while drawing this. that doesn't make sense

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Hey do you not think that straight ace and aro ppl belong in the lgbt+ community? If so like where do you draw the line? Like an ace and aro person who doesn't want a relationship with anyone do they count?

sorry, I just saw this.

I don’t think people who are both cis and het are lgbt. And while I don’t think they’re straight, I also don’t see where a cis aroace person would fit in lgbt tbh. It just doesn’t make sense to me that someone who is not trans and also not gay/bi/pan would be lgbt.

I firmly believe there’s nothing wrong with being ace or aro or both. I really feel like they should have community and to feel good about being ace/aro. I feel like ace/aro and lgbt overlap often and I feel like our communities should support each other, but all that being said, I don’t believe being ace/aro is inherently lgbt or queer or whatever

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I Didn’t Sign Up For This

This was just a little idea I had bouncing around in my head for a while…also I just really wanted to draw baby Sans. Gaster only having one hole in one hand was intentional. He didn’t plan to make Papyrus until a few years later so he hasn’t cut out the piece yet. 

More Gaster stuff

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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ SHE HATES YOU ♥


Haha but it’s okay friend^^ Don’t be sorry or anything I FORGIVE YOU EVEN THOUGH I DIDN’T EVEN  KNOW!! IT FLEW RIGHT OVER MY HEAD  FOR THE PAST MONTH Haha

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how did you discover a comfortable drawing style? when i draw i feel icky now and its not even fun.. idk what happened to me lol

i don’t really have a consistent art style anymore actually,,,my art styles been fluctuating due to the fact I haven’t drawn in a while, n I don’t know if I really am the best person to ask but!!

it’s ok if it’s not fun sometimes, acknowledging the fact you can get better at art is good. but if you’re just focusing on the negatives like constantly saying your art is terrible in tags or captions and right out refusing to accept compliments about your art or just straight up giving up on art bc you’re not as great as the next person bc your art isn’t consistent in terms of style or whatever- nothing’s really gonna change about your art n you’re just gonna get stuck and arts always gonna be “not fun” to you anymore. you’re just. intentionally bringing yourself down??
anyways, the best thing I can say is to try n at least draw something once a day. even if the drawing’s small n simple or feels n looks shitty to yourself, at least you are drawing something in order to progress to a comfy art style n maybe making art will begin to be fun for you again

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I think Ace would have ADHD and dyslexia

i’m p sure you could throw ADHD at at least Ace and Luffy and maybe Sabo and make it stick, i’m not gonna argue with that. it’s not something that is off.

however, while Ace having dyslexia is a possibility. i counter with Ace can’t read. like let me explain? but we never see Luffy or Ace getting any kind of lessons, we know that Sabo can read, but imagine. Sabo starting to teach the other two to read and never getting to finish because he ‘dies’. depending how long the lessons are going on, it’s entirely possible that Ace would only be able to read a very small amount, or he would forget it entirely???

but yeah. there’s no standard education system and Ace lives on a mountain with bandits. it’s never showed that he is taught how to read. it shows him reading sabo’s letter, but … like >>

guys but imagine this…

Comic Book Artist Marinette AU where she creates a comic called Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, drawing herself as super strong, confident, badass Ladybug (as opposed to clumsy, insecure Marinette) and her school crush Adrien as suave, pun-loving Chat Noir. And of course in the comic he’s totally in love with her.

All the events and akumatized villains are based off her real life, so it’s kind of like a diary of sorts, hence why so many of her classmates get akumatized, and why Chloe is the cause of so many (cause obviously she hates Chloe and draws her as an evil person).

Hawkmoth is Adrien’s dad because she hates how miserable he makes Adrien. Plus, drawing him as Chat Noir is her way of imagining him rebelling against his controlling father, cause obviously he’s totally compliant and would never do that in real life.

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I'm new to animation and while I was able to google X-sheets, I couldn't find out what "put the frames on 2's" means. Even numbers comes to mind, but that doesn't seem to make sense in context. Thanks!

2s means you have 1 drawing exposed for 2 frames. For instance, a typical animation is 24 fps (frames per second), but if an animation is on 2s, that means you will only have 12 actual drawings per second, because each drawing continues for a second frame.

It is confusing at first, but after awhile it will begin to make sense haha.

You and Calum were never really ones to partake in PDA, or any forms of affection, really. The two of you had been best friends for years and for some reason you both wanted to prove to the other that nothing had changed after confessing your feelings to one another. And although kisses and make out sessions weren’t frequent, they still happened, just a lot more meaningful with even more passion, often leading to something more. Cuddle sessions were common, the main topic usually having something to do with the future. Your future. You both learnt how much something so small could mean. Interlocked fingers under messy sheets, sweet whispers in the loud silence of the night, drawing patterns on naked skin illuminated my the moonlight, ghostly touches that made you shiver. You were a perfect couple, but a lowkey couple, almost like a secret to the world. And that’s just how you liked it, knowing that he was saving all of his affection for you and only you.

More Michael Aranda Fanart
(I just love to draw and like Michael Aranda, so deal with it.)

Sorry for the bad quality of picture, I just needed to post what I had today, and I don’t have a lot of time.

So in Michael Aranda’s vlog yesterday, he said he fell asleep for 6 hours on the couch and if we wanted a longer video we could just imagine him doing that.

I thought that would be funny to draw, and others in the comments also wanted to see it drawn. So this morning I came up with this cute little comic. I thought it would be funny to have him sleeping in at a weird angle, maybe snoring. That’s cats just came up while I was drawing and fit in nicely, I think making it even cuter/funnier.

I don’t know it was just a cute sketch I thought I’d share.

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Hi Sasha you said it depends on how long 1DHQ will block Zayn's return before OT5 reunites. And while the end of OTRA, album 5's release and the end of 1DHQ's reign draw closer, I don't really get what the current ptb have to gain with this if not financial gain upon Zayn's return. Prolly for album 5 in that case. There's no Zolo work to cash in on atm. Just spite then and saving their faces by pushing 1D's downfall? This stunt makes no sense to me if Zayn doesn't return with new cred and fans.

Right now, it looks to me like 1DHQ is more concerned with saving face in order to continue being viable business entities after the embarrassing loss of their biggest clients. They’ve already made a ton of money–more than 1D themselves. So as time has passed and we see their narrative playing out, it does look like the spin is everything to them. I was hoping pure greed would motivate them to cooperate with Zayn’s return. But it’s looking iffy, quite frankly.

Because 1DHQ has done so much low down dirty shit in the name of business, I can’t trust that they’ll end on a positive note and not block a pre-hiatus reunion. But, it also depends on how the transition goes. What I mean is, what duties are turned over to the new team and when could also be a determining factor. If 1DHQ are essentially lame ducks and active decision making going forward is turned over to the new team, then Zayn’s return is very possible. But is that what’s gonna happen? Or will 1DHQ try to hold onto as much power as they can for as long as they can? Those are the questions…

I believe the incoming team has been doing their job during the stunt. They have been trying to make lemonade out of these lemons. So Zayn has been well taken care of during the stunt. And if there’s no possibility of reconciliation pre-hiatus, well post-hiatus is a lot longer. So there’s time. Time for everyone to have a break. Time for 5/5 to do their thing as individuals. And time for OT5 to be reunited. In the end, I think all these things will happen. 1DHQ won’t be calling the shots forever. We’re down to a matter of months and major change is coming. It’ll get better.