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Iron Eyes Cody (born Espera Oscar de Corti April 3, 1904 – January 4, 1999) was a Sicilian-American actor, who for most of his life pretended to be Native American, portraying Native Americans in film and television. Perhaps his most famous role was the “Crying Indian” in the “Keep America Beautiful” public service announcements. While many in the Native community suspected he was a fraud, they largely kept quiet as he was a major advocate for Native issues in Hollywood and politics.

midterms start next week, and they’ll last for about 12 or so days. thereforeee, i’ll start doing drafts again afterward - on MARCH 30TH. as i said in a previous post, i really want to get killian going again. ily cuties, thank you for such unwavering patience!

tax fraud is such a disgusting crime like people don’t pay taxes just for the sake of paying taxes, like that money actually goes to the government and the government isn’t some sort of independent institution, the government=the people and when people don’t pay their taxes they’re stealing from the people, they’re stealing from public services, education, health care, they’re stealing while that single mother of two earns “enough” money to have to pay taxes, while some parents can’t afford certain things for their kids but they still have to pay taxes. committing tax fraud is not only stealing from someone, it’s stealing from an entire population that has needs that are supposed to be covered by the taxes you didn’t pay

Since he’s back in the news over brexit, I would like to take time for a public service announvemt reminding everyone that David Cameron did in fact shag a pig’s head while in uni. Thank you, this has been a public service announcement.

What we know so far regarding the Royal Birth
  • KP: William and Kate are ‘touched’ at the public reaction to the impending birth of their second child,George’s new little brother or sister
  • It was confirmed today that William and Kate have not found out if their next baby is a boy or girl.
  • It’s been revealed Prince William faces a 2-hour dash by car to get to Lindo Wing in time, as he’ll be working away around the due date.
  • The couple, George, and the new prince/princess will spend a few days at KP after leaving hospital before retiring to Norfolk for the summer
  • To avoid the Great Kate Wait second time round, media not allowed to set up camp outside Lindo Wing until after Duchess admitted in labour.
  • William will take two weeks’ statutory paternity from his job with Bond Air Service while no public duties likely for mum Kate until autumn.
  • Kate will take a longer maternity leave this time, source: “With two very young children her focus will be on her family during the summer”
  • William and Kate are not currently planning to hire a new nanny, Maria will be busy!!!

More Details:  
Here’s what we know so far regarding preparations for the birth of the #RoyalBaby. 

Sources: Rebecca English, Royal Central, Victoria Murphy on Twitter

You know what I don’t get: people desperately grasping for reasons and proof that Sasuke and Sakura aren’t married/happy.

Look…just stop. You will not find anything, because there is no proof to find.

Sasuke and Sakura are married.

Sasuke and Sakura are happy together.

Sasuke and Sakura love each other.

How do I know this? They are the endgame couple in a manga where there are no unhappy and dysfunctional couples.

This isn’t House of Cards or LOST, if two people get married, it’s because they are in love. They are not trapped in a loveless marriage. They are not “giving lip service to being married while in public to save face” while in private Sasuke “doesn’t care” or is “incredibly neglectful” and Sakura is “locked in a loveless marriage, suffering in secret”. That is patently ridiculous.

This is a manga about love and hope and the importance of the bonds of family, not a social study about getting your dreams and finding out they’re not what you expected, or an examination of a marriage going through the forms and how it hurts the children.

It isn’t true, it was never true, it is never going to be true. Do not deceive yourself, because you’ll just get angry at Kishimoto again for not writing the genre you wanted, like you did with the end of 700.

It’s like this: Ron and Hermione grow old together, Miaka and Tamahome have children, Sasuke and Sakura have a happy marriage. Don’t like the ship? Don’t find it believable? That’s a shame, it really is. It doesn’t change that is what happens, though, and your dislike of it will do nothing to make it untrue.

You don’t have to like the ship, you do not have to ship it. You can hate it for whatever reason you choose. However, in canon they are happy, are married, and are in love. If you insist otherwise, then you are holding to an AU of your choosing, not canon.

Grazia Jan2016- Yesung's interview

Source & credits: @cloud_topia

“I didn’t want to think of it easily or comfortably”

Other than sincerity/diligence, and talent and individuality that he was borned with, the thing that he seemed to be filled with most is fierceness/intensity. The reason why his first acting shown in the drama ‘Awl’ doesn’t seem awkward is also likewise. Member of 10-year global idol group Super Junior, and vocalist and actor on his own, he’s taking slow and deep steps overcoming boundaries- Yesung.

How is your condition today?

It’s good. Though I have not much strength since I haven’t eaten a meal. By any chance do you have vegetable salad?

Ah, do you only eat vegetables?

It’s not that, I just feel like eating salad. Haha.

Do you usually not eat meals well? Or are you in the middle of managing yourself?

I’m in the process of managing myself everyday. I did it thoroughly too while in public service. I have a little of something resembling neurosis regarding it. Originally, I swell/puff up easily, so if I don’t manage my diet perfectly, there are many cases where I fail. There was a time where I didn’t even eat a meal and lied down after two hours on the running machine, then ate exactly 4 pieces of the salt grilled shrimps that my mum made- the next day I was totally swollen/puffed up.

Couldn’t it be that it’s just a very tiny difference and only you feel that way yourself?

Ah, it so happened that there was the Awl press conference on that day. I received calls from members asking why was I swollen up like that. Actually I also don’t understand and am flustered. I’m also mad at myself… it’s totally stressful.

How do you manage your diet specifically?

These days instead of fasting completely, I do try to eat a bit of saltless/unsalted food. For a long time, I think I’ve lived without putting a big meaning/significance to eating.

You must have a strong/firm will.

I have to be like that. People might think what’s the point of eating a little less and appearing a little prettier, but for me, the gap is quite big and I also feel self-satisfaction. I have to be satisfied so that the beholder/viewer can also feel satisfaction. I think it’s also the same for singing and acting. I tend to be quite severe on areas that require self management.

That’s admirable. For most, even if they want to do it, they can’t.

After experiencing/undergoing a lot of things while doing promotions/activities, I found myself able to do everything. Haha. There is a time/moment for seizing opportunities but I could not seize any during my early days of promotions. I also did not stand out like the other members. I think I changed a lot after going through those times.

Even after debut, it seems there was a continuation of a fiercer competition.

Rather than a competition, I felt a greater disappointment with myself. What was really hard was the sadness of the people closest to me. So I made a resolution. Ah, I can’t go on like this. I even cut off meeting people. For 7 years. I ended up knowing ways to spend time by myself and also finding fun in other things.

So that’s why you even raised a turtle.

Yes, that’s right. I raised turtles, and since I watched movies everyday, I gradually accumulated 5000 DVDs of movies. Now my list of hobbies that I can do by myself have increased by a lot. I think these things have sustained me/ kept me going. After living like that, I also realized the importance of my family, and while thinking about the space where I can spend with my family, I learned about interior design; also, while opening a cafe, I ended up learning about coffee - in this way, I ended up challenging more things/areas. As I frequently watched movies, I also started having the desire to act.

After concentrating on yourself, your world has broadened.

Right. The things that I have experienced during my 10 years of promotion have become the spark/trigger, and my life purpose has changed a lot. Among them, I have actually emptied my mind/hopes about acting, but after emptying them, an opportunity shows up. It’s really an irony.

There is a thing such as timing.

Yes. A famous casting director recommended me, wanting to use me this time. With a really cool and good director, Ji Hyunwoo whom I’ve known from last time, and a lot of people who have acted for a long time and are good at it, I thought it was a really good opportunity for me. And I learned a lot.

As it’s your first time doing conventional acting, you must feel burdened/pressured.

I’ve done about three musicals, and when I first started, there was almost no idol who was promoting actively in a group like me (doing musicals). I felt it a lot then too. What is the definition of an idol exactly. I actually debuted at 22 years old. Last time there were many solo ballad singers who debuted around my age. But people don’t call them idol singers. There is definitely some type of prejudice arising from the title. It’s the same too when acting this time. I don’t particularly care about it but I really don’t know why such a division is important. In the Awl casting article as well, without fail, there are a lot of comments asking why an idol who hasn’t acted once before is involved in this good piece of work. ‘Ah, they think like this too,’ I thought and accepted it, and worked much harder. I really felt a heavy burden/responsibility. Haha.

Temporary employees and the labor union- the stories in the drama are very different to your job; even though it is an unfamiliar combination, you blended well together without seeming out of place.

Because they are things that I have not experienced, firstly I tried to listen about it from other people. I also went to the mart and observed carefully the marine products part that I have been assigned with in the drama. I watched them displaying the fish and their cutting skills, among others, and each action as they worked really looked different to me. I also went to watch the way demonstrators protested at a labor union twice, even though the characters are different, because I wanted to experience it personally. I practised hard as well, and I went to watch the other actors filming even when I didn’t have any scenes. Ah, once I went to watch Ahn Naesang seonsaengnim* because I had a scene in the drama where I had to imitate him, and he was really taken aback. He said it’s the first time he met a fellow who came to find him just for that one scene. Haha. But putting aside the fact that I’m an idol in my 10th year, the fact that an opportunity of my dreams came to me at 32 years of age- I didn’t want to think of it/ treat it easily. I wanted to think of it with more pressure/burden. And I wanted to pay more attention to even the minor details.

You must not have any regrets left having worked that hard.

Yes. Because even though I can’t be satisfied, I did my best. I really did all that I could. But as I still realize my inadequacy/lacking points, in the next project I feel that I want to fix this point and that- this process in itself is fun/interesting.

Already half a year has passed since you’ve been discharged, I heard that this period of time is when men have the most thoughts in their lives.

Um, I’ve had the thought wondering between an adult wanting to have a luxury car and a child wanting to have a minicar, which desire is bigger in comparison. I’ve had an occasion where my body was injured severely so I couldn’t go into active service, but it was really distressing suddenly not being able to promote/ have activities for 2 years. Firstly I thought of what things I should prioritize, and I wanted to make the 2 years into time that could be useful/ helpful to me somehow.

Have you ever written down a list of the things you have to do?

Of course. Even though it’s trivial, I even changed a bad habit. I’ve curbed my habit of biting my nails that I’ve been doing for 20 years. Once I made up my mind it was possible. I’ve also been studying song composing continuously. At first I did it myself using the knowledge that I have, but I hit a limit. So I met people who are good at music a lot. At that time, I still thought that I have to write songs to release a solo album. Haha. I’m just joking. I studied because I wanted to express the things that I feel and experience through a song, so my satisfaction is great. And I made a lot of songs.

I have a hunch we would be able to meet a Yesung solo album soon?

Ah, originally it was supposed to come out last October. But of all times, Awl suddenly appeared at that time. I couldn’t turn down that opportunity. So it has also become a chance for me to think once more about the songs that I have prepared then.

How would a Yesung solo differ from Super Junior, musically speaking?

Um, of course Super Junior has a lot of extremely diverse and good songs, but there is a bit of a difference with the music I like. If we’re talking about ballads, Super Junior ballads are a little more splendid/fancy and popular with the public, while I have a personal preference towards indie music.

If you were to explain in a little more detail?

I’m not differentiating/ drawing a distinction between specific genres. How should I say it, music that is not splendid/fancy in its sound but which can express myself well. I want to try composing with people who make that kind of music for my solo album. Among them, there is a friend called ‘Brother Su’ whom I’ve known from last time. He is a friend with many talents who recently sang a duet with Soyu and even made Zion.T’s ‘Eat’. I’m also doing an exchange musically with a hyung who is the music director of the recent Super Junior KRY concerts. Anyhow, I might be able to show songs that are a bit more like me with more straightforward lyrics.

I heard that Super Junior will become independent through its label- if so, what changes will there be?

Um, but as it’ll still be inside the big fence that is SM, I don’t think the course/direction would change by much. Since the company has a lot of singers, it’s difficult to seize/ grab hold of the timing. In that regard, wouldn’t there be various opportunities? Haha. Actually it’s now winter, right? Like the juniors this time, I would also like to release a Christmas album. The fans think that my voice suits well with winter. They said if we were to separate Super Junior KRY into parts, Ryeowook is spring, Kyuhyun is autumn and I’m winter.

Recently you’re in the middle of Super Junior KRY’s overseas tour, has your thirst been relieved?

Not long after my discharge, we did the Japan tour, and I really cried a lot then. It’s also hard to stand on stage again after a few months amidst filming the drama, but it was fun. More than anything, I was very happy and thankful to be able to have a tour again in countries that I’ve not been to for a few years. If there are people that have forgotten me in that time, I wanted to regain/ win them back. Haha. Because I really wanted to sing.

Even though you now know the taste of acting, it cannot compare with the enjoyment on stage right?

Of course. I’m a vocalist. I’m a singer so of course I feel happiest when singing. Then again, I don’t understand thoughts about dividing/splitting acting and singing. Even while I’m acting or while I’m singing, I’m just Yesung.

This line of work might cause/invite a lot of misunderstanding; what kind of person would you like to be remembered as by the public?

Thankfully, I’ve never caused a big problem or got cursed/insulted at. I also don’t particularly wish to be seen in a specific way. Only, I don’t want to make a big difference/distinction within myself no matter what I do. I want to always put all my sincerity into my activities, whether acting or singing; and I only have the thought that I have to work harder in order for that sincerity to be seen and felt. I still have a long way to go.

*seonsaengnim = teacher (for great seniors/sunbaenims… I think)

  • Source & credits of Grazia January issue: @cloud_topia
  • Translation: @haz3113
  • Please let me know if there are any mistakes in translation.
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