while eating pancakes


okay so I made this playlist while I was eating pancakes and I can’t stop listening to it

  • Can’t Deny My Love - Brandon Flowers
  • The Descent - Bastille
  • Don’t Take The Money - Bleachers
  • Pork Soda - Glass Animals
  • Happy Family - Sundara Karma
  • The Wire - HAIM
  • Da Vinci Riot Police - George Ezra
  • The Element of Surprise - The Last Shadow Puppets
  • pink skies - LANY
  • You Know It - Colony House 
  • Take It Or Leave It - The Strokes
  • Emily - Catfish and the Bottlemen
halloween with the blackthorns & co

GAH so going on what @tiberiusblacktorn just posted about kit being excited about halloween early (it’s never too early for halloween things though), here’s some headcanons for kit introducing the blackthorns+emma+cristina to halloween properly (post-LoS I’m sorry guys, i’m trying to adjust to a livvyless world (i can’t really)):

- so one time kit casually mentions in a conversation, while they are all eating pancakes or something, that halloween (or, spooky season) will soon be upon them and dru’s mouth just falls open.

- of course she had heard about halloween but shadowhunters don’t really celebrate it and kit is furious at this.

- like, very very furious.

- he lowers his voice and tells everyone that halloween is the BEST holiday ever, even better than christmas.

- he has tavvy’s attention now.

- kit begins to explain that on the spookiest night of the year, everyone dresses up as spookily as they can(kit loves the word spooky wowie), they can prank their friends and best of all, they go from door to door getting candy etc.

- by this point everyone is staring at kit, gobsmacked. they all slowly turn to julian and look accusingly at him (like it’s his fault they don’t celebrate halloween, he argues).

- emma now stands up, points at kit and tells him that this year is a year of change and they will partake in this ‘halloween’ he speaks of.

- dru now legs it to the computer room to find good costume ideas and mark is not long behind her.

- a few nights later, everyone besides julian is scattered about the computer room, with ty and dru at the desk.

- they are slightly panicking because kit said that halloween is october 31st. today is the 30th.

- earlier on they discovered pumpkin carving and julian had been sent on a quest to get pumpkins for everyone.

- emma keeps running back and forth from her room to the computer room, bringing numerous odd outfits and dresses with her.

- she can’t seem to make up her mind though and she just dumps the clothes on cristina, who is grinning from behind a pile of clothes

- whenever something really weird is thrown on the pile (like a skirt that looks strangely like a tutu? no one knows why emma would have that), mark grabs it and tries to figure out how it works

- so cristina is buried under clothes, mark is wearing a tutu (on a leg? his head? who knows) and dru and ty are practically bursting with excitement as they look at decorations and (detective for ty, scream masks for dru) costumes.

- meanwhile, however, tavvy has brought kit into the corner of the room.

- he distinctly remembers kit saying that halloween is a time for pranking and he wants kit to help him prank dru somehow.

- and kit, the lovely boy he is, would never say no to a good prank.

- tavvy frowns, realising something. he tells kit that dru doesn’t get scared, at all. so maybe she isn’t the best victim after all.

- they go through other possible victims: julian, no (they wouldn’t want to incur his wrath); mark- he might find it too confusing, tavvy argues; cristina, she’s too kind to be mean to; ty- kit argues for his case, saying it wouldn’t be fair on him because of all that had happened recently (plus kit just doesn’t have it in him to prank ty).

- and that left them with…

- emma.

- she would love a good prank, kit mutters and tavvy gets really excited. emma it is then.

- julian bursts through the doors and glares at everyone.

- “your pumpkins are in the car, wHY ARE YOU ALL SITTTING AROUND?”

- cut to thirty minutes later, and everyone is now running around the dining room. mark and cristina come back and forth from the training room with varieties of weapons (kit is confused as to why you would carve a pumpkin with a scythe when you could just use a knife or dagger).

- emma is making a mess of hers using cortana, much to everyone else’s amusement.

- julian refuses to let anyone else see what he is doing until it is finished.

- dru is carving jason’s mask into hers; ty is creating what kit thinks is possibly the cutest bee eVER; julian has entrusted supervision of tavvy to kit (jules does glare at poor kit every now and then) as they got along so well earlier.

- kit is showing tavvy how to make a grinning face that could either be seen as cute, as tavvy insists it is, or completely horrifying, as kit insists it is but to himself. kit’s pumpkin is also sporting a grinning face, he turns out to be pretty good at pumpkin carving.

- when they get back, cristina and mark end up giggling and throwing pumpkin guts at each other.

- everyone ends up joining in and tavvy runs over to julian, laughing.

- ty hangs back though, thinking that this is the first time everyone has been truly happy ever since…

- kit is the first one to notice through the pumpkin guts that ty was gone and he darts out of the room, not looking back once.

- after a few minutes, kit finds ty standing outside of livvy’s room. kit freezes a few metres away.

- taking a deeper breath than he would’ve thought possible, he goes and stands almost shoulder-to-shoulder with ty.

- “she would’ve really loved this. halloween, all of it. being here with us,” ty says, but he isn’t crying. there’s a small smile on his face.

- “she would’ve, there’s no doubt about it,” kit says.

- a hand squeezes kit’s shoulder.

- “livvy is happy for all of us, for you ty,” dru smiles back at kit and ty and then returns her gaze to the door.

- in hindsight, kit suspects that he should’ve initiated some kind of group ‘we’ll get through this together’ hug but dru isn’t one for hugs, and neither are he and ty if he’s being completely honest.

- so instead, he rests his hand on dru’s and holds onto ty’s arm with his other and,for the first time in what seemed like forever, he genuinely feels like his life can go on again.

hahahahaha this ended up being a bit longer than anticipated so i had to stop it because i decided halfway through to convert this to fanfic form along with what comes after it, if anyone would wanna read that?! anywho, thanks for reading!!

30 Kisses for 30 Years

summary: It’s Phil’s thirtieth birthday and Dan is determined to give him thirty kisses. Meanwhile, Phil’s been having domestic thoughts. 
word count: 2, 735
warnings: innuendos, kissing, making out, hickeys, so much fluff that you’ll die

Phil could feel something crawling under his skin when he woke up that morning.

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Everyone thinks Enjolras is not a morning person. Since they moved away to college, he has avoided morning classes like the plague. The only morning lectures he’s ever had are those that do not offer any later times.

Enjolras just does not like early classes.

It’s not until a few weeks into dating him that Grantaire found out why.

R showed up at Enjolras’ place with breakfast to surprise him and be a Good Boyfriend™. He did not expect to find Enjolras wearing sweatpants and Grantaire’s favorite green hoodie (so that’s where it went) watching tv. And not just any show either… he was watching Justice with Judge Mablean.

Grantaire was already forming the group text he would send in his head when Enjolras looked at him and smiled.

“Go ahead and text them. They’ll never believe you.”

The rest of the morning was spent watching 3 different judge shows, and eating pancakes while they cuddled.

It turns into a weekly date.

Birthday Girl (submission)

On your birthday you wake up to tons of notifications on twitter and Instagram, from family and friends but also fans wishing you a happy birthday and other well wishes. Your heart is warmed by the kind messages from people all over, you think that maybe a little bit later you’ll do a quick Instagram live stream to thank everyone. 

It’s tradition that whoever’s birthday it is gets to pick what’s on the menu for breakfast (or in this case, brunch, since it was so hard to get out of his cozy grasp this morning). You kindly ask Harry for his famous pancakes, but instead of bananas (like he always requests), could he pretty please throw some chocolate chips in, and maybe some whipped cream and strawberries on top, and even though you know he’ll say that “it’s too much sugar for this early in the mornin’ love, but since it’s your birthday…” he’ll reluctantly toss the chocolate chips in anyway. 

As he’s getting everything ready, he hands you your coffee with a kiss to the forehead, telling you to go cuddle up on the couch and he’ll call you when everything is ready. 

As you shuffle over to your shared living room, with your favorite fuzzy blanket wrapped loosely around you and your favorite morning playlist softly drifting through from the kitchen, you get comfortable in your self-designated corner of couch. You take a sip of your coffee and open up Instagram, ready to make your short little live message for the fans. 

“Good morning friends! Or should I say afternoon since it’s almost 11 here,” you giggle. “I woke up to so many lovely messages and I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for helping to make my birthday so special already.” 

Immediately you see lots of followers have tuned into your live stream, with messages starting to appear at the bottom, and a rising number of viewers showing at the top. You answer a few of the messages popping up at the bottom, as Ed Sheeran’s "Perfect” starts to echo through the speakers in the kitchen, and you smile thinking that it’s one of your favorite love songs. 

“It’s pretty cold here today, so I think I might say in my blanket for as long as possible. Maybe find a good movie to watch while I eat my birthday pancakes." 

As you continue to talk to your phone, your ears perk up to Harry’s voice starting to sing along with the song and you start to panic ever so slightly. Whenever Harry sings, your heart always slightly flutters, but this time it’s for a totally different reason.

Of course everyone knows that you are with Harry, you have been for years, but you purposely make it a point to not make a show of it. You both like to keep your private lives private, something that is hard to do when he has the job and life that he does. The last thing you want is to cause any drama with his fans, to have anyone thinking you are showing him off, or invading his privacy, especially on your birthday of all days. So with a frozen smile, an ever so slight wide eyed expression, and multiple messages from quick fans who already picked up on the fact that it was indeed Harry’s voice in the background, you try to gently get up from your seat the sneak to the next room, hoping that it will all go unnoticed. The video is in fact live, it’s not as though you can delete it later or suddenly end the video just as his voice appears without causing suspicion.

As you start to make your move, he hollers, "Oi you don’ like my singin’? Get paid to do this ya know, s’not very nice to jus’ ignore my performance.” He is standing across the room from you, watching you with his infamous smirk, his arms folded across his chest. That’s when he sees the way in which your holding your phone and he asks, “whatcha doin’ love?“ 

Panic runs through you as you swallow and answer, “Umm, doing a live video thanking everyone for the birthday wishes.” He knows you better than anyone, so you hope that the look in your eyes will tell him what he needs to know. 

But instead, he makes his way to you and plops himself down on your lap, trapping and slightly crushing you with his weight, not that you would normally mind, but under this particular circumstance, you begin to worry. He keeps his gaze on your phone as his face appears in front of yours.

He’s not one for social media, using it minimally for both his personal and professional life, never wanting to be in his friends’ snapchats or have his personal pictures being posted too often. In your two years of being with each other, you’ve posted maybe two or three photos of the two of you together, only with his permission to share these personal moments. So for him to willingly put himself in this live stream, you’re confused and a bit anxious. Maybe he doesn’t understand what this is? Maybe he thinks you can not post it at all, or even delete it later? 

He continues to stare at the screen, watching the mass influx of messages popping up at the bottom, and the dramatic increase of viewers at the top. He seems unphased. 

"Haz it’s live,” you gently whisper with a smile, almost hiding yourself behind his large frame. “Can’t delete it.”

“S'why it’s called a live stream, innit?” He quips. 

You’re shocked to say the least, that he would insert himself like this, that he would knowingly make his private life public like this, but you suppose there’s no more use in questioning now, not with the camera still pointed on both of your faces. 

“Wha’s tha’?” He asks, pointing to the bottom right of the screen.

“Hearts.” You murmur, your chin resting nervously on his right shoulder. 

“ ’N what’re the numbers?“ 

"How many people are watching.”

“Hmm,” he hums, “Wha’s all this?” He points again, this time to the bottom left. 

“People commenting, saying hello. Asking questions.“ 

He pauses for just a moment, continuing to let his eyes wander over the screen, smiling occasionally and then furrowing his brow. 

"Why’s everyone sayin’ happy birthday? Mine’s not fo’ two more months.” He waits a moment before turning and giving you a cheeky smile.

You roll your eyes at him but can’t help but laugh. “S'my birthday, Harry” and you give him a pout. 

He just laughs at you, and turns back at the screen. He gives the screen one last furrowed look, then begins to stick his tongue out at the screen. Repetitively. He raises his eyebrows and continuously sticks his tongue out, and you are extremely confused as to what is going on.

“Harry, what are you doing?“ You giggle softly. It’s hard to give a true laugh with his heavy weight still on top of you. 

"Wanna be the dog,” he states matter of factly, sticking his tongue out once more. “Where’s th’ dog?“

You laugh again, this time a little more loudly, “That’s snap chat love, this is Instagram. It doesn’t have all those filters." 

He frowns, looking like a little boy who didn’t get his way, and you just want to give him kisses all over because he looks so damn cute, and if your phone wasn’t in front of both of your faces, with thousands of fans tuning in, you would. 

Your tummy gives a soft growl, bringing you back to reality and you are reminded of the breakfast (well, brunch) that awaits you. 

You let out a soft sigh, "Pancakes done?” You ask, as you rest you head against him, watching him watch the screen. 

“Oh shit!!” He all but yells. He pops up from his seat on your lap, slightly knocking you over in the process. Your phone jostles and you’re thankful he didn’t knock over the coffee mug that is sitting on the coffee table before you. 

You stay seated, laughing loudly, as you watch him rush into the kitchen, grabbing the spatula to check the damage, but you just know these ones must be burned. You turn you attention back to your phone, pursing your lips as you try to contain the love and joy and utter bliss you feel. He may be a tall, lanky, soft, silly dork, but he’s yours and you love him with your whole heart. 

You give your phone once last playful eye roll, and whisper so he can’t hear you, “And he brags he used to be a baker.”

“Oi! I hear’ tha’! Jus’ cause it’s your birthday doesn’ mean you get t’ be mean t’ me!” 

You glance down at the comments one last time, seeing all the loving remarks from his fans, but the ones that stick out to you the most are the ones that tell you something that you already knew. You smile, “Yeah, ‘m one lucky girl,” you think to yourself. 

With one last thank you and goodbye to the live stream, you ditch you phone and your blanket on the couch, and make you way to the kitchen where Harry has already put new batter into the pan. You smile as you snake your arms around him, nestling your face and nose into his back, giving him a small squeeze.

“New one’s ‘ill be ready in a mo’,” he murmurs, slowly swaying back and forth with you to the new song playing. 

You hum in response, forgetting all about the pancakes, just wanting to be in this moment with him, to feel his warmth, to smell his smell, and to remember that you are indeed one lucky (birthday) girl. 


THIS is one of the cutest submissions I have EVER gotten holy shIT I’m so in love 😍
Dear Journal,

This morning we woke up really early to take the train to the orphanage. Sirius and I were so excited to meet our baby. We arrived a bit to early so we ate breakfast in this cute restaurant. Sirius’ leg was bouncing from excitement. We were talking about baby names while eating our pancakes and cinnamon rolls.

“Maybe something simple like Alex?” Sirius asked.

“There will be a hundred Alex’s at Hogwarts.. We need something unique.” I said, taking a bite of my breakfast.

“How about Teddy? It’s cute?” Sirius said.

“I like Teddy… He’ll be our little Teddy bear!” I giggled.

“I can’t wait to see him Remus.” Sirius said, looking at his watch.

“I know… we’ll see him soon..” I smiled.

We finished breakfast and had a coffee. I kind of regretted letting Sirius have a coffee because he was already so excited and nervous! It didn’t help!

“It’s time! Let’s go meet our son!” Sirius said, smilling.

He grabbed my hand and we walked down the street to the orphanage. A nice lady welcomed us and told us to wait in a room. Sirius was shaking and I tried to calm him.

“What if i’m not a good father? What if i end up like my parents?” He asked.

“You won’t Sirius. You’re nothing like your parents.. Just take a deep breath.” I said.

“Okay.. I can’t wait Moons..” He laughed.

We then heared the door open and the lady came in with a baby wrapped in a blanket. It was our baby. Sirius put his hands on his face and started crying. He was happy. The lady layed the tiny boy in my arms and i couldn’t stop smiling. I felt a few tears run down my cheeks and Sirius kissed my forehead.

“Hey buddy..” I said, brushing my finger on the little baby’s cheek.

“He’s beautiful..” Sirius said.

“He’s so small. Look at his eyes Sirius.”

He had bright blue eyes and long lashes.

“Do you want to hold him?” I asked my boyfriend.

Sirius nodded. I carefully layed the baby in his arms. The baby giggled and grabbed a strand of Sirius’ hair.

“How are you going to name him?” The lady we totally forgot exsisted asked.

Sirius looked at me and i nodded.

“Teddy Lupin.” He said to the lady.

Sirius insisted on using my family name. He didn’t want Teddy to be a Black. I tried to convince him otherwise but he wanted him to be a Lupin. The lady wrote down the name on the official papers and looked up.

“What about the middle name?” She asked.

“Regulus. Teddy Regulus Lupin.” I said instantly.

Sirius looked at me. We haven’t thought about a middle name but I did. Sirius smiled and a tear ran down his face. He mouthed a “i love you”. He looked down at the little baby in his arms.

“Teddy Regulus Lupin.. It’s beautiful..” He said.

We spent the day with the baby. He was so beautiful. Sirius tried to make him say “Padda” but he was just mumbling some sounds and it made us laugh. Unfortunetly, it was time to go. The lady told us that we could come and get him at the beggining of the week. We still had to make a room for him. Sirius didn’t want to let him go. He kissed his forehead and the lady told us that he would be okay. She walked away with our baby and the his hands were oustreched towards us.

“I don’t want to leave him..” I said.

“I know. Me neither. But he’ll be home soon. Can we go baby shopping tommorow?” Sirius asked.

“Of course! Lily will come with us maybe.” I smiled.

“He’s perfect. I want to hold him forever.” Sirius said.

“You will be able to do that soon!” I laughed. “But I want to hold him too!”

In two days, Teddy Regulus Lupin would be home.

April 8th 1978

anonymous asked:

That disconnect on loving/being loved is one of the major conflicts between Cas and Dean (as I see it). Now, this might not be popular but I think Dean did a lot of mistakes in their earlier relationship that has contributed to Cas not getting it now (along with Cas' angelic perspective, of course). Dean is trying like hell to undo some of the damage, kudos to him, but that's why Dean gets in a fit when Cas doesn't answer, risks his life, takes stupid risks and Cas being all "this not ok now?"

Heck okay… Over dinner, Mr. Mittens was talking to me about Scorpion (which he watches and I don’t, really, other than sort of letting him keep me informed about the character dynamics, because I watched the first season with him and it’s nice to know that the various characters are getting along and doing well…)

I do have a point bringing up this completely different TV show, I swear…

The show itself is about this group of geniuses who are all sort of ~socially outcast~ because of their various talents, to the point that most of them had been wanted by various governments for various criminal activity… but they’re all assembled together to solve these sorts of global threat type situations.

The main character is this guy called Walter who’s a supergenius who was arrested for hacking NASA when he was a little kid. So he’s always been on the U.S. Government radar as a potential threat. But he’s not American by birth. This will be important later…

Anyway, in the pilot episode they meet this woman named Paige who was working as a waitress at a diner. She’s just a normal working mom, but she falls in with this group of geniuses because she’s got her own sort of genius: translating humanity for these people who despite being brilliant are sort of “rusty” in the “people skills” department…

So Walter and Paige sort of have this interesting dynamic, and are both attracted to each other, but he’s got like ZERO in the way of people skills or understanding his own feelings, and she thinks she’s got nothing to offer him because she’s just this regular person.

Her son, however, is also brilliant, and Walter helps her to understand her son while she helps him to begin to understand people in general.

At one point Paige discovered that Walter was secretly married to one of the other members of the team, but it was only so he could gain U.S. Citizenship, and she felt betrayed that he’d lied to her about something that big… even though he never had any romantic interest at all in that other character (and all this was only revealed because someone else had asked her to marry them, and she’d kept turning them down, because she couldn’t divorce Walter without him getting deported, but that was supposed to remain a secret… blah blah blah, misunderstandings ensue before the truth finally comes out…)

(ETA: This other character Walter was married to? Her name is Happy.)

Three seasons later, whoops Walter has made a sort of deathbed (drug-induced) love confession to Paige that he didn’t remember making (because drug-induced deathbed confession) BUT IT WAS VIDEOTAPED and then used against him later. When he realized what he’d confessed to her, he began pushing her away.

He found her a “regular” job so she wouldn’t be “in danger” from working with the team anymore, pushing her away emotionally, because he was terrified that now he’d confessed his love to HER that she would use that confession to break his heart. (because why would she love me back…)

Meanwhile she’s angry with HIM for pushing her away because she WANTS to work with the team, and it’s not his job to babysit her…

So Mr. Mittens is telling me this entire sordid tale, and I asked him, “But do you think they’re endgame for each other? Like they’ll eventually get together?” And he’s like “Absolutely. It’s obvious how much they love each other. They just need to communicate.”

And I sat through that entire description from him while eating a pancake like this:

(I have this gif saved as “dean chews judgmentally”)

So you can probably make all the comparisons ever to Dean and Cas through Paige and Walter, because the underlying story is almost beat for beat identical.

So tell me they aren’t writing this as a romance.

Some people are gay and know they’re gay from a young age, and that’s just dandy, but I spent the first 18 years of my life thinking I liked pancakes only to realize one morning while eating a disappointing pancake that literally every pancake I’ve ever eaten has filled me with disappointment, and if I can’t even figure out how I feel about a simple bready breakfast food, I don’t anticipate ever truly narrowing down a definitive answer about sexual orientation, and I’m content with that.

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okay so i just saw your list of horror anime (i totally recommend Ghost Hunt but that's not what this is about it just made me think of it) and for the valentine's day au requests, how about nalu and ghost hunters au?

@soprana-snap Ghost Hunter!AU snippet???? lol Chy and I were actually talking about a ghost hunter!AU awhile ago! Also, longer than 3 sentences because I’m trash, so 3 paragraph!

“You know” Lucy starts, voice slightly higher than usual as she sends Natsu a pointed look from behind her camera, “most couples would go on a date for Valentine’s Day.” She would love to say that she isn’t disappointed, but she kind of is. Sure, Valentine’s Day is a dumb holiday meant to capitalize on material objects and guilt couples into buying things for each other, but that doesn’t meant that Lucy wants to miss a rare date night with her longtime boyfriend. Ghost Hunting is their work, sure, but right now she’d rather be curled up with him on the couch at home.

Natsu pauses just a step ahead of her, the EVP recorder blinking in his hand. He cocks his head to the side, a grin tugging at his lips as his expression turns impish. “You mean this isn’t a date?” he jokes, eyes twinkling in the dim light. When Lucy doesn’t laugh the smile slips from his lips and his expression becomes serious. He shoves the recorder into his pocket and takes a step towards her, cupping her face with both hands. “After we catch some ghosts, would you like to go home and eat pancakes while watching bad rom-coms?” he asks her, ducking his head to look her in the eyes. Lucy’s lips twitch into a small smile and she nods, giggling when Natsu presses a wet kiss against her cheek. He trails butterfly kisses along her jawline until he reaches her mouth.When he speaks again, his lips ghost against her skin. “Do you think the ghosts know that I love you?” he murmurs against her lips.

It wouldn’t be until later, when listening to their recordings of the night, that the pair would hear a very faint “yes” in response to Natsu’s question.

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Hello! (Most recent anon is back again) Loved part 2! Maybe a part 3 (or 4 is this is too much) at prom where they dance together for the first time and Evan is literally so speechless and they end up just falling asleep on his couch after talking/cuddling for hours?

Part three of the Oak Tree series(?)!

part one, part two


now time for you and Evan at prom!

- Evan and you

- Neither of you can stop grinning, even as Heidi makes you both pose

- Evan’s terrified to walk in, and if you’re being honest, you are too

- Neither of you are big school dance people, especially not senior prom!

- Evan sees you’re nervous, though

- Somehow, he finds the courage to squeeze your hand and kiss your cheek

- “This is gonna be fun, I promise”

- You’re so amazed that this boy has found the confidence he’s never had in such a short time

- You finally walk in and Evan leads you straight to dance

- As all of the songs play (Cupid Shuffle, various top 40 hits), you realize you can’t stop smiling at Evan

- He feels so lucky to have you there with him, and you feel the same way

- By the end of the night, you’re pretty tired, but still smiling

- The last song they play is this

- It’s a slow dance

- You start blushing, but so does Evan

-  You decide it’s your turn to take the lead, and you place his hands gently on your waist, swaying gently with him

- He giggles nervously as you place a tiny kiss to his nose

- By the end of the song, he’s humming along happily and seems to have forgotten about anything other than you

- You love him so much as you look up at him and his little grin

- All the way home, he’s quiet

- It’s a happy, content quiet! 

- You hold hands, still swaying a bit

- Heidi is there for five minutes after you get back to Evan’s because she planned her shifts around you two

- She pulls you aside while Evan goes to change, thanking you for getting him to really be happy. She tells you it was a rough year for him, but you managed to turn it around for him and she hasn’t seen that little smile on his face in a long, long time

- Once you’re both out of your fancy clothes and Heidi’s left, you and Evan make popcorn

- You snuggle on the couch together watching Mamma Mia! and Evan hums along to all of the songs

- This is a huge deal because I feel like he only hums or sings when he’s really happy and relaxed? 

- He plays with your hair, braiding and twisting it around gently

- You fall asleep like that, snuggled into him

- When you wake up in the morning, there’s a blanket on you and Evan isn’t there

- You get up and stretch, hearing him humming in the kitchen

- When you get to the kitchen, he’s making blueberry pancakes

- You just walk up to him and sit on the counter next to the stove

- He grins and gives you a little kiss 

- While you eat the pancakes and talk, you can hear him start humming again occasionally 

- You recognize the tune as the song you danced to last night

- “Nice song,” you tell him and he blushes

- You grab his hand from across the table

- “I love you, Evan”

- His eyes go wide; you’ve never said that before!

- Then he just grins

- “I love you, too. Always”

Yayyy fluff! And my favorite boy! I’ll write about him until I die, honestly

Keep sending requests, all of you! I’d be happy to write just about anything you want written

I'll explain later part three (Biadore) -Burgundy

AN: Last planned part. I would like to thank the anon that called me a “fucking legend”. I also noticed that in the last part I wrote “past violet” instead of “past violence”. For that, I apologize. Thank you guys seriously for your support, though. It means the world to me.

“…Hot tears had made their way down her face, as a new emotion filled her body. She didn’t know what to call it but if she had to put it into words she would just say ‘an intense grief’…” tw for sexual assault, violence, murder, death, blood, panic attacks, and my poorly written and rushed writing.

Hope you enjoy! xx <3

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If I wake up with you, there's nothing else I can ask for

So I gota prompt ages ago about Lutteo and their kid like about a dayin their life so I wrote this
(This one also goes for @ac-ars )
The first thing she hears when she wakes up are small footstep running through the hallway and into her room, she smiles and is about to sit up when she hears some shushing and then the footsteps calming down just as soon as they reach her bed, she hides her face in the pillow, trying not to move when she feels cat’s paws on her back and a soft meow next to her neck.
“Don’t wake her up?” She barely register Aurora saying in a soft whisper and she can feel a small weight sit on her bed.
“But I want to wish her happy birthday.” Sofi say in that stage whisper only kids can manage and Luna, tries not to giggle, Lyra stretches on her neck and moves over to where the girls are.

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Famous Love/Part 4

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You slowly opened your eyes, smelling that wonderful smell while being wrapped by the sheets. You turned lazily, imagining you’d feel Jensen’s body by your side, but were disappointed to see nothing there.

You frowned, sitting on the bed and finding his room completely dark aside from the light that came through the open door, and all your clothes scattered around the floor from the mess you’d made the previous night.

You grinned, getting up and combing your hair into a messy bun before putting Jensen’s shirt on.

 "J?“ You asked, walking through the long corridor, and hearing his voice from afar saying "I’m here”. You supposed it was coming from the kitchen.

 "Morning. “You said hugging him from behind while he was focused making pancakes.

 "Morning beautiful.” He said turning around to give you a lingering chaste kiss, soon getting back to the pancakes. You sat on the table and smiled, seeing as Jensen was cooking your breakfast wearing only his black boxers.

 After your first date, as he had promised, Jensen called whenever there was a breech in your schedules, and you would go somewhere, even if it was just to the ice cream parlor and you only had thirty minutes. But always in small, discreet places, where the fans wouldn’t find you. You agreed since the start not to announce the relationship, at lest for now. You didn’t know exactly what you two were, but of course there was an unspoken agreement of fidelity. But one thing, you knew for sure.

 You were completely crazy for Jensen Ackles.

 The first time you slept together was around your fourth date, when he cooked a romantic dinner in his house, and it was… The best orgasm you had ever had. This was the fifth night you were spending together, and today would be a very special day.

 "This one is for the lady" He said putting a pancake in your plate. “And this is for the Tramp” He said throwing one in his making you laugh and roll your eyes.

 "Ready for today?“ He asked and you pouted while eating the delicious pancakes.

"What?” He looked almost disappointed to see your face. “I though you were excited”

 "I am, but… I’m nervous" You said the last word in a whisper not daring to look at his face, but you knew he had a taunting expression.

 "(Y/N) if you are like this to meet them, imagine when you meet my parents….“ You looked surprised at him to hear this words. He really was thinking about introducing you to his parents? He really wanted to reach this level of relationship with you? Your heart skipped a beat, just like it did whenever you were with him, and he looked away blushing. "But yeah… they’re gonna love you, believe me”

 "Don’t you think that a 3 year old’s birthday party is too intimate for me to go?“ You asked starting to freak out, and he rolled his eyes smiling.

 "I told you a million times that it was Gen and Jared who invited you. And everybody wants to meet you. We’re together for… what? Two and a half months and they don’t know you yet. -He guaranteed you and you returned a small smile to him. The truth was that you were dying to finally meet the Supernatural cast, but nervous, just like any other fan.

 "Okay then…What do you prefer? The green dress or the floral one?”


 You were almost in Padalecki’s house and the nervousness refused to go away. Jensen was with one of his hands resting on your tight caressing it with his thumb and trying to make you at ease, but it wasn’t working.

 Oh, and you picked the floral dress.

 "You know what?“ Jensen said making you look at him. "I know why you’re so nervous.”

 "Oh, you do?“ You asked with a smile knowing that nothing good would come from that. "And why is it?”

 "You’re not nervous because they are my friends. You’re nervous because you’re such a fangirl.“ He told you with a smirk and you tried to hide the truth.

 "Shut up, of course not.” You answered looking to the other side making him laugh.


 "Shut up Jensen”

 "Shut up Jensen" He said trying to imitate your voice and you rolled your eyes, crossing your arms just when he parked in front of the house.

 "Ah, now you’re angry?“ He said with a playful smile and you snorted.

 "C'mon (Y/N) I know that you are Supernatural’s number one fan.” He said getting closer and you shivered when his hot breath reached your neck and his hand tightened on your thigh. “And that’s why…” He said kissing your shoulder covered just by the thin strap of the dress and of the bra. “You never..” He said kissing the curve of your neck. “Resist” He said finally, lightly biting the lobe of your ear and making a shiver run through your body. This man… damn.

 He laughed opening the door and you gasped. Did he really stop in that moment? He stopped by your open window laughing at your face and giving you a chaste kiss.

 "C'mon we need to go in. I promise to give you a reward later" He said smiling and you left the car shaking your head in denial but letting a small smile appear. He locked the car, holding the hand that was not carrying Tom’s present, and Jensen pressed the doorbell.

 “Jensen and (Y/N)! I’m so glad you’re here!” Genevieve said smiling when she opened the door, giving you and Jensen a hug. She was the only one you had met before, and like the last time, she was lovely. “Tom!” She shouted. “Look who’s arrived!” Suddenly a little boy came out from nowhere and jumped in Jensen’s lap.

 “Uncle Jensen!” He screamed and Jensen laughed spinning him around.

 “Congrats little guy, look the big present we got you.” He said putting Tom on the floor and Jensen pointed to the present in your hand. You bent down to be in his height.

 “This is aunt (Y/N) Tom, she is uncle Jensen’s girlfriend.” Genevieve said and Tom smiled getting the present and giving you a shy hug. He thanked you and started running again. You stood up again feeling your cheeks burn, and you saw Jensen’s cheeks were also turning red with Genevieve’s words.

 “C’mon, everybody’s in the Garden.” She said and guided you through the giant and beautiful house into the garden, where there were a lot of tables with guests.

 “Jensen!” Someone screamed and you saw Jared with his Young son, Shep, in his arms. Your fan heart jumped when he came to talk to you. He hugged you and Jensen a little clumsily because of his little one.

 “And you’re the famous (Y/N).” He said and you smiled embarrassed. “ I’ve heard a lot about you in the last months, i’m so glad to finally meet you.”

 “Oh, you have?” You said smiling looking at Jensen, who blushed. “I hope you’ve heard just good things, and it’s a pleasure to meet you too. You and this pretty little boy.” You said holding Shep’s little hand who laughed, and everybody laughed along. With Jared, you went to say “Hello” to everybody. You met Gen and Jared’s family, except for some brother that couldn’t go. You met Felicia, the redhead that played Charlie in the series, Misha and his family, Mark and his girlfriend, and Rob and Richard, who played Chuck and Gabriel.  

 You met some intimate friends of Gen and Jared, and three of them had children in the same age as Tom.

 You sat in a table with the Supernatural cast, all of them were so funny.

 “But (Y/N), explain something to me.” Mark said and everybody started to pay attention. “Why isn’t your accent strong?” He asked and everybody laughed, including you.

 “I was about to ask the same thing! But I was waiting for the right moment.” Jared said and you laughed.  

 “I was born in America, but when I was ten I moved to England. I ended up learning to speak with the British accent, but when I come here, I barely use it. The only place I really use it in the series.” You explained and everybody made a sonorous “Ahh”. Everyone used to ask you this, including Jensen.

 The day went by faster than you imagined it would. Everybody was - or seemed to be - really happy to met you, and the ones who didn’t know how you and Jensen met were really curious to hear the story. Now, in the end of the party, it was just you and the families left. Jensen was playing in the trampoline with Jared, Tom and Shep, and you and Gen were just observing the scene.

 “You know (Y/N)…” She started. “I know Jensen very well and I can tell that he likes you.” She said and you blushed, looking at him and sighing.

 “I like him a lot Gen. I really do.” You said and se smiled.  

 “One day you will be married to him.”

 “I hope so.”


 "These heels are killing me.” you said tiredly and he laughed. You agreed to stop by your apartment after the party to take some clothes so you could go to Jensen’s place. You entered your building’s lobby and the doorman called you.

 "Miss (Y/N), someone left you these flowers.” you raised your brow in confusion and looked at Jensen, who shrugged as if he didn’t know anything. You took the flowers with a thank you and you entered the elevator.

 “Who do you think they’re from?” you asked looking for some sort of card and he hugged you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder, and you shivered when he started scratching his thin beard on your neck. When you finally found something, it was a little white card with only one letter written on it.


 You looked at him over your shoulder with surprise, and he smiled in embarrassment.

 “I know we’re together, but I wanted to make it official.” he answered with a shrug, still a bit embarrassed, and you smiled unable to contain your anxiety while opening the little card where it was written ‘will you be my girlfriend?’

 You laughed, turning around with a huge grin.

 “Will you be my girlfriend, (Y/N)?” he asked, and you pulled him for a chaste kiss, hugging him tight.

 “Of course I do, J.” you said and he smiled too, deepening the kiss.

 You were dating Jensen Ackles.


“(Y/N) come to beeed.” Jensen pouted while you took off your makeup in his bathroom.

 “I’m almost done.” you laughed, throwing the stained tissue on the trash can. You washed your face and jumped in his bed, making him laugh.

 “(Y/N) I… We need to talk.” Jensen said a bit serious, and you raised an eyebrow.

 “It’s been like two hours since we started dating and you already want to breakup?” you said playfully, a bit scared to see his serious face as he laughed, making you calm down a bit. You were lying facing each other, and he pulled you closer by the waist.

 “Absolutely not, miss (Y/N), it’s not gonna be that easy to get rid of me.” he gave you a chaste kiss that you unintentionally deepened, and next thing that happened you were laying on top of him. He sat on the bed with you on his lap and backed away a little. “I did promise I was going to recompense you, didn’t I?” he said, kissing your neck. “But I really wanted to say something serious now.

 “Hmm… I’m sorry?” you said with a hint of doubt on your tone and he looked up, shaking his head with a smile. But when he looked back at you, he was serious again.

 “Even though we’ve just made it official, the rumours of us being together have been all around for so long that now that I can finally call you my girlfriend…” he started with a smile and you did the same, not believing that was actually happening, “I want to tell everyone that we’re together.” he said and your eyes widened slightly.

“You want to tell the fans?”

“You don’t?” he asked a bit scared that you’d hate the idea.

 “I do! I really do!” you said while kissing him, and he smiled, relieved. “What were you thinking about? A tweet? An interview?”

 “A picture or a video…” he said with a shrug. “You decide.”

 “Let’s take a picture and post it on twitter.” you said excitedly and he agreed with a smile. He grabbed his computer and took about 40 pictures of the both of you, laughing and doing silly faces to the camera. In the end you chose one in which you were about to kiss him while he looked at you with a cute face.

 “You’re sure you wanna do this right?” he asked, ready to post the picture with the caption: ‘Fun night with my girl after Tom’s B-day’.

 You nodded, biting your lower lip. He breathed in deep and posted it. He turned to you with a smile, giving you a long kiss.

 “Can I say just one more thing to you?” he asked, interrupting the kiss while you caressed his nape and you nodded. He breathed deeply again, giving you a chaste kiss. “I think I love you.”

 You smiled, feeling your heart skip a beat.

 “In that case, I think I love you too.” you said, and you both smiled before kissing each other once more. Though this time, non of you interrupted the kiss.

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Did you see the deaf people on Master of None season two??

Yes! They were frigging awesome! It’s so true… you never know when you’ll be around somebody who happens to know sign language.

I have stories… especially being in a pancake house in Ocean City and watching a couple talk about their sexual desires that were expected of each other. 

While trying to eat my pancakes.