music. “And please do not obstruct anyone else’s vision… I don’t want to be responsible for your health tonight. I didn’t mean-” Oh, this was not working at all. 

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Hi, to anyone who might interest. Could you elongate on parallels and similarities between Stannis Baratheon and Maekar Targaryen? Both are kings, kinslayers and described as solemn and serious. Is there any other similarities you see? Ps love all your analysis.

Maekar is proto-Stannis, and his merits and flaws give us an idea of what Stannis might be like as a king.

Maekar and Stannis are grim, prickly fellows, prone to thinking the worst of those they deal with. Both are stubborn, notoriously so. Both have a rather undeserved reputation, however, for being inflexible. Stannis is remarkably flexible in the pursuit of his goals, and an inflexible, hidebound man would never consent to having his son squire for a hedge knight. Both men are held as kinslayers killing a more popular brother, with Maekar killing Baelor at the trial by combat while Stannis shadowbabied Renly during the War of Five Kings (though Baelor was truly had great potential while Stannis committed arguably one of the realm’s greatest public services). Both are skeptical and cynical, doubtful of the gods (though Stannis has become a believer because Mel’s clearly got something in her corner, though whether it’s Rh’llor or simply magic is unknown), both hold their duty highly.

Both can let their snubbings get the better of them too. Stannis was in danger, explaining why he never left Dragonstone (something the fans criticize him for a little too unfairly, I think), and Maekar seethed at Summerhall after Brynden Bloodraven was chosen as Hand over himself.

Yet, both men also reacted quickly when needed, and remembered their duties to the realm when it was in danger. Stannis went to the Wall when Maekar fought Haegon, Bittersteel, and the Golden Company. Maekar, a grim and warlike king, nevertheless had 12 years of relative peace. He took the field even in his advanced age (it’s unclear how hold Maekar was at his death, but it’s somewhere between 55-59).

These two men have their hangups, but they’re fundamentally geared toward doing what they have to do.

Thanks for the question, Aemond

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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I was wondering if you have advice on making a resume with no experience? Like, I know I'm gonna need a job in the very near future but I have no clue where to start on the resume when I've never had a job before. Could you please help?

Okay! So- building a resume with no experience! It can sounds like an impossible task- but I assure you it’s not. When I worked in HR, the only reason I really looked at people’s “past employment” section was to determine how long they’d stayed at past jobs (anything less than 6 months always got my attention).  The great thing about being a high school student looking for a first job, is that you are essentially a clean slate. There are many employers who value that in a fresh face. 

First, make sure your resume has a good introduction/summary.  This is a beginning section that consists of 2-3 sentences about you that the employer can look at and get a good idea of what you’re all about.  
An example:
”Highly motivated high school student seeking to utilize and enhance my skills while serving the public in the customer service industry. I am keen to pursue a position that will compliment my studies and provide me with a career opportunity ”.   
Make it sound like you want to be in this for the long haul- that you are eager to do the job, and that you want to use and develop the skills you already have.  

Instead of focusing on your job experience, you are going to have to focus on skills and education. We’ll talk about skills first! There are essentially three types of skills that go on resumes: Job-related, transferable, and adaptive. Job-related is pretty self-explanatory- it’s skills you have developed that relate to the specific job for which you are applying.  Transferable skills are ones that you have learned in work or education fields that are applicable to others. And finally, adaptive skills are those that are behavioral - personality traits and characteristics that determine your work style.  Adaptive skills are the hardest to substantiate, and you should try to avoid showcasing them too heavily on your resume. Here’s some examples of each type:

(say you’re applying to work in accounting):
-Have worked with (program used at company)
-Experience with financial planning and budgeting
-Extensive work with Microsoft Excel
-Personnel management
-Equipment Operation
-Forklift certification
-Team player

If you have taken any computer classes (and even if you haven’t- you’re a student, your life is built around computers!), focus on your proficiency in typing and data entry.  Mention your affinity for technology and your ability to troubleshoot and problem solve.  

Now, onto education! Since you’re still in school, this section is basically going to consist of one entry- your current high school. The best part about the education section of your resume is that it doesn’t end with just naming the school- you should also include: clubs, extra curricular activities, awards, honors, and your GPA if it’s decent.   If you school has given you any “work” experience (volunteering, fund raising) you can include that either right there under the school, or in a separate “volunteer work” section.  

Here’s some links that can help you further!
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How to build your “skills section” 
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How to write a resume when you have no work experience
The perfect resume with no experience

I hope this helps!!!