while his eyes burn into yours

I got mad respect for the Bernie-or-bust crowd. I’ve never really been a Bernie supporter, but something about being so principled that you’d rather watch the world burn than compromise your character speaks to me. While the DNC begs and pleads for you to ignore the fact that they rigged the deck, colluded against him, defrauded his financial supporters, and propped up their pick… look them in the eyes while they plead and calmly respond… no.

“Most people would settle for a lock of hair,” said Maedhros.

“Most people have a love less great than ours,” said Fingon. “This is far more romantic.”

Maedhros backed off a step. “I’m not sure the…preserving process was entirely successful. I promise I won’t be offended if you burn it. In fact, if you’ll just-” he coughed “-hand it over, I’ll do it for you.”

“No! I love you too well. I love every last piece of you.”

“You could at least give it a manicure. That’s thirty years of hangnail you’re cradling.”

“Every. Last. Piece,” Fingon said, his eyes alight with a passion that had sent orcs fleeing from the field rather than face him. “Just think, even while we’re kingdoms apart, I’ll still be able to hold your hand.” He demonstrated. “And your hand will be able to hold my-”

“Fingon no.”

You huffed, blowing the loose strand of hair away from your face, only to it to fall back to it’s original position.  You rolled your eyes and went back to scrubbing the shower tiles, arms burning from the exertion.  There was a creaking sound behind you and you turned your head towards the source.

Dean leaned against the door frame watching you, a smirk covering his lips.  You shook your head but couldn’t help but smile.

“How long have you been standing there like a pervert,” you asked.

“A while,” he said, wetting his lips.


“I like the view,” he said, glancing down to the curve of your posterior.  You straightened with a groan and threw your sudsy glove at him.  Dean chucked, pushing off the wall to wrap you in his arms.

“You got me dirty,” he protested.

“You had it coming,” you laughed.  Dean kissed you.

“Well, I think we should take a shower,” he murmured against your lips.  “You gave me some very dirty thoughts.”  You leaned into him.

“I don’t think a shower is going to help with that.”

“Yeah, but I’m thinking you might be able to,” he said, already tugging at the hem of your shirt.

A/N: Whoa, this got kind of dirty pretty fast.  Apologies.  Kind of…

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Reaction: Matsus confessing to their longtime crush (who likes them back) and hearing them say they thought their Matsu hated their guts this whole time.

Osomatsu blinked in confusion. Did he hear you right? Him? Hate you? “Eh? Where’d you get an idea like that?” he’d ask while scratching the back of his head in bewilderment, “Of course not, I really—” he’d pause abruptly, momentarily flustered, “Uh, heh, I really like you, I have for a while.”. He’d perform his tic out of nerves, his cheeks burning red, but he’d still give you a grin. “So, uh, you like me, too?”. Osomatsu’s eyes would practically sparkle once you told him you reciprocated his feelings, “What? Really?” he’d stammer, “So am I your boyfriend now? That’s amazing!” the biggest grin would split across his face. Suddenly, his face would flush even more red, “Uh, c-can I hug you now?”.

Karamatsu would outwardly gasp at this, taken aback that he had led you to believe such a thing. “What? You are my dearly beloved, the apple of my eye,” he’d say, “how could I ever hate someone as wonderful as yourself?”. Karamatsu would try his best to prove to you that he never hated you and never will, through a series of long-winded and flowery poems. Telling him your feelings will prompt him to blush, “A-Ah, of course you do.” he’d say, “I am honored to have you as my Karamatsu Angel.”. Karamatsu would put his sunglasses on in a hurry, almost poking his eye, to distract the fact that his face is getting redder.

Choromatsu would also be taken aback that you believed this, sure he’d get a little harsh sometimes, but did he really make you feel like he hated you? He’d feel positively awful, “What? But I never—” he’d be at a loss for words until he’d finally say , “I’m sorry!” while bowing deeply. He’d look at you with sad, pleading eyes, “I never meant to, would you ever forgive me?” he’d ask. Choromatsu’s cheeks would flush once you returned his feelings, “R-Really?” he said, feeling a little giddy you actually liked him back, he had to cover his mouth to keep him from squealing.

Ichimatsu wasn’t too surprised, he knows he’s pretty stand-offish, even to the people he likes. He’d shift awkwardly before bowing his head in remorse and shame, “Sorry…” he’d mumble, “I know I’m really shitty, I wouldn’t blame you if you hated me.”. When you said you returned his feelings, his head would snap back up to face you with wide eyes, his cheeks reddening, and stare in disbelief, “Eh? You feel the same way?” he’d say, utterly confused. He’d tilt his head back down to hide his blush, “Tch, t-that’s stupid of you,” he’d mumble, “but I can’t really stop you.”. He’d struggle to hold back a smile the rest of the day.

Jyushimatsu would tilt his head, “What?” he’d say, “I never hated you. It’s the opposite, I really like you!”. He doesn’t know what made you think this, but whatever it is he really regrets it, “I don’t hate you, I hope you don’t hate me either.”. Jyushimatsu would perk up significantly when you told him your feelings, and throw his arms in the air, “King-sized homerun!” he’d cheer before pulling you into a massive bear hug. He’d release you quickly, then immediately speed away, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

Todomatsu would be confused, if not a little upset, and furrow his brows. He may not be the most transparent when it comes to his feelings, but it’s certainly obvious when he truly hates someone. At least, he thinks so. He’d ponder over this, maybe something went wrong while flirting. Mixed messages? Playing too hard to get? He’d quickly shake himself from his thoughts to the address your fears, “I could never hate you,” he’d say while resting his hand on your shoulder comfortingly, “I’m sorry you got that idea, I-I really like you, though.”. After you tell him your feelings, he’d wait until you were out of earshot to let out a victory cheer and dance. He forgot that you could still see him.

Just One Day- Part 2 (Smut Half)

Info: The smutty half of my Yoongi Romantic/ Fluffy smut.

WC: 2000+

Warnings: Vanilla Sex, but still sex

Originally posted by yoongbeans

The drive home was quite, just the sound of soft music from the speakers, Yoongi’s hand tightly twined with yours. His thumb brushing over the back of your hand, occasionally the two of you would share a small glance leading to little smiles and soft giggles. There was an electric feeling in the air, the feeling that made your chest tighten and butterflies burst from your heart. It was the feeling of love and anticipation, anticipation for what Yoongi had planned. While you both had finished up eating and started packing things to head home, Yoongi hadn’t taken his eyes off you.

Eyes burning skin and ghosting up and down with an appreciative little smirk. There was always a silent appreciation in his glances, but this time it was heated and left your skin blushing all shades of pink. Yoongi got to you, he knew it, a little grin followed by the bite of his lip and he could have you wrapped around his finger. That’s how he liked it, but that wasn’t to say you never had him wrapped around yours. The complete opposite actually, he worshiped you, chased your body and brought you to heights before even taking a single layer of his clothes off. Yoongi was not a selfish man and loved to make you submit by pleasuring you to no end.

The way he leaned over after parking had you catching your breath, his lips millimeters from your own and a little smirk playing at the edges.

“I want to love you tonight,” He whispered before landing a soft peck on your nose and disappearing from the vehicle. You quickly jumped out as well, cheeks blushed and a smile tugging at your lips. You tried not to give in to the girlish feeling of happiness that bursts from you whenever he was so forward. It was hard to not hold back when his hand took yours with that mischievous smirk, tugging you towards the elevator and up to your apartment. Normally he would have been all over you by now in such an enclosed space, but he didn’t make a move other than tightening his hand around yours.

“Let’s be vanilla tonight,” It was a statement, not up for negotiation. You would never protest though, vanilla meant soft and soft meant he wanted to take his time and admire you and have you admire him. Your eyes drifted up to him, his jawline, the curved bulb of his nose that gave him such a cute look. The way his eyes were so sleepy and dreamy, deep and full of more depth than any you had ever seen.

“You’re such a romantic Min Yoongi,” You finally teased, noticing the little curve of his lip followed a soft chuckle tumbling from him.

“Only for you,” Those were the kind of words he only said in private, the ones that were meant for just you and they felt as special as they were. Even for how simply they sounded to others, you knew they were special coming from him with his bright eyes and strong heart.

Before you knew it he was tugging you inside the apartment. Shutting and locking the door while you kicked off your shoes and hung your jacket. Yoongi followed suit before shuffling down the hall, hand once again clasping around yours and dragging you along. You wanted to pull him in for a kiss now, but Yoongi had made it clear he wanted vanilla and tempting him with anything else would ruin the mood.

Once in the bedroom he was finally spinning around to face you, but only to close the bedroom door. He grinned cutely at your pouting lips, his finger coming brush your lower lip with a little laugh.

“You’re so impatient you know?” He lived to tease you and right when you were about to bite back with your own retort, his hands were sliding to hold your face, a brow raised as he waited for your words. How could you say them though when he was about to kiss you, and with your silence Yoongi smiled and leaned in to capture you in a deep kiss. His hands cradled your face delicately as he plastered one deep kiss after another against your wanting lips. Reveling in the sound of your little gasps every time they moved against yours. Yoongi took leaving you breathless to an art level, fingers cupping your jaw like you were a flower. Thumb stroking circles into your cheeks while his lips worked with yours passionately.

Your arms were quick to snake around his neck, fingers delving into his hair and brushing through it. You smiled into the kiss when a little groan left him. His true weakness was fingers lightly brushing through his hair. The damaged scalp couldn’t handle harsh scratching or pulling, but he loved it to be massaged with delicate touches. It had his hands leaving your face to slide around your waist and tug your body flush against his own. The action giving you more access to his lips, allowing you to tilt our head and angle for a deeper kiss. Soon feeling Yoongi’s tongue was swiping along your lower lip with a little moan of approval when you gave him access.

Thats when he fully gave in, hands firmly digging into your hips. Teeth tugging at your bottom lip before dancing his tongue with your own once more and groaning as you whimpered against him. You ran your hands down his chest and to his back, making the journey around and massaging the lean muscles under his shirt. He moaned again, tugging you even closer, mouth hungry against yours. Still slow though, Yoongi never rushed, he was languid and precise. Even when things became heated, he could control himself with an air of grace and a silly smile.

Making love to Yoongi was intimate and passionate and spoke volumes. It was one of the ways he conveyed how he felt, how he loved. Hands slipping over your ass and pulling you to grind firmly against his growing arousal, dragging low moans from you. Your breathing labored when he trailed his lips down your throat, sucking purple butterflies down the expanse of skin.

“You’re so pretty,” He whispered against your throat, hands still grinding your body into his. Lips ghosting over you and soft groans falling from his lips at the feel of you against him, your hands tugging against his shirt and stroking through his hair. Anything to make him go faster.

“Oppa!” You finally complained, tugging his shirt more harshly and leaving him a giggling mess as he pulled back and released you in order to remove his shirt. Your hands came to his chest at once and for once he let you take your time tracing the subtle muscles there. Fingers trailing down to his happy trial and watching how the muscles contracted due to your touching. His breath hitching when your fingers brushed along the waistband of his boxers, but when you looked to meet his eyes he was smirking, biting his lip and lifted a brow, the classic Yoongi look. He really knew how to get to you, it would be concerning if you weren’t dating the beautiful man.

“You too,” He said the words to himself more than to you, his hands pushing yours away before tugging your T-shirt up and off of you, making quick work of your bra. Yoongi never cared to leave it on and neither did you, it was uncomfortable anyways and you rather have his hands on the flesh. That’s were his hands gravitated immediately too, cupping your breasts and leaning in to kiss you while he massaged them. Though they weren’t your most sensitive spot, he could still manage to have you turning to putty under his ministrations.

Your hands held onto his waist, fingers digging into the skin and dragging him closer to you. You wanted to feel your chest to his and he knew it because his hands left your breasts in favor of your ass. Once again tugging you tightly against him, groaning as your chests pressed together. His lips coming down harshly against your own now and dragging out any sound he could. It wasn’t long before his fingers were working at the button on your pants and tugging the material down your legs with your panties, falling to his knees as well. Yoongi’s lips met your inner thigh, looking up to you with a playful grin when you gasped. Your true weakness was your inner thighs and he knew that all too well.

“Think you can hold yourself up?” He asked, hands running up and down your legs while his lips continued to pepper the hot skin with kisses.

“Don’t I always?” You cheekily responded causing Yoongi’s head to fall back with a loud laugh.

“You always fall,” He mumbled once his head was back against your legs and his hands were pushing you backward till your back hit the door and he was then tugging your thighs apart and forcing one leg over his shoulder.

“Oppa, you said vanilla,” You gasped, not complaining, just reminding him.

“All vanilla couples do this and I love doing this,” His breath fanned over your wet center making you shiver. The breath was followed by a soft kiss from Yoongi as he began his assault. You wanted to hold your breath, but it abandoned you the minute his tongue licked a strip up your center and a throaty groan left his mouth. Then he was burying himself between your thighs and putting his skillful tongue to work. Tracing patterns and stroking you in the best ways, Yoongi had a knack for this sort of foreplay.

His mouth detached from you to kiss your thigh once and bite down softly in order to tear even more desperate whines from you. He lived for the sound he could drag from your lips. This is why he attacked your clit next, tongue playfully flicking against it causing you to gasp and shudder, fingers reaching to rub at his scalp and cause him to moan against you. He stayed there like that. Your fingers massaging his scalp while his tongue played you like the words of his rap. Occasional kisses littering you and little nips dusting against your thighs. Part of you thought that maybe Yoongi wasn’t going to have you finish against his mouth, until his fingers were pushing into you easily and ripping a surprised moan from you, your back arching off the door. Yoongi was probably grinning at his accomplishment, watching you fall apart above him.

His fingers pumped at a steady pace, curling with every pass and hitting the one spot that could have you withering against the door. All the while his tongue prodded and flicked against your folds and clit. Lips sealing over the bundle of nerves as he slowly drew you higher and higher. Your stomach twisting desperately while high, breathless moans fell from you to echo around the room. Yoongi moaned when your walls tightened around his fingers showing him just how close you were. That was when he sped up his movements. Fingers pushing in and out at a quicker pace while his tongue worked a faster, flicking against you till you were releasing with a shuddering moan and shaking with your back arched. His thumb replacing his tongue and fingers continuing to pump into you at a slower pace, dragging out your euphoria while he watched and lapped up any juices that spilled from you.

Once you had regained your breath and came down Yoongi was pulling back from you. His fingers disappearing into his mouth briefly before he was firmly placing his hands upon your waist and standing, catching your fall due to your weak legs.

“I told you I could stay up,” You giggled when he began to peck kisses along your cheeks and lips.

“You literally just fell into my arms,” He chuckled while carrying you to the bed and laying you down.

“Only afterwards” Yoongi joked, crawling over your sprawled out form and kissing your lips swiftly. You latched your arms around his neck and rolled over. Straddling his waist and moving your hands to trail down his chest. No words were exchanged, but you both had the silent communication that you would be the one toping tonight and he was more than okay with being submissive underneath you. So you slated your hands over his belly and playfully scratching his lean muscles, giggling when they flexed and he let out an almost silent sound of arousal. Your hands trailed lower, fingering at his happy trail before trailing to the button of his jeans and quickly tugging the material down his legs, along with his boxer briefs.

Yoongi scooted to sit against he headboard and tucked his hands behind his head, watching you with a little smirk. As always you looked at his member, always amazed by how he looked, before taking a hold of him and deciding to return his easier favor. Yoongi deserved to have his body worshipped just as he always did for you. So with a playful wink you scooted closer to capture his lips and begin to move your hand up and down his length. The tight hold you had followed by the fluid motion had Yoongi groaning into your mouth land his hands shooting forward to tug you closer. One of his hands when to the one firmly wrapped around his member, while the other dug into your hip. You moaned at the feel of his hand guiding your movements, squeezing your fingers tighter around himself.

“You enjoy torturing yourself Oppa?” You asked, breaking the kiss to look into his lidded eyes. Yoongi didn’t respond, but released your hand and tried pulling you over him.

“No, no, no Oppa. Let me please you too,” You said while quickly swatting his hands away and pushing yourself further back to settle between his legs. Yoongi groaned softly at the sight and willingly spread his legs to make room for you. Fingers reaching to lace through your hair and guide you towards his member. You were quick to sink down onto him, taking him deeply in one go and loving the way he chocked on his own breath. Before pulling up and lock-in the head to tease him a little.

“Please don’t tease me,” He all but whined, fingers coming to trace your jaw line as you continued to lick at the head and side of his length. You glanced up and watched his head fall back to hit the headboard, breathing labored and lips sealed. He wasn’t about to give in. You didn’t necessarily want him to beg, but maybe for him to whine a little. It wasn’t often you heard his voice break from pleasure.

So you continued your slow torture, lips sinking down half way and tongue flicking his sensitive head before pulling back and playfully kissing song his length. Your hand came to pump him at the same time, grip tight just how he liked and an occasional flick and twist of your wrist. Yoongi groaned once more glancing down to you and tugging your face closer to his aching erection.

“Teasing at this level isn’t very vanilla,” He all but growled, bucking his hips upwards as you brought him closer, breath labored and sweat starting to trickle down his neck. Your response was a soft giggle before taking him fully down your throat and staying there and swallowing. Yoongi’s grip in your hair tightened and he bucked upwards, voice cracking into breathless sounds of “please” and “yes”. He was so close that nothing would stop him, not even his own resolve. Not to mention the way you continuously helped his soft thrusting by pulling him out of your mouth before sinking back down in quick succession. Both his hands came to hold your head as his hips pumped a few finale times up into your mouth. You willingly swallowed everything he shot out, moaning against you and breathing heavily as he finished before he was pulling you off and tugging you up onto his lap.

Yoongi peppered your face in kisses with a soft smile on his lips. His hands running along your body before wrapping tightly around you and holding you to him.

“You didn’t have to do that,” He whispered, eyes searching yours. He could convey so much with those eyes, lust, love, adoration, helplessness. Yoongi was helpless to you, he would do anything for you. You were his world, his light, you were his precious and beautiful thing who he wanted to be happy more than anything. And he was completely helpless under your gaze, he would do anything for you, but he knew of would do the same. Your fingers that brushed through his hair and along his jaw line. Down the bridge of his nose as you admired one another.

“I wanted to,” Your answer was simple and honest, he didn’t need any other words from you. That’s how you both were, simple and straight forward. He wouldn’t ask for details, he didn’t need them.

“We’re still doing to have sex you know?” He hummed, tugging you to lean against his while his hands decided to wander again. Rubbing up your spine then back down to cup your ass and squeeze generously. You gasped a little, already worked up from touching Yoongi so intimately and listening to him moan under you. He hummed happily at your reaction and turned his head to capture your lips into a heated kiss. You knew he needed at least a half hour to get warmed up again, but he would pleasure you and work you up the entire time.

“You’re installable Oppa,” You would have laughed, but Yoongi’s hands had found your breast and caused you to moan at the end of your sentence instead. He smirked against the kiss continued to group your breast, squeezing and tugging at your nipples. Your back arched into him, eyes closing and hands tangling into his colorful hair. Yoongi’s eyes devoured you, mouth coming to suck hotly at your chest and nipples, nibbling the pink buds and groaning when you let out a heavenly moan. Your hands tugging his head closer to you. You barely registered Yoongi’s other hand moving till his fingers were brushing your soaking folds for the second time that night and pushing into you. Your breath catching in your throat and a chuckle leaving his lips.

You wanted to swat at his cocky behavior, but Yoongi made you feel far too good for that. He slowly pumped the two fingers into you, scissoring you open and making a sound of appreciation when you wiggled against him, leaning foreword to pulls his lips to yours. The kiss was hot and needy. You weren’t sure how much more you could take before you needed him inside of you. Your excitement sky rocketed though when a shift of your hips had his half hard erection brushing your leg. He was getting there rather quickly tonight. His soft whimpered against your lips li dictating that he was still sensitive, but his resolve to please you was stronger than the feeing to hold back.

“I love you so much,” His voice was soft, pulling back to watch you and smiling as you rocked against his hand for more friction.

“I love you too” Your voice was soft too, hands cupping his face and bringing his lips back to your own. Yoongi was smiling into the soft kiss and pulling his fingers from you, your whine was interrupted by him popping the wet digits into your mouth with a sly chuckle and a bite of his lip. Your playful glare didn’t go unnoticed while you willingly sucked your own juices from the fingers, entertaining your dirty boyfriend.

“Are you ready Oppa?” You asked, pecking his cute nose and reaching between the two of you to position him at your entrance. He was quick to tug you down onto his length. Both of you gasping at the feeling of being joined finally. He groaned out when you immediately rocked against him, too worked up and desperate to wait. His hands grasping ours and wrapping them around your back still firmly clasped together. Then he was bucking his hips up into you and sucking at your collarbone.

Neither of you could hide your sounds of pleasure as you tried to meet his hips with each upwards pass. Even when Yoongi was under you he was still in control. He continued to buck upwards at a languid pace. Hitting you deeply causing your toes to curl and desperate whimpers and moans to fall from your lips. Your hands tightened, fingers diving into the backs of his hands and face buried in his neck.

“Yoongi, I’m so close,” You whined, after having one orgasm already and being worked up so much. You were ready to explode, the coil in our core tightening with each upward thrust. His pelvis rubbing against you and causing your clit to grind against him each time. You needed more though and as if on cue Yoongi was releasing one hand to work his fingers against our clit. You started to shake against him, whines getting louder and more desperate. Your eyes squeezed shut and face twisted in pleasure as you were taken higher and higher. Yoongi groaned, sweat beading down his body, but he never stopped for a second. Continuing his assault into your body, becoming faster and sloppier as he went.

“Come on baby, cum for me,” Yoongi’s voice ended with a breathless moan as he pressed on and finally you collapsed against him. Tightening around his member and practically screaming his name, your sounds and body coaxing him over the edge as well as he finally bucked into you the last few times and came down with a shuddered breath. You both slumped down together, shaking from the after shock and wrapping your arms around one another. Yoongi pulled from you and liter red your face in kisses. Smoothing his fingers through your hair and humming a song. You nuzzled further into him, in the place you never wanted to leave. Wrapped up in Min Yoongi’s arms was the place you wanted more than anything and you adored every second of it. Every breath he let out and soft sigh as he drifted off to sleep with your head resting against his chest. This was just where you both wanted to be, in love and happy together.

I hope you all like this, Much Love-Haru

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Have you ever considered having yourself cloned, General? You could man the entire Finalizer with yourself and you could have a Hux army devoted to wiping out the Resistance/ beating up Kylo Ren.

Trigger Happy Hux- he’s looking to annihilate everything in his path while drinking wine and listening to Beethoven on that ipod he took off the cold dead hands of one of his victims. The headphones he’s wearing are made by Dolce and Gabbana, because of course he’d be wearing fabulous, extravagant headphones while watching the universe burn.

Kitty Cat Hux- He’s cuddly enough to make you think it’s a good idea to keep him as pet, until you learn that he likes to claw people’s eyes out indiscriminately.

Shady-Ass Politician Hux-He acts like he’s on your side, looking out for you, giving you good advice but is secretly plotting to screw you over and possibly get you executed for a crime you didn’t commit.

Wicked Diva Hux (aka The Hux Wears Prada)- He likes to throw shade, especially at Kylo Ren. He only goes to the same hairstylist in the entire galaxy for his weekly sideburn touch-ups, and if the stylist is on vacation the day he wants a touch-up you can bet your ass somebody is going to die. Also, if you heard someone’s been talking smack about you, it’s probably him.

Mary Poppins Hux- He obviously despises kids but will take care of your kid cause he needs an army for the money. He might have no actual qualifications in child care, but he can get you a letter of recommendation that will guarantee that he’s better with kids than Anakin Skywalker.

Thug Life Hux- He’s here to F**K shit up! This Hux likes walks around the Finalizer wearing the Douche Cap™ and is known for dropping a sick rhyme or two at random intervals throughout the day, but most of all he is infamously responsible for this beautiful work of vandalism: 

TBT: You guys remember the Knights of Hux from way back, right?

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39 and 99 with peter?

39: “This is very cliché.”
99: “Calm down. I look a lot worse than I am.” 

Peter seethed as he lifted his shirt to expose his new collection of fresh wounds that scattered his chest and torso. Your face paled the sight of dried blood that stained his skin. “Peter, what the hell?” You gasp.

Calm down,” He assured, “I look a lot worse than I am, trust me.”

You nodded but knew very well he was lying to you. With trembling hands, you pressed a damp washcloth to a large gash that stretched from his shoulder to his ribs. He groaned as he fists clenched at the agonizing burn that your action.

“It sure sounds like it doesn’t hurt,” You retorted.

“Okay, maybe it hurts a little,” He admitted while a smug grin spread on his lips. “But, maybe you can kiss me better.”

You roll your eyes at his suggestion but abide by his suggestion. Your lips press lightly against a small bruise located on his neck. “Feel any better?” You giggle.

“Yeah,“ He replied and added,  "But I cut my lip too. Do you think you could help me with that too?”

You gently kissed his chapped lips. “This is very cliché,”

“Yes,” He replied, “But I’ll have to admit, I feel a lot better.”  

You raised your eyebrows and pointed to the remaining wounds. “What about those ones, though?”

“Those need kisses too… And band-aids.”

Elementary Part 22: The Reichenbach Kidnappings

Word Count: 4399

Characters: Eventual Sam x Reader, Dean, Ellen, Jo, Lucifer

Warnings: Language, Sam being a (loveable) cocky son of a bitch, violence, talks of crime, kidnappings of children, all the angst.

Tags: @spnfanficpond, @superwholockbooknerd526, @mrssamfuckingwinchester @faegal04 @fandomgirl120

Y/N= Your Name

Y/L/N= Your Last Name

Y/E/C= Your Eye Color

Y/H/C= Your Hair Color

Summary: Lucifer secures a not-guilty verdict through intimidating the jury and visits you and Sam, explaining he still intends to “burn” him, taunting him with a “final problem” for him to solve. Soon afterwards, Lucifer arranges for the kidnapping of the children of an American ambassador, who are terrified of Sam once he has them rescued.

Sherlock!AU Masterlist

    A while later, you had resorted to reading a book when Sam’s phone began to ring and his eyes snapped open. He quickly picked up, putting it on speaker.

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Can I get a Youjin reaction to lingerie shopping with you :) pleasee


He would have gotten along with you by just mentioning you needed to go shopping. When you would walk into a lingerie store he would find himself getting slightly uncomfortable I mean duh c’mon You would tell him what exactly you were looking for as he would just stroll behind you for a while. He would try to help out as much as possible and look for your size. He would feel some eyes burn into his back as he slowly would watch what was going on, he  would slide back to your side. “Baby.. They are looking at me..” 

Originally posted by keunakeun

You would just giggle and tell him it’s alright, you would tell him that the people looking are pretty sure it isn’t for him and that he is with you so it would make sense. After some while you finally got the ones you wanted as he would find some cute things for you as well. It would fit you perfectly but you wouldn’t want to get it since you already got some and man that stuff is expensive. He would just try you to get it anyway. “Please princess? As a small reward I went with you here today~” and we all know what that means.

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docnefarious answered your ask “�� ( fucc the dash up bb )”

              RATCHET WAS totally, unnervingly silent as he observed the flickering plasma bars of his small, cold cell, the recently enhanced optics of his cybernetic eyes scanning for an irregularity of some sort. plasma, while neat and generically dangerous, needed fuel to burn; usually a gas of some sort. and they also needed something like a laser or a microwave generator to provide the heat for it to remain in the fourth, irreversible state of matter. protons, neutrons and electrons are ripped from their atomic bases and propelled outwards, supercharged and uncontrollably. this fact alone was an easily exploitable flaw, as the streams of sub-atomic particles were rarely as constant as they seemed.

                while his optics weren’t advanced enough to see the individual protons and electrons being blown about ( his brain couldn’t process things like that, either, and most computers would burn out if they tried ), his nose could faintly pick up traces of the gas being burned; small molecules which couldn’t burn quickly enough and managed to float away. it was technetium platinochloride niobium hydroxide, or something along those lines. pretty stable elements, but they didn’t burn hot enough to burn adamantine or carbonox immediately. 

                  these cells were designed to hold organic life forms and machines with cheap metals, like those in standard troops, or somewhat organic metals, like the ones making up most of nefarious’s body. hell, even the gas being ionized was cheap ( which made sense considering how much you needed to keep up a solid prison ). escaping should be easy, if he could just remove one of those bars and crush the control unit just outside of his cell.


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(=゚ω゚)ノ (Lee-Stealth)

Send (=゚ω゚)ノ for my character to react to yours putting a collar on their neck 

Victor had been snoozing on the couch while she got ready. His rest was cut short when he suddenly felt the familiar pressure on his neck that had brought him so much misery in his life so many times. Jumping up with a roar, he clawed at the offending collar and shot her the kind of look that could kill, his eyes burning with anger as he bared his fangs.

Envy Among Writers

I write you a poem.
someone else writes you a story,
where you’re the main character, in a bar, and he is a patron eyeing you up and down absorbing your features and comparing them to such beautiful things.

All my poem does is talk about the sun and how it would keep us warm while we lay awake in bed with coffee and rotten breath. How I wouldn’t mind your morning kiss being swapped out for a sip of coffee and how we’d kiss each other in the fumes that we’d ignore because they were just reminders of our reality.

In his story he would tell you about the burn of his whiskey as he musters the courage to speak to you, much like I would have, because you express a fear upon people who see you exude a strength that makes the masses weak. 

His language is romantic, confident because it’s drunk, while mine is cynical, insecure because you’re the personification of fear. Fear in the reality of potential love, and fear in the acceptance that all morning sun fades despite all the times I wake up hoping this is the time it will last. 

His night can be taken advantage of. My morning is short and easily missed. So while he holds your hand and stares at the stars, the ones he’ll say he saw in your eyes when he goes home and writes about you, I’ll be holding onto your body and staring at the one thing that I wanted to see my whole life. 

There are no stars in your eyes. Just a gaze and specks of sleep.
You’re not a doll. You have no make-up on and you don’t smell sweet.
But, here, in my poem, you’re real. You’re You. A girl that wants love.
You’re not a character to me, but the plot. 

The plot to my poem, the plot to my life. 
Not the character in all the stories you read that I find my poems are sinking underneath of every night.


God’s poem to his confused son

It is eleven p.m. and you are sitting in his living room,

liquor glass in hand, his head on your lap. He is sleeping.

Later, you will write down that all you could think about was your first impression of him.

You’ll write down that the moonlight dripping over the baroque furniture, the leftover cigarette smoke, the eyes of the paintings and white sculptures, all reminded you of his respectable posture, obvious money and cold hands.

Months from now, you’ll write, in different colored ink, that this was a lie.

You were actually thinking about how good it was to hold him while he slept,

how you wanted to stay until the sun broke over his red hair so you could witness the burn. 

You wanted to stay.

You wanted to stay.

When he did wake, you drunkenly told him: “You know, you’re not a bad face to see first thing.”

And even though you later claimed it was the liquor talking, you meant it.


there is more there for you, if you’re ready for it.

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Haru/Fang thou' for that ship meme


  • Who worries about how they will look when they’re older; fang voice; i’m immortal. haru voice; takes snapchat of fang using old man filter. frames it all over the house. 
  • Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s: kan will make one and slip it to fang and title it ‘CRAZY PSYCHO FOR MOMENTS WHEN YOU LET LOOSE YOUR CRAY’ and haru will then burn it. 
  • Clings to the other during scary movies: koala hug from fang covering haru’s eyes like ‘are you scared’ and haru’s like ‘no’ but FANG IS STILL COVERING HIS EYES AND HE JUST ENJOYS IT 
  • Gets into the shower with the other randomly: both because they’re gross 
  • Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone: both
  • Initiates hand holding while the other is driving: (:
  • Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events: H A R U  is a sick fuck 
  • Asks weird questions in the middle of the night: haru because he gets weirdly philosophical 
  • Asks “what are you thinking about?”: i think they both do that ? they’re both quiet individuals but in the quiet moments one of them just asks that question and then it gets real deep 
  • Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do):  i think fang more than haru ? not that haru doesn’t ilke touching fang but fang is always making sure to keep some sort of contact. maybe afraid haru might disappear idk :^)