while chris pratt tries to befriend a lyon and be helpful or something

fake film/tv show meme: a movie with Mindy Kaling, Matt Smith and Chris Pratt - asked by anon

Sara (Mindy Kaling)’s life has been planned out by her since she left university with a Zoology diploma: move to Los Angeles (check), acquire some work experience (check), get a master’s degree (check), find a specific field of research (check, and: Extensive Population Genetic Structure in the Giraffe Species), get a PhD abroad (––). According to her schedule, 2013 is the year she embarks on a great adventure and pursues her biggest academic goal with a field study in an elite school in Nairobi – except her dream institution doesn’t accept her. Her panic of missing a step on her laid-out plan makes her sure she cannot back out now: she will start her PhD, wherever that is – and apparently it will have to be the University of Liverpool, in England, where a helpful colleague got her a last minute spot at the Zoology program. At arrival, she starts to wonder exactly how helpful he was being, and to whom – the program is underfunded, labs are a wreck, and professors have given up on it. The only one who seems excited enough is Sara’s colleague’s best friend, the department’s chief of staff, Thomas (Matt Smith), who is waaay too young for the job by Sara’s standards. His positivity and certainty that the department can see better days could be inspiring, but at first it’s just annoying – and Sara will sure let him know that. With the help of Sara’s newly hired researcher/personal assistant, American masters student Finn (Chris Pratt), she will try to make the best out of the situation in order to keep in time with her life plan, but she’ll soon realize she might have to get a little more involved than she thought if she really wants to succeed. And as Sara and Thomas’ relationship evolves from mutual irritation to cooperation and fondness, she might find out there was a quite a bit missing from her original plan.