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Hiccstrid or not Hiccstrid

Hey there! So here’s the beginning of my Hiccstrid one shot’s collection! I tell already: they will follow RTTE Season 4 and follow each other!

I hope you’ll like this one though.

Enjoy some Hiccstrid fight and Stoïck’s reaction to Hiccstrid!

Thanks my friend @wolfie-dragon-rider for make some reajustements! And @noura-fanart for this beautiful cover! <3

Happy reading!

Weeks after the Grimborn brothers’ death, the dragon riders were living peaceful days on Berk. They didn’t leave the Dragon’s Edge with pleasure, far from it, but the erupting volcano had not left them the choice. So it was more with regret that the gang was forced to leave their outpost where they have been through so much.

“Okay gang, take all you can save before the lava comes to your huts!” Hiccup ordered.

It was too late, the Edge was condemned. The Baby Eruptodon couldn’t have held back what was coming anyway. The situation was under control.

The dragon riders had rushed inside their respective huts to get their personal effects. Snotlout was trying to pick up his ‘S’, the twins were wallowing on the boar pit while Fishlegs handled the collection of most books and maps containing Dragon Eye’s information. As to Astrid, she moved to take the weapons she left in her hut.

And then there was Hiccup. The young boy had made his way to the Clubhouse to meditate, closely followed by Toothless. He examined the place, and then sighed. The night fury approached his friend and rubbed him in an affectionate embrace. He uttered a plaintive cooing. The auburn-haired boy stooped to his level by stroking his head.

“I’ll miss this place too, Bud.”

He bounced back and then he moved to the table where the dragon riders and him used to meet up. Hiccup recalled with nostalgia the crazy talks the gang shared, Heather’s great food and Tuffnut’s compliments on it. But he also reminded himself of the gravest moments when the teenagers’ mutual aid reached its peak like after the ‘Viggo fiasco’ for example. This place was full of memories. It was really a part of their life that came down on this island.

An important part.

The young man was now in front of the stables. A smile came to his face at the sight of it. That was where he and Astrid kissed for the first time as a couple. It was in this place that they finally confessed their true feelings for each other. It took time but Astrid’s blindness pushed Hiccup to step outside his comfort zone. Thankfully, her state was temporary.

“Are you okay?” asked a voice behind him while placing a hand on his shoulder.

He turned back, it was Astrid, of course. He gave her a smile he wanted reassuring.

“Just trying to remember the great moments we’ve spent here all together…” he admitted in a sigh.

The night fury rubbed him affectionately. His friend petted his head while smiling.

“It’s true that we had a lot of memories here,” Astrid agreed, taking Hiccup’s hand.

So the teenager moved in front of her and took her hands in turn. Their faces approached until their lips found themselves at only few centimetres from each other as their foreheads touched. They closed their eyes and both smiled before exchanging a tender kiss.

After that, they definitively left the Edge.

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Hello~! Could you write, as to how would RFA+Minor Trio react if they saw MC being attacked by some wild animal? It's up to you how it'll go! Have a nice day ^_^

i have been procrastinating and playing too many otome games pls forgive me

and wow this got long oops

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  • he’s terrified when a rabid cat jumps out of nowhere and starts hissing and growling at you
  • he tries to distract the cat while you slowly back away
  • screams like a little girl when the cat jumps on your leg and starts biting you
  • grabs a stick and hits it off your leg
  • he feels guilty about hitting it for about .054 seconds before it tries to jump at you again
  • runs away faster than usain bolt, dragging you behind him
  • takes you to the hospital to make sure you didn’t catch rabies


  • he’s Your Knight In Shining Armor™
  • so ofc when you come face to face with a huge ass wild boar while you two were hiking in the mountains, he comes to your rescue
  • if the boar isn’t already charging you, he’ll grab you and yell at the boar to get it to move, then carefully moves both of you past it
  • if the boar is charging you, he’ll drag you out of the way and pull you up the nearest boulder or tree and wait for the boar to leave
  • wild boars are capable of giving some very severe injuries, so he’ll make sure nothing happens to you if he can
  • he’ll have his arm around you to whole way back to your car, and he’ll be on high alert for any more wild animals
  • you two decide on going for walks in the park instead from now on


  • Jaehee would be the most calm one here
  • mostly
  • when you two are sitting in the park minding your own business and a squirrel becomes interested in trying to bite off your hand, she’s quick to act
  • sends the squirrel flying with a smack to the head so fast the squirrel didn’t know what hit it
  • immediately looks at your hand to see how deep the scratches/bites are
  • packs up everything and goes home with you, where you recieve impeccable first aid and a cookie


  • you two are in Australia bc he didn’t want to leave you behind while he went on a business trip for two weeks
  • once he has time, he takes you to a private area of the beach 
  • which is where you meet your Doom aka a Sea Urchin
  • you’re just having a good ol’ time splashing about in the water when
  • oh no, you stepped on a sea urchin
  • -134 HP
  • he tries to be calm, but he’s internally freaking out, but he also knows you won’t die but still
  • calls 000 instead of trying to handle it himself bc he’s scared of making things worse
  • holds your hand on the way to the hospital
  • pampers you so much after
  • doesn’t let you walk or stand on your own until you’re completely better


  • A Series Of Unfortunate Events™
  • it’s one of the rare times you get him to go outside
  • you go for a little picnic in the woods (you had to bribe him with hbc and phd pepper)
  • unfortunately for you, he insists on traipsing through the woods after you eat
  • also unfortunately, you stumble upon a badger’s sett, which happens to be home to some cubs
  • even more unfortunately, the mother badger was present
  • and she was not happy
  • he’s very serious once he realizes what’s happening
  • calmly gives you instructions to move away slowly, until you’re out of sight
  • apologizes x1000000 for making you wander around int he woods with him
  • very happy he’s read a stupid amount of wildlife books


  • you and this precious man are on one of his photography excursions in the mountains
  • but, it starts raining, so you retreat into a cave to wait out the rain
  • but of course, you just have to pick the cave with a shit load of bats
  • when you turn your phone’s flashlight to the ceiling like a dumbass, the bats swarm past you to get out of the cave
  • with your oh-so-wonderful luck, one gets caught up in your hair and wildly flaps its wings around trying to get away from you
  • it also bites and scratches your neck pretty bad
  • you’re yelling, the bat is about to have a heart attack, poor thing, and jihyun is wondering what the actual fuck is going on
  • until he turns the mini flashlight on his car keys in your direction and sees your… predicament
  • very carefully untangles the bat from your hair and lets it go outside before coming to look at the mark on your neck
  • glad he brought a mini first aid kit, and takes care of your scratches
  • kisses your nose once he’s done and procures a lollipop out of nowhere
  • actual angel


  • he goes outside even less than saeyoung
  • he wants to go for some ice cream in the park, and ofc you cheerfully agree
  • why would you refuse that face?
  • then, on your way home, tragedy strikes in the form of a flock of pigeons
  • you’re squealing and trying to get the pigeons off of you
  • saeran just kinda stares for a bit
  • he doesn’t want to get hit in the face by your flailing arms, but you also look like you’re struggling
  • takes hold of your wrists, then removes your hoodie and shakes it out
  • the pigeons magically disappear after that
  • you’re convinced he can talk to animals after that
  • he doesn’t tell you that you just had crumbs from all the hbc you were eating all over your hoodie


  • the two of you are on a vacation in Texas
  • you’re having fun riding horses together (something Van actually suggested, which was a little surprising, but still nice)
  • unfortunately for you, Texas = rattlesnakes
  • also unfortunately for you, you didn’t wear boots or high socks
  • so, you end up accidentally stepping on a rattlesnake, and it ends up biting your ankle
  • Van is right there when he hears your yelp
  • he immediately shoots the snake about five times with the pistol he somehow has been carrying inside his jacket this whole time?
  • then he’s all over your ankle, making you sit down and tying the handkerchief you didn’t know he had around your ankle to prevent circulation of any venom in your bloodstream
  • brings you back to the ranch you got the horses from and gives you proper first aid before bringing you to the hospital to make sure you’re fine
  • doesn’t exactly pamper you per se, but shows you more affection than usual afterwards
Hunting gone wrong(Gaston x Reader)

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 Gaston readied his rifle and put the saddle to his horse humming a tune to himself.

He was in a specially radiant mood today, why you may ask? Because he went hunting with you, his best friend and secret crush.

You go once a month hunting with him, and he has teached ever thing he knows, making you a great huntress. The friendship but, comes from many years before, in fact when you were both little.

~10 years before~

Gaston was walking along with his little wooden horse, when a bunch of little kids approached him with malicious looks.

“What’s this Gaston? A new toy?” One of the kids, Jean, asked.

Gaston instinctively clutched the toy between his arms, ready to protect it. He began to back away, but Jean was having none of it.

He approached Gaston and pushed him strong enough for Gaston to drop the toy.

Tears began to form in his eyes as he watched how Jean and his friends stole him his toy.

What he didn’t expect was the baker’s daughter to make an appearance.

You had been watching from your family’s shop, and got angry for the attitude of Jean. He was a bully, almost always towards Gaston.

It was about time someone put him in his place.

You opened your door and made your way to Jean.

“Hey Jean! Give it back to him!” You shouted, furrowing your brows.

“Or what”

You had not thought about that. Well, time to improvise.

“Or…I’ll tell your mum!” At this, Jean and the others just laughed at you and approached you.

You curled your fists and prepared for anything.

Jean started to push you multiple times, while the others just laughed.

They made your trip and fall into the mud. But you were not going to be so easily defeated.

You rose yourself and attacked Jean, pushing him to the mud.

“I’m tired of you and your friends attacking Gaston” You grunted.

They just shivered and ran away, dropping the horse.

You caught it and went to Gaston.

“Gastoon!“You shouted, running at him.

He smiled, but his smile dropped when he saw how you were ” Hey (Y/N), are you okay?“

You explained to him all the story, and when the story ended, he was almost crying.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I’m just stupid…”

“Shh, I wanted to help you, it’s what friends do, right? You smiled with your missing tooth.

~End of flashback~

“Bonjour Gaston, ready to hunt some boars?” You smirked, looking down at him from your horse.

“Of course, but know that I’m better” Gaston replied proudly.

“Of course hun, whatever you say”.

You mounted your horses and made your way ,in a comfortable silence, to the deep forest on the outskirts of Villeneuve.

When you had arrived, you dismounted the horses and followed a dirt path to a clearing.

“It’s been a while huh?Bet you don’t remember anything” Gaston said smug. He wanted to break the ice and, although he sounded cocky, inside he was really nervous, although he had a reason to be like this, he didn’t know how to ask you out.

“Yeah, I really forgot how good it is to hear you rambling on how great you are” you replied sarcastically.

Gaston chuckled and propped down to a nearby bush. He made you a sign to make silence.

As you looked in the direction of Gaston’s eyes, you  saw a rather big boar grunting while eating some chestnuts.

“Oi, Gaston, don’t you think it looks menacing, as if ready to attack?” You asked him.

Since you had arrived, the boar had been turning and spinning in circles and smelling the air, probably our scent.

“What do you mean? I see it as a prey” Gaston said, readying his riffle.

“I mean, basing in my knowledge, it will pound on us any…”


Gaston had fired his riffle and had not touched the boar. It grunted and started to run towards us.

“…minute…God damn it Gaston! You shouted, firing your riffle.

It pierced the boar’s head and it fell to the floor dead.

“Good job (Y/N), you are almost as good as me”

“Almost? Don’t you think I’m better? At least I got the boar”

“But I saw it” Gaston replied, going to get the boar

“You always wanting to take the prize”

Gaston went to retrieve the boar, until a large paw posed on it from behind the tree.His head shot up as a large grizzly bear made his appearance.

Gaston readied his riffle, but the bear kicked him hard enough to drop it far. With a growl, it started to attack Gaston, until one of his paws made contact with his chest, destroying his characteristic red shirt and sposing flesh. He hissed in pain and fell down, blood pouring from your chest.

“Gaston!” You snapped out of your trance. Since the bear’s entrance, you had been petrified.

You readied your riffle and shot through the bear’s heart. It fell flat on the floor, a pond of blood around him.

“Serves you right” You grunted, while adjusting your ponytail.

You looked at Gaston and your blood ran cold. He was on the floor, unconscious and losing a lot of blood.

“Please Gaston, don’t die” You said, getting him up your horse. You mounted behind him and caught his waist so that he didn’t fall off from it.

When you arrived to Villeneuve, you went to find Lefou, not before saying “Just a little more time, Gaston”.

You went running and shouting like a mad man trying to find Lefou. When he came out of the tabern, you ran to him, shaking his shoulders.

“Hey! hey! hey! What’s the problem (Y/N)? Where’s Gaston?” He looked at you quizzically.

You sighed, with your lower lip trembling, and looked at him straight in the eye.

“Gaston…Bear…Wounded…Will die” You weren’t able to form actual sentences, you were too worried about him to care.

Before Lefou could ask, you pulled him by the hand to your horse.

“Here, help me carry him home” You told him, holding Gaston from one of his shoulders.

Gaston was totally unconscious by now, and he was quite heavy to carry. When you arrived to yor house, you lied him in your bed.

“Go get some water and bandages…Oh, and some alcohol!” You asked Lefou as you began to rip what was left of his shirt.

There was a big cut that went from the shoulder blade to his stomach, and it was bleeding profusely. That was the main problem, although there were another minor cuts that needed assistance.

After Lefou came back, you used the water to wipe away the blood, and the alcohol to prevent it from infecting. You reached for the bandages and began to cover all the cuts.

As you passed his abs, you couldn’t help but think about how toned they were.

“That’s not the moment (Y/N), geez” You whispered to yourself and mentally slapped yourself.

“There we go…” You said, cutting what you didn’t need of the bandages.

“Do you want me to move him to his house?” Lefou asked, pacing around.

You smiled at how worried he was about his friend.

“No, no. He’ll stay here. Look how peaceful he looks” You answered while looking at Gaston’s sleeping form"Then I’ll leave it in your hands, (Y/N), take care of him” Lefou took his leave.

You sat in your bed, and tucked behind Gaston’s ear a strand of hair out of place. Then, you kissed his head and his cheek.

Lefou, that had forgotten his hat, returned to enter, only to find this heartwarming scene.

He coughed and you jumped far from the bed” I had forgotten the hat, and by the way…He likes you too”.

He left you there, dumbfounded and with confused feelings. You had never thought about Gaston being something else than a friend, but your feelings were getting stronger for the hunter, you just didn’t know it yet.

The Mad Kings: The Old Lion IV


The private dining room in the upper floors of the Red Keep brought back many memories. He had been a cupbearer in King Aegon V’s court, a trusted friend of the prince during Jaehaerys II’s rule, and the Hand of the King once Aerys II took the throne. He had watched Rhaegar go from a babe in his mother’s arms to a man grown, had followed Rhaella’s many lost pregnancies, and had seen Viserys as a toddler, all in this room.

Tywin was no longer a guest of the king, an outsider privileged to see into the private lives of the royal family. This was his family, Cersei fawning over her son, Joffrey whinging at the slightest provocation, and Margaery Tyrell the most composed of all of them, tucked into her chair in hopes of being overlooked. Tywin had seated himself at the head of the table, torn between delight that Tyrion was not present to drink himself senseless, and discontent that Jaime was missing as well. It had taken him seventeen years to get his heir back; he had not intended to send him away so soon.

Although he rarely overate, Tywin found himself taking a second portion of the boar ribs while he entertained conversation with the queen. The girl is all of seventeen, three years older than her husband and far sweeter. Tywin had never wanted a tame king, but of late he thought he would sooner his father be king than his grandson. At least Tytos would listen to reason or allow himself to be sidestepped, Joffrey seemed determined to put himself in the center of everything and listen to no one.

“When is the prince due?”

“In five months, Lord Tywin,” she smiled at him, glowing as she lay a hand over her stomach, “I pray to the gods daily for a son with his father’s eyes.”

“Ah, grandfather, have I told you?” Joffrey had been gossiping with his mother, but the boy turned with a prideful grin. “I have chosen a name for my son. He will be called Gerold, after the Lannister kings of old.”

“It is a fine name,” Cersei cooed over the boy, but the name gives Tywin pause.

“Gerold is a Westerlands name, I had thought you meant to name the boy after your father’s house. Steffon, perhaps,” Tywin had heard enough rumors about his elder children for a lifetime, he needed no reason for the smallfolk to whisper more.  

“Steffon is hardly a name for a king,” Joffrey sneered, “my father was a stupid, vicious man. He did not deserve to be a king, and he does not deserve for my son to carry his father’s name.”

Chapter Nineteen


Venus Crystal Power, Make Up

Description: The third command that Minako Aino used to transform into Super Sailor Venus.

User: Minako Aino
First Appearance: Episode 154
Last Appearance: Episode 196
Type: Light-based attack
Upgrade: None
Item Required: Crystal Change Rod


  1. This is the last transformation sequence Minako Aino used to turn into her senshi form.
  2. In Sailor Venus’ previous transformation sequences, her hair moved away to reveal her face; however, in this transformation sequence she physically brushed her hair away from her face.
  3. After Sailor Venus’ “Super” upgrade, her back bow was enlarged and lengthened, the orange button on her front bow changed from a circle to a heart, the bottom of her shoulder pads were transparent, a golden star was attached to her choker, her earrings were the same shape but darker in color, and her collar had one white stripe.
  4. The wreath of roses that appears on Sailor Venus’ final pose background symbolizes the Greek goddess, Aphrodite (or Venus in Roman mythology). The rose is a plant that is sacred to Aphrodite and people would often give offerings of roses to her in Ancient Greece. It is said that the red rose is connected to the story of Aphrodite and Adonis. One version of the story states that Adonis was fatally wounded by a wild boar while hunting. As Aphrodite was by his side, the mixture of her tears and his blood created the blood-red rose. Another story states that Adonis was slightly wounded and Aphrodite, while running to him, scratched her foot on a rose bush. The blood that flowed from her foot stained the white flowers on the bush, creating the red rose. The golden appearance of the wreath could also be a reference to a magical golden girdle (cestus) that Aphrodite wore, making her irresistible to men.

devilishlyclever replied to your postI just came home from a dnd session and after this…

*chinhands* tell me about your dnd character

chinhands right back @ u

This is probably a character just for this oneshot because what I really want to do is DM but… due to holidays from our friends and this hell week I’ve not had my head to actually write my things up :’)

Her name is Ea, she’s a tiefling rogue with purple/pink ish skin, golden eyes and dark purple hair. She has lamb like horns and her hair is braided up to the back of her skull. She’s 45 yo so basically making her way to the middle age of a tiefling ( they live only slightly longer than humans ) and she’s an assassin from her temple :’) her background is as an acolyte and she has so many weapons on her that I cry qwihger She spent most of the game just going ‘oh my god’ meme.png at most people and trying to keep her cool. :’) It was fun :’))

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I know Japanese Akitas are very independent and have a tendency to be difficult with even basic obedience, but do American Akitas have the same issue?

i believe so, yes! from what i know, which is consequentially little since i dont really like american akitas, they are a more “functional” and aggressive dog than the JA, but are just as stubborn and challenging to motivate. i do know that some AA’s are used for, i think boar hunting? while JA’s are just exclusively pets or very casual trick/sport dogs who suck at what they are performing! a notable difference of concern i know of is that while both types are prone to dog aggression, AA’s are way bigger and stronger and can be far harder to handle than their smaller cousins.

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Alone in the forest near the outskirts of the town was the fallen beast making his own meal. Killing that wild boar a while ago was not an easy task for him but at least he got some meat to cook. Whatever ingredients he used on his cooking, they made it so mouthwatering just by its smell.

But wait, someone’s coming. Feline ears twitched as the mercenary heard those sounds while his nose tried to pick up the scent of whoever’s approaching on his way. Who and what could that be anyway?

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Hi. Do you know any boy names that mean flower? I have a character that works in his families flower shop but I wanted his name to be related to his work

Hi! My ultimate source for all things related to naming characters is 20000-names.com.

It categorizes names by gender, heritage, and meaning. You can find pretty much everything you need on there!



CHRYSANTHOS (Χρύσανθος): Greek name composed of the elements chrysos “gold” and anthemon “a flower,” hence “golden flower.”
CHRYSANTHUS: Latin form of Greek Chrysanthos, meaning “golden flower.”
CHUSI: Native American Hopi name meaning “snake flower.”
COAXOCH: Nahuatl name meaning “serpent flower.”
FLORENCE: English and French form of Latin Florentius, meaning “blossoming.” Compare with another form of Florence.
FLORENCIO: Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Florentius, meaning “blossoming.”
FLORENTIN: French form of Latin Florentius, meaning “blossoming.”
FLORENTINO: Italian form of Latin Florentius, meaning “blossoming.”
FLORENTIUS: Latin name derived from the word florens, meaning “blossoming.”
FLORENTIY (Флорентий): Russian form of Latin Florentius, meaning “blossoming.”
FLORENZ: German form of Latin Florentius, meaning “blossoming.”
FLORIAN: Short form of Roman Latin Florianus, meaning “flower.”
FLORIANO: Italian form of Roman Latin Florian, meaning “flower.”
FLORIANUS: Roman name derived from Latin flos, meaning “flower.”
FLORIN: Romanian form of Roman Latin Florian, meaning “flower.”
FLORIS: Dutch form of Latin Florentius, meaning “blossoming.”
FU-HUA: Chinese compound name composed of the names Fu “lotus” or “wealthy” and Hua “flower” or “magnificent.”
GENTI: Albanian name derived from Latin Gentius, meaning “gentian flower” or “(well)-born.”
GENTIUS: Latin name of the last king of the Illyrians, meaning “gentian flower” or “(well)-born.”
GIACINTO: Italian form of Latin Hyacinthus, meaning “hyacinth flower.”
GÜL (گل): Turkish name meaning “rose.”
GÜLBAHAR: Turkish form of Persian Gulbahar, meaning “spring rose.”
GULBAHAR (گلبهار): Persian name meaning “spring rose.”
GWRI: Welsh myth name of Teyrnon’s adopted son, “Gwri of the golden hair,” who grew to full adulthood in seven years, meaning “bloom.”
HYACINTHUS: Latin form of Greek Hyakinthos, meaning “hyacinth flower.” In Greek mythology, this is the name of a youth loved by Apollo who accidentally killed him, after which the hyacinth flower sprouted from his blood.
HYAKINTHOS (Ὑάκινθος): Greek name meaning “hyacinth flower.” In Greek mythology, this is the name of a youth loved by Apollo who accidentally killed him, after which the hyacinth flower sprouted from his blood.
JACEK: Modern form of Polish Jacenty, meaning “hyacinth flower.”
JACENTY: Polish form of Greek Hyakinthos, meaning “hyacinth flower.”
JACINTHUS: Variant spelling of Latin Hyacinthus, meaning “hyacinth flower.”
JACINTO: Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Jacinthus, meaning “hyacinth flower.”
ADONIS (Άδωνις): Greek name derived from Hebrew Adonai, meaning “my lord.” In mythology, this is the name of a beautiful youth who was loved by Aphrodite. He was killed while hunting a boar and the anemone flower sprang from his blood.
ARAVINDA (अरविन्द): Hindi name meaning “lotus.”
CELYN: Welsh name meaning “holly.”
CVETKO (Цветко): Slovene name derived from the Slavic word cvet, meaning “blossom.”
FIORENZO: Italian form of Latin Florentius, meaning “blossoming.”
HEADLEY: Variant spelling of English Hedley, meaning “heather field.”
HEDLEY: English surname transferred to forename use, composed of the Old English elements hæð “heather” and leah “clearing, field,” hence “heather field” or “heather meadow.”
HRAVART: Armenian name meaning “burning rose.”
JASMIN: Bosnian form of Arabic Yasmin, meaning “jasmine flower,” a plant in the olive family. Compare with feminine Jasmin.
KUNAL (कुणाल): Hindi name meaning “lotus flower.”
LULEZIM: Albanian name meaning “blooming; flowering.”
MUKUL (মুকুল): Hindi name meaning “blossom, bud.”
NARCISSUS: Latin form of Greek Narkissos, possibly meaning “numbness; sleep.” In mythology, this is the name of a vain youth who fell in love with his own reflection and eventually was turned into a kind of lily or daffodil flower known as the narkissos.
NARKISSOS (Νάρκισσος): Greek name possibly derived from the word narke, meaning “numbness; sleep.” In mythology, this is the name of a vain youth who fell in love with his own reflection and eventually was turned into a kind of lily or daffodil flower known as the narkissos.
NERGIS: Turkish name meaning “daffodil.”
RAJEEV (राजीव): Variant spelling of Hindi Rajiv, a name for a “lotus flower,” derived from the Sanskrit word rajiv, meaning “striped.”
RAJIV (राजीव): Hindi name for a “lotus flower,” derived from the Sanskrit word rajiv, meaning “striped.”
REN (蓮): Japanese name meaning “water lily.”
ROOSEVELT: Dutch surname transferred to forename use, composed of the elements roose “roses” and velt “open country,” hence “field of roses.”
SHELDON: English surname transferred to forename use, from the name of a place in Derbyshire which was recorded in the Domesday Book as Scelhadun, composed of Old English scylf “shelf” and the place name Haddon (from hæð “heathland, heather, wasteland” + dun “hill”), hence “steep-sided heather hill.”
THALES (Θαλής): Greek name meaning “blossom.”
TSVETAN (Цветан): Bulgarian name meaning “flower.”
TXILAR: Basque name meaning “heather.”
VARTAN: Armenian name meaning “giver of roses.”
VARTERES: Armenian name meaning “rose-face.”
VIRÁG: Hungarian name meaning “flower.”
XOCHIPEPE: Nahuatl name meaning “flower-gatherer.”
XOCHIPILLI: Aztec myth name of a god of love, music, and flowers, meaning “flower prince.”
ZAHIR (ظهير): Arabic name meaning “shining; blossoming.”
ZAHUR: Egyptian name meaning “flower.”

You could also get creative and repurpose other names. For example, Heather is a flower-related name. So you could make it into Heath. (I also noticed that it was suggested on the Nameberry page, so I must be on the right track.)

Here are a couple of other resources–don’t be afraid to use baby-name sites!



How all the Game Of Thrones characters died (RIP)

As well as your favourites, let’s relive the show’s biggest DICKS dying too, shall we?

From Cosmopolitan UK

As well as your favourites, let’s relive the show’s biggest DICKS dying too, shall we?

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Viserys Targaryen

How it happened: His sister Daenerys Targaryen told Khal Drogo to pour molten gold over his head to make him a shiny little hat after he was a dick to her.

When it happened: Season 1, episode 6

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Robert Baratheon

How it happened: Robert was attacked by a wild boar while he was out hunting. Admittedly, his wife Cersei Lannister had given him A LOT of wine before he headed out, so it looks like it was very much her plan to get him drunk so he’d get killed.

When it happened: Season 1, episode 7

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Ned Stark

How it happened: Much to our shock, he was beheaded by Ser Ilyn Payne at the order of Joffrey Baratheon… that total shit.

When it happened: Season 1, episode 9

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Khal Drogo

How it happened: Daenerys Targaryen smothered him in a mercy-killing after a spell by Mirri Maz Duur left him in a catatonic state.

When it happened: Season 1, episode 10

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Renly Baratheon

How it happened: Renly was killed by a shadow that was birthed by Red Woman, Melisandre.

When it happened: Season 2, episode 5

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Daenerys’ handmaiden Doreah

How it happened: Doreah, along with Xaro Xhoan Daxos, was locked inside a Valyrian stone vault by Jorah Mormont at the order of Daenerys Targareyn because she betrayed her.

When it happened: Season 2, episode 10

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How it happened: Joffrey Baratheon shot her with a crossbow. Because he’s a total shit.

When it happened: Season 3, episode 6

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Talisa Stark

How it happened: In one of the most shocking moments on TV ever, a pregnant Talisa was stabbed in the stomach by Lothar Frey at the infamous Red Wedding.

When it happened: Season 3, episode 9

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Robb Stark

How it happened: Straight after witnessing his wife and unborn child being murdered on his wedding day, Robb was shot with a crossbow by one of the Freys, and then stabbed through the heart by Roose Bolton.

When it happened: Season 3, episode 9

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Catelyn Stark

How it happened: The Red Wedding was a real blood bath… after witnessing her son, her daughter-in-law, and her unborn grandchild being murdered, Catelyn’s throat was slit by Walder Rivers.

When it happened: Season 3, episode 9

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Joffrey… the total shit

How it happened: Joffrey drank poisoned wine (because his pie was so dry) at his wedding to Maergery Tyrell. And we just found out that it was Maergery’s grandma, Olenna Tyrell, that did the deed.

When it happened: Season 4, episode 2

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Lysa Arryn

How it happened: After threatening to throw Sansa Stark down her Moon Door because she thought Littlefinger was in love with her, Littlefinger pushed HER down it instead.

When it happened: Season 4, episode 7

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Oberyn Martell

How it happened: Oberyn - also known as the Red Viper - had his skull crushed by The Mountain in a trial by combat. As if you could ever forget…

When it happened: Season 4, episode 8

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The Mountain

How it happened: After caving Oberyn Martell’s skull in, The Mountain was poisoned by Oberyn’s spear, which he’d previously been stabbed with during the trial by combat. But, he’s come back to life to protect Cersei Lannister, which is creepy as hell, I think you’ll agree.

When it happened: Season 4, episode 8

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Mag The Mighty

How it happened: Lovely Mag was killed by Grenn and five other members of the Night’s Watch in the Battle of Castle Black.

When it happened: Season 4, episode 9

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How it happened: Olly shot her with a bow and arrow in the Battle of Castle Black. Right in front of Jon Snow.

When it happened: Season 4, episode 9

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Jojen Reed

How it happened: Jojen aka the little kid from Love Actually, was mercy-killed by Meera after being stabbed multiple times by Wights.

When it happened: Season 4, episode 10

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How it happened: Tyrion Lannister strangled her to death after he found her in his father’s bed, and she tried to stab him to death.

When it happened: Season 4, episode 10

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Tywin Lannister

How it happened: After strangling Shae to death, Tyrion Lannister found his dad on the toilet, and shot him with a crossbow after he called Shae a whore.

When it happened: Season 4, episode 10

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Maester Aemon

How it happened: He simply died of old age.

When it happened: Season 5, episode 7

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Shireen Baratheon

How it happened: Shireen was burned alive as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light by Melisandre at the order of her father Stannis Baratheon.

When it happened: Season 5, episode 9

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Selyse Baratheon

How it happened: Selyse hanged herself after her daughter, Shireen Baratheon, is sacrificed to the Lord Of The Light.

When it happened: Season 5, episode 10

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Stannis Baratheon

How it happened: At the end of a battle against the Bolton’s army, Stannis was wounded badly, so he rested against a tree; unable to move. Brienne of Tarth found him, and asked him if he used blood magic to murder Renly Baratheon. He admitted that he did and Brienne asked him if he had any final words. Brienne then beheaded him.

When it happened: Season 5, episode 10

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Myrcella Baratheon

How it happened: Ellaria Sand, taking her vengeance for The Mountain killing her husband Oberyn Martell, kissed Cersei’s daughter Myrcella after coating her lips with poison.

When it happened: Season 5, episode 10

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Jon Snow

How it happened: Poor ol’ Jon was stabbed A LOT by Night’s Watch mutineers, including Alliser Thorne and Olly. But, ya know, he’s been resurrected now, so it’s all water under the bridge. Right?

When it happened: Season 5, episode 10

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Roose Bolton

How it happened: He was stabbed in the chest by his own son, Ramsay Bolton.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 2

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Walda Bolton and her newborn son

How it happened: Ramsay Bolton set his dogs on his stepmum and her newborn son, because he was worried the new baby would take what was rightfully his.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 2

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Balon Greyjoy

How it happened: Balon aka Yara and Theon Greyjoy’s dad was thrown from a bridge by his brother, Euron Greyjoy.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 2

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Alliser Thorne

How it happened: Alliser was hanged for treason by Jon Snow because of that whole trying-to-stab-Jon-Snow-to-death thing.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 3

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How it happened: Same as Alliser Thorne.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 3

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How it happened: Ramsay Bolton stabbed her in the neck.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 4

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Khal Moro

How it happened: He was burned alive along with the other khals by Daenerys Targaryen.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 4

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The Three-Eyed Raven

How it happened: The TER was killed by the Night King.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 5

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How it happened: Hodor was torn apart by Wights while trying to protect Bran by “holding the door. Holding the door. Holding the door. Holding the door…”

When it happened: Season 6, episode 5

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Brother Ray

How it happened: He was hanged by rogue members of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 7

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The Waif

How it happened: After being cornered by The Waif, Arya Stark cut the only candle in the room in half so they could no longer see each other. Then Arya killed her.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 8

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Rickon Stark

How it happened: The youngest Stark was shot with an arrow right in front of Jon Snow by Ramsay Bolton during the Battle Of The Bastards.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 9

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Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun

How it happened: WWWDW was shot through the eye by Ramsay Bolton.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 9

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Ramsay Bolton

How it happened: Sansa Stark tied him up then had his own dogs eat him.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 9

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How it happened: He was blown up by Cersei Lannister’s Wildfire explosion.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 10

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The High Sparrow

How it happened: Cersei Lannister’s Wildfire explosion.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 10

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Loras and Maergery Tyrell

How it happened: Cersei Lannister’s Wildfire explosion.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 10

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Tommen Baratheon

How it happened: After witnessing his wife Maergery Tyrell being killed in his mother’s Wildfire explosion, Tommen committed suicide by jumping from a window.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 10

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Lothar Frey, Walder Frey and Walder Rivers

How it happened: As punishment for their parts in the Red Wedding, Lothar Frey and Walder Rivers got baked into a pie by Arya Stark, which then got fed to their dad, Walder Frey. Arya then proceeded to slit Walder’s throat after telling him he’s just eaten his sons.

When it happened: Season 6, episode 10

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Nymeria Sand

How it happened: The daughter of Ellaria Sand was murdered by Euron Greyjoy when he took over their ship.

When it happened: Season 7, episode 3

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Obara Sand

How it happened: Ellaria Sand’s other daughter died the same way as Nymeria Sand.

When it happened: Season 7, episode 3

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Tyene Sand

How it happened: Euron Greyjoy captured Tyene and her mother Ellaria Sand, as well as Yara Greyjoy, when he took over their ship. He took the Sands to Cersei Lannister, where she locked them up opposite each other. She then kissed Tyene with poisoned lips in the same way Ellaria murdered Cersei’s daughter Myrcella Lannister. Ellaria will remain locked up for eternity opposite her daughter; watching her die and decompose.

When it happened: Season 7, episode 3

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Olenna Tyrell

How it happened: Olenna was poisoned by Jaime Lannister on the order of his sister Cersei Lannister after they defeated the Tyrells at Highgarden. But before dying, she had enough time to inform Jaime that she was in fact the one that poisoned their son, Joffrey Barathon, during his wedding to Olenna’s granddaughter, Maergery Tyrell.

When it happened: Season 7, episode 3

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Dickon Tarly

How it happened: Dickon and his father, Randyll, got roasted alive by Daenerys’ dragon after they refused to bend the knee.

When it happened: Season 7, episode 5

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Golden by andquitefrankly

Dain has never been to Erebor, and if it was up to him he’d never go. After all, what’s there to do in a big lonely mountain all by his lonesome? Become best friends with the young prince, Thorin, that’s what! If only Thorin would accept that he’s got a new friend who’s not going anywhere anytime soon.