while i scream and cry


GUYS I AM SCREAMING AND CRYING all I wished for is this theory  (HERE) I posted after ep9 to come true AND IT DID 

Look at this bless, look at how happy victor is. I am so happy for him

look at his eyes shine and sparkle as he looks at yuri puting the ring on 

and now look at what is he saying ..I’m just 

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neither would I had the chance to be with Yuri wearing ‘lucky charm’ rings 


a yeah ago, which  drunk yuri totally forgot about BUT VICTOR DIDN’T

this was it, when Victor fell in love 

THIS was it when roles were reversed and he thought like its a dream come true instead ah god I’m having another seizure right now




We call everything on the ice “love.”

omfg i’m with my brothers and a friend at gym but i’m not doing anything i’m sitting on seats watching them but i’m on my phone anyway i have my sunnies on and i’m watchin a video on my phone about some guy giving a speech to a school about how he took his mum for granted and then she died etc anyway i’m CRYING at a fuckong GYM while everyone’s screaming and being manly i am CRYING

i was sleeping in the same bed as my grandmother and she was making me watch what i can only describe as a demonic version of tom and jerry while i was screaming and crying for her to not make me watch it. keep in mind i was really young at the time so i guess this was what 4 year old me thinks about


I try to remember him the way he used to be 
The man who’s name I’ve carved on my heart
I was born inside the warmth and born inside a dream
Whenever I dreamt we’d find ourselves apart… [x]

you know how michael did that thing during jbh at slfl where he just fucks us all up ?? well @ my concert during that, the girl next to me got on her knees and was crying while screaming “I LOVE YOU MICHAEL” i looked at her like same!! so i got down on my knees with her and we were both just there hugging, screaming and sobbing about how much we love michael fuckin clifford and it was F U C K I N A M A Z I N G

Cannon Shippers: Uuuh this episode was so annoying. They only kissed like three times and held hands throughout the show. *annoyed*

Crack Shippers: OMG! OMG! They were in the same room for more than 15 second!!!!!! Oooh! A-and OTP A said OTP B’s name! I’m dying. *externally screams while crying* Best season EVOOOR!!

He needed to tell her… what? That she was lovely and brave and better than anything he deserved. That he was twisted, crooked, wrong, but not so broken that he couldn’t pull himself together into some semblance of a man for her. That without meaning to, he’d begun to lean on her, to look for her, to need her near.
—  Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
I’m sitting here listening to you on the other end of the phone and I can’t help but hate everything that comes out of your mouth. Everything you tell me or have ever told me is all a lie. I don’t know why I still put up with you. I guess it’s because all I ever wanted from you was to love me as much as I did you but you couldn’t even stop thinking about that other girl long enough to even consider me.
—  You’re laughing at a joke while I’m silently crying wanting to scream // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #15
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whoever made this video is a god send

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Four teenagers came into the restaurant I work at tonight and two of them had what I think was the most dramatic break-up I've ever seen. If the girl hadn't actually thrown a bowl of chips at the guy while screaming/crying I would have thought they were rehearsing a play or something. Their friends looked mortified.

Romeo! Romeo!

Fuck you, Romeo!

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I feel. I feel so much words have no meaning anymore. I speak two languages but I can’t speak my heart’s language. Only I and the Moon know. And If I listen to the Moon the one I love so dearly, loves me back.

And my love will stay to the end of the earths.

I speak. But can’t you understand me. My heart screams while I say nothing. And I cry sometimes. And I stay away from humans because I don’t want to break anymore.

When I see someone sad.. I give them love. I heal them. Because I can’t heal myself but I can heal others. I don’t want to exist anymore but I want my kindness to stay alive.

And my soul turned blue a while ago. But blue was never a sad color. I am every shade of blue since I’m left alone. My heart is the lightest and my mind is the darkest blue.

The sky is dark and half of it is blue. And I love the sky because the half of is blue. And the Moon is my guardian angel.

Wahooga means I love you.
Wahooga means you hurt me.
Wahooga means I still love you.
Wahooga means get out of my head.


yoongi calling namjoon cute: CANON