while i was doing just cried

On the crying

I didn’t see it mentioned so far, but it’s something I really liked in episode 7 of Yuri on Ice :

Yuuri is ugly crying.

His face is distorted, his mouth misshaped, his nose is all red, about to run (he even blows his nose after, like yes finally a tissue used for his proper purpose after crying, meaning blowing your nose, not drying your tears), he cries big tears and his voice breaks.

And he does it in front of Viktor. And Viktor just don’t give a shit about if he’s ugly or not while crying. His lover is crying and he wants to do something. It doesn’t affect his perception of Yuuri (he realizes stuff about Yuuri, but it’s not just the fact that he cries, but rather the reason of him to get so anxious).

And it’s important.

Remember in the first episode ? Yuuri crying alone in the toilet stall ? Not even crying on the phone when it’s his mom ? Drying his tears before going out to see Yurio ? Trying to be silent ?

And just in general, his tendency to isolate himself when he’s not feeling well ? (how he goes training outside during the japanese competition, how he avoids Viktor in episode 4) How he reacted when Viktor “caught” him having an anxiety attack in episode 3 after watching Yuri’s Agape ?

And then Yuuri let himself cry in front of Viktor. He was pushed over the edge, dead anxious, and Viktor’s awkward attempt at motivating him was the last strand. So he cried, which he probably hated.

But Viktor didn’t give a shit. Yuuri showed himself in all his vulnerability. That’s why we all like this scene, it’s because it’s really intimate. Yuuri is showing himself vulnerable in font of Viktor. And Viktor listen to him, understand him. And support him. He doesn’t take advantage of it, he doesn’t act any differently than before, he even pays attention to stay close to him (physically and mentally). And Yuuri feels better. It’s said that the cry helped him to feel better and release anxiety. And letting out his thoughts to Viktor while crying helped a lot. And Viktor doesn’t care about how he looked. Viktor saw him being at his sexiest, and at his ugliest. And Viktor love all sides of him. Viktor loves him whole, at his highest as much as his lowest (like come on he started to coach him when he was so depressed).

And it’s important. Both that they showed ugly crying because you don’t always look Beautifully Dramatic™ when you cry, especially in those situations where you’re falling apart from anxiety and stress. And then that he finally cried in front of Viktor, being vulnerable, and that it didn’t affect Viktor’s perception of him (no loss of confidence, no “you can’t do it after all”, nothing of that, even better, a “you’re stronger than I thought; I’ll stay by your side”).

Because now, Yuuri knows he can be “weak” in front of Viktor. He knows he has at least someone he can freely cry in front of. Someone he can show his vulnerability, talk about his fears, his insecurities.

And I think it’s so important, both for Yuuri’s character development, but also for their relationship development, and how healthy it is.

(Edit: not to mention an actual ugly crying is so much more realistic, heart-pinching, heart wrecking to me. It looks way more truthful, an actual expression of his feelings.)

things i loved about moana

-chief moana, not princess moana
-david bowie crab was fab
-moana and maui putting their hair up in BUNS while doing shit like wow that’s such a little thing but so realistic
-moana cried A LOT and i loved it like it wasn’t really ever a “helpless princess moment” where they cry because it’s the low point of the movie. she cried when she was happy, when she was sad, when she was angry, when she was confused like a lot but it was just really nice to see from someone who cries like 24/7
-the music holy shit
-like from the opening song my jaw dropped it was just so beautiful
-stingray grandma every damn time was beautiful
-sassy beautiful ocean
-moana and maui’s friendship
-te fiti and te ka are AWESOME

Just a lot of good shit honestly go watch moana


hoseok birthday bonanza!

day 06 - dancing

i just want a scene where the homesickness becomes too much for lance and he breaks down in front of keith. i need them to be sat on lance’s bed and for lance to have his back up against keiths chest as he stares out of his window and into space. i need keith holding lance as close as he can as lance just sobs while all keith can do is stroke his hair, rock him and occasionally hush his cries. i need the soft silence of it. i need lance to let himself break. i need keith to be there to help pick up the pieces when he does :/

Do you guys remember this scene from episode 4??

One of the first times we actually see Victor talking about his life, aside from skating.

He never really put much thought on something he thought he’d be able to see and hear for the rest of his life (the seagulls’ cries). He misses it.

Now while re-watching the final scene of YOI, look what I found.

The fact they remembered, and decided to add this… YOI’s concentration on detail, regarding the story is just crazy.

1. It’s early morning.

2. And we can see (what I assume are) Seagulls in the distance.

3. Something that reminds Victor of home. Which now it’s something he’s able to share with Yuuri. Both getting to be part of each others lives. How much they treasure one another. And the fact, Victor decided to share with Yuuri, something about his life, and now at the end we see them both probably living together, engaged, training in the same russian rink. So many things have changed since their first meeting. But now they now that as long as they have each other they can call any place they go, home.

The connection between past and present scenes, between each character and their interactions is something I’ve come to love from this series.

Self-Care & Helpful Tips for INTP “The Thinker”

Functions: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe


  • Great analyst & abstract thinker
  • Imaginative & original
  • Open-minded
  • Enthusiastic
  • Objective
  • Honest & straightforward


  • Very private & withdrawn
  • Insensitive
  • Absent-minded
  • Condescending
  • Loathe rules & guidelines
  • Second-guess themselves

Turn-on = Understanding

Turn-off = Manipulation

What stresses INTP out

  • Being in an environment where they feel controlled by others.
  • Not being allowed to go with the flow of the moment.
  • Being required to do simple and repetitive tasks.
  • Being surrounded by individuals they see as incompetent.
  • A lack of autonomy.
  • Being in charge of the quality of another person’s work.
  • Not enough alone time. Too much extraverting.
  • Being immersed in emotionally charged environments.
  • Being in a place where their expertise is not appreciated.
  • People “barging in” on their space.
  • Not having their strongly held values validated

How to help an INTP experiencing stress

  • Give them alone time and space
  • Excuse them from some of their responsibilities
  • Let them get away from everything
  • Don’t ask them how they feel or if they’re okay
  • Encourage them to have some alone time exercising
  • Let them know it’s okay to feel unreasonable sometimes
  • Stay out of the way and forgive out-of-characteristic behavior

How INTP handle Grief

  • Bury their feelings
  • Not good at opening in front of others

How INTP handle Guilt

  • Over-analytical
  • Pressure themselves to do better

What INTP are like when Sad

  • Appear apathetic & disinterested
  • Dislike feeling vulnerable

What INTP need after a Bad Day

  • A new project to distract them from self-destructive thoughts

What INTP do when Angry

  • Ignores their anger for years at a time until they eventually snap unexpectedly and spew snarky insults about the opposing party’s intelligence.

What INTP Should do Instead

  • Take note of when and why they’re feeling angry, rather than pushing it down, in order to avoid outbursts.

What INTP Struggle with

  • Giving words of affirmation

What INTP are Hard on themselves for

  • Constantly feel like they should be do better

INTP’s Purpose in Life is

  • Seek that which is unknown

What INTP Need to Know

  • Emotions aren’t scary monsters, and you are not void of them. Being vulnerable is not the worst thing in the world. It is okay to live in the moment, and not feel guilty for it.

What INTP Should never Forget

  • You are capable of true warmth. We value your intelligence and are thankful for your unique views and understanding. You are always someone we can depend on to solve the problem at hand.

Okay, but can we take a moment to appreciate that ep 9 of YOI took one of the most problematic relationship tropes in anime, aka the siscon character and smashed it into the ground?

Because the resolution to Michele’s overprotective and possessive behaviors stemmed from proper communication with his sister and the realization that true love is not keeping someone close and suffocating them but letting them go and loving them from afar. And despite Sara being sudden and harsh about it they both grew stronger for it and honestly that was the best possible conclusion to their relationship? The guy understanding that loving his sister means listening to her wishes and not just being selfish and self-righteous? Not to mention that he used those feelings to power that beautiful performance?

Like, most anime can’t even begin to do that and YOI pulled it off so well I actually cried a little while watching Michele skate and I really disliked the guy in the previous episode, but this was so healthy and good.

Ladies and gentlemen, more proof why Yuri on Ice is amazing and deserves all the love it gets.


LOIS:  Look, Clark, I know that I got a little thorny when you raised the red flag on A.C.
CLARK:  I was just trying to look out for you.
LOIS:  And I appreciate it.  I’ve just never had someone to help guide me through the shark-infested ocean of romance. … Not that I can’t fend for myself.
CLARK:  You know, I think I was wrong about our friend A.C.

anonymous asked:

*slides you ten dollars* Do you have any new Voltron headcanon because if you did that would be great but if you don't that's okay I just wanted to tell you that I think your amazing and your a brilliant person 💖❤️❤️💖

ah bribery. the way to a woman’s heart

  • pidge: “shiro, lance is being misogynistic” shiro: “what?? how??” pidge: “he’s inconveniencing me”
  • hunk on the outside is :) whereas hunk on the inside is >:/
    • meanwhile keith on the outside is >:I while keith on the inside is :-)
    • he’s a happy person deep down
  • “….do you think zarkon and haggar-” “okay. no? no. i’m going to stop you right there”
  • lance cries pretty easily and hunk is a sympathetic crier so they’re basically a positive feedback loop of tears
  • “keith is a cup” “??? explain” “holds things”
  • there are constant petitions to have voltron make the sailor moon pose after forming
  • “wow is that takashi shirogane, the best pilot in the garrison?? he always looks so serious, i wonder what he’s thinking about right now” shiro, internally: “did i leave my bowl of cereal on the hot stove again”
  • allura is actually just as cheesy a flirt as lance, pass it on
    • she thinks he doesn’t do the moves right
    • they both don’t do the moves right
    • their moves are embarrassing
  • lance: “we’re going to die!” coran: “well, you lived a good life right?” lance: “i’m only seventeen!” coran: “i said good, not long”
Patroclus and Achilles in the afterlife

Day one: Literally just 24 hours of achilles hugging patroclus and crying

Day two: Achilles switching between “I’m so sorry Patroclus, I’m so sorry” and “I love you so much, you have no idea how much I love you” and Pat switching between “Shh, it’s ok” and “I know, I love you too”

Day three: Achilles petting Patroclus’ hair and just looking at him

Day four: Talking about the time they spent apart while holding onto each other

Day five: Probably Achilles cries some more

Day six-forever: Forgetting all the bad things that happened and disgusting everyone else in Elysium with how in love they are. 

i like to think that one time, the fake ah crew is mid bank robbery, and a cop bursts through the door and immediately starts shouting at ryan to drop his weapon. and ryan sort of glances at the gun he’s pointing at a bank teller and turns to the cop and very earnestly says, “no, no, it’s fine, i have a carry licence.”

and it throws the cop off so bad it gives the crew just enough time to haul ass out of there while geoff laughs so hard he cries.

(”why the fuck do you have a carry licence?” michael asks later.

“are you kidding?” ryan says, all wide-eyed, contrived innocence. “i don’t want to get arrested.”)


And there you have Damen´s WIP, which I had not posted yet.

My goal is to finish these before 2018!! lol cries (one of my resolutions for this year is to develop a decent colouring and lighting style…so we may be here a while…lbr I´m terrible at that)

  • Someone: Yeah Percy's NOT HIS TYPE HAHHAHAHA
  • Me: Haha...that's Percy for ya
  • Me, internally: please let this meme die. It's a false interpretation of Percy's personality and while it was funny at first, it is now largely being accepted as his actual reaction to Nico, and therefore overshadowing Percy's more probable feelings of guilt and simplifying him to comedic relief

To my fellow emotionally repressed abuse survivors, a heads up: when you start doing trauma work in therapy, for a while it’s going to feel like grieving is your full time job. I’m serious, and not exaggerating at all. Before therapy, I hadn’t cried for roughly 3 or so years. Once I started EMDR, I literally cried, sobbed, every single damn day for 3 straight months. I laid down on the floor, put on some Emmylou Harris and I just fucking cried. I cried so hard I burst the little blood vessels in my eyelids and I cried so much I had to up my water consumption by 10 ounces a day.

Don’t let it discourage you, even if it feels like the grief will never stop, like there’s no bottom to it. I promise you’ll get there.

Little logic

Maybe I’ll just look at this -picks it up and slips out of hand then breaks- IT WASN’T ME!!!

-pokes caregiver 5 thousand times- HEHEHEHE HIIIIIII

I’m a big kid… I CAN DO THIS! -falls and cries-

-Doesn’t take a nap and gets super crabby- hmm.. I was fine a while ago

-Eats too many sweets- My tummy hurts

-Texts caregiver once- well I am annoying

they did colour while i did the lineart/background


Luke Garroway+ Support Systems 

Jocelyn Fray

  • Sometimes Luke has bad days, reminders of what Valentine did to him. On those days he gets quiet and withdrawn- so she just pulls him close and hugs him while he cries softly. 
  • Then she makes him his favorite meal. He’s supported her through everything, and she loves him. Of course she would do anything to make him smile. 
  • Especially when that beautiful smile is missing (s2g that thing could outshine the sun), his eyebrows drawn and back hunched. She can’t possibly understand what he feels, she loved Valentine but he was a part of Luke. A literal half of his soul. So she doesn’t try to understand or tell him she knows better. 
  • She just holds him, sings softly and cooks him a nice meal. He deserves it. 

Alaric Rodriguez 

  • When Luke first turned he had no idea how to control his powers 
  • AND he had been betrayed by his best friend/Parabatai 
  • He was filled with self-loathing. He thought that he was less human because he was a downworlder. 
  • So Alaric, for months, just talked to him. Reminded him that he’s still the man he was, reminded him that Downworlders are just as human as Shadowhunters. 
  • Sometimes Luke would get so mad- mad about Valentine, mad that he’s a Werewolf, mad at himself for letting Valentine get this far. So mad he couldn’t control his powers. On those days Alaric stayed with him and helped him. Supported him. Reminded him his emotions are totally valid and that he still has support and love, even if it feels like the world turned its back on him. 
  • Luke never thought he would feel what he felt with Valentine again, but Alaric changed his mind. 

Clary Fray 

  • As a child, she had no idea why Luke would sometimes get quiet and sad. Why he would sometimes gaze into the distance as if he couldn’t see her. 
  • BUT she did love him like a father, and she would do anything to have him smile again 
  • So she would ask him to sit down in front of her and she would draw funny cartoons of him while she pretended she was drawing a portrait 
  • That always made him laugh SO hard
  • Then she would cuddle on the couch with him and watch jeopardy (Luke is weirdly good)
  • Now Clary does know. But that doesn’t change their relationship, he’s still her dad. So she draws him funny pictures, cuddles with him and reminds him that he is the best man she’s ever known and that she loves him so much. 
  • He’s her father in every important way, she loves him. He was there when she cried, so she is there when he’s sad. That is what family is for. 

Simon Lewis 

  • Luke is like a father to him, especially since his own father didn’t stick around. Luke would play catch with him. Luke was the one who taught him how to shave. 
  • Eventually, Luke is the one who teaches him to love himself in the Downworld 
  • But Simon notices that sometimes Luke’s smiles seem forced. He notices that Luke is putting his emotions to the side so that he can focus on someone else. 
  • On those days, Simon pulls Luke out and insists on a “guy’s night”- just the two of them 
  • So they binge watch Lord of the Rings while drinking shitty beer. Simon always makes sure to remind Luke that he is Simon’s hero and that Simon loves him like family. 
  • He never pushes the issue, they just sit next to each other and drink and make dumb nerdy jokes 
  • But Simon always ends the night with a hug and an“I love you” because frankly, Luke deserves to hear it. 

ANYWAY: Luke is so incredibly loved by his family and friends because they know he’s a great man with an amazing heart and that he deserves the world. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. 

MBTI Introverts like...

INTP: “Leave me alone. I’m contemplating [a meme]”
INTJ: “Who are you? What is that? Must not be important.” *glasses thing*
INFJ: “People aren’t that bad… *cries later*”
INFP: “I’m just fine ☺️*** WHY IS THE WORLD SO SCARY"😰
ISTJ: "Umm, so I don’t have to do this for the next 3 hours…. let me just do it anyway”
ISFJ: “TRY YOUR BEST OKAY!!! The world is waiting for you.”*to friend while backpacking in europe*
ISTP: “ …. doesn’t do it for me.” 😐
ISFP: “huh? LETS GO NOTHING WILL STOP US” *high fives*

“I’m honestly so done with people calling Ahro (Hwarang) a weak character just becuase she cries a lot. As someone who cries easily, let me tell you it has absolutely nothing to do with how strong I am I will literally destroy someone through tears, physically and emotionally. The whole idea that female leads need to be presented as nothing but strong (like hye jung from doctors) is off putting because most people aren’t like that. You want reality, here’s reality, a girl that cries but expresses her emotions in her own way, while still being badass and taking care of people. It’s totally okay to like brutally strong female leads, but writing off a character as 1D just because they cry and ignoring everything else they do is unfair. Not everyone’s going to be a hero in every situation. People are good at their own things and that’s when they shine. Ahro shines when she’s standing up for herself and taking care of other people. And that makes her a pretty great lead.”