while he is sleeping in his grave

  • What she says: im fine.
  • What she means: Can you BELIVE that actual human being Marius Pontmercy picked up Valjean's handkerchief and decided it was Cosette's so he could fantasize about her name being Ursula while he walked by her every day for months? Also, that this sweet gazelle child left her a long confused letter pouring his heart out to this girl he'd never talked to, and that once he did he forgets to introduce himself to the very end? And that this human disaster bangs his head on a tree one night while Cosette cries and then decides to join a bloody revolution? What about the time his grandpa thought he was having an affair when really he was just visiting his dad's grave like a NERD. Or the time he had to yell out of his window his love for Napoleon Bonaparte? This beautiful moth even asked his best friend if he could sleep with him? And to top it all off, this sweetly oblivious butterfly had to get dragged through the sewers of Paris by his future father-in-law, can you imagine family dinners? This booby is a national hero and must be protected at all costs.

headcanon: graves worrying about leaving credence alone during the day while he’s at work, despite the many wards around the apartment. a solution to this is that he buys credence a puppy, with the full intention of it becoming a guard dog. and just a minute guys cause this is going to be like a BIG dog, like a mastiff or something???? graves thinks he’ll be fierce and protective (just like someone else we know COUGH COUGH)

things don’t go quite to plan when credence spoils the dog rotten with treats and allowing it to sleep on his bed with him. carrying him around the house all day and placing him on the fancy cushions of graves’ couch when he has to do something.

graves trying to be strict with the dog but credence being just so happy with the little creature his heart melts 💗 watching his boy cuddle and love the little puppy is just too much to resist

Just to reiterate

I. AM. HERE. For that “Graves is rescued but Grindelwald also escapes, so Graves lives in constant paranoia while nursing not-entirely-healed crushed-bones-and-deep-scars” fanfic scenarios

I am living for Graves waking in cold sweats and sleep paralysis and lungs that don’t work right

I want that poor man to think there’s a piece of cursed obsidian trapped in his ribcage and that he’s going crazy

And I want him to be right on both counts

Their First Encounter

Graves/Credence (Gradence
Mild Spoilers and Abuse Mention


It was obvious to see upon first glance that the boy, Credence, needed him.     Of course, neither knew that until their second encounter.

When they first met, it wasn’t anything grand. They brushed past each other on the street and two things happened simultaneously.

Graves knew the boy had magical ancestry, but he himself did not possess any powers. It wouldn’t be until later that night, while Graves would be attempting to rest in his home, alone and unable to sleep; when he would envision the boy near a powerful obscurity. Credence would become the key to his plans.

Whilst Graves was able to move on from the slight bump between them Credence began to reel.He’d spent most of his life cowering from adults and this was no exception. He curled into himself and dropped off to the side, away from the crowds. His back hit against an alleyway wall and he didn’t rise until minutes later. Saliva dripped down his chin as his quivering began to slow. His head snapped from side to side; making sure no one was after him. He slowly stood; his arms dropping to the side but still clinging to his coat. As if his arms could shield him from any blows that may or may not come.                               Credence would not remember this encounter.


The second meeting consisted of Graves seeking Credence out. It wasn’t hard when the boy’s mother was the leader to one of the largest anti-witch organizations in New York.

Graves spent days watching the boy. Learning his schedule was easy, but finding a way to communicate with him would have been far more difficult if it hadn’t been for Goldstein’s intervention with the boy’s abusive mother. Taking ahold of this opportunity to approach the boy under the pretense of Obliviating him was almost too easy, or it should have been had he not been object to any adult approaching him. Damn the Aurors’ for taking Goldstein away so dramatically.

“Credence. I’m here to help. May I come closer?” It took several minutes of carefully speaking and slow movements until Graves was able to crouch down in front of the boy. “Credence, I’m not going to hurt you. Here. Take my hand. Come, come.” His soothing tone befit for a scared child prompted Credence to reach out to him. Graves lips quirked upwards into a slight smile before he was pulling Credence closer. 

He was not expecting to be pulled into an embrace but oh god that is exactly what he needed. His hands clung to Graves sides just as quickly as he’d flinched away the first time they’d touched. The hand placed at the back of his neck was strong and warm as Graves thumb began to caress the area just beneath his ear. “Pl-please, help me. H-help me.”

“Don’t worry boy. I’ll protect you.” Pulling back to grip Credence’s cheeks Graves stared into the boy’s eyes as he leaned close enough for their breaths to mingle. “I will help you through this. Do you understand? I will protect you.” Credence was shakily nodding even before Graves had finished. Leaning into the firm but gently hands gripping him. 

“Good. Good boy.” The older man wrapped his arms back around Credence as he pulled the boy to his chest. “You’ve just got to help me out first. Then and only then will I take you from that woman. Understood, Credence? I’m here for you boy.” 

A shudder passed through Credence at the gentle tone used for his name. This was all too surreal but this man, this man… he was promising safety. And dear god did he feel safe. He had respect from the- the others and he had an air of command around him. All of this could have led to a power-hungry man who didn’t need to be this…this careful yet here he was. Holding Credence like the child he was and offering protection.                                                        Just after he helped with whatever the man needed.

“Wh-what could I p-possibly do to h-help you?” Looking up Credence was stunned by the care radiating from the man’s eyes. His smile was almost blinding.

“I need your help finding another child. Hurt and oppressed just like you. Help me find them and I will take you both away. How would you like that?”

“I-…. I would like that very much.”

  • *saves Oswald from bleeding out in the woods*
  • *nurtures Oswald*
  • *has Oswald sleep in the only bed in his apartment*
  • *listens to Oswald talk in his sleep*
  • *plays piano to soothe Oswald*
  • *also makes promise to tend to his mothers grave*
  • *gives emotional support to Oswald in the darkest point of his life*
  • *gives sweaters in while Ed is in prison because it's cold*
  • *consults Ed for advice*
  • *admits he can't stay partially sane without talking to Ed*
  • *gives him a puzzle*
  • *murders guy that Ed got for him while Ed fangirls*
  • *gives Ed biscuits*
  • *eats noodles with Ed while staying in his apartment*
  • *actually listens to Ed*
  • You, probably: this person is over exaggerating, how much of this actually happened?
  • All of it why aren't they married
Dating Sam would include:
  • Always hearing Dean say one of two things, “Go get you some Sammy!” or “God, get a room.”
  • Wearing his flannels to sleep in or to lounge around the bunker in
  • Sharing interesting facts after getting caught up in some lore
  • Him getting you to try new, healthier foods
  • Going on morning runs together
  • Cuddles on rainy days while sipping on coffee
  • Reading a series of books together and freaking out together when something amazing and shocking happens.
  • Protective!Sam coming out to play when a jerk at a bar doesn’t know when to quit
  • Him afraid to get too close because he’s afraid to lose you like he lost Jess
  • Leaving flowers on Jess’s grave together
  • Him being very dominant and passionate in the bedroom
  • Begging Dean together to get a dog
  • Puppy dog eyes that cause you to melt
  • Running your fingers through his hair
  • Him reaching you things off high shelves
  • Being carried over his shoulder or bridal style
  • Him comforting you on bad days
  • Being total dorks together
  • Long hugs
  • Large hands swallowing yours when holding hands
  • Binge watching an entire TV show series together on Netflix
  • Hugs from behind
  • Pranking Dean
  • Slow dances in the bunker
  • Him apologizing relentlessly after an argument between you two
  • Breaking up fights between Dean and him
  • Calling him moose just to annoy him
  • Him teasing you by holding objects up high so you have to ‘reach for it’

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Red Bull


Both your heads popped up from where you and Josh were laying on the couch. You were originally attempting to watch the television. But, just like regular tv, there was nothing on and you had watched everything that was good on Netflix.  So Josh had just switched it to some random movie and pulled you down on the couch. Though you were originally sitting, trying to at least figure out what the plot of the movie was, eventually you had worked your way into Josh’s arms while his body took up most of the couch.

And here both of you were just trying to take a nap before the big hype of their concert later that night. It wasn’t even noon yet and Tyler was already screaming.

He walked through the opening that led to the makeshift kitchen, arms crossed and a scowl planted on his face. If he scowled even harder it might have stayed like that permanently.

“What?” Josh’s voice was gravely from sleep and his arms circled around you more, though his head was turned slight towards where Tyler was standing. You put your head back on the arm of the couch, seeing as it didn’t involve you.

“You drank the last of my red bull.”

“Uh, no I didn’t.”

“Dude, you totally did. You’re the only other one who drinks it.”

“I’ve got my own stash; I don’t need to drink yours.”

Josh had turned his body more towards Tyler during their debate, so he was lying on his back with you cuddled into his side. Tyler still hadn’t moved from his spot, but it seemed like he was so set on Josh drinking all of his red bull that he never came to another conclusion.

“I drank it.” Two sets of eyes locked on yours. “I was thirsty, and seeing as you guys don’t actually have bottled water left, I drank it.” You shrugged as it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Honestly, it wasn’t. But the look on Tyler’s face made you feel as if you just decided that you were going to kill every puppy alive.

“But that’s so I can have energy tonight. I needed that.”

And Tyler gave you his best pouty face because apparently neither of the boys could actually be mad at you. They could yell and swear and throw things at each other when they were really, truly upset. But once you stepped in, or something was your doing, their moods changed completely. Almost as if you were a delicate flower that would die if they so much as looked at you wrong.

“I’ll just buy you like 5 cases when we stop again. It’s no big deal.” You sighed, hugging Josh tighter, trying to convey the message to them that this discussion was over and it seemed to work. Josh turned back over, arms snaking around your back once again.

Tyler stood in the doorway for a few more seconds before turning, throwing a “You two make me sick” over his shoulder, and walked back into the kitchen. Probably to pout all the way to the next stop.

Josh laughed at his comment and snuggled his head into your neck, his breathing starting to slow down as he neared sleep once again. You decided that was an amazing idea and relaxed. Tyler would be your alarm clock. There was no way that he was going to miss out on free red bull.

Don’t know if this has actually been done yet. Enjoy! <3

i just need to put this idea out into the aether before i forget it while writing other things:

Incubus!Graves. Has always been an Incubus and controlled his urges by getting laid on the regular. Hasn’t killed anyone in a long time (idk maybe because magic folk are made of sterner stuff, can withstand the pull on their life force in the way no majs can’t). 

Anyway, captured, right? Weeks/months without feeding. Thanks Grindelwald, who apparently didn’t cave to fucking Graves (somehow, my god).  When he’s rescued, he’s basically in hibernation for his own health. 



Oh I Can’t Help | Bucky Barnes

take my hand, take my whole life too

He hated it. He hated how much the idea of him consumed you. Had it been in the 40′s, Bucky Barnes would be just as infatuated with you. Not that he wasn’t, he loved you, oh he loved you whole-fully.

The circumstances of his life now, post Winter Soldier, put you in grave danger every night you slip into bed with him. He tried to avoid you, lied to you even and say that he didn’t care about you but even you knew it was out of spite.

On rare occasions, when you’d cry because he wouldn’t let you touch him, while you were in a deep sleep he’d scoop you up next to him and hold you dearly. Not for too long, for every night he’d slip out if bed and into the extra bedrooms of the Stark Tower. In fear that a nightmare would cause him to harm you.

So when you awoke in the middle of the night, it hadn’t surprised you that he was nowhere near you.

Normally, you’d cry and just slumber back into a sleep but tonight you wanted to test the waters.

Slipping out of bed and into a silk robe, you tired body trekked into the room a few doors away. He was sound asleep when you entered. He always locked the door, but with some help from Black Widow, you picked the lock easily.

Oh, for I can’t help

So peaceful, so worry free.

That however didn’t last long, his chest began to heave. As if he was being deprived of oxygen. His calloused hands gripping the sheets for dear life. Beats of sweat were beginning to form and he began to cry out for help.

You knew better, you should have alerted J.A.R.V.I.S to get Steve, but instead you hurried to his side. You hesitant plopped nest to his moving body and set your hands on the sides of his face. His subtle scratching you sightly.

“Bucky, bucky! You’re okay, you’re here with me. You’re fine, open your eyes and look at me.” You cooed him, trying to get him to pry his eyes that were shut so tightly to open. To get him to see that he is here.

“Baby, it’s me. It’s Y/N. I’m here with you, look at me.” After a few more cries, he is finally open and he sees you.

Oh how relieved he was, to see the one thing that he was almost sure about after all he has been through.

He finally calmed himself, he looked to you questionably. For he still was in his trenched nightmare. And seen men prying at him rather than see you anymore.

This is where you really should have gone to Steve.

In a matter of seconds the cold metal met your neck. Crushing your windpipe instantly.

Your hands quickly grasped his, this had been the first time that he’d attack you. You were always smart enough to call Steve but no, not this time.

“James! James! You’re hurting me, please. J.A.R.V.I.S g-get Steve, p-please.” The air that easily flowed in and out of you, now struggled. He wasn’t easing up, but adding more and more pressure.

He began to lift you, you’re body now missing from the bed but hanging from his metal arm.

This is it, you thought. Bucky was going to kill you.

“Bucky, let go of her!” Steve’s voice fills the void as you were certain you were about to pass out.

Your body hits the ground and you reach for your neck trying soothe it as you still struggled to get in air.

Steve continued to yell at him to get up.

Finally, when he realized what happened he cried. He apologized, he began to bash his fist against his head calling himself stupid.

“Bucky, quit it. Stop it, James! You’re fine, I’m okay, really. Look at me, I’m fine.” Thought the blue and purple bruises on your throat begged to differ, along with hoarse sound in your voice.

“Get away from me! Can’t you see that I could have killed you! Why are you not running away from me?” He screamed at you and he tried to get out of your grasp.

“Because I love you! I’ll go through this a hundred times because I love you. It’ll get better, we’ll get better. Don’t push me away, James.”

falling in love with you

headcanon that in the first few years that akashi’s mom died, their servants spoils him whenever possible. Like, when his father isn’t in town, they’d let Akashi sleep in, doesn’t cook something with seaweed on it, let him play a bit longer with his horse. Imagine a butler giving a piggyback ride to kiddy!Akashi, a maid singing while he play the piano, the cook letting him decide on what to eat, the gardener helping him to pick flowers for his mom’s grave. 

Imagine those same servants looking out for him even as he grow up and silently cheering him on, because they know how much he needs support.

Just one more night

It had been a week since Aaron kind of moved into Tony’s apartment. He needed a place to crash, for one night. One night became two, three and now a week.

While Aaron insisted to sleep on the couch for the first two nights he slept in Tony’s bed since the third night.

It was a busy day for Tony and he just returned home from a job when he found Aaron still in his apartment.

“You still haven’t told me what you are hiding from,” he asked when he threw his mask on the living room table.


Sit for a short while before you sleep and do this…

Ibnul-Qayyim رحمه الله said,

“Avoid those things that necessitate the punishment of the grave.

And from the most beneficial of them is that when a man wants to sleep, he sits for an hour, for the Sake of Allaah, calling himself to account over the things that he has lost and gained during that day of his. Then, between him and his Lord, he renews his sincere repentance over those things that he lost, and sleeps on that repentance, firmly resolving not to return to the sin when he wakes up–and he does this every night.

So if he dies on that night of his, he would have died upon repentance and if he wakes up, he will wake up going towards action, pleased with the postponement of his appointed time so that he can turn to his Lord and set right what he missed out on.

And there is nothing more beneficial for the servant than this sleep, especially when he follows that [i.e., his resolve to renew his repentance] up with the remembrance of Allaah, performing those sunnan which have been reported from the Prophet of Allaah (صلّى اللَّهُ عليه وسلّم) when going to bed, [doing so] until sleep overtakes him.

So whoever Allaah wishes good for, He will grant him the success to do that. And there is neither movement, nor power except through Allaah.”

{Source: Ar-Rooh, page.79}

needy - luke blurb

“Come and gimme a kiss, baby.” Luke rasps before you giggle and lean in to kiss him.
“Mmm, good morning.” He whispers with a sleepy smile, pulling you closer to him in bed.
“Good morning, Luke.” You smile and peck his lips once more.
“Sleep well?” He asks, rubbing your side slowly.
You nod and rest your head on his chest.
“But never enough,” You mutter softly and he chuckles gravely. “I don’t wanna get up, Lu.”
He breathes out gently and presses his lips against your head.
“Then let’s not,” He murmurs, kissing your head. “Let’s just stay in here all day.”
“That sounds very productive.” You laugh while pecking his neck.
“We can make it productive,” Luke admits, his smile evident in his voice. “Watch movies, sleep, hold you…and more.”
You laugh and shake your head.
“That sounds crazy babe.” You say, moving your hand to his back.
“It may but I just wanna be alone with you today,” Luke whispers, breathing in as his bare and broad shoulders rise a bit. “Just you and I.”
“I wouldn’t mind that,” You smile, looking up at him. “But what if we get bored?”
“I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that question.” Luke laughs before kissing your lips.
“Lu…” You whisper against him as he hums lowly.
“We won’t get bored, trust me.” He rasps, moving away to look at you.
“I know,” You smile gently, nodding. “You always have something up your sleeve.”
He smiles before kissing you again.
You then move your legs over his waist, straddling him while kissing him.
“Mmm, princess…” He whispers, his hands sliding up your back gently and back down your waist.
“Luke…” You moan gently as he squeezes your ass, shivering.
He groans as you start to grind a bit on him, kissing down his jawline.
He hands move to your hips and guides them across him, making you whine out loud.
“You always know how to give me a proper good morning, don’t you pretty girl?” Luke asks in a gravelly tone as he smirks.
You nod before he moves to kiss your lips.
“Always liking getting your man all hard for you, yeah?” He mumbles, making you moan.
“Yes, Luke, yes.” You whisper as his hands move to your ass.
“I wanna take you now, Y/N,” He murmurs, squeezing. “Please.”
“Baby, please…please.” You moan, leaning up to take your shirt off.
He groans and sits up himself, kissing and squeezing your chest as his hands slide up your back.
“You’re fucking perfect…God damn.” Luke rasps, rubbing your back.
“I’m yours, Lu.” You breathe while tugging his hair as he sucks.
He groans gently before moving his lips to yours.
“Let me take care of you…” He breathes against you, wrapping his arms around you. “I can treat you so well…so fucking well.”
“You already do, baby.” You whisper, pulling away to look at him.
He nods and rests his forehead against yours.
“I need you,” Luke mumbles, biting his lip. “God, I need you forever, pretty girl. I need you for good.”

you tossed and turned slowly, careful not to wake up the sleeping boy next to you. you turned once more, ending with your back facing toward michael. you sighed, blinking into the dark of the bedroom. you felt the bed shift slightly, then arms around your waist, only to be pulled against michael’s bare chest. “baby, what’s wrong?” he asked in a gravely tone. “i can’t sleep,” you whispered. “well, how about we talk for a little while, yeah?” he slowly began, speaking of his hopes and dreams; you could pretty much are his smile through the dark. your eyes blinked slowly as you finally felt tired. “are you tired of me talking yet?” michael chuckled. “no, no,” you implied, “can you sing me a song?” michael cleared his throat before pulling you more into him, “everybody’s for their demons, either wide awake or dreaming.” as he sang softly, your eyelids finally fell, allowing you to get the rest you wanted.

Imagine Dean listing things he likes about you...

Sitting on the edge of the bed, watching Dean get dressed, you asked the question that had kept you up most of last night, “Why are you with me, Dean?”

“What do you mean?” He asked while pulling his tee shirt over his head. His voice was gravely from sleep and he had an amazing case of bed head.

Your eyes travelled down the length of him before settling on your bare toes, examining the chipped remains of polish. “You could have anyone, why me?”

“You want a list?” You didn’t see the incredulous look he gave you.

You made a worried little frown and nodded before looking back up into his eyes.

He pursed his lips and squinted his eyes a bit, his adorable-and-he-knows-it thinking face. “Okay, well, your hot,”

You rolled your eyes.

“And funny,”

You smiled a little, you could be freakin hilarious sometimes.

“Smart and caring…”

You blushed as he sat next to you, his gorgeous green eyes so focused on you that you felt like he was looking into your soul.

“You let me do kinky stuff to you and, more importantly, you seem to actually enjoy doing even kinkier stuff to me. Ow!” He pretended to be hurt when you playfully started swatting his arm. Laughing, he grabbed both of your hands to stop you from hitting him again and, pressing his forehead to yours, he looked into your eyes and added, “Because you are beautiful and brave…and just damaged enough to think that I could be too good for you.”

Fever (Ashton imagine)

AU: you’re sick and Ashton takes care of you.


Feeling you wince from above him, Ashton sighed and kept his eyes closed, teetering between sleep and being awake. It’s when he heard you whimper and your body leave his was when he opened his eyes and realized how damp his bare chest was where you were laying. He rolled on to his side facing you and propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at you. Your body was glistening with sweat and your eyebrows were furrowed as you shifted again in your sleep. Ashton pulled the blankets off of you before feeling you forehead for a fever, which you had.

“Baby…” Ashton tried to wake you with a gravely voice while he shook your arm.

You turned on to your back and whined, finally waking up. “Hmmm, I’m hot.” You rubbed your eyes and Ashton climbed around you and got off the bed.

“You have a fever babe, com'er.” You laid there as he scooped you up and carried you into the bathroom.

He sat you on the counter and you realized how weak you felt. Ashton stood in between your legs and kept and arm around your back to help you sit up as he reached behind you and dug through the medicine cabinet. The light was off, which made it hard for him to find the correct medicine until he finally turned the bathroom light on and easily grabbed the Ibuprofen. He gave you a few pills before filling up the mouth wash cap with water and giving it to you.

Once you took it, he turned the shower on and took his boxers off before helping you undress. He got into the shower first and helped you step in as the cool water cascaded down the both of you, instantly cooling you off. Your back was facing the water as Ashton held you to him, your head against his chest as he poured body soap into his hand and started rubbing your back and shoulders down with the soap. If this was just a normal everyday shower the two of you alway took together, he would’ve used a wash cloth and took his time but since you could barely stand and it was three am, he wasn’t going to waste any time getting you back to bed so you could sleep this bug off. He turned you around and started washing your hair quickly even thought the top of your head was still dry since you didn’t put it under the water. He quickly cleaned himself off as you rinsed your hair out.

He turned the shower off and helped you out of the shower before wrapping your towel around your body. He quickly dried himself off before putting back on his boxers and helping you back into the bedroom. You sat on the bed and dried yourself off as Ashton grabbed you some new clothes. He tossed you some underwear and a t-shirt before taking your towel from you and disappearing from the bedroom. You put on your clothes and laid back down as he came back into the room with a bottle of water. Ashton sat down next to you and felt your head after setting the water down on the bedside table.

“Your fever has gone down.” He whispered and you nodded with closed eyes.

“Thank you.” You whispered back and Ashton laid back down next to you.

“Anything for you baby.” He kissed your head and you turned so your back was facing him, indicating you want to cuddle.

Ashton hooked his arm around your waist and pressed your back to his front as he kissed the back of your hair, not caring that your hair was soaking the pillow as you both fell back asleep.

But imagine the sherlock special is like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and it’s John who’s visited by the ghosts of christmas past, present and future.

The ghost of christmas past shows him another John and another Sherlock in victorian London, living together but not telling each other they’re in love because it’s illegal.

The ghost of christmas presents shows him Sherlock being sad and lonely in his childhood home while Mary and John are having their conversation, later it shows Mary sleeping in their bed, pregnant, and Sherlock in a prison cell because he shot Magnussen.

The ghost of christmas future shows him Marys grave (she either died in childbirth or because one of her enemies found her), the grave of their unborn child and the grave of Sherlock, somewhere in eastern europe without a gravestone.

And then we see John waking up in his armchair in Bakerstreet. He fell asleep while they were investigating the resurrection of Moriarty. And John walks up to Sherlock who’s still sitting at the table, trying to figure everything out, and hugs him.