while in captivity they can live longer than twenty years. in the wild

Locked Up + A Daddy!Killian One Shot

A little Daddy Killian and some domestic bliss while I keep working through my writer’s block/struggles :] enjoy!

“Unbelievable,” he groaned, shaking his head in defeat. “Bloody unbelievable.”

He’d told Emma the truth about this once - the honest bit about how he’d been in his fair share of brigs while somewhat overselling the jail in New York as the most barbaric. He folded his arms as he sat on the steps behind the wooden railings of the staircase, realizing he may have been incorrect about those accommodations.

Because yes - here he was, imprisoned and pouting on the stairs in the living room of their new home at the behest of the most trivial jailer he’d run into in his centuries of life. He should have known his own son wouldn’t stand for bad form.

He immediately regretted the dozen different knots he’d taught Liam to tie on all those afternoon trips to the harbor as he looked down at the rope binding his feet together. The navy blue socks with little anchors on them were a small consolation he thought as he wiggled his toes - especially given the fact that they’d been a Father’s Day gift from the lad who’d apprehended him in lieu of a duel. Truthfully, his son would likely become heir to his father’s impeccable sword skills at some point, but Killian figured it was probably wise to teach the kid to tie his own shoes before trusting him with a weapon.

“Food for the prisoner?”

Killian lifted his head as he tried to bite back the smirk tugging at the corner of his lip. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been sitting there like a fool, but as he took a quick glance at the five year old boy leaning against the wall and the several fruit snack wrappers at his feet, he realized he’d been figuratively locked up for far too long. Liam grinned at him in that teasing way he’d inherited from the woman he’d fallen into this ridiculously wonderful true love with and held out a red plastic package for the taking. It was one they seemed to have a lot of since his son had learned how to swipe the grocery list off the fridge - and the pirate brandishing a curved sword on the cardboard box was a slice of irony Killian had learned to deal with.

The boy was lucky he had his mother’s smile - it allowed him to get away with far too much.

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Let the Lightning Guide You (1/1)

Summary: On a warm evening on the back porch of their home, Killian and Emma catch fireflies together, for the first time.  Post S5.

Rated: K

Warnings: None

Words: ~3.3k

Notes: For @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, who misses fireflies.  CS with a side order of Captain Cobra Swan.  Title borrowed from the lyrics of this song.

Also on ff and ao3

“It’s Wednesday, right, love?”

Emma very nearly startles, captivated as she is by counting the stars as they peek out from behind the clouds.  It had rained all morning, and had been cloudy all afternoon.  It was the warm sort of rain that follows on the tail of early summer, haze creeping up off the blacktop, heat clinging stubbornly to the curtains, to the car, to damn near every surface in the house.

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