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davenport is a man who loves organizing and managing projects, so it’s no surprise that he aids in the process of legitimizing battlewagon races. oddly enough, there’s one point he won’t budge on – that he gets to name the championship race. and, well…nobody’s gonna tell him no.

he names it the international prix

or, for short,

the iprix

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I would prefer it if you let Michael sleep. It is late, and the child needs his rest. Rest is important. Besides l need time to recharge as well and I can't do that while he is awake. So please, let them be. He will be able to answer more questions later. Jeremy as well. Goodnight. -Model 2319


Exo when their s/o thinks they’re sleeping and says, “Please don’t ever get hurt, it would kill me if I lost you.”


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Lay would be lying on his side, facing away from you as you massaged his back like you usually did this time of night. You figured by now he’d be sleeping since he’d usually be out like a light whenever you rubbed his back for him, so you started talking to him, saying things you wouldn’t normally say while he was awake.

“Please, protect him. I can’t lose him. It would kill me if I did.” You’d say.

Lay would startle you by saying, “I’ll never leave you.” To which, you’d feel embarrassed but you’d smile and plant a series of kisses along his bare shoulders.


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You would be resting your head on Kyungsoo’s chest one afternoon, as he sang softly to the sound of the rain. You enjoyed it but when he stopped suddenly, you assumed he’d just sang himself to sleep. You’d close your eyes because you were feeling sleepy as well, but before you drifted off you went on about how thankful you were for him and that you wouldn’t know what you’d do if you lost him. It wasn’t until he pulled you even closer than you already were to him, that you realized he was still very much awake. Even if he didn’t say anything.


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You’d come home from working late one night, and you’d see Chanyeol had fallen asleep on the couch. Probably waiting for you to come home. You leaned over the couch to brush his hair from his face. No matter how many times you told him you didn’t like when he slept on the couch, he still seemed to do it. But you knew it was only because he wanted to greet you as you came home, though the poor boy couldn’t stay up long enough to give you with the hugs and kisses he so desperately wanted to. 

“God, what would I do without you here to drive me crazy?” You’d smile down at his expressionless face.

“I’m always going to be here to drive you crazy.” He’d say as he rolled over to his side, curling up so his feet weren’t touching the floor anymore. You’d be a bit surprised that he heard you, but you’d brush it off and playfully slap his shoulder, telling him to go upstairs if he was going to sleep.


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You were having another one of those nights where you were feeling a bit on the emotional side. You know, those nights where you felt the sudden urge to cry, or open up about something personal for whatever reason or no reason at all. Suho, on the other hand, had been sleeping soundly next to you. Or so you thought. He heard all your frustrated sighs, and all the hateful things you mumbled about yourself as you tossed and turned throughout the night. Finally, you ended up on your side, facing Suho. You stared at his face, lit by the moonlight creeping in through the blinds. You could never understand what made him stay with you even though you were a mess of all sorts. You were self-destructive and he knew it, even if you tried to hide it. 

“I don’t ever want to lose you, Suho. I’d go crazy if I did.” 

Even though you thought he was sleep, he wasn’t. When you were restless, he was restless. When you lost sleep, so did he. He’d look you right in the eyes after you finished speaking and he’d pull you closer to him. “Try to get some sleep, y/n.”


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It was friday night, which also meant it was movie night. You would spend the whole day getting the living room movie ready for the two of you. Which mean blankets and pillows everywhere. You’d make cute snacks and popcorn to go along with the movie, and you’d get dressed in your favorite pajamas. Kai would come over after he was finished with work, and you knew he’d probably end up falling asleep in the middle of the movie as he usually did, but you didn’t mind. As long as you got to spend time with him, it was okay. Once everything was set and Kai was there, you’d get comfortable on the layers of blankets covering the carpeted floor, and then he’d get comfortable as well, claiming your lap as his pillow. You’d run your fingers through his hair as you usually did, barely even paying attention to the movie at this point. 

“I don’t think I’d ever be able to find anyone as caring as you if anything ever happened to you.”

“Jagi, please don’t talk like that.” He’d startle you by the sudden sound of his voice, and you’d apologize, but further explain why you felt that way.


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You and Sehun always had a hard time verbally expressing your feelings for one another, but you both knew the love was there. It was some kind of unspoken word. Though, every night once you were sure he was sleep, you’d say all the things you weren’t able to but this time he wasn’t completely asleep and he heard most of what you said. But, he didn’t respond or anything because he wasn’t sure what he should say. So, he pretended to be asleep and he let you continue talking.


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The two of you weren’t exactly on the best terms as of late. You two had reached an impasse. With both of you being stubborn, neither one of you wanted to just drop the whole thing and make up. But one night you stayed out with your friends a bit longer than intended, because you didn’t want to deal with the silence between you two. But when you came home, a bit drunken, you made your way upstairs and into the room you and Xiumin shared, to find him sleeping soundly without you. You carefully climbed into the bed next to him, resting your head along his back.

“I’m tired of us fighting. I love you, and I don’t want to lose you.”

You’d feel both relieved and surprised when you heard him say, “I love you too, y/n.”


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You’d wake up in the middle of the night because you were really cold. Come to find out, Chen had all the blankets wrapped around him on this cold winter night. You fight to get your share of the blankets, which almost seemed as if it were going to be impossible, and when you were successful, you found yourself laughing at how often this seemed to happen.

“I love you to the moon and back, and I wouldn’t know what to do without you, but you can’t keep doing this!” You whisper angrily at him.

“Love you~” He replies as he huddles closer to you.


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Baekhyun hadn’t been feeling too well the past couple of days. Apparently, he came down with a really bad cold and you had to take care of him. He was in and out of sleep, so whenever you could, you’d try to feed him and keep him hydrated for the sake of not having to rush him to the hospital. By the end of the day, he was progressively getting better. You sat on the edge of the bed next to him, feeling his forehead as he slept, to make sure he didn’t feel hot. 

“You’re the most important thing in my life. What would I do without you, huh?”

He’d hear you and reach for you hand that’d been on his forehead. “You’d never know happiness.” He gives you a cheeky grin, to which you playfully pushed him. 

“Hurry up and get better. I want to kiss you.”

Imagine 5. Newt. I’ll stay.

Hi! Can I request a Newt imagine where you’re cuddling with Newt and you start talking in your sleep and you start saying all these things you love about him and he gets really flustered and it’s just really fluffy. Please

AN: Hey lovely :) sorry it’s taken so long but here it is. Hope you like it!

Newt was finally beginning to drift of when you stirred against him.

You stretched out slightly, pushing your hand across his chest. Humming to yourself, you bury your face into the nook of his shoulder.

He doesn’t mind. Newt doesn’t find it easy to get to sleep most nights anyway. It’s nice to have some company for a change.

He’d never told you how he felt about you. Things could be hard enough in the Glade and he didn’t want to ruin the relationship he had with you already. When you asked him to stay with you, he couldn’t bring himself to say no and obligingly slid into the hammock.

It had been a long and hard day. The bonfire had helped to lift everyone’s spirits but for some reason you were out of sorts. Newt knew you too well not to notice.


He flicks his eyes open, glancing down at you in the darkness.

“Yeah?” He utters, his voice not quite catching in his throat.

He gets no reply, the only sound being your gentle breathing and his own.

Deciding that you must have fallen asleep again, Newt closes his eyes.

“You’re silly.” He can hear the smile in your voice. Raising an eyebrow, he finds himself grinning having no clue what you’re talking about.

“No. Stay with me.” You shift again slightly. Newt tightens his arm around you.

“I’m here love.”

Again, he doesn’t get a reply. Newt waits in the silence, coming to the conclusion that you must be dreaming.

He can’t help but smile at the thought of you dreaming about him. He sighs contentedly and settles himself back down.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Your voice is muffled slightly but he makes the words out easily.

His interest piqued, Newt doubted he would be able to sleep now. He listened intently, hoping you’d say something he could make sense of.

“Pretty cute y’know.” You chuckle quietly. Newt feels your stomach move as his own twists inside, warmth flooding his senses. 

“Who’s cute?” He whispers in your ear, unable to help himself.

“You silly” Your response takes him by surprise. Craning his neck to see, he checks that you’re actually asleep.

“I am?” He feels the heat creep up his face, glad you can’t see him in the dark. 

“And funny and clever and just-” You mumble on, stretching your leg around Newt’s, setting his skin ablaze. 

“Just what?” Newt breathes, afraid to ruin the moment. 

“Just lovely.”

Newt decides that he quite likes this version of you. Awake, you’re more reserved and guarded. In all the conversations you’ve ever had together he doesn’t remember hearing you speak so softly. It does something to his insides that he can’t quite describe and he sighs again, feeling overwhelmed with his own feelings for you. 

He wishes more than anything in that moment that you’d say those things to him while you were awake.

“Please don’t be sad.”

His breath catches in his throat when you speak. It’s no more than a whisper but he hears it all. From his narrow view of his face he can tell your brow is furrowed, a worried expression crossing your face. 

He wonders how you knew. He’d tried to be careful, not to let anyone know how hopeless he felt inside. 

“I’m trying.”

You hum again, seemingly satisfied. “M’here Newt.”

Newt doesn’t say anything to you again. He lies in the darkness listening to your breathing instead which helps to quieten his thoughts.  

He didn’t think it was possible to care about you more than he already did. Lying there, he realises that it’s something more than that. Something more like love.

Carefully, he presses a kiss to the top of your head, trying to somehow convey all the emotions and thoughts he has for you - even the ones he can’t understand yet.

You take a deep breath and stretch again. Your movements are more controlled against him, telling him that you were really stirring this time. Newt stills, panicking. He didn’t mean to wake you up.

Sighing softly you quickly glance up at Newt, hoping that you haven’t woken him up. He really doesn’t sleep enough in your opinion. You blink, clearing your vision and letting your eyes adjust to the darkness to find him looking back down at you.

“Hi.” You smile, your face still pressed against him.

“Hey love.” Newt blushes again, hoping that you still can’t see. “Sorry I woke you up.”

“Hmm? You didn’t. I thought I woke you.” You’re still groggy, trying to decide if it’s worth waking up properly or not.

“Time’s it?”

Newt pulls his arm across to see his watch, it brings you in even closer which sends a wave of warmth across your body. You hope that Newt doesn’t hear your breath stutter. 

Newt takes his time, wanting to enjoy this for as long as he can. He hears you gasp softly as he pulls you in, conflicted between thoughts of you wanting him the way he wants you and being too forward and ruining everything.

“Too early.” He mumbles, secretly glad he has more time to lie with you.

You groan. “I was having a good dream too. Figures.” 

“You were?” He asks innocently, wondering if you’ll tell him about it. 

“Yeah. Made a nice change from the nightmares.” 

He runs his hand across your back. It makes you feel safer somehow and you get the overwhelming urge to crush yourself against him, as if you could get any closer.

“What was it about?”

You hesitate. Things were good with Newt. The last thing you wanted to do was ruin it by being too needy. Throwing caution to the wind, you decide to do it anyway. 


Newt sucks in a breath, in some kind of awe. You panic, thinking that you’ve overstepped the line with him.

You look up, trying to read his face. He looks down at you with his mouth gaped open. His hand slides down to your lower back and he starts rubbing small circles into your back with his thumb. Immediately, your senses are heightened, very aware of every inch of his body pressing against you. 

“Me?” Newt sounds breathless when he eventually speaks.

“Yeah.” Your voice sounds as wrecked as his does. Not able to break away from his eyes, you start stroking your thumb along his shirt.

You stay like that for a while, not saying anything but concentrating on everything. Newt is the first to speak, unable to hold it in anymore.

“I love you.”

It doesn’t feel real to you. You wonder if this is just a continuation of your dream. Things like this don’t happen in the Glade, there are no happy endings.

Deciding that even it if it a dream, you’re going to enjoy it all the same you smile up at him. “I love you Newt.”

You’re not sure who reaches towards who but the next thing for feel are soft lips against yours, twisting your stomach up inside. 

Your mouth moves against his as though you had done it a thousand times before. Breaking away, Newt rests his forehead against yours. A lazy grin sweeps across his face.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.” You murmur, gazing at him as light starts to creep over the maze wall.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking love.” Newt replies, reaching down to kiss you again.