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For the rest of y’all who want this here it is, resurrected

-I mean, we told them this back in 2011, they should be ready, right?-

-Yes, but for this? This is the most intimate thing we have ever done! - Said Benioff, slapping the script.

-They’re close friends, they won’t mind… And they there are! - The two actors walked in, greeting them and sitting down across them in the meeting room.

-So, Kit, Emilia, we need to tell you something about the season 7 finale…- Said Weiss while gathering the piles of papers in front of him.

-Are we killing each other? - Asked Emilia, raising her eyebrows.

-No, no, absolutely not! But I would recommend hitting the gym.-

They both looked up, significantly annoyed.

-Another season, another nude scene. Through which pyre will I be walking now?-

The showrunners looked at each other nervously.

-And why would I need to get naked? Another death and resurrection?-

Weiss mouthed something to his co-worker and Benioff just nodded.

-It’s a sex scene, actually.-

They shifted in their seats, looking very uncomfortable. Their eyes locked for a moment.

-Between our characters?-


Kit nodded.

-I see… And we can expect classical HBO almost porn?-

-Not really…-

-I need whole answers! - Said Emilia, leaning over.

-So here’s the thing: it is very intimate, the most intimate sex scene we ever did. It’s not too raunchy but still, both of you will have to get naked completely.-

-Wonderful. Can we get some context and where will we shot it?-

-Not in a cave this time!-

-That was the saddest attempt at a joke, ever. - Said Benioff, turning to his partner.

-The set is actually built here, it looks like a lovely ship cabin. Go through the scripts and I’ll call in the director to talk.-

Emilia read them first. The scene wasn’t supposed to be too raunchy, but it was still a challenge. Kit glanced over her a few times, their sights meeting.

-Do you think we can do this?-

-Sure! I just need to call my trainer up! And book a waxing appointment. - She said with a frown.

He laughed and wanted to answer, but the showrunners came in with the director, calling them to visit the set. It looked like the cabin of a ship, walls dented in, made out of wood, it had large window and there was a really big bed. Another part of the set was a door which extended into a hallway, also belonging to a ship.

-So who sleeps in this room?-


-She does love to travel in style, doesn’t she?-

Emilia walked around the set, going through the little details, like a vanity or trunks with the dragon sigil on it.

-So what now?-

-We should try to rehearse! - Said the director a bit too enthusiastically, causing the two actors to look at each other awkwardly.

-No nudity, just to see how you two would do it… God that came out wrong.-

-No more lame sex jokes, let’s just try it out. - Said Kit, sitting down on the bed. Emilia took of her jacket and folded it neatly on a chair and she sat down next to him, leaving a bit of space between them. Kit turned to the director.

-So, what did you have in your mind?-

-It’s not what’s usually done here, it’s more of a passionate scene, they actually love each other, so it’s not just fucking, it’s actually love making.-

-So, let’s start with the technicalities, who’s on top?-

-You start out first, and then we thought he’d flip you.-

-So like this…?-

He laid down on his back and she straddled him hesitantly, placing her hands on his stomach. He grabbed her and flipped her swiftly, now pressing her down.

-No, no, this is not karate!-

Weiss and Benioff were awkwardly sitting on the chairs across the bed.

-Try again, but gentler. Try not to press her down that much, and the straddling thing looks odd, now that I’m looking at it…-

-Why don’t you let them do it like they would find it logical?-

-This is actually a good idea! Get into character, and think how they would do the deed.-

-Also, some advice. When we film it, Em is going to wear her wig. Make sure you don’t snatch it off.-


-Go for it! I’ll record you, to see what we would like to keep and what would we do in a different way.-

They separated and she was on top again, between his legs, arms around his torso. She moved and they kissed, chaste and hesitant. He now carefully flipped her, much slower and graceful, putting a knee between her legs.


-Much better!-

-Do you want to see the footage?-

They walked over and the director gave them a critique or two, following by an awkward silence. Benioff decided to break the ice by opening another topic.

-Of course, it will be much different after hair and makeup and after proper lightning, but you two need to throw more passion in. Do you need to get drunk?-

-No, no! - They said in union.

-We’ll have more rehearsals later, the final one will be with nudity. And you seriously need to loosen up a little bit, you need to sell this isn’t a one night stand thing, you’re in love!-

-And what exactly do you expect us to do?-

-Convince me you’re in love with her and you want to seduce her. How does Jon Snow seduce a woman?-

-I think his method might not be appropriate here in public.-

Emilia laughed out loud, covering her blushing face.

-Convince me she’s the love of your life. Give her the look, try to pour words you’d say to the love of your life in your eyes. That’s what I need of you. And you, Emilia, the same. And no lip biting or licking, this isn’t lust, this is love.-

He glanced over at his new on-screen bedfellow, and turned his head around, giving her the best love-struck look he’d think of. What would Jon Snow look like if he would stare at the most beautiful woman in the world? He was always fascinated how her face changes after they put the wig on, the minimal makeup and she stops moving her brows. She turns almost otherworldly, inhuman. He realized he was still in his trance and she was looking back at him, eyebrow raised.

-Excellent! - Yelled the director.

The showrunners were clapping in the background, earning a mean look from Emilia. She was wearing a black tank top, which had a dangerously low neckline. He pulled the strap up subconsciously, to stop her breast from peeking out. The director nodded.

-You need to throw in more passion!-

-We get it, we do. One more try? - Asked Kit. The director nodded and turned the camera on again. They went in this time, much more passion, touching, grabbing, pulling… He almost licked her at one point, causing her to smile against his lips. He flushed their bodies impossibly close, only a thin layer of clothing remaining between them, both aware they won’t have that safety net once the cameras roll on the actual shoot. He grabbed her face now, separating them for a moment, just to breathe. Emilia shivered at the sight, his pupils were blown. Weiss and Benioff rose their eyebrows at them and the director clapped, finally happy with their performance. But then, Emilia flipped Kit over so she was on top again, he responded by repeating her actions, causing them to tumble down on the floor with a loud thud, limbs a tangled mess and faces only an inch apart. 


The three man laughed at the sight, only a female leg was sticking up from the pile on the floor.

-They say that practice makes the master. You two need practice. And maybe some ice.-

They got up, clearly disheveled. Benioff and Weiss were trying to hide their laughter, the two actors just crossed their arms.

-This is actually very difficult to pull off, you see. Why won’t you try it? - Asked Emilia while tapping her foot.

-Naked. - Sad Kit through his teeth. The showrunners looked grossed out, but then the two actors started laughing.

-Try just once more. And this time try not to hurt each other.-

They nodded and laid back first, putting themselves again in the same position. Kit laid back, only propped up by a pillow and she crawled between his legs, putting her arms on his sides, bodies not touching yet. They kissed again, much deeper than before. He slowly turned her around, holding her face, and stopped for a moment to look into her eyes. After 15 seconds of losing their grip, they let go of each other.

-I think this was it for today. See you tomorrow!-

They left together, discussing the scene.

-You nearly kicked me in the balls with your knee.-

-And you pulled my boob!-

-They’re right, we need to this proper. If it takes getting drunk, then so be it. - He said, not even breaking eye contact.

-I am offended!-

-Sorry, I was just joking. – Or maybe even testing some unknown waters.

-We have plenty of time. I have to go now, my friends are waiting for me to get lunch. Goodbye! - She kissed his cheek quick and gave him a brief hug and disappeared from his sight. After Emilia left, she reapplied her lipstick and checked herself in the mirror. For a moment, she let out a sigh and left.

He stayed behind and just checked his texts. Just a missed phone call from his agent. He leaned against the wall for a moment. This season will change the game.

Face Value

The light was on. 

This was not an extraordinary fact; indeed, Damian often spent the nights up and about. Bruce used to worry, but the child’s schedule was an organized chaos. The last time he tried to enforce a bedtime, Damian had stayed up for days just to spite him. 

The man sighed. He used to be an unrelenting match to his children. Damian always knew which buttons to push and then slither away back to his protective rock. He was a bit like Tim, in that way. No matter what you tried with that boy, threats, rewards, logic–he would not concede. Tim would take his secrets to the grave, stubbornly buried under his tongue. 

If Damian did not wish to cooperate, no progress would happen. 

It often felt like a tug of war. A race between the tortoise and hare, fighting to gain a foothold within Damian’s mind. Slow and steady, pick up speed, think you’re safe and suddenly the ground is yanked out from under you.  

Damian was good at yanking parts of himself away from Bruce’s grasp.
Yet he pretended. Oh, how clever the boy thought he was. He stepped upon the stage and avoided the lights, smiling and waving his hand at precisely the right moment. 

Quite a little actor. 

But how does one convince an actor to come down from the stage?

Bruce’s hand paused on the doorknob. The crickets echoed from beyond the wooden door. 

The window was open. 

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